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  1. Sorry to hear this Stan and the rest that have similar stories. I'm 71 and grew up in a culture that everyone drank and smoked. And then one day after even doctors said smoking was good for you. Look at some of the old cigarette ads. The cars all had cigarette lighters and ash trays. And yes it really is hard to tell a kid not to do drugs as you sit there with a beer or mixed drink in your hands. I used to be a drunk, the difference in a drunk and an alcoholic is alcoholics go to meetings. I haven't drank in about 20 years or smoked in 25-30 years. Both of these substances are hard to break. Not everyone can be a social drinker. Alcohol has it's place as a cough medicine but that is about all I can see it is good for.
  2. Is this a guessing contest and the winner gets what???
  3. Okay folks I will tell you how my brain works at times. I started to put this in the snow topic but decided it needed it's own place. On the way to feed the chickens this morning while clad in warm clothes, boots and headgear, I thought about those brave, cold soldiers who were crossing the Delaware river in the face of a Nor' ester storm that were tired, ill equiped, but dedicated to fight for this new country. They were on a mission to cross that river then march 10 miles south to Trenton, New Jersey to fight about 1,400 Hessian troops. The Brit's were rich enough to hire contractors back then. Anyway these American soldiers with poor clothes, maybe no shoes or boots but with rags covering their feet, marched to kick some Hessians!!. I did a little quick research and learned that they carried 18 cannons, some 3 pounders, 4 pounders and 6 pounders along with horses to pull them and enough ammo to get the job done. Those 6 pound cannons weighed about 1,750 lbs. And that my friends is why I love this country that we can enjoy all the freedoms we have and can trace these freedoms all the way back to the beginning of this fledgling nation. Is this country perfect, no way, but I wouldn't live in any other country on this planet. And if this country fails, there is no other place to escape to that is even close to this. A special thank you to all of you that have served or are currently serving this country. I have the privilege to attend church with a WWII veteran and 2 Korean veterans.
  4. Dirtshooter


    Greg, your neighbors would probably talk about you if you fired that lawn mower up this morning.
  5. Check The Garrett Boys out guys. They haven't hit it big yet, but I think they are very talented. If you click on this link go to 1:10 mark as there are other entertainers. The bearded guy is one of my church members son and the boy on right that plays mandolin is his son. We saw them live at the Oak & Iron venue in Livingston.
  6. Nice tool. But what's the fun in finding out real quick what size and thread. It is much more time wasting in going back and forth for half an hour or more. Greg I am like you, if I had one I would never find it when I needed it.
  7. The wife has had it twice, went to Dr. yesterday and they said upper respiratory issue. Got 2 shots and 3 prescriptions. Lots of people at church out with flu, strep, covid, you name it.
  8. Dirtshooter


    Just saw this, happened yesterday morning 5:00 a.m. Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska population 1,113 and a guy broke in and stabbed the Catholic priest to death. This needs to be a wake up call to everyone of us. These incidents don't always happen in big towns or cities. Also reading up on this incident, in August a 71 year old woman was murdered in this small town. There is are two interstate highways within 10 miles I-29 and I-680. So just because you live in a small town, how close is the nearest interstate highway or large city.
  9. Dirtshooter


    I have seen that video, and the only thing I see they did wrong was to let this guy enter into the auditorium. If you have a trench coat on anytime of the year, you will be talked to prior to going inside with our people. Everyone needs to look at that video and see just how quickly a bad person with a gun can kill people and in the same video see how a good guy with a gun can stop the innocent from being killed. Ya'll keep your heads on a swivel and you tool handy. We law abiding gun owners are always on the defense, we don't have the luxury of knowing who, when or where, but have to be ready for here and now.
  10. Dirtshooter


    First Pop Pop let me thank you for your service to this country. One of my brother-in-laws was on his 2nd tour in Nam during the Tet offensive. I have been the chairman of our safety team at church for 3 years and have just turned it over to a younger retired THP. We have about 30 camera's inside and out, we lock the doors about 10 after the services start, they have panic bars and people can always exit safely. Someone mans the camera's and 1 more team member armed in the foyer. If somebody wants in we have to allow them in unless they shoot the doors out, at that time it is going to get real ugly really fast. There are generally 175 people in attendance and at least 15-20 people with cc firearms, at least 2 women carry. I pray regularly that we never have to use a tool to defend our congregation, but we will if forced to. This isn't the world we grew up in guys and gals. Drug addicts will shoot you for the pocket change you have. I think Bersaguy told the story where a neighbor was attacked while cutting his grass, that is why you always keep your tool on your person and your head on a swivel. Sometimes it is just convenient to rob and or shoot the old guy cutting his grass, maybe get his keys and steal his truck while we're at it. Stay safe, pray always!!
  11. Sorry to hear all of this GT, I don't get on here much anymore. Cancer is much more survivable than 25 years ago. Prayers will be lifted for Sarah and your family. Have a good friend at church that is 65 and she went thru this 2 years ago and today you would never know she had anything wrong. God is the Great Physician and can heal anything. Thanks for the update.
  12. A tall oak tree and some rope would be a good start to straightening out our political mess!!
  13. I didn't see this yesterday or I would have commented. Thanks to OP for your post. I know you didn't just join, but welcome to the site anyways. And resurrection Sunday is the brightest day of the year, no doubt. Jesus is King, Savior, Waymaker and to think that we as sinful mortal men can become a brother to Jesus and be rewarded as his kinfolk. Only if we believe that He is the Son of God, born of a virgin, died on that cross at Calvary and arose from that grave 3 days later. This isn't in the Bible, just my take on things. When each person dies, God will be interested in 1 question more than any other. What did you do with my son Jesus? You either accepted Him as Lord and Master, or you rejected Him. It is just that plain to me. I always try to tell people that you have to decide on this side of eternity, where you plan on spending all of eternity, because once you cross over that line, there will be no 2nd chances to change your mind.
  14. We as gun owners find it very hard to believe things like this. Somebody either had their gun stolen or somehow the kids got the gun. Very sad for all concerned. Prayer lifted up.


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