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  1. Here ya go.... (yes, spelled wrong on purpose).....
  2. G96 does all. May taste good on peanut butter sammiches..
  3. Not defending the stuff and not a fan but it says not to put it on like oil. Heat the gun if it's metal, wipe on, let sit then wipe excess off. Wipe everything loose off.
  4. Goes good on a peanut butter sammich... Seriously, got some years ago.. Nothing impressive or anything that made me want to keep using it. I'm a G96 fan and have been for decades...
  5. ....and age and serial number and bible verse...
  6. Another fav toy.... The SA Saint Pistol in 5.56
  7. Nighthawk Agent 2 with IOS in 9mm..... first 9mm in 1911 for me.
  8. My wife has owned guns for years but never touches them unless I put my boots on. If she wants to carry, I'm ok with that. Practice, practice, get your enhanced version then, practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice? I've set up various drills and targets in my home so we can both stay sharp but she never practices. No practice, no ccw... Don't need her in panic mode and giving me a new butt hole nor not knowing when to draw in public and understand the rules of engagement..
  9. Keypads and/or bio is fine as long as you have Key backup... My Patriot safe requires one key in it at all times and will only turn once I type in password. Then the wheel takes over. I would never have something with -just- a keypad as its only means... If the keypad fails, I have to put in a second key and turn them both to open. Great design that has never failed me. Sadly, Patriot has gone out of biz years ago. But the safe is smooth and balanced as budda like when it first arrived many years ago... even made the move from NJ to TN safely.......
  10. Point I was trying to make is some of you are worried about this new ccw doesn't require much effort. But on the other hand you want constitutional carry which may require nothing to get. I'm all for constitutional carry but worrying about the new ccw sounds a little off don't you think?
  11. 1964 Chevy Impala, straight 6 cyl, muscle everything.
  12. They'll get it working. Some of the acclaimed best gun makers on the market have their claim to fame and yet, make constant mistakes. Kimber comes to mind. They decided to get into the revolver world and since its realize, the D6 has problems. As does their micro lines and the ones that had nothing but probs like the Solo... Now striker fired? They'd best fix their originals and leave the modern to the other guys till they are squared away. You say how can any company screw up a revolver but, hey... it happened... Springfield Armory, another legend in name, people say it's not the original company. (Very few are and all the skilled craftsman are dead and gone)... But they want to stay afloat while trying to keep the M1s alive but still be in a market place. I bought one of their TRP Operator 1911s and it sucked right out of the box. Could not even rack it because it was locked. Got to a point, I was done arguing with them and fixed it myself. They never deburred anything inside and the barrel was terribly finished. It's like glass now and smooth as butter and their only remedy was just shoot it and get back to us. Idiots... I'm a bear and if I can't rack a 1911, something is wrong! HK was considered high end and when I first bought mine, was considered exotic guns. But ran like a Swiss watch. Finding a holster was a bitch though. They were not cheap and when they saw a competitive market for striker fired, they jumped on the band wagon with their VP line. Fine guns but a lot more cheaper than their original lines. So Colt is no different. They are in a competitive market where they finally realized keeping the historic name of Colt, if it is to endure, must try to match the market woes. Yes, they had their downfalls to the point where I was very sad and wanted them to come back. Everyone is trying to be competitive. In any company, you are not going to find a skilled craftsman with an anvil and sledge banging out parts. Not when you have all the modern machines like CNC and stuff. Why would any company? IF you want to pay for a one on one gun, look to Nighthawk, I own 2 of them now and had the honor to tour their plant. They too have all the modern machinery, cnc, lathes, lasers, etc., But once the parts are popped out, one person works on it till done. Hand fitting everything with a tight tolerance and buttery smooth actions. The craftsman are the best I've seen. Their dedication is unmatched imho... It's not a small mom pop gunsmith. They are huge... They price you pay is for their dedication and great weapons. Finally, one last thing. The complaining of the prices. Cheap guns are under a grand. Good to better guns start there and hover to under 2 grand. Custom guns are over that... My Nighthawks started over $4500 each and were over $5200 each when finished. The adage, you get what you pay for is true. But you need to realize the days of the $275 Colt Pythons are over. In order for any company to stay in business, they must compete and still make a profit. Otherwise, whats the point? $1500 msrp is not bad imho. You'll get it for less when the fad calms down. I wish I never sold my Pythons but, who knew they'd explode back from the Walking Dead so to speak. Insert other media

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