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  1. Ha. I still have a car bag phone.
  2. The one you are comfortable with and will carry. I learned the right belt and holster is way more important than the gun for comfort.
  3. TripleGGG

    Bersa Guy

    Good to hear from you Doug. Glad you and Daisy are doing well. We had a cleansing on our last 2 moved. Donated a ton of stuff to KARMS here in Knoxville area. Great feeling to get rid of stuff.
  4. Very very nice. I am looking at another collection at the moment. If these are still available in a week or so I might be interested. GLWS
  5. Glad you got it checked out and the prognosis sounds good without surgery etc. I learned my lesson about pushing on a bum knee.
  6. One of the best things I've ever done. The firearm skills he showed us, and how to practice to get proficient were priceless, but the mindset may have been the biggest WOW of the training. Not only am I more observant but I have multiple plans as I'm moving about. Dry firing and practicing the scenarios is now getting to where it is 2nd nature. I also know if I miss a couple of days of practice (it's happened twice since our training) I notice a difference. So practice is extremely important for firearm and mental skills.
  7. The SIRT training pistol is just like my Glock 17. The weight and feel with the training feels just like my real glock with a full magazine. I have been doing basic practice and it has really made a huge difference. I am beginning to learn just what the capabilities of LASR training can do. The ability to throw targets up on a wall, etc is very nice. The entire setup wasn't cheap but also not that expensive when compared to going to the range at least 3 maybe 4 times a week and shooting a couple hundred rounds a session. Randy had commented he did not live fire a pistol for I think a month (maybe more or less time) before a big match but he dry fired daily and went to the match and shot great. I remember thinking at the time I don't see how that would work. Now I do. I will update as I do more with the program.
  8. I apologize for buying it all up at $179/1000. Lol
  9. Very nice. Wish you were closer. I'd take it in a heartbeat. GLWS
  10. I had the privilege of having Randy Harris @Cruel Hand Luke ,Harris Combative Strategies, and AJ, his assistant, come to my hometown and provide personal training for myself, my wife and three good friends. None of us had ever done any type training like this so we did not know what to expect. From the beginning Randy made everyone feel at ease and told us not to worry about our skill level, etc. He had detailed and organized processes on paper that started us slowly and built throughout the day. I was expecting there to be a lot of shooting. While we did shoot a lot, the psychology and thought processes part of the training for an armed citizen were invaluable. My wife and I both have had many conversations since the training about how we would react to different scenarios. Randy and AJ were very personable and never hesitated to take extra time when one of us needed additional help or to answer all our questions. I was amazed at everything we covered for this one-day class. It is easy to talk about what we did that day, but I think it is even more important as to what has happened after the class was over. One of my friends had never shot that much. She is now interested in shooting more and wants to become more proficient. Her words after Randy had left, “I am not afraid of shooting anymore. I have confidence that I can actually become very proficient with a pistol.” My other two friends are shooting more, and we now have conversations about how we would respond to different scenarios. My wife went from carrying occasionally to carrying every day. She also likes going to the gun range as she feels much more comfortable handling her pistol by herself. She is also beginning to be much more aware of her surroundings. The psychology side of the training was very eye opening for her. As for me, I thought I was observant about my surroundings. Randy just touched on the surface of what we need to be looking for and I am now studying and observing my surroundings at a much higher level. I practice de-escalating different situations but also moving and drawing in case de-escalation fails. Dry firing has become part of my daily routine. WOW, what a difference it has made. I wish I had started dry firing a long time ago. I purchased a SIRT training pistol and the LASR X software and now really see some big changes. How and what I practice is now building my confidence and knowledge daily. I used to carry “most of the time” when it was convenient for what I was wearing. I now have holsters/pistols that work for every type of clothing I wear down to the shorts I wear on my boat. I also learned the importance of a high-quality gun belt. Concealed carrying is now second nature to me and I carry concealed “all the time”, no exceptions. The training with Randy is the best investment of time and money I have ever spent pertaining to firearms. I look forward to attending more of his classes in the future. Greg
  11. Saw his YouTube video update he posted today. Said hoping to open in September. With the virus contractors have had some delays on getting things finished. Looks like I'll be driving to Nashville when it opens.

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