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  1. My eye Dr ordered me a pair of progressive lens shooting/safety glasses. They weren't exactly cheap but they are fantastic. I have never heard of SSP Eyewear. Will have to check them out.
  2. I have the LASR X system and love it. They send out drill training emails which have really pushed me in developing control and muscle memory. I purchased the SIRT Pro Pistol Glock version with removable magazine. It gives the feel of a fully loaded Glock. I have been amazed with how it has helped when I do live fire. Did some training with @Cool hand Lukeand he talked about how he did dry fire training before matches. I highly recommend it. The money saved on ammo has more than paid for the cost of the system.
  3. Jeeps are fantastic! Great to tow and lots of fun for exploring! Definitely the 6cyl over a 4cyl.
  4. I have a very close friend who is inside that arena and he has said the exact same thing. And when I say inside, he had been over planning security for inaugurations etc in the past and still does boots on the ground for certain events.
  5. I have actually had good service from them. In the last year only once have I had a package get rerouted and take a small scenic tour getting to me. I actually just got a delivery of 2 boxes from Hoosier bullets. I feel very sorry I didn't go out and help my lady mail carrier bring them to my door. Medium flat rate boxes full of bullets weigh a ton!
  6. Prayers going up!
  7. I'm a lifetime member of TFA, GOA, NRA and couple others I can't think of off top of my head. I also donate each year. It's going to take some big dogs in this fight so a bunch of us little dogs need to pony up. Do I agree with everything each organization does, no, but we will not do it alone.


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