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  1. I make them. PM me and I’ll set you up. It’s a lifelong hobby- I’m very reasonable.
  2. I identified a few that I haven’t used much, and that others might appreciate owning. All are in excellent condition with low round counts. I have more pics of each for interested members- I can send them via message. Bill of Sale is required. If that’s a deal breaker, I understand. 1. SOLD Sig Sauer SP2022, 9mm, Sig case,2 17 rd mags-$450 2. Winchester 1200 Turkey gun, American made, 12ga, Advantage camo, sling points, vent rib, Extra Full choke (choke threads are intact)-$375 3. Mossberg Maverick folding stock pistol grip 12ga- brand new, never shot, in original box.-$300 4. SOLD Stoeger double barrel Coach Gun, 12 ga, double trigger -10 rounds total fired.-$450 w/o side saddle, $500 with.
  3. I’ve been around the block with my wife on this, and she is currently using what she started with: a Ruger SR22. She also has a Ruger lcp II in 380, and a S&W snub 38 spl. She always goes back to the SR22 at the range and she is more accurate with that one. It’s easy to rack and easy to load. They also come in colors-hers is Teal ( Heaven help me). Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the perspectives- they were all helpful. He’s going with the Anderson AM15. It’s cheap, and I have an Anderson that I built years ago and is every bit as accurate as my Sig 516. If he catches the bug, he can chase whatever ideal rifle he chooses.
  5. Of the less expensive AR brands and models, which would you recommend to a friend who wants to buy their first. I stick to the brands that my former agency trained and carried, but my buddy can’t afford those. I’ve gone down the YouTube rabbit hole and found that every brand and model is either loved or hated by someone.
  6. You say you’re in East Tennessee- not with this on your hip. You’re riding into some black and white town along the frontier, looking for a man that was last seen near here…
  7. 1908 and 1910 Indian $2.5 gold coins. These are both AU-53+. I put together a set of AU Gold Indian Heads years ago and sold the others between a couple of buddies for their collections. I was going to keep them, but decided to see if anyone else might want these last two. I’m reducing the price to $525 each.
  8. Clearance bins, gun shows, and beef jerky? How am I supposed to concentrate on work? At least you didn’t mention fishing - well, I just did. Crap.
  9. That is a beautiful set. I’m glad to able to see pictures of them. Best of luck with the sale- someone will be lucky to buy them.
  10. Heckler & Koch VP9 in like-new condition with two 15 rd factory magazines, one 17 rd ETS polycarbonate magazine, factory case, all grips and back straps with manual and HK sticker. I fired exactly 50 rds when I bought it two years ago, cleaned and lubricated per the manual, and it’s been in the safe ever since. $600 Located in the Knoxville area.
  11. They go to greats lengths to control. It’s ridiculous.
  12. Looking for Sig Sauer SP2022 15 or 17 rd magazines. I bought it over the weekend and it didn’t come with any magazines (pawn shop). If anyone has one or more to sell, I’d be interested. **In case anyone else is looking, DKFirearms online has 17 rd Mec-Gar mags for sp2022 for $31 ea. and shipping was $5.50


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