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  1. Okay it's been 2 weeks since I started this thread, with all the suggested stay at home regulations, how does this change your answers? I mean is the gestapo going to stop you and ask for your travel papers??
  2. I have said this many times. God let His chosen people wander in the desert for 40 years a walk they could have done in a week. Now if He let them suffer in the desert for 40 years, don't you think he will make us suffer for a bit over the millions of abortions??
  3. Let them sue, we can print more money, we can't bring back those aborted babies. Plus in 2017 in the U.S. we aborted 862,320 babies, so if this Covid-19 kills less than that I guess we are on the plus side. In 2017 18% of all pregnancies were aborted.
  4. You won't hear the news say this either concerning deaths in Tn. or the U.S.A. Last numbers I could find 2017 there was 12,140 abortions in Tennessee, that averages 33 per day. In 2008 it was 19,550 averaged 53.5 per day. So if the abortion clinics stay closed for 90 days it will save 2,970 people in Tennessee. It is all how you look at things.
  5. Checking to see if any of the youth turkey hunters connected yet??
  6. I have to give credit to the man that taught me this trick, Walt who lives near Yazoo City, Ms. He worked with my BIL, and it was said the only reason he worked was to buy shotgun shells and crickets so he could hunt turkeys and catch big bluegill!!
  7. Hey Tom, take about 3 or so inches of the turkey quill, either tail or wing feathers, trim any fuzzy feather off. Take 2 pieces of either surgical tubing smaller diameter that the quill. Thread fishing line thru the tubing and roll over the quill and slide it to desired depth. You can also use the small rubber bands that orthandontist's use. Doug aka Bersaguy is ok.
  8. To add to the above post, keep your corks as small as possible to keep your bait suspended. The bigger the cork, the bigger the splash and fish are spooky. I learned that from years of fishing, I actually use turkey quills for my corks when bream fishing with a cricket. If a fish so much as breathes on the cricket that light float will move. Good luck, good times with your son. My old quote is keep your kids hunting and fishing and you won't have to be hunting them when they are teenagers!!
  9. Yep always been a pickup man!! RIP Joe
  10. Plus they are mighty tasty. I had a co-worker some years ago that had a side business cooking chicken on a stick and such at craft shows and such. Well another co-worker provided the turkey breasts, Tommy the cook cut them into chunks about the size of a hickory nut and fried them puppies up. Just like Andy Griffith said, mmm,mmm GOOOOOD!!
  11. As my usual custom of drinking my morning coffee and perusing the news, I looked out my window and noticed this. There were blue birds, blue jays, wrens, cardinals and squirrels and they had no clue nor were they concerned that there is a world wide pandemic. As the whole world is in turmoil among humans, the animal world is continuing on, never for a moment missing a meal. So I though this verse from the Bible was in order. Matthew 6:26 NLT Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?
  12. Sneaky is a rather "nice" adjective to call these "scumbags" for no better word in mixed company!!
  13. And you never see a fellow with no hands, that absolutely stops his stealing days. I ain't too sure we shouldn't do the same. Danged AJ I figured you to be old, but not THAT old!! I had to do it. LOL
  14. Was that perhaps the veggies & fruit that the little snowflakes have been taped coughing on?? Those little &astards should be beaten and then either put into stocks or tarred and feathered. And then go get the parents that weren't raising them correctly and do the same!! Sorry I have a very low tolerance of such actions.
  15. So true, what are you gonna do shoot the virus?? I think it is wise to have some ammo on hand for a rainy day. For some that is 1000, for some 100,000. That isn't my business nor do I care. In a SHTF scenario unless you are in a tank or armored vehicle I doubt you are going to shoot more than 3 or 4 mags before getting shot yourself. You see it ain't like deer hunting as they don't shoot back.

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