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  1. I thought that was "qualification day"
  2. I'd have to say everyone within a two block radius would be dialing 911
  3. nice looking. that took some work to make it fit well.
  4. Those currently in office greatly benefit from pitting one group against another. Furthers their agenda. Don't fear your fellow citizens until they give you direct reason. I consider every day a struggle to survive and thank God I have.
  5. FYI; Comas Montgomery is actioning a large lot with reloading equipment and supplies. Pick up is in Murfreesboro and auction ends in 7 days.
  6. broke both wrists doing this. walked my bike home from the park (about 6 blocks). had a bath before going to the ER. the guys said it was a beautiful swan dive.
  7. I don't either, that is a beautiful rifle.
  8. I rotate most all of my handguns into carry so I take at least three every range trip. I bought my first 9mm last year and it has become my go to being smaller and lighter than my .45s, usually with my .32 as backup. Like scatman, I have big shorts and tighter jeans so I am moving to OWB holsters and can hide my 4in 8 round .357 in the pocket of most of my shorts.
  9. if I ever did anything remotely close to this it would have been on 4 wheels with a four stroke.
  10. Only two things keeping me from picking these up,,,distance and if I bring home oNE MORE project my wife will leave me. All things mechanical can be fixed, just a matter of cost. Check out keepemrunning for obsolete parts.
  11. you mean the one that's killed more than any other round in North America?
  12. hard to feel sorry for the idiot
  13. reality is no one wants to hear the solution and I won't go into my version. The fact is we have lost sight of what is important and are seeing the truth in the love of money being the root of all evil.
  14. Thank You! It's from my own pattern. And it fought me.
  15. I have started making my own. Will post some for sale later. I just finished a flat back/pancake for my Taurus 608. For now, check ETSY for your Tracker field holster. (mirror image. noy left handed)
  16. they are,,,hence the tracking and spying. I've been aware of this stuff longer than it has been in common use. used to try to maintain a low profile. now it's only possible if you live in the cave we talked of when discussing boycotts. eyes and ears are everywhere, literally.
  17. it does not http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server1900/pim8wt0m/products/370/images/724/cautH032-dangerofinfection__51122.1364785673.1280.1280.png?c=2
  18. Nothing about our southern border is truly funny, But one has to find humor somewhere among all the mess. I consider the lawsuits frivolous. Maybe thr US should sue the Federales for not securing the south side of the border. Maybe if firearms weren't so hard to obtain legally in Mexico it wouldn't be so corrupt.
  19. Now we know where the ammo is! CBP finds 16,000 rounds of ammo hidden in truck (msn.com)
  20. This might help you. Tennessee Gun Shows • 2022 list of TN gun shows (gunshowtrader.com)


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