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  1. Great American show in Dyersburg
  2. I agree totally with the assessment of what the factory engineers are up against. The 1911 however, is a special beast. The original intent was a combat pistol that every soldier could be easily taught to use. It was not meant to be a target pistol. Combat accuracy is not the same as what a target shooter would want. The military also needed something that had standardized replacement parts. Any good civilian AR will shoot tighter groups than a mil spec M16. The one constant I have heard and read over the last 40 odd years is the tighter the 1911 the less reliable it becomes when speaking of the original design. Unreliable is not acceptable for a combat/defense handgun while 5 inch groups at 30 yards is. It's a matter of what do you need it to do. I don't own a 1911 at this point not because I don't like or want them, just don't own one now. I have a Para 14.45 which is a fine piece. I also own a Firestar in .45 which I feel is an improvement over the officer's model 1911. after all of that, I also look at modified guns like modded cars, I'm not paying extra because I don't know what is in there. It could have top quality parts installed properly or crap thrown in wrong. I trust my own judgement and "gut" when buying. If I make modifications, they are for my own taste and wouldn't expect you to pay above retail for used parts. My tastes are not yours but if the asthetic mods agree with you then why not? I polished a stainless 357 several years ago because I liked it, an aquaintance saw it and had to trade me out of it. yes, I made a bit on that deal. Maybe "Bubba" actually knows what he is doing. I am not a gunsmith but I do know how to polish a feed ramp or sear correctly. Do you trust that? Maybe you should but if you don't I fully understand, we don't know each other and my trust for you is in the same range. for TLDR - buyer beware as there are no absolutes.
  3. it's on video, you wouldn't believe me if I described it.
  4. let's make guns look like toys, that'll be great
  5. well it wasn't Dumb and Dumber stupid but I had a blast watching it. (pun intended)
  6. I have the materials laying around as well as a pattern and dummy G43. Cheap is relative. PM me if you would like one made from plain to fancy. Pancake style with possibility of paddle in all leather.
  7. a. I don't fight b. I don't miss c. My "1911" is a Para 14.45 d. Why would I drop a perfectly good hammer and use a fist? LMAO
  8. so which of these should you feel sorry for?
  9. why do I have to choose only one?
  10. I thought that was "qualification day"
  11. I'd have to say everyone within a two block radius would be dialing 911
  12. nice looking. that took some work to make it fit well.
  13. Those currently in office greatly benefit from pitting one group against another. Furthers their agenda. Don't fear your fellow citizens until they give you direct reason. I consider every day a struggle to survive and thank God I have.
  14. FYI; Comas Montgomery is actioning a large lot with reloading equipment and supplies. Pick up is in Murfreesboro and auction ends in 7 days.
  15. broke both wrists doing this. walked my bike home from the park (about 6 blocks). had a bath before going to the ER. the guys said it was a beautiful swan dive.


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