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  1. There are several variant v3 models. Does this have tritium night sights or just the standard dots? Love my P30 and other HKs I own. Also have the VP9 nd VP9SK...
  2. Wasn't a lot to me. Bought 3 Colts at the same time. If you were working hard, it was a good price to pay for quality. In fact, I got those prices because I bought 3 Colts at the same time. Prices of a lot of guns today are high priced and people will complain. If it's inflation, that's fine. But it's not uncommon for someone to pay $1000-$1500 plus for something of quality. Hell, I have about $10G tied up in 2 Nighthawks... Also, supply and demand play big factors. They use to say, Obama is/was a great gun salesman. Seems all libtards qualify for that now, lol. Now with Covid, manufacturers c
  3. Over priced? I had both new 6"Blue, $275 and a 4" Nickel, $250 in 1977-8.
  4. Merry Christmas and be safe!
  5. I considered it but I already put too much money into my 2019 Ford Ranger and love it.
  6. I agree. But people need to be very aware. There are so many LE, especially in other states that may not know or even care. Best thing I do is use the USCCA Ap when I travel and activate notifications when I cross lines with my gun. Pretty handy. It uses your Phone gps. Also gives you all the states agreements and such. No need to make mistakes these days. Have to stay on your toes.
  7. Thats my point. But here: Based on our preliminary review of the new statute and ongoing discussions with the Department of Safety, here’s our summary of the main differences between the two permits: Enhanced permit holders can carry either open or concealed; Concealed permit holders must always cover up the gun. Concealed permit is easier to obtain (less training required, online training allowed, lower application fee). There’s no lifetime permit with the Concealed option (lifetime permits are Enhanced only). Public college employees with Enhanced permits can c
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of states will not grant reciprocity.... big plus having that. Be damned if I can find a link mentioning it.
  9. More to it not to just care about open carry. There are more differences than that.
  10. One of the biggest and the media does it, hollywood does it, etc. The word "No" seems to have adopted an 'a' after it. So it sounds like Noah is getting ready to load the Ark NOa, wtf is up with that. I hear it all day. Its just NO!
  11. Prayers for sure. I've been in pain in right hip since 10/24/20 and am currently going through testing. Very painful. Hope ya'll do well.
  12. Post some photos. Flitz is also an option but not knowing if you have polished flats, satin finish or brushed finish, there is not correct answer. Everything mentioned is a solution. Just not sure of yours. More info needed number 5.... ')
  13. https://berettausa.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/101/session/L3RpbWUvMTI5OTcwNTMyNy9zaWQvbUlUWUt3b2s= You can also call them. They are here in TN.


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