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  1. I don't care to know. I was being facetious. But there is no resolve in your statement. My final word is, what are we/you prepared to do? The only govt that wants to do something is federal. These individual cities and states have no interest in fixing anything. You mention Kent State. I recall it. 4 dead and 9 wounded. Surely you cannot compare Kent to what is happening now. This is much more wide scale. And besides, we have better technology. I know they are watching. They know who is funding this. I mentioned it. Cut off the head of the snakes. It will all slowly go away. In the mean time..... Your title/post asks how concerned are you ......... I'm very concerned. But we are not the ones to stop it. Big brother has to. They broke it, they need to fix it by any means. It's no longer unarmed citizens.
  2. Still agreeing. But you mention that most states have laws against politicians failing to act. Are the states that are in turmoil now have those laws? If so, who will enforce them by removing their leaders kicking and screaming in cuffs? The dem libtards that are enabling this crap seem to fear nothing. They could care less about us. They are letting it deteriorate and why? They think the rest of the country is going to bail their failed states out with federal funding? Hah! Not going to happen on Trumps watch. They hate Trump and that's their main goal. Destroy him and run over whomever gets in their way. The states that do not have this so called law, what are they doing? Same thing? They are showing their true colors. They never cared about the people. Only their worthless hides. Politicians do need term limits. They do need to be removed from office. By voting them out doesn't work and if it does, at the speed of snail crossing a great desert. When a governor or mayor fails to do their jobs, they need to be fired! Not recalled! Not voted out. I'm getting to old and broken for this crap. I just want things to go back to whatever use to be considered normal and left alone. a lot of us fall into my category but it doesn't mean we won't stand up and fight. We just hope we don't have to.
  3. Think you misread me. You mentioned the local leo need to be un-cuffed. In other words, to be able to do their jobs. I agree! They are cuffed by the crooked politicians. Most want to do the right thing. I'd like to see them give the middle finger to the corrupt rulers and -just- do their jobs. Instead, you have officers, chiefs, etc. Resigning and retiring because they had enough. So again, do what? As far as the Insurrection Act, if that cant get full resolve, what are you/we prepared to do? Sandbag your home and put sandbags 10 high around a defensive perimeter? Firebase Gloria perhaps? Run and hide in a mountain while your primary home gets infested by scum and come back to what? I don't think Trump and Barr are 'just' making threats. They are trying real hard NOT to use the IA... This bs that they need invitations to step in is nuts. It needs to be slapped down quickfastnotslow. It would have never gotten to this proportion if it weren't for the libtard leaders in these states. How many livelihoods ruined, innocents getting hurt or killed. Cops, again, getting shot by some chicken #### that shoots and runs. How far are we willing to let it go? When will any of you run up there as a 3 percenter or just think and talk about it? If anyone has a good idea, I'm all ears. But this anarchy... needs to stop. Govt is here to protect us and whether we like it or not, we need them.
  4. Yea, but they won't. Meanwhile it gets worse. I did say in my post that getting corrupt govt out immediately and we cant wait for voting them out. It doesn't work. Un-cuffing the police is fine by me. Also, from experience, I've seen good cops turn politician once they've reached brass ranks. They listen to the politicians running the show. If it were not the case, don't you think the leo would go against their gov body and do their jobs?
  5. If Trump wins, he has already mentioned using the Insurrection Act.... (hell, he should do it now. He can and should slam every area of the country down. Being prepared is good but if you are digging in, make sure you can cover all sides. Depending where you live, rural for instance, its going to take more than you. Kind of hard to have choke points, k-boxes, etc where there are so many ways in. Corn fields, etc... I hope too, it doesn't go this far and IA can get it controlled. It should have never gone this far. quite frankly, this crap needs a change. Any political hack that fails to halt this should be immediately removed from office. We cannot wait to vote these people out because it takes too long. People are hurting now. We cannot let it go on or creep across the field towards us. Cut off the head of the snakes. Sorors, Blumbutt, etc... Soros laughs and thinks this is funny. He has created trained Marxist. I'm sure both sides of our govt know this.
  6. I have fun with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown Lite..... Thing plinks all day without issues... Fun toy...
  7. .....or drive faster for a running start.
  8. You're mad at him? Why?
  9. Amazing isn't it? Like I mentioned, I tried them all and was a die hard Trij and Aimpoint fan... These are the ONLY ones playing nice with my astigmatism.. Have fun...
  10. DVOR is OpticsPlanet.... had to get away from them. They drove me nuts too. Lot of their stuff took quite a bit of time to get during their sale periods or whatever they called it. Bought a few things and didn't feel like waiting anymore. Waaaayyyyy too aggressive.
  11. Still should get on mailing list if you are not. I saved a lot over the years with them. Only thing with places like ebay and such, you really have to watch out for counterfeit stuff... good luck and keep us informed.

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