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  1. Guess having a Tattoo on my forearm wouldn't pass muster with that chart. Not a highly trained killer, but I got it to honor Chris Kyle when he died except black skull with target. White tats don't work on everyone.
  2. Might sound weird but I had similar probs with a snowblower. Did you try just drenching area with penetrating oil like A1 and let it sit over night? Just a though.
  3. To Da Top again... Come'on gang. These are good prices. Make some offers. Most I can say is no thank you..
  4. BHunted

    FTF Sale

    Yep Oh you have no idea... It's even worse now than before I left. With everything anti-gun, high taxes and dumb laws, you'd think the state would be a ghost town... People are leaving in droves of 10,000 a pop. Screw em. We tried to rectify it by voting out the demtards, but it was a useless endeavor. They'll learn the hard way.
  5. BHunted

    FTF Sale

    I can care less about having the info in my file with your personal details. The short form above is fine by me as long as I can ID who you are via DL or CCW... I am concerned who the weapon is going too though. All my weapons I have for sale here have been purchased legally in the state on NJ. In NJ all pistols are registered. All weapons including rifle and sg require a firearms ID card. Everything gets several nics checks... When I sell or even give away a gun, I want the thing to be no longer attached to my name. You do something stupid with it, my paper trail will break anything leading to me. I did this even with my boy when he came back from being deployed in Okinawa. I trust him profusely, but I said to him, you decide to do something stupid in life, it will be on you. Sign here. He understood... No problem. So it's not personal. It's a precaution. That's all. You are right. Today's day and age, you must at all turns, CYA!
  6. BHunted

    FTF Sale

    OK, so it sounds to me that the form I included above makes a good all around form. Can even be edited with your computer. Just leave out the Notary stuff. This is good because I usually have some filled out and on file in case of a sale... I previously had my own I created from a NJ COE... but this works better. Thanks again!!!
  7. BHunted

    FTF Sale

    Question.... being new to TN, I'd like to clarify something when selling firearms face to face... for my knowledge as well as others new to the state. In NJ, we had all kinds of crazy rules so being here and already have purchased several 'new' guns from dealers, what exactly is required for a face to face sale? Rifles and Shotguns.... Pistols: ......? All personal sales require this form as well as proper ID? I've seen posted elsewhere that there is a form for face to face sales which is 4 pages called the TN Firearm Bill of Sale. Everything on the form seems pretty rudimentary but does every sale require a Notary ??? Here is a link to an editable pdf form: https://eforms.com/download/2015/12/tennessee-firearm-bill-of-sale.pdf Thanks in advance....
  8. BHunted

    New home!!

    I never had such peace and quiet, what sux is now I really hear my tinnitus... but it’s worth it.
  9. Ya know, you are going to want/need a cowboy holster....
  10. Cabot guns did them awhile back. Big big bux!
  11. BHunted

    New home!!

    We just moved here last Nov and there were conflicts. I wanted a big garage and 20+ acres and wife needed high speed internet. She still works and requires it for her job. So we settled in Gallatin for the time being. Got the garage, but just an acre of land. Minute she is retired, we are out of here. Or at least I am, We went from a 900 sqft house in NJ practically right under Rt 80 to this place, a little over 2100 sqft. Keep telling her I need a Segway, lol. I spent months trying to find internet on a piece of land. The providers know me by first name... But no go... Be leery when they say fiber optics is coming. I've been hearing that forever. They are slow down here depending where you are at. It's based pretty much by how many people scream for it. They get first dibs. AT&T is garbage speeds. Comcast can give you up to 1gig dl speeds. We are content with 275 right now... Good luck!

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