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  1. Shot this 3.5 y/o 7pt a few weeks ago. Here in unit CWD our gun season started early.
  2. Got one on the run a year or two ago out at our farm. I’ve nearly broken my legs stepping in their holes before while walking to the deer stand in the early morning.
  3. My church had a very similar situation. Long story short they told him we was not to come back until after he received intensive counseling of which the church would pay for. I haven’t seen him since but he was very very disturbed and it made everyone uncomfortable.
  4. Give Zander Insurance a call. It’s who Dave Ramsey recommends. I was exclusively with State Farm (family friend agent) at all the minimum liability coverages. No accidents....I called Zander and was able to max out all my coverages and add a $1m umbrella policy AND save a couple hundred a year. Incredible. Insurance brokers definitely the way to go. And if you go with zander, they reshop your insurance every year to make sure you keep paying the best price. They only work with insurance companies they have properly vetted so you’ll get a quality product no matter who you end up getting coverage with.
  5. Slappy

    Glock 48?

    I switched from the Shield to the 43x.
  6. Slappy

    Glock 48?

    Alternatively, she can shoot a 43x if you have an easier time finding one of those. The frame of the 43x is the same as the 48. Only difference between the two is slide length. The 48 will have a little longer slide and I’d imagine slightly less snapieness.
  7. Well at least this gives me some finality to my issue with Guns N More. I "won" their Logo Contest they held in the classifieds a year or two ago. Supposed to have received a stripped lower and a 22lr rifle for the winning logo. They actually decided to pick 2 of the logos I sent. One for their lower and another for general merchandise and letterheads I believe. Communication was pretty decent for a while. They kept telling me they were waiting for approval to manufacture and then they just fell off the deep end. Sure sucks. At least I don't have to worry any longer about them using my intellectual property since they are out of business.
  8. Throwing this out there....I have Aimpoints, EoTech's, Leupolds, Trijicons.....The Sig Romeo 5 has really impessed me. I have an astigmatism, so I always see the "starburst" but for whatever reason, the Romeo 5 I see the clearest of them all. It also includes 2 mounts, and a lifetime guarantee...they can be had for around $120ish. I've hard great things about the Primary Arms so they are worth a look as well.
  9. Sign of the times unfortunately......it was recently (prior to the Florida shooting and trump talking about an AWB) those lowers were $29.99 limit 5! Now they show $39.99 limit 1.
  10. Well dang if I didn't just buy a Badlands pack earlier in the season! Nice pack, but it was a lot more than $75. I'd imagine this should sell soon. It should.
  11. I haven't posted much because my hunts have been fairly uneventful. I also haven't been able to get out as much as I usually do because I have to work weekends through deer season this year!! Anyways, I made it out there today and it was the most I've ever hunted in a single day ever! With the exception of only 2 hrs for a lunch and potty break...I hunted 30 mins before sunrise to 30 mins after sunset! So I certainly did my part. The deer didn't do theirs....there was a lot of rutting activity in the morning, saw some nice bucks, but I was doe hunting, and a doe never presented a shot. Later on that evening, I only saw a spike. Where have all the doe gone?!?! We have also seen an unprecedented amount of buttons and spikes this year. Not sure whats up with that. I guess i'm glad we have young bucks that will become old bucks, but I want a few doe!
  12. I have one for my 700 SPS Tactical 308. I really like it. The ability to adjust LOP and the cheek comb height (i had to order the higher comb kit) make it really great to fit the rifle to you. I think its probably the better value in stocks out there for what you get. I bought this really thin foam pad from hobby lobby that sticks on to stuff. I cut it to fit and attached it to the cheek comb, really made a big difference in comfort. I also use the detachable mag.
  13. Slappy

    Toolcraft BCG

    Yeah they are good to go.

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