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  1. It was a limited time theme I did. thanky! Just in smaller publications. Nothing notable .
  2. I recently transformed this little corner into a circus.... and It was pretty much the greatest thing ever. .
  3. Its begun! :tinfoil:
  4. The Yongnuo products are great.
  5. I'm guessing the supports on the outside of the walls is due to aesthetics. I'd imagine that if I were a pansy architect married to a liberal politician, I'd put the ugly side of the wall on the outside too.
  6. As an introvert, I have dreamed of living in a world like this. As a single dude, I about live like that now :D
  7. Are people pics allowed? Maybe a little something different for you guys. :) *These are all photographs and not Photoshop. Photoshop was only used to polish. What you see is what I shot.*
  8. View from the couch here a few minutes south of Chattanooga. We got a couple if inches in no time flat.
  9. "The safest way to rack your pistols"   Then proceeds to scratch his brow with his muzzle :lol:
  10. I am absolutely terrified of spiders but those get free passes (unless they get too close to me)! I actually had a fairly big one in the house a couple of years ago and decided to let him live. I only saw him run across the curtains a time or two and haven't seen him since.
  11. The touristy places are all pretty much off limits, as others have already said. These places are pretty safe and well patrolled during peak hours, though. It's the before and after hours that you'll need to worry about carrying. The mayor's wife is the head of the organization that did the assessment. It was just a way to put some city money in the Berke's pockets, so it was never intended to be of any use. It is funny how that works.
  12. I really like the show but I do wish it was was less political, though. I watch tv to get away from all of that crap.
  13. It was the Boomers that taught us Gen xers to not let words hurt our feelings. In school, a tattler would get into trouble while the foul mouthed kids would get off scott-free.   Don't get upset at us for listening to you....   :)

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