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  1. Good Day to ALL - ! Mr. Moderator, if I'm posting this in the wrong spot, please move as necessary. I’ve been doing a bit of research regarding liability insurance for concealed carry. One organization that seems quite prominent for both training and liability insurance is US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). Does anyone have experience with these folks? I’m interested in your experiences, experiences based on Firsthand Knowledge (not someone else's opinion based on 2nd or 3rd person thought or hearsay). If you don’t like them, what options, if any did you go to? Thanks in advance. WYT-P Skyhunter
  2. A long time ago, Doug Wesson killed darn near every four legged game animal in the Continental USA with a .357 mag. shooting 158 gr. SWC bullets. I don't think any animal you're liable to come across has gotten any tougher than it was in the mid-1930's. For woods walking/hiking in the S.E. USA, I am very comfortable with the same recipe. I have a 4" barreled Colt Trooper that's logged many miles either on my hip or in a shoulder holster stoked with 158 gr. SWC's. If you reload or have access to some ammo with 180 gr. SWC's, and they increase your confidence factor, they will work well, provided your revolver likes them and you can shoot them accurately. WYT-P Skyhunter
  3. After 43 years of chasing drilling rigs around the world, the Chinese virus and the 4th major industry downturn finally kicked me out'a the saddle! Western Tennessee / Fayette County has been home for the past 15 years, so I'm planning on staying here. Me 'n the wife have kids, grandkids, and great grands scattered from Central Florida to NW Arkansas - so we're "centrally located" for visits! LOL! I'm a long-time hunter, occasional fisherman, reloader, bullet caster, and general firearms enthusiast and am looking forward to continuing in those lines for some time to come - regardless of the shortages for components. I look forward to swapping info, experiences, and mayhaps a few tales! WYT-P Skyhunter
  4. MemHeli - I was contemplating getting into metallic silhouette shooting and trying to decide what rifle to buy. A long time friend (whose entire family participated in that sport) recommended the CZ 452 American "to start". At the time, spending $450 for the CZ made sense as opposed to $1500 for an Anschutz (ESPECIALLY considering I wanted it to knock down metal animal silhouettes!). So I bought the CZ and never regretted it. My 452 required a bit of tuning on the trigger, but that was all and it's a tack-driver with with bulk Winchester or Federal LR ammo or the high $$ Lapua or Wolf match ammo. I know that CZ has modified the 452 and it has a different model number now, but CZ's products have been Top-Notch in my experience. WYT-P Skyhunter
  5. My best friend has the repro Winchester Mod 52 made by Miroku in Japan. Whenever he pits his rifle against my CZ 452 American, sometimes he wins, sometimes I win - but the match usually ends in a very close draw. His Mod 52 is a bit more finicky about ammo than my CZ. Either way, they're both fine rifles. WYT-P Skyhunter


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