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  1. I'll point out we've basically lost a war to illiterate goat herders with nothing more than AK's, mortars, and arty shells to use as IED's. Mind you, they don't speak our language, there aren't millions of them who understand our tactics and weapon systems as well as current active duty service personnel, and they don't have access to the homeland where the basic supply chain is completely unprotected and families live in near complete safety. All those fancy weapon systems require 100's of man hours of maintenance, replacement parts, and a bunch of civilian contractors to keep them running. If you're scared of fighting the military on our soil, trust me the military is 100x more scared of fighting an insurgency here.
  2. If you're an NRA member you need to call and complain that they are caving on the 2nd Amendment and their stance must change. You will refuse to donate anymore money to the NRA until they reverse their stance. Then turn around and donate $20 to the GOA who doesn't compromise on gun rights no matter what. And yes I'm a lifetime member of the NRA, and this is exactly what I did this morning.
  3. Sorry for being late to the party, but that just isn't true. In order to legally disarm a permit holder the officer must have a REASONABLE belief they need to for their safety or the safety of others. Since the belief must be reasonable, it must also be specific to that permit holder. So departments with policies to disarm all HCP's are illegal on their face. Individual officers who disarm permit holders every time are also acting unlawfully. The problem? No DA is going to do anything about it. So officers are allowed to blatantly violate the law with no way to prevent them from doing so.
  4. orse than that, I doubt under oath the officer could articulate a reason fear to disarm her in the first place. He needs to be facing a civil rights lawsuit for the unlawful search, and everything else that spawned from his unlawful actions.
  5. Alan Gura strikes again! A very interesting read: https://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/opinions.nsf/005426559985AEE685258168004F376E/$file/16-7025-1685640.pdf
  6. Notice how she doesn't even bother to lie and claim she was a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Frankly she can do a lot less damage to gun rights as the Governor since overriding a veto is an easy thing to do, but we should work very hard to keep her from being elected.
  7. I'd recommend calling the police... as I indicated in the post you quoted. Have you met some of the soccer moms running around Nashville? I had one flip out and call the cops one day because I was sitting in a park taking timelapses of the sky with a camera. Like full on sitting on a tripod pointed 45+ degrees into the sky. I can only imagine what lies she would have made up if she knew I had a firearm on me in said park
  8. Dave is right if you have to pull your gun on somebody call the police even if they run off. But the fact remains, if somebody with 5 charges of robbery calls the cops to complain you brandished a firearm, and you with no criminal record says, 'sure did he tried to rob me...' The chances you're getting charged are slim to none. Same call from a 45 year old soccer mom, chances are you're taking a ride to the station. Whether you called first or not.
  9. The question is who the police see as the 'victim' in the situation. If some 45 years old soccer mom calls, the chances are higher than if a 25 year old male with a rap sheet as long as your arm calls the police. Also matters where you are, and what you're doing. On your own property dealing with a unknown person after dark, probably not going to get charged. As Dave said the exact situation is what matters. And as in most things there is a reasonable person standard... But as a law abiding citizen likely with no criminal record, you have stuff going for you
  10. If that was the case, every time an officer walked up to a vehicle with his hand on his gun he'd be committing aggravated assault. The mere act of placing your hand on a holstered gun in and of itself probably doesn't rise to the level of aggravated assault, but the devil is in the details, how those details are documented and the mood of the charging ADA.
  11. He thinks the Florida courts get to decided the standard of proof, and who assumes the burden of proof in self defense shootings. I'm in agreement the judge is nuts.
  12. HCP as an alternative to TICS/NICS

    Couple of issues with your scholarly research. First, both federalist papers 29 and 46 were written before the Bill of Rights was written. Federalist 29 being published on Jan 9th 1788, and 46 being published on Jan 29th of the same year. The Bill of Rights was published on Sept 25th, 1789, 18+ months later. Second, the Bill of Rights, which includes the 2nd Amendment, was written in direct response to concerns expressed by the Anti-Federalists, I'd encourage you to read Brutus No X written as a response by the Anti-Federalists to Federallist No 29. - http://www.constitution.org/afp/brutus10.htm Third, I'd also read Federalist No 84, in which Hamilton worries that future generations will do exactly what you're doing with the Bill of Rights, which is to say you see some power to regulate when no power exists at all. Fourth, I'd also look to the often forgotten 10th Amendment, which states: The 2nd Amendment is a right of 'the people' and therefore neither the States, nor the Federal government should be able to infringe upon the right in any way shape or form.
  13. Park Events, trying to Ban Guns?

    The case law is coming, TFA still has a lawsuit against Knoxville, then it will be settled law. After that I doubt Nashville will force the issue.
  14. Park Events, trying to Ban Guns?

    Somebody is lying to you Because here is the Metro GIS parcel information: http://maps.nashville.gov/ParcelViewer/?parcelID=09306004100 39-17-1311bHi: Metro government labels the property as a park, it's a park, they can't under state law 'rent' the area out to get around the carry in parks law.
  15. @DaveTN hit the nail right on the head inside the state of TN, it's lawful to carry a loaded firearm in a personal vehicle by pretty much anybody legally allowed to own the firearm. There are some places that you can still run into problems without a permit, schools, colleges, universities. Company owned vehicles are also somewhat problematic as well.

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