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  1. Several pawn shops that sell guns sell ammo and they are about all that seem to have it right now around me. The big stores have been out for months
  2. Big dot xs are by FAR my favorite sights.
  3. Yep....... they were lead. Lol, those got a “little” kick. Left a mark but still just 2 3/4” shells.
  4. They are from 1990 so I can’t find any info. Box doesn’t say. I don’t have a magnet handy. expandable thumbs:
  5. The only thing i have to say that’s not good is that I’ll repeat myself about it being non retention. While you are wearing it that means nothing because your hip presses the leather in and it has never moved on me at all - even riding my motorcycle (where you move around a lot). It’s not cracked or frayed in any way And it’s still as solid as when I bought it so for the money it’s awesome, but just that one thing should be noted because i have one situation that comes up occasionally with the retention issue. The issue is that when it’s off person the gun can easily fall out of the holster an
  6. Lightening the trigger and not doing any other changes is why we see people getting shot in the foot. To do it, it needs to be done right all the way from the trigger to sear. Most don’t, and stuff happens. When i change the glock trigger it’s going to involve a complete internal swap.
  7. Not everyone wants a gen 5 with yet another completely different Barrel than they had the previous year. However I’ve noted that if I buy an $800 MOS and a completely different gun than the one reviewed it can be as good as the Canik. Solid reasoning, solid. While I’m at it I’ll replace the Elite SC with the SFx and there will be no comparison. Gen 4 Glock, Canik Elite SC...... are the two I’ve bought and they are solid in their own ways. It is what it is.
  8. Decided to run by that random study website you base your buying opinions on and see what the top supporters of muslim neighbors are. #2 is rather ironic. Looks like you’re gonna be down to a slingshot soon. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/10/08/in-the-u-s-and-western-europe-people-say-they-accept-muslims-but-opinions-are-divided-on-islam/ft_19-10-07_viewsmuslimseurope_neighborsfamily420px/ clickable thumb screenshots
  9. Neither the country of turkey nor the population of turkey are Canik. They are a private company like any other, but the irony of supporting Glock and not Canik is a bit much to bother with. “A random independent study told me they don’t like the US, and I support the US, and I love the US, so I’m spending my money in Austria.....but not the US”. LOL. . . . . . ...........lol. I can’t even. Buy whatever ya like folks, for whatever reason...... but do please keep telling us why because it’s pretty hilarious.
  10. One thing i also forgot that is very important. The rear sight on the glock is straight up and down and smooth. You cannot kick the slide off the rear sight if you only have one hand available. The Warren Tactical rear sight on the Canik is not only serrated, but angled so it is specifically designed to be racked off the rear slide with one hand and that’s very important for safety.
  11. They are definitely getting pricey. They used to go below retail and now they are commanding MSRP. since i was just talking about the guns themselves i forgot to put in the list that the $60 IWB/OWB Reversible holster is included with purchase as well with the Canik and it’s adjustable retention and very heavy duty.
  12. I was there friday morning, probably saw you. Lol. A lady and her daughter came in and ordered a 43x while I was standing there.
  13. A couple of notes of observation today. - front serrations present on the Canik, none on the Glock - slide cut present on the Canik, none on the Glock - striker indicator present on the Canik, none on the Glock - loaded chamber indicator present on the Canik, none on the Glock - lightening cuts present in the slide of the Canik, none on the Glock - the striker is 4 times thicker on the Canik - both have replaceable backstraps - both have dual captured springs - both have an indention cut into the trigger guard - the barrels are about the same
  14. Last month I got the Canik Elite SC to go with my SFx. This month I got it’s direct competition. For those who have been wondering what they’d be like neck and neck to compare, here ya go. There seems to be a lot of hoopla between these two. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons, so here’s what seems to be of interest to people. I took shots from every angle of comparison. People talk a lot about the glock grip angle, but the Canik seems to be almost identical. They both shoot well, but the blocky grip of the Glock is not comfortable compared to the Canik. Also, because of the trigger differe
  15. One1

    My day with an M&P

    One thing we know for sure, elderly should buy the EZ. I can’t foresee elderly making the bodyguard work. The trigger is 12+ lbs. but what was available for the elderly for the last ten years? Shield would be what I’d recommend however they couldn’t rack the slide......but when they ask what they sell women they point to the BodyGuard because it’s the small frame gun that fits in a purse. The EZ is very big compared to a BodyGuard and is not going in a purse so when a woman asks what they have that’s small and smaller caliber they get handed the BodyGuard every time - even with the EZ in the
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