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  1. Coming to terms that Ill never be a reloader, so I have two pails of once-fired brass, one 9mm and one 5.56. There may be some Rem UMC 223 brass in the bucket of 5.56 as well, I cant really remember off top of my head. No idea on number of casings in either bucket. Chattanooga area meetup only please. $10 buys you this brass, I only want my money back on the buckets .
  2. FREE: concrete Madonna Garden Statue. 36" tall. Its old, dirty and some of the paint needs touching up. However, no chips or cracks. If you want it, all ya gotta do is haul it away. Warning: its heavier than it looks. Just PM me to set a time to pick it up.
  3. Free. Come get it in Columbia.
  4. I have three bulk materials bags just taking up space that I want gone. Free to anyone who wants them before they go in the garbage. Two measure 43x43x56 (pictured below) One is smaller at 35x35x38 Pickup curbside in Bellevue.
  5. I have several calibers of brass I will give to anyone in the Memphis area that is interest. FTF Memphis area only please. Thanks for looking. 1. .38 SPL - Gone 2. .44 Magnum - Gone 3. .45-70 - Gone 4. .357 Magnum - Gone 5. .224 Valkyrie 6. .40 Caliber 7. .30-30
  6. I have 21 rounds of .250 savage ammo that I have no use for. Not sure where I acquired this, maybe it was my grandfathers, not really sure. It is free to whoever wants it. I go from maryville area to Roane county for work, so meet up in that area somewhere. There is some corrosion on some of the cases, but I’m sure it’s all still usable ammo. Looks like mixed Winchester and Remington.
  7. Cleaning out some stuff and I no longer need this. Free but must be picked up in Cool Springs Mall area / Brentwood.
  8. Good morning and happy holidays! I've had a box of stuff I never use sitting in the closet for ~10 years and just simply don't need it. Some of it is junk but some good stuff here (says a guy about his box of junk). As far as the holsters, from top left is: 2 1911 polymer holsters(don't know brand, screws rusting on one slightly, other one is like new), Wilson Combat leather 1911, Galco 1911 leather. Bottom row: El Cheapo Glock 19, and both a De Santis and CQC holster that will fit a J-Frame or SP101, etc. In the box is a laser target set (probably needs batteries but barely used), some rando revolver grips (SP101?), a picatinny 10/22 mount with scope ring (M-223XR, whatever that is), and the lesser of two M1 bayonets I have (1950s vintage, smells funny, just like some of us...kidding!!!!). In the spirit of the holidays, I could sell this piecemeal but frankly I'd rather go to Lost Pizza in Collierville and have a beer this afternoon instead of worrying about all that. So, free to a better home than I have been! Stipulations - must be able to meet at Lost Pizza in Collierville this afternoon around 1:30, where I will be having a beer as stated. First to reply in the comments that can do this - it's yours! (No DMs please, so everyone knows I'm not hooking up my highschool buddies.) All the best! William
  9. The first I’ll take it , if anyone can use any of this stuff. I really don’t want to ship anything, but?? Mini 14 recoil spring ? Pistol grip for a Mossberg 500? Holster and grips that came with a Ruger SP101 38 spl. 3” bbl. French revolver I’ll probably find more stuff I don’t need, or if your looking for something ask. Meet in McMinnville,Manchester, Murfreesboro
  10. We got new windows that are so much thicker that the blinds no longer fit most of our windows. I'm just trying to keep these out of a landfill. There are actually pretty nice blinds in my opinion. Happy to meet in West Knoxville. Sizes are: (Length x Width) 35x35" 59x23" 59x23" 59x35" 35x23" 59x43" Keep in mind those are the window sizes so the blinds may extend slightly longer to cover a taller window. I have all the mounting brackets too.
  11. A mounting plate I believe a holoson pattern for Arex delta pistol. I was going through transferring all my stuff to my big garage and almost threw it out pulled it back out of the trash to see if anybody wanted it it’s brand new never mounted I can ship it if you give me a few days and you pay shipping.
