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  1. 17 hours ago, NoBanStan said:

    Some theories about the shutter speed required to capture a bullet in flight as well. Like, why is professional photographer using a high speed setting for a guy standing still at a podium?

    With all due respect for @GlockSpock doing the math and lending his photography experience, I would speculate what we saw was not a bullet but ear tissue and blood spatter. The calculations he did make that most likely. I wouldn't think an ear would slow a bullet much. On the other hand, DJT was moving and there is no blur so it may have been high shutter speed. I know you use higher speeds for action shots.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Links2k said:


    Seems every one of the leaders for security forces is making excuses and deflecting blame. If this report is correct, the entire scenario is unacceptable. I'd have several people's a$$e$ hung out to dry. Charges of criminal negligence seem to be in order but DOJ are the only ones able to do it and we know where that will go.

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  3. 46 minutes ago, btq96r said:

    For sure.  An unarmored target where over penetration isn't a concern (sorry, one last weight joke), a .223/5.56 round is just fine.


    In a comfy position, maybe a rest of bipod, distance to target known exact to set your aiming point, and someone who knows a lot about shooting and does it multiple times a week could put a first shot is exactly where you want to put it.  Yeah, you get that chip shot.

    But this wasn't Chris Kyle, it was a 20yr old weirdo who had never shot something that wasn't a paper target, and had who knows what level of adrenaline flowing as he pulled the trigger for his first shot of the day.

    In my younger days in fatigues a head shot even on a moving target at about 120 meters without a rest was simple. That's from ground level on pop up impact dropping target with a very limited time to make a hit. I could hit a target twice before it dropped back down. That's with a mil spec M16. Most if not all ARs are tighter. It wasn't the rifle's fault, it was all on the shooter. Granted, I had prior experience but most in my platoon did not. And I'm nowhere close to sniper material. No, we didn't know the target sequence, they popped up when and where they popped up, out to head and shoulder targets at 300 meters. the head is much smaller target at 300m than 120m.

    edit: the only unknown is if the rifle was properly zeroed.

    edit two: still on the shooter as is not shooting center mass. I still say he was trying to prove he could shoot.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Links2k said:

    What kind of jobs are some of you working where a company owner, division director, supervisor, HR manager or others can afford to put their necks on the line, and their family’s well being on the line for the sake of simply making a diversity hire? It can’t be a serious company. 

    I work for a worldwide fortune 500 company that is pushing DEI. I believe it's why our CEO just retired.

  5. 6 hours ago, Links2k said:

    In our capitalist society, I refuse to believe the majority of real decision makers are leaving money on the table to make a diversity hire. That’s just one more things politicians push out there, because it’s an effective strategy of angering their base. 

    Read some of Mark Cuban’s comments about diversity. His comments are a mixture of everything being talked about today. In the end, the best qualified applicants get the jobs. 

    Business leaders CEO/COO/President etc answer to the board of directors who answer to the stock holders. Again, image is often more important than performance. Look at TSC, their customer base is what swayed they leadership to drop DEI. Some leaders are seeing the backlash and loss and are throwing it out but not all will. Many are swayed by the vocal rabel rousers.

  6. 7 hours ago, GlockSpock said:

    In my opinion, it can further be explained like this. Imagine you have a small company that generally is made up of "good old boys" from the same small city. Perhaps you are hiring a position and have two candidates, each of them roughly equal to the other. One of them is from the same small city as everyone else but one of them grew up and worked in Spain for a number of years.

    Theoretically, hiring the Spain applicant could be beneficial to the team as a whole because they'll bring life experience, lines of thinking, and other things such as these that the homeboy cannot bring.

    Now, it goes wrong if the Spain applicant is grossly under-qualified but you hire them anyways simply because they are a Spain applicant and thus you get to meet metrics on a spreadsheet. Organic vs. forced.

    I have to disagree on this one. In your scenario the hometown boy would probably be better for your small company. The Spaniard would be an outcast and their opinion completely overlooked making them useless dead weight.

    DEI is discrimination at it's core. Especially for someone like myself. If I voiced my opinions where I work I'd be unemployed very soon. Not racist, not sexist, not anything evil or discriminatory. But consider this, STRAIGHT CHRISTIAN persons do not get to announce their preferences or beliefs do they? Why does it have to be an issue that someone is confused as to what gender they are? I do not care, I do not have any need or desire to know. All I need to know is that you are qualified and capable of doing the task assigned to you. Personal life and preferences need to remain just that, they have no purpose in the workplace. On top of that, I believe in our founder's words about it being a man's duty to be at all times armed. Try posting that on your desk. I think the military angle mentioned is right on the money. completely integrated and promotions based on time and performance. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, NoBanStan said:

    How in the heck are we supposed to get up there??

    If only someone would invent:
    •    A scissor lift, crane or a cherry picker
    •    One of those stands they use for the announcers at golf tournaments
    •    A DRONE!!!
    •    long stick with a camera

    physical standards for LEO.
    no offense intended as I wouldn't pass

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  8. 1 hour ago, Garufa said:

    There is no way she said that….right? 

