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  1. Great deal guys, what's a couple hours driving to get a nice gun? T
  2. Hence the reason I started reloading 30+ years ago, I always said a #2 iron was a better weapon than a gun without a live round to fire. The only commercial ammo I have purchased in 10 years or so is .22lr.
  3. Congrats, we will have 50 on March 27 next year. I am still trying to figure out why she said yes??
  4. I bought one at auction around 1963 at age 11 for around $15. Wish I could say I still have it. But I do still have Dad's Model 61 that is a tack driver for a production gun.
  5. It must be nice to decide at your job, " I don't want to do that part"!! What use are they if they don't hear the cases?? Absolutely nothing but a liability, costing money and getting nothing in return!!
  6. That my friends is why we all need to train, train, train. It is okay to practice a few head shots, but they are only needed in certain situations where body armor on a bad guy dictates. My CC instructor back in Mississippi who was a deputy at the time said it best, stop the threat. If he was worth 1 round he danged sure is worth 2. In a real life situation it is all over with in less than 20-30 seconds unless there are a lot of bad guys. And that is the reason to carry a spare mag and a spare gun.
  7. We called them knuckle busters too. I was watching a youtube video on boating the other day and saw a center console Coast guard boat and it had a spinner on it. Don't know if I ever saw one on a boat. Did you notice the cash register .05 and dime. Stuff sure was cheaper back then, I recall around '63 I could walk into the Western auto store and get a box of .22 shorts for $0.39. And the kicker was nobody thought that odd at all!!! Those of us that grew up in the 50's and 60's have a lot to be thankful for!!
  8. Googled it up, yes the American Pokeweed does grow there. Most of the U.S. has it.
  9. Sounds like my poor brother-in-law. 1st time they came in with their brand new camper, his wife directed him right into a telephone pole. To say he wasn't a happy camper was a huge understatement.
  10. 52, shoot I can barely remember 52, but it was better than almost 68. I am still trying to figure out how my daughter got to be 49 this February. Forrest Gump had it right, life is like a box of chocolates that somebody has already eaten the good ones!!
  11. Kudos Dad, hope you find the right ride that your son and you can make memories in. Do a burnout for me just 'cause you can. LOL Have fun, but be safe!
  12. I assume that most of those WWII vets want to forget the horror that they endured. They never heard of PTSD. I have never been around many of these vets that talk about their time in. Even Vietnam vets rarely talk. I am blessed to go to church with 1 WWII vet who is one of our former pastors he is 94, plus we have 2 Korean vets that attend our church 1 of which is one of our deacons.
  13. Yea it never changes Greg, same view day in and day out!! LOL
  14. Thanks David, you beat me to it this morning. Yes the whole free world owes a huge debt of gratitude and respect for this brave group of men & women. A few years back our secretary's dad was a tank driver on Omaha beach June 7, 1944 and he could never watch a war movie. He said as a 17 or 18 year old he could never put it out of his mind the fact that they were driving over dead American corpses that they didn't or couldn't move out of the way. My wife's Uncle will be 95 in October and served in the Navy in the Pacific. I was wondering if all those that fought for our freedom's are cringing at what has happened to our nation this past week. Thanks to all the vets that have served and are now serving! May God bless you all!!
  15. And that according to the BATF is a firearm, not a shotgun. No I don't even try to understand them.

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