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  1. Here's my Swede short rifle with a Burris 2x7 scout scope. That setup does take some "getting used to", but now I can at least See the Target and my number of hits have definitely increased! Getting older certainly ain't for sissies, but beats the heck out of the alternative! I always enjoyed shooting my Swede, I now enjoy it even more!
  2. My Bride recently asked me what the proper greeting for Memorial Day was. She said that "since you're a Vet, You should know!" I have always rendered the proper greeting for the time of day - i.e. Good Morning or Good Afternoon. Since it is a solemn day for remembrance - IMO - therefore the "Happy" prefix isn't applicable. In the past I have gently reminded those that greeted me with "Happy Memorial Day", that this day is a day of remembrance for those that paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Please honor their memory and sacrifice. To me, that's what it's all about. So, I'll say a prayer of thanks to those that have fallen and raise a glass in their memory. 'nuff said. WYT-P Skyhunter
  3. I think they all need to be dropped into whatever socialist/communist/liberal utopia that holds their beliefs and live there unassisted for at least one year. Then maybe, I say again - Maybe! - they'll understand how truly blessed they are to live in the USA and will be forever grateful. I know - fat chance of any of that happening, especially the epiphany of the Blessing for living in the USA! But it is a pleasing thought - IMO. WYT-P Skyhunter
  4. At this point in time and Hopefully forever - "Not a snowball's chance in summer sun!" WYT-P Skyhunter
  5. I remember buying Federal .22 shorts for $0.22 a box at our local Western Auto store. You could buy .22 LR for $0.27 per box - I bought the shorts 'cause they worked as well as LR on squirrels, frogs, rabbits, etc. as the LR's and I actually got change from $1.00! At the time my weekly allowance was $1.00, so being able to buy 4 boxes for less than a buck and actually get some change was a winner to me! I could usually stretch those 200 rds. to last a full week, but sometimes it was tough to do! WYT-P Skyhunter
  6. I would highly recommend buying a copy of the most recent Accurate reloading manual. I don't know if they've published a 3rd edition, but I've got the first two. In today's world of scarce reloading components, having reliable references for whatever powder you can lay hands on is invaluable. My Bride refers to my manuals as the "Reloading Library" and she's not wrong. I have manuals going back to the 1950's as well as the little "pamphlet style" that the powder manufacturers used to annually give out. AA-2520 is my "go to" powder for .223/5.56 in AR's. AA-4064 & AA-4350 have proven to be applicable for loads in 30-06 and with other bullets in .308. There are a number of other AA powders available, but these three have filled my requirements quite nicely. WYT-P Skyhunter
  7. I haven't used AA2520 in my .308 in quite a while, but it worked well when I did. "Back in the Day", I worked up the following loads (spread from 44.6 to 45.0 grs.) In FL sized RP brass utilizing CCI #200 primers and Hornady 165 gr. SPBT bullets, I recorded the following: 44.6 grs. - 2,669 fps. - 4 rds. into 1.083" at 100 yds. 45.0 grs. - 2,696 fps. - 4 rds. into 1.663" at 100 yds. Velocities are actual taken from an Ohler chronograph. The AA2520 loads were taken from the 1st Accurate Loading Manual. As always, check this info yourself and exercise the appropriate caution. The loads were safe in My Rifle - your results may vary. I hope this info is helpful. WYT-P Skyhunter
  8. That .44 Spl. will make an outstanding "brother" to the .45 ACP. Those are fine looking revolvers. "N" frame Smiths in calibers beginning with "4" - what's not to like? WYT-P Skyhunter
  9. Wish I could offer an experienced opinion, but those O/U's are all out of my price range! I've been very pleased with the Winchester 101 I bought new back in '81 or '82. That O/U has been reliable for sheet, sporting clays, or doves. It is certainly "more classy" than any of my 870 Wingmasters - I didn't break any more birds or drop any more doves, just "looked a little cooler" doing it! LOL! Good luck in your quest! WYT-P Skyhunter
  10. I've enjoyed the company of a CZ 452 American in .22 LR for nigh onto 20 years. I managed to snag a 455 about 10 years ago and it's a dandy. It really likes 40 gr. ammo. My son-in-law has the 457-switch barrel and really enjoys it. WYT-P Skyhunter
  11. Skyhunter

