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  1. PSA has drake on sale for $550 right now. Idk if redhead is twice as good
  2. Think the ammo recall and Norma’s willingness to foot the bill for everything says it all honestly. If they could point finger at Springfield I’m sure they would have. Will circle back with any additional info from gunsmiths
  3. Appreciate the community’s support. Springfield gave me a 3-6 week turnaround. Curious to see what they determine the damage to be
  4. @aknifemaker great find, shot TrueShot the details.
  5. PSA would be my “bargain” choice. I built a AR9 using one of their BLEM AR-15 lowers and a BLEM 9mm upper. Hundreds of rounds down rage without issue. $450ish? Ruger556 for mid-tier has been a great performer. HonestOutlaw did a pretty flattering review of one of the other posters suggestion, Bear Creek
  6. Only shot there for a USPCA event. The open space is certainly a pleasant change from the lane system everyone else has to use. Royal is my go to, but I typically do the classes (which is done in the open in front of booths), so not a meaningful difference. def want to try the full 270 experience, let me know how it goes
  7. @Jamie Jackson would consider proactively contacting Norma and swapping that out after hearing im not the first person to have a dangerous failure.
  8. So, no reason to believe there was anything induced by the hellcat. I had just recently broke it down for a cleaning. As for the more technical questions about the gun, I couldn’t say. I had probably only 25 rounds from that bag down range, so low round count. No barrel obstruction, and no visible barrel damage from initial inspection (flashlight / mirror). Haven’t heard back from Norma yet, but have been told unofficially by someone at trueshot that I am not the first customer to have a more serious failure from the JULY lot from norma. unfortunately I don’t save ammo info, all I know it was bought in July and I’ve segregated that bag. Certainly doesn’t make me confident in the 500 rounds of frangible I bought from them few months later.
  9. UPDATE: Got Norma on phone this morning (11/17); they have offerred to replace the remaining ammo (~524) and cover any expenses related to property damage as long as they're receipts provided from a licensed gunsmith. Will be calling Springfield today to see if they recommend a complete replacement, or dropping off at local gunsmith for evaluation. Peace of mind would be "replace it all", stress fractures or other non-visible damage would be a persistent concern for me now. POTENTIALLY AFFECTED SKU/LOT NUMBERS GECO 202200025 – Lot No: SAV22D0052, SAV22D0053, SAV22D0054, SAV22D0055, SAVD0056, SAVD0057, SAVD0058, SAVD0059, SAVD0060 GECO 202200020 – Lot No: SAV22D0085, SAV22D0086 Norma 911550050 – Lot No: SAV22C0024, SAV22C0025 Norma 912450050 – Lot No: SAV22C0037, SAV22C0038, SAV22C0039, SAV22C0040, SAV22C0041 GECO 270840050 – Lot No: SAV22C0030, SAV22C0033 Not sure where to put this, but thought I'd make a quick post for folks to check their 9mm ammo bags due to an incident I had while training Monday night. Ammo: Norma - 9mm - 124 Grain - FMJ - 500 Rounds BULK Seller: July 8, 2023 from https://trueshotammo.com/ Firearm: Springfield Hellcat Pro Lot of factors went in my favor i think; was doing a 1-hand drill so my support hand was not on the firearm when the round exploded. Believe the round blew out the bottom of the casing so most of the force went down through the magazine Metal magazine reinforced the polymer frame I have contacted TrueShot & Norma informing them of the safety risk of the ammo, as well as Springfield on recommendations on what to do with the gun. The gun is inoperable; brass shrapnel and completely locked up (from excess carbon/gunpowder?) Has anyone else had something similar happen? Recommendations or expectations I should have from the companies? My expectation right now is Norma to at a minimum replace the two lots of ammo I have from them, as well as repair/replace my EDC.
  10. Wondering if anyone’s got one lying around? PSA is offering it for +$220 on their slides, so looking to keep it around $200 in Nashville area. Figured I’d see if anyone needs to clear out parts box before ordering from PSA Thanks folks
  11. Figured I’d see if anyone has a complete slide assembly available; SCT frame compatible RMR footprint / cut Fully functional / complete; preferably with XL/suppressor height sights Essentially looking for this; https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-dagger-complete-rmr-slide-assembly-with-suppressor-height-sights-threaded-barrel-holosun-hs507c-x2-reflex-sight-black-dlc.html


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