    Those snipers right behind the bleachers didn’t seem to have any problem on a roof with a much steeper pitch than the one the shooter was on.

    she did, just saw it on the news again

  9. 23 hours ago, 45guy said:

    No but I was using my AR pistol. Almost hate to admit it but its true. I had been after that bugger for a month. I think I was to excited that I thought I had him.  No reason in the world to miss that shot. sigh.

    As a grown up I tend to be very hard to offend. I like your cousins story better. My ego is still bruised for missing that shot.  

    I had a huge one at a place my ex and I had. Could never get a shot at him. The dogs caught and killed it. 🙂 

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  10. 7 minutes ago, TGO David said:

    I suspect their customer bases are 10% true fanboys and 90% people who just like stirring up liberals.

    Businesses who sell #### for the sole sake of antagonizing people you don't like always make big money. 

    I knew there was Trump merch, didn't realize there were retail stores. DJT came from business where self promotion was common. this just goes with image over substance I referred to before. He knows that there is no such thing as bad publicity. the mor oyu get your name out the more votes you are liable to get. Why not sell that and make more capitol to produce more publicity. It's marketing genius used by everyone inbusiness.

  11. 16 minutes ago, 45guy said:

    I missed a ground hog from 30 yards. It could have been many different things. Still do not know how i missed that little guy. 

    My cousin tells that story better. No offense intended. He carried a 1911 around the farm, his yearling bull saw him jump around the corner of the barn, pull said 1911 and shoot in his general direction. They found the bull 4 fences away, he jumped them all. 

    If it makes you feel better, he missed and groundhog is a smaller quicker target. Also, bet you weren't prone from elevated position.

  12. 1 minute ago, BigK said:

    I think the politicians and main stream media are equally to blame for this predicament. They foment the vitriol as if pitting us against one another is the only way they can achieve their goals. We should be even more afraid of why they don't want unity than we are of the lack of it.

    EDIT: Even though I'm well aware of this fact, I fall for it all the time.

    I have to agree, division benefits both parties though I believe one more than the other. I also believe on side promotes it more.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Links2k said:

    All of the things you mentioned would outstanding, if Trump can achieve them. While he’s at it, I’d like him to push unity among Americans. Because Americans disagree on who should lead the nation, doesn’t mean we need to hate one another. There are billions of people outside of our borders already doing that.

     Deity may or may not be a stretch. I formed that opinion based upon reading many thousands of comments during live streams. 

    Maybe some think DJT is appointed but no true Christian would elevate him to deity. Going down that road would make the shooter akin to Judas who was used for God's plan. I can't see Trump as the anti-christ either.

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  14. I do wish to add that I truly believe that God is capable and willing to heal our land. I have not lost my faith in God, I have lost my faith in mankind. When I say he doesn't care about nations or leaders, I mean outside of his children. If God's people got down in earnest and repented of their (our) complacency and begged for his forgiveness and help, our problems would be solved. My mind says those qualifications will not be met. For my grandchildren's sake I pray I am wrong.

    As far as the what ifs and whys I'm reminded of something I read years back regarding the subject. If abortion had been legal at the time and place, Adolph Hitler would not have been born, same for Albert Schweitzer. We don't know what course this world will take. I will understand it all when I get home.
    Just a chance, if you notice I'm not a benefactor at the moment. Membership came due at the same time as some very large Vet bills. We lost our Boy Timmy to arthritis and a pinched nerve in his lower spine. He lived a good life and was a great dog, why did he have to die and why did he lose the use of his hindquarters on the day of his vet appointment. Priorities change. One could speculate as to what God's will is at every turn but Jesus said do not tempt God. 

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  15. y'all are goin to fast for me LOL. so here;

    with USSS counter snipers around I wouldn't fire without notification, the report I heard was he fell. (probably back peddling as seen in Uvalde) Complacency and lack of skill/training were factors.

    Saul/Paul was not a leader of nation but a leader within the Church, Didn't get into the others

    9 minutes ago, NoBanStan said:

    Faith his taught me that knowledge of God's work is positional. When it's time for you to do His bidding, you'll know. Others around you may not however, because it's not theirs to know. That's your personal relationship with Him at work.


  16. 26 minutes ago, Rambo84 said:

    I have just read through the last 60+ posts and interestingly enough Divine Intervention has been the only answer the original question. I would pose a question to those questioning Divine Intervention: If not Divine Intervention, then what was it?

    poor marksmanship. At under 300 yards it was a layup for anyone with any knowledge of how to shoot a rifle. 300 meters is a doable headshot. If your target is moving, center of mass, aim small miss small. Snipers are trained at much longer ranges, this was battlefield close.

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  17. 35 minutes ago, Chucktshoes said:

     I’m comfortable in saying and fully believe that all things work according to His will for the furtherance of His ends. I just am of the mind that we should be very cautious of laying that divine imprint on any specific instance.

