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  1. On 4/12/2024 at 4:48 PM, krunchnik said:

    I reload all my ammo that I can-

    The trick is to find enough casings to start out-

    I already load for .300BO  and 30-30 so I have quite a lot of .308 bullets-

    OK, I have to ask the dumb question. Have you used the FTX in 300BO loads? FTX is what I run in my 30-30. The 300 likes heavier bullets and sub-sonic loads but it's fun with lighter bullets.

  2. 22 minutes ago, NoBanStan said:

    When i was 16, a guy offered to sell my father a 1969 roadrunner for $3,000 for me to drive. My dad said "that's too much car for him" (He drove a GTX as a youngster). So instead, he forced me into a "safe car" a 1990 buick regal 2 door.

    I loved my father dearly, but I never forgave him for that. It's a wonder I ever met a woman.

    It looked like this

    I wound up with this

    That's funny! yeah, Dad traded me the 73 Polara, it had a 400 CID. I tried to trade fro a 68 Super Bee with a 440 4 speed and he nixed it. Said the 440 was too much. Hell the Polara would probably outrun the Bee!

    I had a 96 Regal 4 door. That pea green that it seemed most of them were. It was a very sweet car as long as I didn't look at the outside. Mama and I bought an 18 Regal TourX new, probably keep it till we die.

    But DMAN! a 69 RR for 3 grand was a bargain even in the 90s

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  3. 11 hours ago, BigK said:

    I had the 2nd ugliest car in my whole HS. It was a light green 1971 Dodge Coronet that had been wrecked by the PO. It had a white passenger front door, a dark green right fender, and some genius had tried to peel off the white vinyl top, but got lazy and never finished. It only had 1st and 2nd gear (3rd and reverse were both out). I paid $175 for that car and drove the wheels off of it. My friends called it the booger-mobile and I loved that car. It was surprisingly fast with that 318 V8 in it.

    Similar here, but mine was a 73 Polara retired interceptor. What it lacked in looks it made up for on the road. But MAN it rode rough. Traded it off for something with A/C. 
    Guys I ran with all made fun until they saw it run. 🙂 May have been a match for my 98 Trans Am. The T/A rides better though.

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  4. 53 minutes ago, Spots said:

    Yup. My absolute favorite car movie ever. The orginal, not that 1997 abomination remake. My dad had 1970 Chevelle, red with black stripes, 396 big block with a big cam and heads, backed up by a 4 speed. That would also be a bucket list car. 

    I agree the remake sucked. Loved the original but The California Kid may be my favorite. Not that I root for the bad guy but the Sheriff's car was bad cool and the coupe is an icon.

    My cousin had a 68 Marina blue 396 auto Chevelle SS. One of the prettiest Chevys ever. 

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  5. Just as reference, there are a couple of beautiful unfired collector's pieces that came up on our classifieds today. I felt they were quite reasonably priced. I am not ashamed to say they are out of my price range but if I bought them (which I would) It would be unrealistic to expect I wouldn't shoot at least one of them.

    @monkeylizard There is always the option of carrying two, one for each hand or a New York reload.

  6. 9 minutes ago, JohnSutton1980 said:

    The power to do this was given to FJB when congress passed the “safer communities act”. Which had support from several GOP members. They apparently didn’t read the bill is what I’m sure they will claim come election time.  So no pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here. It was a law that was passed in congress. I don’t agree at all with it but it basically expanded the definition of “making a living or for profit” in the gun dealers definition. The GOP fell for the trick and now virtually every gun sale with be considered sold by the new definition “gun dealer”. Which means you must have a BG check, pay sales tax, etc. just like buying one from a gun shop. Supposed to go in effect in a month from tomorrow. Unless the GOA, FPC, or others get an injunction. This is why no one trust any government official. Both the lefties and the GOP. All are FN rotten and they don’t take their OATH’S very serious and are easily manipulated. Welcome to the last years of democracy. Although I personally believe true founders democracy died long ago. I don’t think we will sell anything on here when this goes into effect. The owners of this forum won’t risk jail so we have a site the buy, sale, trade, discuss, learn, socialize, etc. 

    just another example of what happens to gun owners when we "compromise"

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  7. 6 minutes ago, 10-Ring said:

    I haven't dove deep into this (yet anyway) but from what I have seen so far it seems to me that this won't change much of anything. 

