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  1. man,,,from the year I was born. and SO nice! I almost traded for an FM detective (compact) model. just couldn't quite get the deal closed. sad, it's worth more now and I wasn't trading a firearm so I would have come out ahead.
  2. beautiful. this should have a warning label: "LOOKING WILL MAKE YOU START CONIVING"
  3. and I do own a few smoothbores. lol
  4. mine too. but as a civilian, I now have firearms. so far, none have been used as weapons thank God.
  5. check this guy out. gonna gouge you wit current GB price but not giving you GB price on trades. ARMSLIST - For Sale: BCM Bravo Company Uppers 300 blackout 9” MCMR and 11.5” 5.56 MCMR brand new in box
  6. I gave up on WSMV when they started firing the older reporters. Demetria was still there so not many noticed.
  7. wish I'd know someone with a tag a few years back when one tried to empty my coy pond. moved since so no more pond,
  8. I can understand your stance and support you having that choice. That is why I raised the question although sarcastically. We need this type of discussion to stay ahead of the curve.
  9. Agreed no NORMAL person wants to shoot anyone but I don't want to go as far as any SANE person and give the idiots an out. Not trying to be funny, we have ambulance chasers that will do it. I also agree that at the very least we need basic gun safety in schools. I have told my non gun owning friends they should teach or have their children taught this from an early age. you cannot control what the household where your children's friends live so they will encounter a firearm at some point. Better it be from you or a good trainer. I learned my middle son could climb to the top of my cl
  10. Now we get into the heart of keep and bear arms. What would you consider infringement? According to federal case law from the Jim Crow era, you cannot attach a fee or test to any God given Constitutionally guaranteed right. So what is a TICS fee and CCW class and test? Be patient. I believe any person who can legally walk our streets should be able to walk into any store selling firearms and purchase arms, ammo, and holster and walk out strapped. Do we have people that shouldn't walk our streets? Yes of course we do but that is another subject. Remember I said legally walk our streets. Conside
  11. Just a random devil's advocate thought. If Tennessee passes the "constitutional carry" bill into law and US congress passes national reciprocity will we be able to carry nationwide without a permit?? I'm all atwitter.
  12. I wish you luck. From what my Uncle and Brother in law have said, you should be able to pay two Nashville house payments for Bay Area rent.
  13. papa61

    Wrong forum

    two at once has been my high score. I'd really like to get to that one a month recommendation but just can't find it in the budget.
  14. papa61

    Wrong forum

    It's a sickness. Just go with the fever. congrats!
  15. if women wore perfume to attract men they would only need three, gasoline, gun oil,,,and vanilla. sorry ladies, not being sexist, just stating fact. In blind tests men preferred vanilla extract over any perfume made. vanilla musk, the wally world stuff, is my kryptonite.
  16. While I agree with making new shooters welcome I see exactly why Fenix stands where they do. Think about this for a minute, not ALL new gun owners or established gun owners are your friend. Take a lesson from Rosie Odonell,,,you know, the anti gun nut who sued because her child's security guard was denied a CCW in NYC.
  17. found an AMT backup .45 I want so price dropped until I pull it down.
  18. you can have EVERY flake I have,,,no charge since it's you.
  19. If I had a choice it would be a gas split unit. Seems like gas heat is not as dry.
  20. I understand looking at this as an investment but I'd rather double the money and get a nice vintage Python that has proven to be an earner. But I don't buy firearms or cars for investment, I buy them to use and enjoy. Not knocking those who buy and never shoot. It's your choice and if it makes you happy then by all means enjoy. for my money an 8 round 4 inch Taurus fits the bill better. (my arthritic hand disagrees with the extra two rounds between reloads but hell, I got plenty advil)
  21. it's y'alls fault. Just talking about it and temp started dropping in the house about 9 pm. ran emergency heat untill around 8 this morning
  22. I'm not turning on emergency heat until the temp in the house starts dropping. as long as your unit is maintaining set temp let it be.
  23. welcome to TGO. Hope your relocation goes well. As you can see we even tolerate the dayum yankees.
  24. Not been out of the house, street out front has been ice all day here and just getting more. limbs falling off trees so rather keep the cars from damage. Northern Murfreesboro. Company closed the office for tomorrow already not that it matters to me since I'm still working from the house but our office is in Antioch.
  25. At least the last statement makes sense. We have to act to maintain our rights, they are all under attack. We should not be surprised the Jomalla would campaign on caskets. He has been a two faced liar during the last election, he was a two faced liar in the 1988 election campaign. It's proven he cheated and plagerized his way to the bottom group of college. She has made her way up the ladder on her knees.


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