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  1. You're in Franklin. Come to Brentwood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and train with champions. Seaboard Lane, right across from Costco. 
  2. The producer of the segment and the crew were cool as shit. The producer is actually a veteran of the Israeli army. The audio guy was a local guy from Nashville, good dood.  The on air talent guy was a douche. 
  3.   You did and no worries, man. 
  4. A friend of mine recently gave me a MAK90 Sporter in mint condition. Many thanks to him. I did not like the thumbhole stock, so I decided to renovate. MAK90 with Tapco G2 trigger, Ultimak furniture and SOE sling: The trigger was pretty simple. Out with the old and in with the new, simple drop in. The stock and hand guard was trickier. The top hand guard went right in, no worries. The bottom hand guard required significant grinding and filing to fit but is now rock solid. The stock also required grinding and filing and is in solid, too. However, we had trouble with the Chines
  5. When the state sends the suspension letter, they include a handy form for use in appealing. The form directs you to the general sessions court of your county. There is a mechanism for an administrative review "in house" but it appears even the TDOS doesn't want to be bothered with that. The statute on revocation is extremely unhelpful as far as procedure (for example, the burden of proof is not clearly articulated, nor is which party bears it). As with many parts of the handgun carry and weapons statutes, it appears that amendments and revisions over time have created a Byzantine mess.
  6. Curious thing about Georgia law: you must carry in a holster.  One wrinkle in Florida: you can't sit in the bar area of the restaurant if you are carrying.
  7. OP:   Here's the last free advice a lawyer with twenty years of criminal law experience who carries a gun every day is going to give you:   Get a permit.
  8. Here's what will happen:   If you are caught, you might be arrested or you might be cited into court. If you are arrested, you will probably want to bond out, which will either tie up your money or cost you 10% of the face amount of the bond for a bondsman to post it. Then you'll go to court, at least once. The weapon will be forfeited. Guarantee that, so I'd recommend that you not test my prediction with an expensive gun.   If you are lucky, you will face only expungeable probation, but that depends if you have a record already. If you can't get the expungeable probation, you'll
  9. I'd leave the lawyering to the lawyers. Meanwhile, if you want to carry, get a permit. 
  10. That depends. Are you over 25? If not, differentiating between the "baseball fan" and "thug" might be hard. If so, you are violating Colin Cowherd's "jersey rule" and that, as they say, is "a whole 'nother problem."
  11. I have trained a number of times at Tactical Response, including one class I took with my teenage son. I will train there again.


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