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  1. Dirtshooter

    The Garden Thread

    Hi guys, for all that don't have a nice garden spot like Greg I want to let you know about raised bed gardening. I started raised beds about 4 years ago and wish I had done this about 40+ years ago. I found crates from a local tractor co. that were free so that is what I used. You can make beds as long as you want, just keep them 4 ft wide or narrower as you can reach in from both sides. I bought a load of topsoil and mushroom mix and it is really the key. First on raised beds is you don't need a tiller or hoe, you don't compact the soil as you are not walking in it. You don't have to compete with weeds and grass as you are above them. I put down cardboard and some black plastic along edges and added dirt mix. First year I literally pulled 3 weeds all season. There is lots of info on web, but if you have any questions let me know.
  2. Dirtshooter


    Go buy a real 4x4 that you can get parts for if it ever breaks. Try a real Jeep, an older K-5 blazer or 1st gen Bronco. You couldn't make me take one on a bet.
  3. Dirtshooter

    Coolest hitch cover ever

    the white targets are no shoots. paint it tan and good to go. I have seen some IPSC tan ones with a couple of holes and red led's that light up with the brakes pretty cool.
  4. Dirtshooter

    The Garden Thread

    I started celery inside planted Feb. 1st. I thought carrot seeds were small, but those things are almost microscopic. Plan on starting brocolli seeds 1st of March. I found this while looking at planting dates, it is called Phenology which is an observation of natual phenomena. You can find several sites that give a correlation between plants blooming and such to a planting time. For example plant potatoes when 1st dandelion blooms, plant bean, cucumber and squash when lilac is in full bloom. Thought I would pass this along, I had never heard the word, but it is like other old time sayings that people had observed over many years. Good gardening to all and may your harvest be plentiful.
  5. Dirtshooter

    Mike Dillon passed away

    I searched and didn't see this. I just learned that Mike Dillon who is the designer of Dillon reloaders and revised the mini-gun passed away on November 7, 2016. You can look on Dillons website and they have a tribute.
  6. Dirtshooter

    Wheel gun itch

    I will try to keep this short. I used to shoot competitively and I have a pretty quick trigger finger, however quick may not be accurate! I went back to shoot wheel gun when I lucked up on a S&W model 610 that shoots 10mm and .40S&W using moonclips. I can tell you for certain, with only 6 shots before you are empty as opposed to 21 rounds you will definetly slow down a bit and make those 6 shots hit in the A zone. It made me a better shot by going back to the wheel gun for a time. I call wheel guns "real" guns and semi-autos as bottom feeders. LOL
  7. Dirtshooter

    10 mm vs .40 S&W

    I have some .40 cal semi auto pistols and carbines. I have a S&W 610 revolver that shoots 10mm and .40 cal. It is similar to .357 that shoots .38's the case on 10mm is longer and holds more powder. It has similar knockdown power of a .41mag. Like others have said .40 cal is cheap compared to 10mm. As with all discussions about caliber, there is always pro's and con's. You can kill most all animals on this planet with a well placed round of .22lr, anything bigger is just overkill I suppose.
  8. Dirtshooter

    Favorite Gun Oil

    A quick comment on Remoil. There is 1 that has ptfe in it, above all DO NOT GET THIS INTO BORE!! I know firsthand the problems you can encounter. As you probably know ptfe is teflon, I almost got rid of a Remington 700bdl in 30-06 as it shot a pattern like a shotgun. It took several times cleaning the bore with Hoppes #9 and shooting it 50 rounds or so. It is now a great shooting rifle. Thought I would pass this along. Mac
  9. Dirtshooter

    reloading rifle ammo

    Also if you don't have a chamber checker, you need to run each loaded round thru your gun to make sure it cycles well. I have chamber checkers for my pistol rounds, but I don't for my rifles so I make sure they function prior to hunting or shooting.
  10. Dirtshooter

    BassPro or Cabela's

    My $0.02 is neither, I prefer Academy sports. I have been in 6 or 7 different BPS and I still don't need 100 different versions of a camo T-shirt. Personally I think they have too many options. Also when I go to BPS or Cabela's my first thought is how much of my purchase is going towards all the bells and whistles. Don't get me wrong, my grand kids love the aquariums and such, but Academy is my sort of store.
  11. Dirtshooter

    My kind of UPS delivery screw up

    I'm still looking for the assault rifle and ammo clip, scope and stand in the pic!! I am calling foul, it was probably some kids toy gun that he was but now isn't getting for Christmas. What a bunch of liberalism!!! I am really wondering why the gun wasn't shooting everything all by itself because it is such an EVIL weapon! Good thing Donald Trump won because Hildabeast would have surely have outlawed those Evil things!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dirtshooter

    Coyote in town!!

    Yotes do a lot more damage than some may think. I read an article that said game cameras were placed at 2 yote dens in Ohio and in a 1 month time one mother brought 16 fawns to her den the other got 14. Now that is a lot of future deer steaks, roast and burgers the way I see it. They need to be eliminated like the wild/feral hog population, kill em no matter the means!!!
  13. Dirtshooter

    Two juveniles charged for starting Sevier Co. wildfires

    I am usually one of the first to say hang em high or put in prison and throw the key away. The fire in the Gatlinburg area is devastating and there will be no winners regardless what the court sees is a correct punishment. Their punishment won't bring back the lives that were lost nor the historical buildings destroyed. On another note as has been said, what if this was domestic terrorism? If the country was fighting forest fires and trying to save lives and homes, our attention wouldn't be on fighting terrorists. This is hard to think about, but what if???
  14. Dirtshooter

    Pearl Harbor

    Thanks to all the vets that served. I have a little known fact about the Arizona. I lived in Laurel, Ms for 40+ years and the Veterans Memorial Museum in Laurel has a piece of the Arizona about 18"x18" full of bullet holes and according to a good friend who helped the museum acquire this piece said that only 1 other part of the Arizona was at another museum. My wife has an uncle who is 91 and was a WWII Navy Vet in the Pacific and I have a good friend that was a Bataan death march survivor who is in his 90's. These men are definetly a part of the greatest generation. As has been said, I don't think U.S. history is taught in the same way as it was 40 years ago either. We as parents and grandparents need to teach our kids the meaning of December 7th, 1941, June 6th, 1944 and other important history before it is forgotten.
  15. Either way F-150 or Raptor, air bags deployed it is a total!! Wreck that is.

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