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  1. I know they are scared of losing them. I will probably receive a bunch of flak for this comment, but as my wife has told me I don't know when to shut up sometimes. I was an NRA member for many years, but I kind of saw between the lines, all a member is to them is membership dues dollars and a contact to ask for more free money. Kind of the way I feel about politicians, for years the Dems and Repubs have been pointing fingers at the other saying it's their fault, basically batting the ball back forth like a game of badmitton. And we taxpayers are paying for them to "play". I feel the NRA has been doing the same thing to an extent. You know what they always say, follow the money. If there is a big pile of money, somebody is trying to figure out how to skim more than their fare share.
  2. Nope, Only calls we get is what I call beggars, sales people trying to get my hard earned money into their hands. My answer to them is I don't want it, need it or a simple. Click
  3. Wingshooter, wipe the glue off of your fingers!! LOL I am like Dave, if the right people were heading up the war on drugs it would be different. I am almost 67 and there has been a so called war on drugs for 55-60 years, not much success. If judicial system would listen to me with in 90 days you would have to grow or make it yourself because nobody would dare be caught with any amount of any controlled substance. Some may remember the kid that spray painted the car in Singapore in the 80's and they caned him, it was a big news deal because he was from the U.S. I would wager that he has never even thought about spraying another car. My suggestion would put people to work, have a professional caner(s) at each county courthouse and carry out the sentencing quickly within 48 hours of arrest. Nickle and dime drug dealer with x amount of meth,have a 1st time 5 licks, 2 time 10 licks, 3rd time hang him from a limb. Case closed he won't sell any more dope. Make the punishment fit the crime, think it won't work? I say let's implement it and see if it doesn't work. Oh Johnny boy that got 5 licks of the cane, you could pull an 18 wheeler full of dope in his front yard and the first thing he would be doing is calling 911 and explaining that it ain't his dope, but he knows whose it is. I really don't think most Americans realize how serious this drug problem is, plus since a lot of it comes across our southern border, if there isn't any market for the crap you got, you ain't going to go the trouble of bringing that crap here. Rant over for the time being.
  4. I had to contribute to this, about 5 years ago I had been seeing a skunk in my barn if I went out there at night and turned a light on, had been carrying my Browning Buckmark and had laid it down which was mistake #1 and had went 10-12 feet away and guess what? Ole Peppy LaPew came strolling in from the Browning side of the barn, I retreated onto a pile of firewood and when he got close I did the standing long jump, retrieved the Browning and shot him. That was in my younger days. LOL I might have been out on the road a wee bit too long. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do ya think???
  5. I am from Mississippi and evidently the hunters in this neck of the woods don't dove hunt like they did down south. It was a family tradition to hunt doves on opening day, maybe a few time afterwards. I like most hunting, but enjoy doves the most. You don't have to be quiet, you usually don't have to freeze your _utt off. And the very best part is if you wrap a piece of delicious bacon around the little dove breast and place it on your grille for a few minutes, you will have some mighty fine eating!!
  6. Yea, I clicked on it in hopes of finding a new recipe. I'm sorry but that's funny right there. BTW there are a bunch here on Dale Hollow, watched 1 back in the spring, but couldn't get a decent pic with my phone. I saw a show years back, it said look for the ball. Look in the tree's near rivers and lakes and look for the white baseball sized head of an adult. First one I spotted here on Dale, we were tooling around on the toon and sure enough I spotted the ball and it had a yearling chick with it which didn't have the white head.
  7. That ain't gonna happen Garufa. Ups and Fedex like all the money they make shipping guns and all the hazmat fee's they collect on powder and primers. I have been thinking of contacting the CEO with Dollar General and tell him that the market is ready to go for them to sell ammo and maybe guns too. They would need bigger buildings and a full-time employee at the gun counter. That would serve Wally World for getting out of the business. Plus having the headquarters in Goodlettsville would be even better.
  8. I used to be a fairly avid Nascar fan, back when Bill Elliot and Dale Sr. were bumping and running for the checkered flag. Back before every dadgummed thing was political like Garufa said. Most folks would need a 2nd job to buy tickets to a race, it has evolved into a white collar sport from it's infancy as a blue collar sport. Kind of like restrictor plates, it is like being on I-40 with all the cars on cruise control, about like watching paint dry. If I lived within 1 mile of Bristol or Talladega I wouldn't go to a race with free tickets. Same goes for the NFL, NBA, MLB, sort of comforting they all have 3 letters huh?? I would rather go see a dirt track race, or 12 year old baseball players any day. Nascar can shut the doors, on most track they could build a nice fishing hole with a little bit of imagination and some structure added.
  9. Yea Doug, our pastor told us last night of lots of teachers teaching the kids what went on that day. We had a special prayer meeting just for the families of all the victims in planes, fire fighters, police, EMT, port authority, those in the towers etc. And it is true that more people have died since 9-11-01 because of all the toxic dust they breathed. There could be close to 100,000 before it is said and done. My son and daughter-in-law were married 9-11-99 and said many times wished it had been on another day. If it had been left to me the pictures of those planes going into the towers and that cloud of dust would be played on every network at 6a.m., 6 p.m. and midnight so that nobody would ever forget. This isn't like Hillary's "what difference does it make" statement. It does matter. Did anyone hear that the New York Times posted that 9-11 was due to planes flying into the towers. Never mentioned that a bunch of terrorist's were at the wheel. Unbelievable!! But at this point and time, nothing surprises me anymore. And speaking of Hillary, when is she going to jail???????
  10. My pastor is 68 and doesn't wear glasses. I asked him if he wore contacts or had Lasik surgery and he said nope. To the OP, I barely remember 45. It happened so long ago. LOL
  11. Do each of you remember where you were and what you were thinking when you heard about the first plane that struck the twin towers? Let us all pray that something like this never happens again on U.S. soil.
  12. I need to apologize to Chattanooga, I hurriedly read this and somehow pictured Memphis in my mind. Please accept my apology.
  13. However what did the leaders do first? Gun control. You control the guns and ammo, you control the people. An axe, shovel, hoe don't stand much of a chance against a Luger or Mauser. People also went along with it because if they didn't they might find themselves in a concentration camp or dead, or both.
  14. Sounds like a bunch of guilty people to me. I don't care who looks at my profile, I got nuttin to hide. Sounds like recently retired Dave has way too much time on his hands to check on his profile page. LOL

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