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  1. Correct. These are the people saying a training course is too bothersome.
  2. Yep, two men and one woman that held their guns sideways down the line of people standing were trying to take their safety OFF were drilled repeatedly to keep their muzzle forward. Awareness isn’t for everyone. Some need taught. Assuming you skipped the entire thread and started on page 3. This has been covered multiple times in the thread. The non enhanced is a learners permit IMO. Seems the other states feel the same.
  3. Just as he does. Only difference would be I have a stainless table so don’t need catch cans
  4. People don’t see the VALUE or lack thereof in these permits from either side of the line. People who go for the Enhanced don’t see value in a permit that barely gives you any rights, can only be used in your state, and costs NEARLY AS MUCH as the full permit because whether you pay for an online course or an 8 hr full course you’re still spending over $100 in the end. All people see is the $60 price tag and that they don’t have to take a real training course. People going for the cheaper option are usually doing just that. With no concern for state to state laws they just want a cheap option. Once they carry for a while they will either be illegally carrying when they go out of town for holidays or travel - or leaving their gun at home. Something that we know is not a real option after you’ve carried for a while. Most wouldn’t go away to a strange area unarmed. They find out quickly how limited they are even in their own town - barely extending past the castle laws because you already were able to take your gun everywhere in the car. Yet spending almost as much in the end as the Enhanced permit, you end up with little more freedom than no permit. “I don’t have time to take a course” When are you going to practice? Never? Probably. People around where you will be shooting should be concerned. This is the worst permit ever.
  5. After seeing Jerry Miculek’s cleaning stand for his AR15 I got a little jelly about it and wanted one of my own so I welded up some angle and rebar. thumbs:
  6. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    I figured out its a BCM PNT.
  7. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    I got to shoot my AR yesterday and the biggest thing that stood out to me was how solid the trigger was. It has absolutely zero movement or play and goes “click, boom” instantly when i pull it. When I heard that these have gritty rattly triggers in them I couldn’t understand why they say that, then I remembered the guy that I got my AR from is a gunsmith. I don’t know what he did, but this is the best trigger I’ve shot in anything. I’m now starting to wonder what else he has done to it because I haven’t experienced any of the complaints people say are the difference between the PSA and some that cost more. I’ll probably find out a lot more about it as time goes. It’s got Magpul furniture, but not the stuff that comes with the PSA Magpul. I think the trade got a little better after finding things he has done, because apparently this is not a stock trigger.
  8. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    If you’re watching the sales you do. Federal black pack 9mm goes from $60 to $40 (250 rnds). Fiocchi 9mm goes from $9.99 to $7.99 (50 rnds). Remington bucket o bullets 22 goes from $80 to $50 (1400 rnds) and so on...... nothing online is close when they have a sale and it's around the corner a few miles away. Think about it at 2pm and be shooting by 3pm, not in a week. All brass.
  9. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    What screws ammo prices online is shipping.
  10. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    I'm pretty amazed at ammo costs for target. The 223 is cheaper than 45 ACP. I thought I would go broke quick with the AR, but actually the cheapest I can get ammo from Academy for the 45 is 38¢ and for the AR in 223 is 32¢ (36¢ for 556). It's cheaper to run the range with the AR than a 45 ACP pistol. That's nutty.
  11. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    I'm not sure what I'll use this for so until I can get some idea of the distance I'll be working with I won't need much more than basic sights.
  12. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    Thanks! That's what I found. Lotta spots to oil. Seems some prefer the clean and lube spray since there's so much to oil.
  13. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    You clicked to get here. Where you click from there is on you.
  14. One1

    AR15 for dummies?

    I have a cheap mechanical one picked out as well. I’m only going to be using the sight for long distance anyway. I wasted money on Ameriglo (sorta, not really. They are awesome) sights because I quit using the sights and started shooting with both eyes by sight picture and don’t pay much attention to anything but the tip of the gun or front sight. I can’t say how I’ll do with the AR as I won’t have shot it until sunday. I’m trying not to use the sights though. I’m much faster, especially on moving and targeting with both eyes.

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