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  1. Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro. About all I wear anymore. All my others are now neglected for convenience. Lol
  2. It's like everything, prepping the foundation sucks. Lol.
  3. A complete check of all steering components is prudent. Should have added that to my post.
  4. SPS Sparrow 22, Osprey Hybrid, Omega 30 Mike at Law Enforcement Sales highly recommended them. I've not been disappointed. I got the adapter setup so easy to swap.
  5. I have Silencerco cans as well. Basically 3 cans cover almost all calibers I need. Zero issues so far.
  6. The jeep death wobble. There is a damper shock on the steering that may have gotten weak. That is usually the first place to check. If it has 70k or more it could be other joints, etc. Out of balance wheel, alignment or bump like you experienced can trigger it. Usually starts as a slight shimmy that you don't notice that much and progressively gets worse. I tow my Wrangler behind my motorhome. Motorhome is diesel and I don't even feel the Jeep behind me so I have a camera on it at all times to keep an eye out for the wobble but I've always caught it before it became a big issue on all the Jeeps I've had over the years. I've seen the wobble cause big wrecks behind motorhomes.
  7. Franz Liszt pieces with 4 sharps are some of my favorite chord voicings.
  8. That's funny. I can listen to songs and never listen/hear any of the words.
  9. The mathematics of music is a beautiful thing. I drive my wife nuts sometimes saying listen to that diminished 7th chord, or that minor chord dropped in during the change was epic. How chords are voiced has always intrigued me. I can read music very well but was originally taught to play by ear. I was blessed learning this way but didn't know it until years later. Enjoy the journey.
  10. Just a reminder that any out of state pistol purchases MUST go through an FFL.
  11. The very sad and real reality is we have a lot of time bombs walking around. Add to that the many different groups winding their springs tighter and tighter leaves us to wonder just where or when it all just explodes.


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