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  1. I got this about 5 years ago from my uncle. He got it sometime in the 40's that's all I know about the history of it. From the S/N I would say it was made sometime in mid 1885. I would say it has about 95%+ of the nickel still on it and the barrel looks great for something this old. I'm asking $600 and that is because the barrel looks better than any one of these I have ever seen. Markings: SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS. U.S.A. PAT'D JAN.24.65 july 11.65 aug.24.69 reissue july.25.71 may 11.80 jan 3.82 Trades Something in .40 S&W not a Glock please but I'm op
  2. $110 vortex strike fire 2 red dot has a couple scratches, comes with extra batteries
  3. The stock is on a adjustable rail mount. Also I'm new to the ak game and I dont really know how that first mount you put up would go on
  4. I need some help finding a sling mount that would fit this. It has one closer to the gas block but I want one near or around the brace. And I dont really want to drill any holes In the gun. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  5. Just seeing if anyone wants to get rid of one
  6. Just looking to see if anyone has a stripped ar15 lower they would be willing to part with for a low price. Murfreesboro, Nashville, spring hill, Columbia area
  7. Where in TN are you? Never mind I saw it on your profile
  8. December 21-22 Wilson county expo center is the closest one. I don't know about the armory though
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