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  1. Surely I'm not the only one who just likes to trade. Wish I had the disposable income to just buy guns but usually I have to sell or trade to get something new. Anyways, looks like this one is spoken for.
  2. This jewel followed me home today from the show in Knoxvegas. Looks to be a 4" barrel in 357 magnum. Has the original box and accompanying paperwork. I'd take $700 for it, but would really like to trade on something. I'd like to find a 1911, maybe something like a Ruger SR1911. But lots of different interests in hunting rifles, long range rifles and handguns. Can trade up or down with cash as needed.
  3. Thinking about going, but the wife wants to go to the Bristol drag races. We'll see. Haven't been to one in a couple years.
  4. Great gun and awesome caliber. I bought my son one for Christmas.
  5. Damn! Very tempting, and not too far away. If you ever come down thru Cocke/Sevier county, let me know. The temptation would probably be too much to resist.
  6. I've got some 200gr Hornady Spitzers that I bought by accident for my 336 in 35Rem. Still work ,but as you know I would only load one at a time in the tube so as not to have chain reaction. Next time your up my way, they are yours if you want them.
  7. Great little guns, bought my son one when they first came out. Makes an awesome small truck/tractor gun even for adults.
  8. Glock gen4 fullsize model 22 in 40S&W. Doesn't look to be shot much but does have some minor holster wear on top of slide from being carried in a holster. Has 3 mags, backstraps, and other goodies that came from the factory. Mostly interested in trading, but if you have a cash offer, feel free to send it. I'm mainly interested in hunting rifles and handguns, especially 9mm, 45acp and 10mm or revolvers in 38/357 and larger. Summit Titan or Goliath, something else I di8know I needed. I'm in east Tennessee and would prefer FTF east of Knoxville.
  9. I've got 1k Federal small pistol primers I would trade for the #41's. Also got 370 Unis Ginex small pistol primers I would trade towards some of your small pistol magnums. I'm in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge most week days but could meet wherever after work.
  10. Will do! I'll throw them in the truck when I come to work tommorow.
  11. Wont let me upload a picture, says they are all too big. They are in 100 piece packs like most other primers. I bought a 5k case of them, so 50 packs of 100 in a cardboard case. I honestly dont care either way, I've got more small rifle primers than I'll ever use but I'd would trade ya if these would work better for you. Here is the pic from powder valley.
  12. Not sure if your interested, but I have 2000 Unis Ginex small pistol primers. Dont know a whole lot about them but they have worked just fine in reloads for my Glock 43, 19, and Ruger gp100. I think I ordered them from powder valley back in the spring. I work for Gatlinburg so I'm local to you if interested. https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/unis-ginex-small-pistol-primer-1000-ct-box/
  13. Wish you weren't on the other end of the state. And now that Hodgdon/IMR has discontinued 4320, if you use it you better buy it up.


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