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  1. Just saw on the news the parents are missing and a manhunt underway.
  2. I have said many times that these kids that stay locked up playing these shootem up video games lose their perception about real guns. I think the video games play a very big part in school shootings, that and an applied paddle on their butts!! No time outs boys or girls!!
  3. Just saw on the news the kids dad bought the Sig 9mm just 4 days before the shooting.
  4. Pop Pop good memories you are making sir. Your daughter and grand-kids sound like my kind of people. I love to see kids being taught to shoot safely. All 3 of my grand-kids have their own firearms and the oldest 2 are hunters. I can attest, yes they will cherish their ancestors firearms. Shoot with them all you can, they won't forget you when they go out and shoot 50 years from now!!!
  5. My local wally world had 325 packs for $40, no thanks boys.
  6. Hi Spots, I have a partial box of factory loads. I reload so I seldom use factory stuff. I know I can't sell you my reloads, but I will donate you a box or two. I have some 150 gr. rem round nose bullets and I cast 170 gr lead with gas checks. If you can't find any, let me know. I live about 30 minutes west of Jamestown, Tn. and will be glad to pick a meeting place. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Mac
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all as well. I get a morning devotional called the Sportsmen's Devotianal. I will include a link should any want it. This morning the writer said that in James 1:17 Whatever is good and perfect cones down to us from God our Father. He said from all creation down to the warm blankets we have. Sportsmen's Devotional Web Site Sign Up
  8. Hey Dave just looked on oncefiredbrass.com they have 22-250 brass for .30 per round.
  9. Guess what?? Sleepy Joe didn't see it coming either.
  10. The plus for a horse is if you don't get any deer, they can be eaten!! LOL
  11. I can't disclose whom I work for, but we sell stuff to NASA and parts for the F-35 and the guys here won't be forced to take the jab. So parts for the F-35's and NASA may be scarce. We shall see who hollers foul first. Masks are optional you want it use it you don't then don't.
  12. Beautiful piece of workmanship. I hope somebody buys this fine piece and cares for it another 73 years. I would love to have it, but I don't feel like taking the verbal abuse and possibly physical abuse if I bought it. LOL
  13. A.J, I am glad to hear of her great recovery. I used to use the work coincidence quite a bit, I rarely use it nowadays. I have witnessed too many miracles of God healing folks. That is what we all need to remember, God is still in the healing business!! Any you my friend said it best, God shows us all his mercy and grace and I pray he continues to give this country His mercy and grace and not his wrath. Keep us updated as we love to hear how our prayers are being answered!!
  14. Grunt you have that exactly correct, the reloader community gets what is over what the ammo mfgs. need to make loaded rounds. They aren't in business to keep us going that is for darned sure. I wouldn't doubt if they didn't increase the prices to just the breaking point for us reloaders and keep it there. They could care less if we reloaded or not, in fact they probably would wish we didn't then we would all be at their mercy for ammo. They can quit if they want to, me and my family shouldn't run out for at least 25 years, and that's if I can't get anymore components.
  15. Hey David, $35 a pound sounds like what they are charging for bacon now days!! LOL


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