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  1. Got a bag of these and spread them all over yesterday. Last night was first night of the experiment. Camera caught a fox walking the front flower bed, he looked and ran like hell. I mainly got them for the birds and a mole. Have to see how good they do over time. Amazon.com: Outee 7 Pcs Realistic Rubber Snakes Fake Snakes Christmas Gift Black Snake Toys for Garden Props to Scare Birds, Squirrels, Scary Gag Rubber Lifelike Snakes Halloween Pranks Props: Toys & Games
  2. Maybe if you post the Variant, (V1, V3, etc) and the model number off the side of the case starting with 81....... May help with sale. There are several versions....
  3. You know that black backed white type hurts old farts eyes right?
  4. there's an app for that...
  5. I have a Raptor and the first thing you do is take off those grips and stow them in a safe place. They are expensive to replace. Then put on whatever floats your boat like VZ or similar.
  6. Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock 70085 New or used in good condition... Please PM me if you have one. No ridiculous prices please.
  7. Please delete.... my bad.
  8. Well, it's been almost 3 years since I had to put my best friend down.. He lived like a king for 17yrs 3 months. We went through hell trying to get over it. But I think we are ready for a new King of the household. So looking for: *** Male German Shepherd puppy ready for their forever home and from a decent bloodline. - Parents history of a good health. - AKC parents a plus. Sable GSD a big plus. - Preferably no really long haired breeds. - No Malinois ... - No puppy mill stuff. Breeders should have good references. Any help would be a appreciated.... been a tough sea
  9. I'm an HK guy so finger position for the mag on some other guns are hard to reach. I love the HK mag release concepts. On the P365, you can reverse the safety to the other side because it's just that much easier, for me a least. I hit it with my right index finger, (like my HK mag release), and the new mag is already there to get swapped out. Getting arthritis in my hands, having options is a good thing.
  10. Problems? Never had any with mine. I always carry my P365 and runs fine. Fun to mod too.
  11. Hmmmm, "Perfect" - "Strangers"..... I had no idea they were perfect. Sounds like something Jeff Foxworthy would say.... lol
  12. I paid $46K for my current '19 model. I put $10K into it already and waiting to get a lift kit, new wheels and tires. I turned it into a Raptor for a lot less than a genuine one. Raptors aint cheap these days...Few more toys.... I'm not the only one who rips things apart when they get them. Try going on the various truck forums and check out their bad boys....
  13. Yup.... I'm not one of these people who buy lux trucks just to go grocery shopping...
  14. Bah! Wait for the 2021 Ford Ranger Tremors to come out...I built one in case I decided to get rid of my '19 Ranger.... Mine Tremor...


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