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  1. My worst reloaded hull didn't look that bad. Looks like a 3rd grader did it out in the back yard with a rubber mallet. LOL
  2. Derek you have been given some good advice by many. I might add trying to find or make friends with somebody that reloads. It is much easier to learn by seeing it done firsthand. You still need to have and read reloading books. If you friend will teach you and let you load some, you can find out first hand is this something you would enjoy. If you aren't a perfectionist, I say leave it alone. I enjoy reloading almost as much as shooting and I can do it in the dead of winter at night. If you still want to reload your best bet for economy is finding used items, they rarely get worn out. I will 2
  3. Great news Robert! Sounds like the kind of family anyone would love to be a part of. Keep us updated when you get moved. Praying for you.
  4. On gunbroker they sold 525 pk. of Remington golden bullets for $245.00 plus $19.00 for shipping. That is crazy right there, sounds similar to the last .22 shortage prices
  5. Danged Beltfed, you made me feel better about myself. I have stuff that I haven't seen in years. I could lose most anything in an empty room. I think I have some .30 carbine brass but it's not many. That is if I can find them. LOL
  6. It was tomorrow 3 days ago, the suspense is killing me!! LOL
  7. A few weeks ago Outdoor Junction in cookeville had large rifle primers for $79.99. As I have said many times, you don't have to control the guns, just the ammo.
  8. I looked at that gunbroker ad last night and it is a newcomer with no rating. I would have to be destitute to take advantage of my reloading community. I actually gave a friend 300 small rifle primers. However if anyone wants to pay me $0.25 per .22 round I have a few we can discuss. LOL I actually gave a guy 2 bricks of .22 for his kids. Be like state farm, like a good neighbor!!
  9. We have been thinking the same thing, our kids are 500 miles away and I have a ham operator about 1/4 mile away. This website will let you search for names of Ham operators in your zipcode along with their call letters. www.radioqth.net/ziplookup Locally either a cb or walk or drive to see about them.
  10. Boy Greg those are quite a deal huh? And over a day to bid. Danged I didn't know how rich I really was.
  11. Nice one Rob. I would much rather get surprised by a bear that a hog, them danged things are just plain ornery. Shoot every one you see, need to kill 6 out of every 10 out there just to keep the numbers in check.
  12. Dirtshooter


    Yea but the clouds bring rain.
  13. I hate to say this, but they already know it. Ammo is where it is at, let them keep their guns and sooner or later they will run out of ammo.
  14. I really don't believe they want to try that. It sounds all warm and fuzzy to "take your guns". But when it comes to that actually taking place, it won't be good for anyone. I don't think they want the "war" that would ensue should they try that. Does anyone else find it funny that they would use their guns to take ours? So it really isn't an issue that they dislike guns, they just dislike us having guns.
  15. That is a good question David. Let's look at the number of gun stores in the U.S. about 55,000, the number of McDonalds is 13,785. So I got to looking at numbers, in 2017 it was said 12 billion rounds of ammo was sold in U.S. If each gun store gets equal amount that is about 218,000 rounds per store. If they are open 6 days a week this equal about 700 rounds per day. That isn't even a 1,000 round case. Plus there are stores that sell ammo and don't sell guns like hardware stores etc. While looking I stumbled on a 2017 story that said at least 100 billion rounds were stockpiled by U.S. shooters


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