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  1. LCPfraTN


    Just saw this, but hope he’s doing better now!
  2. I’m betting that these will be selling close to or below MSRP in the not too distant future...just have to be patient and let those that just gotta have it now get theirs for whatever they’re willing to pay.
  3. A good starting point for better Irish Whiskey for bourbon drinkers is Jameson Black Barrel. It’s made using recharred barrels, so you get more of the barrel influence as opposed to the regular Jameson that is just aged in used barrels without any extra charring. Have you tried Gentleman Jack, Basil Hayden or Angels Envy? Those are all lighter style bourbons/Tennessee whiskeys that are “smoother” than many other bourbons. Obviously, they are still very different from the lighter flavor profile of Irish Whiskey, but I find them to be good recommendations for entry level bourbons for n
  4. I assume you’ve bought and tried Tullamore DEW by now, but if you haven’t, I definitely prefer it over regular Jameson.
  5. Nice pistol! If you ever make it to Phar West TN, I might be interested.
  6. Wilco Tactical might be another option for you.
  7. Oh, I’m fully aware of that, but I got most of the C&R guns that I wanted through the surplus market years ago. The prices in the secondary market have gotten pricey, and many sellers don’t want to accept C&R licenses, so they force you to go through an FFL in order to buy from them anyway. I just got tired of messing with the hassle of it given the few purchases that I made after my last renewal, so I decided it was easier for me to just let my C&R license lapse. There’s not much that I want that I don’t already have that is C&R eligible, and if I find something from a local i
  8. That’s why I let my C&R license lapse...just wasn’t enough use for it anymore.
  9. That’s a very nice and unique little revolver!
  10. If you are talking about Lorcin, Jennings and Davis pistols in calibers larger than .32acp, I agree with you, although Lorcins of any caliber can be problematic. The camouflage one in my collection pictures is one of the better Lorcin models made because the frame was made from an aluminum alloy instead of being made from zinc alloy like most Lorcins.
  11. I’m guessing your father didn’t have a will with specific bequeaths regarding items like those pistols. Those that your father had were probably all steel guns too, unlike many of the ones made later in the USA that were manufactured using zinc alloy. Zinc alloy holds up ok with .22LR to .32acp calibers, but does not hold up well with higher calibers unless you bulk up the components like Hi-Point does with their brick style pistols.


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