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  1. It’s always the other side of this wide state
  2. Yesterday Tipton County Gun Traders shop in Covington had some police trades 590A1 and one 500 $300 each.I’m Not affiliated
  3. Outstanding sidearm! Good price too. Too bad you're not closer.
  4. I would but just HATE European mag releases. But that's just me.
  5. TNZ71

    .41 AE

    A search couldn't find a glock barrel but I did find a Jerico/witness conversion for .41
  6. TNZ71

    .41 AE

    I guess I could shoot it all and sell the brass. I'm don't think I could ship the ammo. Does anyone make a barrel for a Glock 20 or 21 in .41AE?
  7. TNZ71

    .41 AE

    I found about 700 rounds of .41 AE, I may have to find a Jericho.
  8. TNZ71

    .41 AE

    Does any one shoot ..41 AE any more? Or did .40 S&W make it obsolete?
  9. Does the gun look like a Browning A5? If so I think your gun may be a Stevens 720 sold by Western Auto. Edit- you posted the pic while I was typing. Yep, Stevens 720
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