    A pastor who has a YT channel I enjoy, Mike Winger, he said something once, and I don't remember exactly how he worded it, but the basic premise was: People love to chalk all sorts of things up to divine intervention.  "God made the light turn green for me at that intersection", etc.  When is it actually?  The first thing to do is take what we know about who God is and what he wants to see happen.  If you can't draw a direct line between the divine hand you thought you saw at work and the God you know from Scripture, than calm down.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that if we believe that God is at work at all times in all ways, in a sense, all is divine providence. What makes this moment deserving of special recognition and elevation? Is it God showing us action in an extraordinary way for His desires, or is it us ascribing extraordinary action to something because it aligns with our desires? I can’t answer that so I am simply advising caution when making statements regarding divine action.

    This excellent posts touches on what makes me uncomfortable about a lot of the divine action language that comes out surrounding Pres. Trump. It often walks very close, and sometimes crosses the point of elevating him in a manner that no man merits. 

    My response to David covers the response to you, I just quoted you because I didn’t want to appear to be ignoring your response to me. 

    Once again, I seek not to be dismissive or unduly critical, and offer these words with love and humility. If I seem extra cautious on this subject, it’s because I am. 


    25 minutes ago, Omega said:

    I've never really been a religious man, but this sidebar has me baffled.  Many of you who believe God can create the entire universe, can't make a bullet miss because he has a different plan for the target?  Really seems you think so little of him to be so dismissive of the idea that he could have simply had a plan and would not let anyone sidetrack it at that moment.  Yes, it could all be a coincidence, and I lean toward just a rushed shot from a shooter with bad marksmanship skills, but like I said, I am not a religious man.

    Would never consider I was being dismissed. There are a few people on here that I find offensive, Chuck is not one of them even when we disagree. Thanks

    I will revert to the preacher in me now
    I do not believe God cares in the slightest who leads what country nor if any of our nations even exist. When the Hebrews asked for a king, what did God tell Samuel? they have not rejected you they have rejected me (God) God did not appoint a king but told Samuel to harken unto the people. God is not interested in what a person aspires to or achieves. He does not mold every day of the world. He set it in motion and placed us here with free will as stewards of his creation. His will is that His word will stand throughout time regardless of man not because of mankind. I believe that each of us has a job to do but if we refuse God will send another IF it pleases him. Otherwise it will be set upon us as failure at judgement whether the task is done or not.
    That said, I do believe this nation will continue to decline as long as we refuse to acknowledge the true and living God. I also believe that decline is inevitable. We can delay it but it will come to all nations.

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  18. 18 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:

    Oddly enough, other than MSM saying it was an AR-15, both sides have been uncommonly quiet about gun control. Usually after any shooting MSM goes right to gun control. Curious indeed? 

    one report compared the AR15 to an M4. Another stated the rifle was nothing special. I have heard comments about the young man living in a "gun culture". JB's handlers know better than to push his "assault rifle" ban in a time like this as even MSM has said LEO can't be everywhere always and you can't stop a lone wolf. The underlying tone is there but left unspoken. probably intentionally to keep GOP from bringing up the dems who said DJT would be the end of democracy and needed to be dealt with sic.

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  19. 40 minutes ago, btq96r said:

    Some folks might see me making comments on this as knocking on Trump, it's not.  I admittedly think he's nowhere near someone I want to be President, but that's not relevant to any of what happened here.  He's a politician, image matters as you say.

    Two things came to mind when I saw the images of him with the blood smears. 

    1)  He has a political advantage from it.  Even if it's going to make Democrats less aggressive in how they go after him and his policies, that's something.  I think it'll bring his supporters out even more than anything else, which is the opposite of how Biden is losing enthusiasm in his base.

    2)  The response he had was very human and indicative of his character.  He has always been a defiant type, and with the adrenaline flooding his system, he wanted to stand up and be seen as such.  Part of that is maybe it's hard to get a 6'3" guy who I assume can't bend over that well to keep his head down, but he very clearly saw the moment, even if it was a spontaneous reflex.

    he has a big mouth and needs to leave the social media to a specialist. In other words, he and I would not be friends even if I like what he says. I would also not knock him for the things we disagree on. He would also not be my first GOP choice.

    This attempt on his life can only help his campaign as JB has always appeared weak. Remember, appearance over substance.

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  20. 4 minutes ago, NoBanStan said:

    This. Trumps knee jerk to Vegas was to ban bump stocks. The republican party has recently ditched 2A as part of their proposed platform and now their lead candidate nearly took one of the dome.

    It ain't looking good for us peaceful folk who happen to have firearms.

    Unless dems get control of both legislative bodies the current SCOTUS has turned that tide. 

  21. 7 minutes ago, btq96r said:

    He'll know how to turn the assassination attempt to his advantage.  Was already starting when he realized the shooter missed by the images we saw.  He's very attuned to image presentation.  The timing of it with the convention is something I think he'll make use of as well.

    Sadly, we live in a time when people regard image above qualifications. Therefore, even the best of people must be highly conscious of their image. I'd be pretty pumped too had I just missed death by a fraction.

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