    "Attorney General Merrick Garland said: "If you sell guns predominantly to earn a profit, you must be licensed."

    From what I previously know of the ATF regs on this issue, the ATF has the ability to decide if someone is selling firearms for profit and there is no magic number of sales that must be made for them to declare that the individual is selling for profit. 

    Technically, a guy who finds a smoking deal can't legally (per ATF)  buy a gun with the intention to resell and earn a profit. That would be a violation. However, I wholeheartedly believe that while buying a single gun with the intent of turning a profit may violate ATF policy, a guy selling 50 guns out of a collection does not. But that's just my perception. 

    As always, anything the ATF does, I don't support, and I wish they would go the way of yesterday's lunch. 


    problem being burden of proof. And cost of defense. Also of note should be Fed control over intrastate commerce.

  8. 3 hours ago, deerslayer said:

    Mine would be something like this.  I like Toyotas, but I’ve always been a Ford guy, too.  I also like this guy’s attitude and would probably do pretty much the same thing if I had the cheddar. 


    I had a 66 notch (not a coupe don't get me started LOL) in dark green almost the same as highland green. One of the cars I wish I'd kept. Just a plain 289 auto but it was fun. The first gen Ponies were fairly bulletproof and very light.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Spots said:

    1970 Alpine White Challenger 440 6 pack with a 4 speed pistol grip will be my dream car until I die. This is my daily right now, around 450 at the wheels and she will hook up and go. 


    Vanishing Point. Too bad they didn't keep track of those like they did the Bullit Mustangs.

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  10. ca0817-299880_1@2x.jpg?1502929858000thought I'd kick this out. 

    I read the funny stuff every day. A few members had commented on a Muscle car pic posted. 
    I was 7 years old when Hot Wheels came out, I had some of the originals until my second divorce. I grew up with muscle cars, hot rods and choppers. (and long hair, bell bottoms, and all the other stuff) I am a machine nut. I love mechanical stuff for whatever reason. I have seen all of these cars new, ridden in a lot, and even drove a few. I remember all of the styles we have gone through. Read Hot Rod and Car Craft religously in my younger days. Looking back at some of the stuff makes me cringe but it was whatever was in style at the time. One post I read today was about keeping these old rides original specifically tire/wheel combos. And if that is what you like great! I was a hot rodder, nothing stayed factory original if I owned it and 99% of the old cars were modified. On the specific of tire/wheel combos, remember, a LOT of the muscle cars were ordered with the cheapest OE stuff because they were getting aftermarket "mags" on the day after delivery. There's a segment now that is rebuilding these as "day two" street cars with air shocks and tires sticking out 4 inces from the quarter panels. I remember this and don't like it. We have the skills and tech to keep the ride height down and narrow the rear so that it all fits. And this actually WORKS better so if you are going to modify, why not do it the way it SHOULD have been originally? That's just my opinion of course. Anyway, I could never buy an original survivor or restored muscle car because I'd modify it and drive the hell out of it. That's what they were built for. Same reasoning for my not buying unfired collectable firearms that I would love to own, I'd shoot it. So after all the rambling, what is your favorite muscle car and why? Would you restore original or modify it? 


    Yes, the 1970 Coronet R/T is the top of my list without question or Challenger. 70 Challenger is in the top 5 as is 70 Cyclone. And all MUST have a big block.

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  11. 14 hours ago, hipower said:

    As a poor, diehard muscle car lover of all makes and models...I must say that it would be hard to find a sleeker, sexier car than the GTO of 66/67!  Ragtop or hardtop...gorgeous vehicles!!

    And this is a great example of this beautiful machine!

    An "I was there" moment. This is the most angry, formidable looking muscle car ever. If you've never had this roll up behind you on a two lane you can't understand. Had a customer when I delivered newspapers as a kid who had a Plum Crazy with white top, stripes, interior, 440 4 speed Coronet R/T and been in lust ever since. Same year Super Bee is near tie for second place on my wish list.