  12. I've had these two dies in my reloading room for over 40 years without ever really knowing what the heck they are. I finally looked it up on the internet, and apparently they're for forming brass for 401 Herter's Powermag, a caliber I'd never heard of until looking up these dies. I think the two dies are identical, as they are both marked "30-38-401 EXP". Only one of the two has the decapper and expander plug. Now, I could be entirely wrong on what these are, but I guess if you have a 401 Herter's Powermag you'd know better than I. At any rate, they're free to anyone who can use them.
  13. I believe it's once fired. Was supposed to be 9mm but there was a mix up. Guessing at or over 100 rounds.
  14. Found an ammo can of once fired brass. It’s a mix of 9mm, .45ACP, 5.56, and a little 30’06. Free to anyone who can use it. Ammo can not included!
  15. Thanks to generosity of @TripleGGG I am happy to pay this item forward. He gifted me both a wireless and wired unit, I went with the wireless. This one has wire, power unit and flags. I can attest this method of containment is effective - set the collar on full blast and my German Shepherd learned quick. Per @TripleGGG this unit worked when he put it in his garage. Collars are available from Pet Safe, Amazon and most pet supply retailers at no difference in price. Able to meet in Greater Knoxville with trips to Chattanooga, Tri Cities and Middle TN, though not for 60 days or so. Pm or text eight six five nine one nine thirty-nine oh nine
  16. Hey, This has been sitting in the closet. I want it out of the closet. Comes with a stand and remote, provide your own junk screws and bolts you have laying around (I had a cheap $25 Walmart mount and don’t want to dig around the toolbox). I don’t watch that much tv. She falls asleep to it which drives me nuts but that’s neither here nor there. Why this is here, is due to the fact she wanted to upgrade, I used one Amex point through Amazon and with the market for flat screen TVs I got a decent size and quality that fits the bedroom mounted for like $300 bucks. She was happy and considered it a win, and she doesn’t complain when random brown boxes that are heavy as hell get delivered to the door (brass). Compromise. I say free if you give me a good reason. Would be cool if this went to an after school program, some youth activity, you do outreach for low income/relocated/battered mothers, church, whatever. I’m not going to vet you. If you tell me your 10 year old needs to watch YouTube until 3 in the morning in his room… just lie to me. Ideally it’d be a great second monitor if you want for your office. https://www.samsung.com/us/video/tvs/UN40H5203AFXZA-specs If you would toss me a couple boxes of ammo that’d be ideal. Otherwise I’m not going to post on Facebook marketplace as I respect my privacy and time. Going to copy and paste the filler from my other for trade ads. If you have some junk in your safe you want to get rid of and the distance works let’s make a deal. Trade interests: Ammo: .22lr (ideally cci minimags) 9mm range ammo 10mm range ammo (.40 equivalent FPS would work, going through a PCC) .380 range ammo 5.56/.223 of any variety. Mags: 10-22! Standard 10rd or bx-25. Someone must have a couple 10 rounders lying in a junk box from when they loaned the rifle to a grandson or sold and found in the garage after the fact. G19 Sig p938 TX-22 Parts: Lowers VFG Radion Raptor or equal quality CH. I will only bump this twice prior to May 5th otherwise I’ll find my own charity to donate to.
  17. This was a panic buy during the early days of Covid. Thought there was a chance that the ammo shortage would be even more brutal than it was. My shooting partner and I saw the price of .22lr and bought this randomly after he received his dd214 in April after weeks of stopping the spread. Needless to say we never needed it. The CO2 should still be viable. I am offering this free, with stipulations. I have held onto it solely for the idea of teaching my nephew to shoot. Im looking for a well established member who wants to teach the next generation shooting, safety, and generally break the stigma about gun ownership. I have at least 350 sealed bb rounds. All free. If someone were sitting on 9mm HD rounds I would take that as a trade so I can cycle mine. Also if you wanted to contribute .380/12/556. But that is by no means a requirement. The requirement is that you’re an established member who is going to teach the next generation niece/nephew/grandchildren that shooting is no more vilified than hanging out in pool halls, hitting the golf range, or throwing darts. Meetup would be ideally my driveway, otherwise Goodlettsville police station. If this ad doesn’t receive feedback from a well established member I will delete it in 7 days. TNGO has been more than kind to me, want to pay it forward and hoping to make someone a “cool” family member that can and teach the next generation. ‘’Scotty
