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  1. I second that.... wow, talk about silly stuff... I now understand why we have such screwed up firearms laws here in TN, those guys have to pass 20 bills a day to make themselves look busy... And the vast majority don't bother doing even the most basic research. IMHO
  2. Looks like sometime between 10am and 1pm tomorrow... According to Senator Jackson.
  3. Jackson is speaking about hb0962 on the floor of the Senate right now...
  4. Technically we have to wait until the Speakers of both the Senate and House have to sign it. It could be the 5th (or maybe later) before to becomes law officially.
  5. In theory if the Senate suspended the rules, they could take it up today. Normally they must wait 24 hours before they can bring it to the floor of the Senate. But yes, if they wanted I believe they could bring it to the floor today. But probably won't.
  6. Override of the veto passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One step closer... now to the Senate tomorrow....
  7. Just how many police officers been shot by HCP holders in the state of TN? I'm not aware of any...
  8. What on earth does this have to do with legal carrying of handguns? He's complaining that criminals violate the law... well duhh they're criminals.. These aren't HCP holders...
  9. Now watch it's still going to be another 4 hours before they get to hb0962
  10. It appears you have to receive some type of compensation under TN law to have to registered as a lobbyist... And must receive "reimbursement" to have to register as a "Volunteer Lobbyist"... According to John, he does not receive any form of compensation or reimbursement from the TFA for the work he does with the legislature. Unless that is untrue it doesn't appear he must register as a lobbyist under TN state law, and why waste the money if you don't have to?
  11. There are no bars as defined under TN state law, all businesses issued a restaurant liquor license must primarily be established to serve food. Including these so called "bars". The problem here is not that we'd be allowed to carry in bars, it's that the state ABC does not enforce the law and revoke the liquor license of "bars" since they are operating illegally under state law. If they're not operating illegally then their not bars. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  12. I'm sorry but the lawsuit/insurance line of thinking is a red herring... Businesses already have insurance that covers these types of lawsuits, and unless there is a rash of HCP carriers shooting people (which we all agree is very unlikely if not impossible) insurance companies won't be able to raise rates over this issue (trust me I see insurance guys coming into our business monthly begging us to switch to their carrier - none of them have an anti-firearm customer clause in them). <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  13. That maybe true, but in a corporate setting they may not be allowed to ask you to leave per company policy. Violate company policy in this economy and it's likely you won't have a job the next day.
  14. Completely agree... I'm involved in the restaurant business and I can tell you right now, for a family owned business what our regular customers want is top on our mind when making changes that would chase customers off.
  15. My guess for what it's worth... Generally speaking, D's don't loose votes when voting for, or allowing a pro-gun bill to pass. But they generally do loose votes passing anti-gun or vetoing pro-gun laws. For this reason my guess is he takes the "safe" route and allows the bill to go through without his signature.
  16. In the TWRA's mind it's to prevent poaching... because being able to charge you foir having a deer out of season doesn't catch enough criminals The current parks bill will if passed will make ti legal to carry in National Forrest as well as State Parks as currently written. WMAs on the other hand will still be off limits (supposedly going to be addressed in future bills). Not sure what that means for Cherokee NF, my guess is it's a NF and by law you will be able to carry there if the parks bill passes.
  17. If you're sitting outside your vehicle while drunk with the keys you can be charged with a DWI as an operator. It would seem that is sound way to look at it.
  18. Hopefully that will get removed from the bill before becoming law.
  19. The story is true, but it was a single Captain who over stepped his authority, and the order was revoked by his chain of command. This is the case of a single officer over stepping his authority, and it was worked out in short order.
  20. Last year most restaurants took a pretty big hit from the no smoking laws. That chased a lot of business away, I seriously doubt you'll see a large number of restaurants legally posting, no reason to chase off more business. The fact is that the anti-smoking law chased off the smokers to smoking only establishments, but didn't really increase the number of non-smoking customers. Frankly, from a business stand point for most true sit down family restaurants, banning guns is a no win situation. Non-HCPs really don't make a choice on where they're going to eat based on if they allow carry or not. But, HCP holders do choose largely where to spend their money based off of where they can and can't carry. It's safe to say that I pick dinner locations based almost purely off of where I can carry legally, and refuse to spend money at places where I can't. As a business person, trying to make a living in hard times, the last thing I'm going to want to do is get myself posted on a website, or in an email to a large number of possible customers saying don't do business with me. You might see some no open carry policies similar to what I've heard mentioned about WalMart just so the sheeple don't get too upset, but I seriously doubt you'll see very many sit down style restaurants make any effort to properly post. For the record, both my family and my wife's family are in the restaurant business, and I work for my wife's family on the management team.


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