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  12. On 3/19/2024 at 8:20 PM, eRay said:

    His buying in pairs is OCD. I have it as well. I bought 2 new Ruger Mini 14;s, 2 new Ruger Mini 30;s, 2 new CZ Redhead Premier O/U shotguns, 2 new Stoeger Coach Guns, 2 new Rock River AR's, 2 new PSA AR;s and 2 new PSA AK-47;s. Who would have ever guessed I would have something in common with Links. 

    Most firearm trainers will say to have two of your primary arms in case you are ever involved in a shooting. They will confiscate your firearm until the investigation is complete and you are cleared. Having a duplicate means you don't have to learn a new primary. Sadly, I haven't the focus to get two of the same, I want something different most often.

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  13. 7 hours ago, RED333 said:

    We treat with carrots, apples, celery. They never know what they’re getting most of the time they will eat it. We do have one older dog, though that will not eat the good treats, he wants the bad treats. You know the ones, leftover chicken pieces, leftovers, steak.

    Our big girl loves fruits and veggies. Timmy will take a carrot and drop it. Most times he'll eat apple, he prefers them peeled. Matilda has swiped tomato off of the counter.

  14. I go there, our insurance pays for it all. Lucky in that respect I suppose. I was falling asleep everywhere, watching TV, working, sitting at stoplights, even in slow moving traffic on the interstate. I still have issues but nobody on I24 has to worry now. Yeah it is a pain but you get used to it, I can't fall asleep without it at night. Wife says she doesn't sleep as well when the machine isn't on. With all of my other health issues, yes, it is definitely worth it. I had my study done in their facility, very clean, nice room with a nice bed. They do a lot to make it not look like a medical facility. 

    Wife says I still snore but the doc says it's probably my mask leaking because I don't stop breathing and I do have leaks at times.

  15. 1 hour ago, gregintenn said:

    We had an 18 wheeler hit the bridge abutment of SR171 going over I-40 in Mt Juliet and severely damage it. I don’t know if you can imagine closing My Juliet road, but it was a disaster.

    I tell you this to say that no one haggled over who paid to repair it. The state picked up the tab, and later went after the trucking company, insurance company, and whoever to recoup the money. Priority one was to reopen the bridge to traffic. That may not make sense to you, but it does to me.

    Quite a valid point. FIx it and sue the at fault. Should be a slam dunk with the history of that ship. My thinking is the fed dollars will never be returned, prices will increase due to using other ports, the shippers and ports will make a profitt and any money recouped from the ship owners will be diverted to the companies who take a "loss" over the whole mess. In essence, we will pay twice to rebuild.

    Also, I'm totally untrusting of anything coming out of Joe's mouth.

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  16. 23 minutes ago, Chucktshoes said:

    For the record here, the Francis Scott Key bridge is a part of the federal interstate highway system (I-695). It is also a primary conduit of truck traffic through the area and the designated route for hazmat cargo through Baltimore. this will have a significant impact on commerce and logistics, both by land and sea for quite a while until the bridge has been rebuilt.

    I stand corrected,,,partially. (open mouth, remove foot) I know it will impact shipping and commerce, still not my tax dollar responsibility. Increased costs by the affected goods would cover it just like during the pandemic when everyone was getting fed dollars.

    Still the ship owner's responsibility though Maritime laws differ from US or International law.

  17. Jaw dropping. I remember when the old Jefferson St bridge in Nashville was demolished. It was a big thing, televised event. We all watched in anticipation until the charges blew. and waited,,,and waited. Nothing happened to that unsafe for use bridge. So they did it again the next day and, nothing happened. Took demo experts three attempts to bring down an "unsafe" bridge. One freighter took down Key bridge in seconds.

    Second, why does the clown in chief think it's MY tax dollars that are needed to rebuild? Baltimore, the state of Maryland, and the shipping company's insurance companies need to take care of this bridge I've never crossed or even seen in a state hundreds of miles from me and not on a federal interstate highway. Don't tell me the repercussions of this port being closed, NOT MY PROBLEM.

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