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  1. Thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family, for keeping this great nation Free. We know it did not come without a price. We Salute you!!
  2. Well Greg that makes 2 of us. Sort of like cell phones, if it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't have one. Where we live it doesn't work much of the time. Yea I have heard of other you kids killing big deer and elk, kind of beginners luck I guess.
  3. No they are going to appreciate the fact that you have nice tools that you took good care of. Plus I would wager that they won't hate you, that is unless they hate you now. If they do, make a will and give the good tools to a deserving person.
  4. Well as usual for me, I was running a little late and my gate lock was frozen. Had to go back inside to get a cigarette lighter to thaw the lock. Drove to my neighbors house and got there at exactly 5:42 a.m. which was the legal hour to shoot this morning. I got all my stuff and headed out, I had to cross an open field about 40 acres, and when I got where I could see there is a deer standing broadside, the .45 cal Encore at 129 yards and down went the deer. I thought at first I had seen antlers, and he had some about 8 1/2" long, a nice young about 140 lb. He is now resting peacefully in an Igloo ice chest in the barn. This is now the shortest deer hunt, may have taken 8 minutes. Previously shortest hunt was also muzzleloading season back in Mississippi and it took about 30 minutes from time I got out of truck until I pulled the trigger. I got into my ladder stand very quietly and you know all the stuff you carry while muzzleloading and got it all situated and it was just getting light where you could see and about 17 yards from the stand this doe is just standing there. These hunts do not resemble a lot of my hunts where I don't see any deer . More than 1 time I have sit from before daylight until dark and not seen anything. If no critters at all are moving, get up and go home!!
  5. Hi all, how many of you are going muzzle loading hunting tomorrow? I actually have about quit hunting, tell my friends I don't hate them as much as I once did. I didn't actually hate them btw. Went scouting on Monday and found some fresh rubs and fresh doe scat, so I figure that is a good place to park my butt in the a.m. Good luck and be safe for all that are going to the woods.
  6. You could have fun by adding them to a buddy's range bag and let him try to figure out why in the H3ll they wouldn't fire.
  7. Hey Greg, while doing a little deer scouting yesterday I found a whole bunch of shag bark hickory nuts and picked up a couple of handfuls. When I got home and put them in the vice every last one was rotten, I guess that is the reason the tree rats hadn't picked them up.
  8. Look I will be the first to admit I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer. I do not and will not do FB. Why doesn't some enterprising computer savvy person design a conservative, gun friendly version that is based in the U.S. with red,white and blue values??
  9. Yeah, kinda mixed emotions. It is free, but not worth driving back to get another for free?? I used to make a living wrenching also Grayfox and I like Mac and Snap-on but like you said, Craftsman was cheaper and warranted. I also like Blackhawk tools, I worked at a couple of Auto parts stores in early 70's and they are pretty good. I just found out that Blackhawk were made by New Britain whom also made Craftsman and some other brands. I look at guns as tools, buy a good one and it will outlast your great grandkids.
  10. Doug I think you should feed Darby when she is hungry, or can she actually read a clock? LOL!!
  11. When I typed the title I figured somebody would think I was speaking of "the time change" back to standard time. My Craftsman brand 1/4" ratchet literally fell apart a few weeks ago, and I was thinking are they still covered by the warranty? As the Sears store in Cookeville closed, I happened to find out Lowes covers the warranty. I went in today with my OLD broken ratchet and got a brand spanking new one that retailed for $29.98. Not a big deal, however I receive a $49.99 tool set from my parents in 1968 for Christmas, it contained a 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ratchets with sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and end wrenches. Plus over the years that ratchet that broke had been rebuilt or replaced at least 2 or 3 times. I think the tool set has been a great investment. Times have certainly changed.
  12. blah, blah, blah. Lead is a naturally occurring element. As stated above, most birds that die of lead poisoning were shot. Carbon monoxide is also naturally occurring and if you get into a room or cave that has 100% carbon monoxide you will probably die!! Just saying. Are raptors like bald eagles more lead intolerant than buzzards???
  13. You got to figure that is west Tennessee also. Short story from years ago, a friend was deer hunting in the Mississippi Delta and it was bitterly cold. He went out and it was icy so he opted not to get into his ladder stand and instead sat on the ground, he kept seeing something out in front of him and couldn't quite make it out, he finally got up and walked over and it was a big rattlesnake so he killed it. Btw it ain't illegal in Ms. So he is cold and decided to go back to the camp and after a few steps he thinks to himself if there is 1 snake out I better watch my step, he killed 3 or 4 more on the way back to the camp, his father didn't go that morning and he said boy either you missed a bunch or we are going to be skinning deer all day, he reached into his pocket and dropped the rattles on the table. Btw he said ice was spewed out of the ground. Moral to the story, no matter the weather, watch where you walk and sit!!
  14. Went deer scouting yesterday and tree rats must be planning for a hard winter because I found very few nuts, bunches of hulls though.
  15. Hi all, found this link thought you may find it eye opening. To moderators if this is in wrong category please move it. Thanks Mac https://conservativefiringline.com/us-is-not-highest-in-mass-shootings-liberals-take-note/

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