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  1. Great optic. I have both the 510c red and the 510c green elite. I have astigmatism and these are the first red dot style sights I ever had where I really don't need my glasses. GLWS
  2. Remove all wood and take your time. Yes, fine sand by hand to get the finish clean, then I used red chestnut Minwax stain. Do as many coats to get the desired. As per stain instructions, wait between coats to dry. Then 2 coats satin spray clear coat.
  3. If the address on his DL indicates he lives here, then I don't think so. If he doesn't have a ccw in PA or does not have a physical address in TN, get a Utah Permit or something. OR, Can you backpack your motorcycle? Just a thought. (just kidding)... If you won't be here long, just live without it. Not worth getting in trouble. If you get one, it takes a day or so to do all the running around. The quals are ez, Class I went to, sends your certificate to DMV electronically, prints can be done at a UPS store, Had my ccw in my mailbox in less than 2 weeks.
  4. Arsenal SLR-107R is a great rifle. At least from folks that own them I know and reviews....
  5. I have many HKs as well as other brands and if I didn't already have the VP and VPSK, I'd grab it from you right now. But I recently dumped a boatload of funds into my Nighthawks... I never heard of those sights before and I see they are very close to being Trijicon HDs but cheaper.... I swap almost all my sights with Trij HDs because getting old, my eyes suck. Regarding being stuck on Glock, it's a matter of training. I'm not knocking you for your choices of fire arms, but I refuse to beckon to any reason to just be proficient in one brand. People say to me, "Is it confusing"? No..... "what about the mag release", no.... In fact, it's the easiest and best method out there away from traditional button styles. Anywho, I've practiced with each of my pistols so often that you can blind fold me, take any pistol out of my safe and put it in my hand and I'll tell you within seconds what I'm holding. When carrying, I like to change my carry around for different occasions, dress or weather. I won't just buy different models of the same brand just to do that. Lately, I swap out from my VPSK to my Sig 938 and mostly to my my Sig 365... No problemos. I have complete faith in them. Don't get yourself stuck in just Glock... You may need to have to fire something else in an emergency and fumble to do so. Just IMHO... Good luck with the sale. But I'd really like to see you crack the wall and master the VP though.
  6. My WASR 10 always did me right. Fun plinker and never any failures. Only thing I did to it is re-stain the wood. Not a fan of blonde wood so refinished it red chestnut.
  7. I also have one.... Fantastic weapon especially if you have handicaps. I have a bad shoulder among other things and an ar pistol makes it easier for me to handle.
  8. Not a good attitude. Whether you like them or not is immaterial. We should not give up any right due to the fault of one individual.
  9. BHunted

    Falcon 2.0

    Falcon Reborn I decided to take a trip for my birthday to the Ozarks. Slight turn to Nighthawk Customs in Berryville, Ar... Stayed in beautiful Eureka Springs. Month or so ago, I sent my Falcon in to the original builder for a face lift. I am second owner. It left NH in 2013 with a black slide and olive drab green frame. Evidently, the owner got sick of the green and had the whole gun cerakoted. Normally most of their black 1911s are Nitride. So I had them re- nitride the whole gun back to orig look. I changed out the g10 grips with another set of NH grips with a pewter NH emblem. I removed the rear Heine site, (hated it) and installed a Trij rear. While it was there, had them install new ss barrel and had it gold tin coated. They fine tuned everything and test fired it. At the advice of the builder, why not blacked the barrel bushing and trigger. It would look awesome. Gave him the ok. They had everything ready by time I arrived. These are awesome people. The facility is huge and top notch! I would recommend them to anyone. Here are some before and after shots. When bought.... Then to this by me...... Now......(excuse oil) Can’t wait to shoot it! [emoji16]
  10. Guess having a Tattoo on my forearm wouldn't pass muster with that chart. Not a highly trained killer, but I got it to honor Chris Kyle when he died except black skull with target. White tats don't work on everyone.
  11. Might sound weird but I had similar probs with a snowblower. Did you try just drenching area with penetrating oil like A1 and let it sit over night? Just a though.

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