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  1. Love mine but I modded it and only have the field stock. She's a runner. Good Luck with the sale. If I had the extra bux, I'd take it. You should post more photos though of all sides...
  2. If you didn't have a belly, you wouldn't need a belly gun, lmao! (Proud owner of an old man belly,, lol)
  3. 45LC Yellowboy and Cattleman...
  4. IMHO, its not that it would make it the wild wild west. I believe this state is good to go because it is a gun culture state. I would like to see the untrained, just throw a tiny gun in my pocket or purse type crowd, get training though. (ever been on the wrong end of a gun barrel?).... But there is no way to enforce that. Hell, I'd like to see everyone go into a shoot house training session to see how they'd do and maybe really get a clue. But that won't happen either. In any event, I think we'd be fine here. The wild west mentality mentioned, is NOT the first time I've heard that. Not just from politicians either. The public are just as bad. The are either parroting or watching too many tv/movies involving guns. I do believe it could be problematic in states like NJ, (where I'm from), NYC, etc... There will be an over abundance of people strapping like you've never seen. If you live/grown up in a gun culture state, business as usual hopefully... If you live in a anti-gun state, I can see Bernard Getz mentality all over... Just to fyi some that may have not seen this. : Best States for Gun Owners (2019) https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/best-states-for-gun-owners/369075
  5. Just my thoughts.. 1: Among other things, "R" stands for Republican but also stands for "RINO"... I've learned over the years, that most upper brass LE when promoted, slowly turn into politicians. 2: If they amend a rule, (correct me if I'm wrong), just adding to the office's interaction, "are you carrying a weapon?", which I believe is always a good idea. Felon criminals or any, that carry weapons will never admit to having one on their person. You are not required to tell a LEO in this state, that you are carrying in any scenario, but it is wise to do so. I agree that this can be problematic to the state. But it is what it is. Time will tell. Use of other states stats, I'm sure gave them insight. By no means does it create a western shootout state. Other anti 2a states, including NJ, (a may issue state but rarely does), from where I lived for over 60 years, was worried that our town would become a shootout town because we opened a gun range. We emphasized that law abiding citizens do not create a bad scenario for the most part. In fact, most are very well versed and trained with their firearms. Whether required or not, I'd advise training always. I told my wife, she will not carry without practicing regularly out of fear she'll shoot me by accident, (or on purpose, lmao)...
  6. Here ya go.... (yes, spelled wrong on purpose).....
  7. G96 does all. May taste good on peanut butter sammiches..
  8. Not defending the stuff and not a fan but it says not to put it on like oil. Heat the gun if it's metal, wipe on, let sit then wipe excess off. Wipe everything loose off.
  9. Goes good on a peanut butter sammich... Seriously, got some years ago.. Nothing impressive or anything that made me want to keep using it. I'm a G96 fan and have been for decades...
  10. ....and age and serial number and bible verse...
  11. Another fav toy.... The SA Saint Pistol in 5.56
  12. Nighthawk Agent 2 with IOS in 9mm..... first 9mm in 1911 for me.
  13. My wife has owned guns for years but never touches them unless I put my boots on. If she wants to carry, I'm ok with that. Practice, practice, get your enhanced version then, practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice? I've set up various drills and targets in my home so we can both stay sharp but she never practices. No practice, no ccw... Don't need her in panic mode and giving me a new butt hole nor not knowing when to draw in public and understand the rules of engagement..
  14. Keypads and/or bio is fine as long as you have Key backup... My Patriot safe requires one key in it at all times and will only turn once I type in password. Then the wheel takes over. I would never have something with -just- a keypad as its only means... If the keypad fails, I have to put in a second key and turn them both to open. Great design that has never failed me. Sadly, Patriot has gone out of biz years ago. But the safe is smooth and balanced as budda like when it first arrived many years ago... even made the move from NJ to TN safely.......

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