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  1. This is relevant for both people who form 1 manufacture cans and people who want to make sure their form 4 cans are sitting on their muzzle device or thread properly and nothing bads about to happrn
  2. Located in Nashville, TN. Was able to purchase some Small pistol magnum primers recently (CCI). Hoping to trade it to someone for regular CCI small pistol primers as I prefer using those. 10K to trade.
  3. Found a cheap source - McMaster Carr. In case anyone needs this in the future, here's a resource on what parts to purchase:
  4. Does anyone happen to have either of these? Would love to borrow them for a second to just make sure everything on my firearm and can are nice and aligned before I go and shoot. Located in Nashville, but if you'd trust me with shipping I'm happy to cover your cost and ship it back to you within a day or two.
  5. Hello, never got into shotgun reloading and want to keep things simple for now. Looking to trade away about 8000 primers, mix of Cheddite and Rio. Located in Nashville
  6. Hey all, Anyone in Nashville have these tools I could borrow for a minute? Wanting to swap out to a new muzzle device on my AR
  7. One downside I've noticed when I use NordVPN on my phone is that my banking apps don't load. Seems they block the some of the IPs used by NordVPN. Thanks steveo50 for those recs. Any reasons for those ones over NordVPN or ExpressVPN (which both market their services very heavily)
  8. Not really. And many of the existing regulations should be reversed. You don't need to tell the government about buying and selling ammo or any accessories. Or how many rounds of ammo you have stored away. You don't need to tell the government you reload ammunition. Or ask them for a license. You don't tell the government you take training classes. Or which range you shoot at. You don't have to apply for a permit to shoot on your own land. Well you don't have to do any of these things... Yet. You can treat this news as no big deal as perhaps you feel it doesn't affect you in any way. I happen to think a government agency that keeps changing its rules is problematic, especially since the 2A is a popular target to erode. But the government does not regulate everything firearm related, and it shouldn't either. Many existing regulations should be reversed.
  9. Yes and who determines intention here? If someone mailed you a 6" tube and then told the ATF you were illegally manufacturing suppressors, and then the ATF visits you and finds out you're on an online forum where people talk about guns and sometimes NFA items, are they going to smack you down with illegally owning a suppressor? What's the point you want to make? That it's no big deal or...?
  10. Saw this yesterday. Many people are having their Form 1 suppressors being denied. They're using the very circular language of the NFA to basically deny anyone who intends to build a suppressor legally by saying that "any part that you intend to use to build a suppressor is by definition already a suppressor." ATF has started to clarify with people reaching out about these rejections with the following (basically MASSIVELY moving the goalposts and deciding they're going to get into our business even more): ATF responding to Quietbore (popular Form 1 Kit provider) on the new requirements they've decided they're going to impose (with no new changes in the law by the way... just a whim of the unelected administrators) Quietbore asking "Is form 1 being done away with" (I'm paraphrasing) Quietbore responds to the ATF: ATF responds back to Quietbore - confirming they are going to massively restrict Form 1 legal building of suppressors at home: This new restriction on "no solvent trap or kits" is just BS and part of the slow march towards everything firearm related being regulated by the government. This is a new direction the ATF is trying to take to impede on more rights (related: while they also continue to build out their gun registry *with nearly 1billion records on firearm transactions* by absorbing all the forms FFLs who are closing up shop/going out of business have to send over to them and creating a digital database. Contact our Senators and Representatives to fight back against this crap!
  11. I'd guess they're fishing but curious to see what folks report back who know cops or are cops. When people speeding see a cop car by the side of the road, they generally slow down for a bit. Could be that's the goal too
  12. CA doesn't recognize the enhanced carry permit we have in TN, so you wouldn't be able to carry there. As for keeping it in the car, seems like you're able to do that fine as long as the gun is unloaded and either locked in a case if in car portion OR locked in the trunk. References: Is It Legal To Keep A Gun In My Car In California? | Quinnan Law Moving to California with firearms - Calguns Foundation Wiki


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