    New range toy

    Very Cool! Be sure to let us know how it shoots! Thanks for posting! WYT-P Skyhunter
  12. I've been enjoying my CZ-527 for the past 10 years, so I'm a bit prejudiced in that direction, but I also have an SKS that works as a reasonable "truck gun". My CZ is just too darn nice to bounce around in my truck! LOL! I've read several favorable accounts regarding the "new & improved" CZ's, but the stocks leave me cold! Sorry, but I'm old and really like (accustomed to?) walnut and blued steel or maybe stainless and a laminate. A good friend of mine bought a used Howa in '39 a couple years ago for his Dad and they have both been very happy with it. If I needed (wanted?) a bolt gun in 7.62/39 in today's market, I'd probably opt for the Ruger American Ranch rifle and if I couldn't warm up to the synthetic stock, I'd replace it. After buying the Ruger, I'd be sure to be saving up for either the CZ or the Howa - just in case you stumble onto one or the other. Good luck in your quest and be sure to let us know what you decide. WYT-P Skyhunter
  13. I've had an interest in the Browning Hi-Power for a long, long time. However, all the of the "real" HP's that I've fired in the past have left me with a bleeding hole in the thumb web of my right hand - so I never purchased one, even when "the price was right." I didn't see the point in owning and/or trying to shoot a handgun that I knew was gonna bite me! Enter the SA-35. I'd read good reviews and even had my name on a couple of waiting lists when the pistol was first released. So it was the ole hurry up and wait - and wait - and wait some more. Well, one finally showed up at my favorite toy store, so I had to go check it out. Overall fit & finish was good, but only one magazine (but that seems to be the current trend). In any case, it appeared that I "should" be able to shoot this one and not spill any blood. Closed the deal and took her home - that was this past Friday. I packed the SA-35 up (along with my Sig 226), four different boxes of ammo, and headed to MSSA for some range time and familiarization with my new bullet launcher. Loaded a magazine with ten (it'll hold 15, but 10 was enough to get started) IMI 115 HP's and proceeded to tear up the X-ring at 7-1/2 tards and no blood was shed! I was impressed and very happy! I fired a total of 50 rounds from four different boxes of ammo (two with 115 gr. bullets and two with 124 gr. bullets) and nary a hitch or hic-cup. I am beyond pleased with Springfield's rendition on John M. Browning's last designed pistol. This pistol, for me, was well worth the wait! Oh, and the Sig 226? She performed in her usual stellar fashion! WYT-P Skyhunter
  14. I have never hunted with my Shiloh Sharps 45-70, just punched paper and did some “rock-busting” on my BIL’s ranch in NW Arkansas. I’m seriously considering hunting with this rifle in this year’s up-coming deer season. This rifle has been dedicated for use with black powder and my cast bullets only. That’s all that I ever fired in this rifle, Holy Black and my cast bullets. The rifle shoots Ok with the Lyman #457193 - plain base bullet (~410-415 grs. with my 20:1 alloy). This is the RNFP 405 gr. (supposed to be) bullet. I can hold 2-3” at 100 yds. with this bullet from a rest. I have taken several hogs and two deer with this bullet fired from my 1895 Marlin, but propelled by smokeless powder. On the other hand, my Sharps rifle really likes the Lyman #457125 – 510 gr. Government Round Nose bullet (the muzzle velocity is 1,175 fps.) propelled by 69 grs. of FFG. Black powder. I have shot numerous 1 MOA or less targets with this bullet (Soule-type sights). The maximum range where I hunt is ~100 yds., maybe 150 yds. so either bullet should be capable of making an effective broadside shot. I’m concerned about the RN bullet configuration of the 510 gr. RN Government bullet. I am concerned about this bullet’s effectiveness on whitetails. I have no doubt that it will kill a whitetail – I just don’t want to set myself up for a long tracking job! Has anyone actually hunted whitetails with THIS bullet and Holy Black – at what velocity – and at what range was the animal shot? How did it preform for you? Would you use it again? Thanks in advance for any helpful insight. WYT-P Skyhunter
  15. One other thing - If you don't have a couple of reloading manuals for metallic cartridges - by all means buy a couple and read them. IMO, this is very important to the safety and enjoyment of the reloading endeavors. I always recommend the Lyman Manual for a 1st manual because they list suggested loads for both cast bullets and jacketed ones. Also, there's good illustrations and explanations for what you'll be doing. Hornady, Speer, and Sierra also market good reference manuals. WYT-P Skyhunter


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