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  1. If deal with DO-TN falls through for any reason let me know. Interested in the 556 as well
  2. 7.62x39 AR15 would be my suggestion.
  3. @bobsguns I found a link to the event I was thinking about. It is advertised in our forum's Events section (although it seems most people missed it). Nashville Constitutional Carry - Open Carry Fundraiser supporting cancer research, gun rights It is happening Sep 19th in Downtown Nashville at the grounds around the Capitol Building at 2PM
  4. Hi Nella, just checking is this event still on? I saw the Facebook event page seems like it has very few people invited. Perhaps you can share this with some of the ranges in the area to help with promotions (Nashville Armory / Franklin Armory / Royal Range / The Armory / Strategic Edge being some of the bigger ranges I know of around here)
  5. Thinking about it, I'd probably also feel a bit on edge if someone I didn't know came to my house open carrying. Lots of negative norms associated with it, from thief or bad guy to simply being a fool. It's funny that them concealed carrying would make the situation feel better. In both cases they have a gun, but if they concealed carry I just don't know about it. I think any logical person would rather know if the person on their property has a gun. And that's my point about norms. The norm is currently against anyone open carrying because those folks who do are "looking for attention" or foolish or potentially more of a risk (and I don't disagree). The few who do open carry become disproportionately our "representatives" to non gun owners, and this may go on to reinforce a negative stereotype of gun owners of the only open carryers are not really representatives of me and you. I see this as an opportunity to possibly change norms, and there's always a risk to doing that. Even if it might lead to a societal good, which I think open carrying could do (coupled with an attitude and culture of training and safety). For now, it's just something I am turning over in my head.
  6. Of course I understand both the points I have been brought up, one about tactical surprise, and the other about whether or not this makes other people uncomfortable/is it about getting attention or something else. Tactically, I agree it's better to not let others know you have a gun most of the time. So I don't see that as a benefit. But things change if there are enough people open carrying in any given area, because criminals would think twice knowing there are so many armed citizens around. Seeing is believing. On the topic of norms, open carry currently gets eyeballs because it's not the norm. If it were, it wouldn't really be an attention getting move anymore. And that's my point is that if we could make guns normal enough, there's a benefit to that culturally. Because then kids growing up who may not be from gun friendly families can more easily explore guns with fewer barriers (often the biggest barrier is just not knowing anything or anyone with guns to ask basic questions). If we don't actively work to influence norms, the left leaning media, politicians, and celebrities tend to influence it in a negative way. If you are not part of gun culture now (which could range from loving guns to just seeing it as a self defense tool), there is a high mental barrier to overcome to get involved because of all the negatives associated to it. @chances R I don't think wearing a gun open carry is force-feeding anybody else to get or carry a gun. Not unless you were to aggressively go up to people and turn your hip to them. ----- From the responses here, it sounds like very few people have experience open carrying outside of law enforcement. I know I haven't. I remember there was someone on this forum advertising an event where open carry would be encouraged, and I believe that event is supposed to be in Nashville. Has that happened? Did anyone here go?
  7. Haven't seen any open carrying in Nashville yet. Curious if anyone has been open carrying themselves or seeing it happen in their part of the state. Saw this article today and I am considering starting to open carry in order to help normalize gun ownership and seeing guns. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie - The Atlantic (of course, this article's arguments are nonsensical... because the best solution for personal safety is "buy a gun + go get trained on your guns/self-defense in general" but the gun-grabbers and their friends NEVER suggest that as a viable option) There are organized forces dead set on turning gun ownership into something bad, irresponsible, and evil. OC'ing and having conversations with people curious enough to ask may be one way to fight back against that.
  8. Is that Wolf and Tula brass or steel?
  9. I have 300 rounds of PMC Bronze 40 S&W. Interested in trading it round for round for 762x39 or 545x39, or selling it. I also have 500 rounds of 12ga 00 buckshot, low recoil 2 and 3/4" from Nobel Sport, that I'd be interested in trading for 762x39 or 545x39 as well. Located in Nashville.
  10. Thanks all - due to some unforeseen fixes needing to be done around my house, the fun money is being diverted. I'll be back though - a dedicated 22LR is still something I'm looking forward to
  11. Hi All, I am looking for a Glock 19 MOS slide. I can buy it straight up, or trade you a Glock 19 Gen 5 slide (regular slide) + cash if you've decided you don't care for your MOS one and prefer regular ol iron sights. Thanks
  12. It sounds silly... but whatever you train for is easier. I'm guessing some people are putting the fry container standing upright (like you'd do in a bag) and it's falling as the customer picks up the tray
  13. Weather, if it changes, will certainly affect life on earth. But let's not ever discount the DRAMATIC impact humans can have on one another... Alexander the Great taking over a huge swath of the world... Napoleon... Hitler... Mao's Cultural Revolution... Stalin's purges of ethncities... Pol Pot's genocides... Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde... the United States cold war and banana republics... the British Empire... etc. etc. Each of these people or countries dramatically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of people in the areas affected, led to many people dying, changed culture, and certainly had many other effects I'm not thinking about.
  14. I love my AR AK. Good luck with sale. Feels great to dump some ammo down range knowing it's only costing you 30 cents a round instead of $1 a round like earlier this year. Brought both my 5.56 and my 7.62x39 to the range. After shooting 7.62x39 for a bit, if you switch over to 5.56 you notice just how little recoil there is behind that round. Neat experience!
  15. Wow, that judge sounds like a real clown. Deterrence is no longer self-defense... countries must just own nuclear weapons for fun right?


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