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  1. They just posted a pic with the original tag, "claw controlled round feeding". If the prices stay reasonable, I may be getting my first 1911, a Colt 1911 Special Combat Government...looks to be new in the box.
  2. Thanks guys, I can't wait to get behind her. Too bad work has me in the road for a few days. I'm not on the tuarus forum
  3. Got it thanks, I forgot about photo bucket...I got spoiled to the direct upload on the classified section.  
  4. Well I just got my Tikka back. I think this combo came out nicely. Tikka T3 Stainless in 308 Minox Z5 3x15x50 (they had a sale for $325 for this German glass) GRS hunter stock Seekins rings 20MAO rail
  5. I saw those gun broker prices in the $1,300-1,600 range.  That's why I thought if I could get a deal it would be worth it.  They also have 20 or so SCAR 17 clips (haha jk mags) for sale as well as tons of ammo.
  6. Thanks guys, exactly the distinctions I was looking for.  Unfortunately, the auction is only online (and the pics and info they provide is limited).  If I can't get one for under $500, I think I'll pass.  The wood on both of them do look real nice.  They have a Sako and a couple 1911's for sale, and a couple mausers.  They have a $5k gun safe (the high end liberty line)....so I would expect that the guns (based on the other guns in the auction) are quality.  I'll post some pics if I end up with some of them.  
  7. I am watching a bankruptcy auction, and there are two super grade model 70s a 300 win mag New with tags and a 7mm lightly used. I don't know much about the 70's other than some military snipers have used them. I'm in the market for an elk rifle. What would be a safe amount to pay for a "super grade"? Anything I need to be looking for with these rifles? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Sorry guys, haven't been on in a while. Last I checked it worked well. Unfortunately, my guns haven't received much action lately....kids have me busy. It's been mainly in the safe unfortunately Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have to disagree. It doesn't take a gunsmith to respond to customer request regarding order status. I have no allusions regarding the increase in demand; and how long it will last. Which is exactly why after four months of this they should have staffed up to meet the increased demand. I find it hard to believe that with nearly 20% un and under employed; they aren't able to find qualified CSRs. Are we supposed to accept that this is the new standard for customer service? I have set up and run a few high volume distribution centers; it's either a people or a system problem.
  10. I'm not sure about other members, but I am getting tired of the prolonged poor customer service of many of the large online firearm related retailers. It was understandable for a period of time; however with unemployment being where it is....there's no excuse for not "staffing up" to meet increased demand. I ordered a ruger 22 from impact guns on Friday; and selected a local ffl through the checkout process. I received an email three days later that they needed my ffl or the order would not be processed (but not to respond to the email). So I tried over the next two days to call and sen
  11. I would imagine on the rifle end the majority of the recoil/impact would be absorbed by the gas system/buffer tube etc. I'm sure if you felt the full force of the bolt cycling back into your shoulder, it would feel too good.
  12. Cool springs academy was the same way this morning. I went in looking for a s$w shield. I couldn't believe the amount of people there buying ammo and guns at 8am. I also don't understand why they limit ammo to one box. They had a number of ar's but hardly any handguns
  13. Hell, until it's built...you can just throw that at someone if you lack other self defense options :). Nice, good luck with the build
  14. Thanks guys, I move the scope up a little and it balanced it out. Kill flash for the scope and I'm finished, except putting lead down range!


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