  18. Paying it forward. Located in Arlington TN. Posting in PIF.
  19. I sold a Glock 26 to a member on here but I couldn't find the factory case last year . I just found the original factory hard case and can't remember who bought it. Sorry to place this ad here but I think it's the best place to find the person who bought my Glock 26 last year. If it was you then just send me a message on here and verify the serial number and I'll get you the case. It's a kinda special case since it was marked "rebuilt" on the label but Glock did it since this was used a display gun at a convention/promotion. Thanks and hopefully the member chimes in soon. I would check my old messages on here but unfortunately I deleted all my old messages .
  20. Craftsman Model 113 10” Cast Iron Table Saw Price: Free to someone who will appreciate it. I am placing this older Craftsman Model 11310” Table Saw that has a cast iron on TGO before attempting to list it anywhere else. I want it to go to a good home and someone who will enjoy it. What better place to look than here. I received this saw from the father of a friend who was moving into a smaller place after his wife died. He had it set up in the small shop he had in his garage. He said it was working when he disassembled it and gave it to me but I have not had it up a running myself. It has been sitting in my climate controlled basement since receiving it. I have realized that I am not going to utilize this saw myself and have decided to try and find someone who would appreciate it. I was considering refurbishing as some have done (see link below) but do not have the time or extra space. The saw Does Not come with any saw blades, but the motor and belt are included. Side wings, manual and other accessories that are pictured are included as well. This is a very heavy saw. Online info says it is about 250 pounds so while it appears that it could be a good contractor saw, its weight makes it one that needs to live in one location. Send me any questions you may have, and I’ll get you an answer as quickly as possible. See Attached Pictures (saw blade pictured not included) I am in Nashville. Located close to the I-65 and I-440 intersection just south of Radnor CSX rail yard. Vintage Craftsman 113 Table Saw Restore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK7uhJV0MI4
  21. Free Larue Rat Stock In Green Ar-15- Gone to a better place Free Mission First Tactical Minimalist IWB P365 -Going to a better Place Free SAFARILAND 6004 77421-122- Fits P226- Must have p226- Gone to a better place Free MOSSBERG 590 QUICK DETACH SLING AND FLASHLIGHT MOUNT-Gone to a better place Free MOSSBERG 590 QUICK DETACH Rear Sling mount-Gone to a better place Free Magpul MAG406-BLK MOE Polymer Rail Section, 5-Solt polymer Free Striker Industries Take down Pins Black Ar15 Free P226 magazine little beat up but works-Gone to a better place Free Striker Industries Take down Pins Black Ar15 Free Lance L5AWM Magazine smoked 30 Round Ar15 Free Lance L5AWM Magazine smoked 30 Round Ar15 Free Lance L5AWM Magazine smoked 30 Round AR15 Rules for the give away. 1. Cant afford them or really want them for a project or a gun you have now! 2. Must be close or in Mt Juliet I'm not shipping them or driving outside the city. 3. Don't be greedy this is for people that really need it. 4. Leave me a review.. 5. All parts are new or in new condition unless listed. Once again completely free I know things are tuff this year. This is my way of giving back don't make this a bad experience.
  22. Peejman won the March pair who will win in April? Post "in" and your size, drawing at the end of the month. https://www.mactools.com/products/31d2c8a5-f311-4b21-b424-a78600e684b0
  23. I have the following reloading equipment, brass and bullets that would make a good setup for someone beginning reloading. - Lee Classic Turret Press -Dies for. 38, .357, .40, .45 ACP, .44 Special and .45 Colt. -RCBS Scale - Franklin Arsenal Rotary Tumbler -Brass for .38, .357, .44 Special and .45 Colt. Not sure of the count of each. -Bayou Bullets- all lead coated - in .38 (100) 158 gr. SWC, .44 Special (150) 240 gr. SWC, .45 ACP (200) 230 gr. RN, .40 (450) 175 gr. SWC and .40 (500) 180 gr. TCG. All counts in parentheses are approximate. I will not break this up as I am moving to Knoxville and need to move this quickly. I am located just south of Franklin. Please PM me for the pick up location. Thanks


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