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  1. Thank everyone for your help. I will start low and look at brass and watch the chrono. I know I can't reach the optimum with this fast powder, but I don't load as many shotgun shells as I once did. Guess I need to shoot more sporting clays. Thanks again guys!!
  2. Hey Erich, don't beat yourself up. Hindsight is 20/20. It sure is easy to see what we could've and should've done when we look to the past. But if it will make you feel any better, bend over and will all put a boot in your rear end.
  3. When I shot USPSA matches about 15,000 a year, now closer to 1,500.
  4. I guess I will start pretty low and make a couple of each load by 0.2 gr. or so. Thanks I thought somebody may have access to data I didn't.
  5. Darned good question. To me that is 7 times too many. In some foreign countries, he would have been hung. I'm thinking they may have the right idea.
  6. Hi all, I have 3 reloading manuals, but they all are Speer and I have seen where sometimes Speer data is too hot. I have a lot of Green Dot powder and I know I can use it up in .38 special and 9mm, but would like to see if anyone has data other than from Speer. My book shows 158gr JHP 7.0 gr. start with 7.5 max. I plan on using this loading in a Marlin 1894C but love my gun and don't want to mangle it or me up. Any constructive information would be appreciated. Not the usual, go buy another load book. There isn't much data to begin with and most is pretty old. Thanks Mac
  7. Well not cheap, but my LGS had limited amount of 9mm 115 gr. for $15.95. Better than I have seen elsewhere in awhile.
  8. Morning all, I am asking this question because I hear this repeatedly. Do you know people that think their firearms are "registered" because they filled out a 4473 form? It seems like so many people are confused by this. Thanks
  9. Yea that is a little higher than the $6.11 per 50 for my reman.
  10. I have used some here and there pistol and rifle, just had a chance to buy some and not sure. I have a bunch of brass. Thanks guys.
  11. Does anyone use ickel .223 brass? Do you like it, hate it? And next question have an idea what 375 pcs. are worth? Thanks Mac
  12. Thanks guys, they actually are 114.7 on my scale, using 3.8 gr. bullseye. can't do plunk test as I don't own a 9mm. Bullet diameter is .356. I will do plunk test. Just like a 2nd opinion on things like this. As I get older I am much more careful on my reloading. In fact I could probably spend a day pulling bullets in rounds. I found a 30-06 round last night while cleaning up and it went directly into the pull box. If I don't have data as to bullet, powder and primer it gets pulled. I don't have a problem throwing away a little powder.
  13. Hi guys, I recently began loading for 9mm and have a question. I have bought some cast powder coated 115 gr. RN bullets and because of their short length was wondering about the OAL. I can't make it to what my book says, bullet too short. I guess the question is can I end up with too short of an OAL? The bullet length is 0.538 and the finished loaded round is 1.090. My Speer book said emphatically not to load shorter than listed length, but my bullet isn't listed. Thanks for any and all replies. I am going to ask the person I bought the bullets from if they have any data.
  14. Hey Red you weren't using a wooden pencil to calculate it were you? LOL Yea I had seen one a few years back, but I like this one. Easy to change your component costs.

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