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  1. Thanks guys! Will look into these options!
  2. I'm needing a place to spend the night in the Nashville area in a couple weeks and I don't want to pay for a hotel room. The weather should be great so I thought a quick overnight camp would be good for the soul. Can anyone here recommend a good spot for a short sleep? I'd prefer it to be a state park instead of one of the big KOA operations with lots of RV's. The closer it is to Nashville the better as well, but not a firm requirement. Thanks!
  3. I have a Kamado Joe. I’ve smoked both a brisket and beef ribs. BY FAR the best was the beef ribs. So don’t rule those jokers out! Pork Butt’s, burgers, salmon, steaks, wings, all that will be great on your grill. Enjoy!
  4. Them On Clouds would really sweeten the deal tho....just say’n. GLWS
  5. I’m sorry your guns were stolen. It’s a sickening feeling. I never thought it would happen to me but it did 2 years ago. I had my 43x stolen. Filed a police report. It was found about 2 months later on a drug dealer. Took a year to actually get it back because they had to use it as evidence in this scumbags court hearing. LUCKILY I had my receipt for it...probably the only firearm I have where I kept the receipt. I even had to have a background check again before I got It back and if the gun had been used in a murder, it would have been destroyed. Anyways, it’s possible these get found and returned to you. Best of luck friend.
  6. Been here for years and never knew that. You sir, are a legend in my mind.
  7. This was the second time this week we were all supposed to die yet nothing but some rain. Anyone who’s 30 or older ever remember school being canceled because of a thunderstorm?!
  8. I put in what I’m willing to lose. Not trying to get rich quick, I’m trying to do what little I can to make a point. Our vote doesn’t matter anymore but our money does. HOLDING!
  9. Lucky Brand Jeans. They look good and feel almost like pajamas. Should run about $50. I always get them from Steinmart but I’m sure places like Kohl’s or TJ Max and the like may have them too.
  10. Yeah I get that for sure. But I’m at 160% return on Tesla right now. And Tesla wasn’t added to the S&P here until recently. But ARK had ETF’s that had it. I had ARKK for a bit but sold it to put more directly into TSLA. While a great ETF, I’m glad I made that move.
  11. I was about 3 months “late” to the game with TSLA...once I realized Tesla was legit and the mainstream finance guys hadn’t caught on yet, I had a limited time to get all the shares I could, which wasn’t much given the stock price and my income but I managed to get 7 shares before the split announcement. The first share I bought was $814 pre split. And that stung. $814 would go a longer way with a cheaper stock right? But I held to my convictions and the future outlook of this company. Fast forward to today, I’ve continued to add to my shares as I can. Just incredible to see my first share was $814 pre split and now after the split the shares are above what I paid pre split. Tesla is NOT a car company it’s a technology company and now the mainstream is catching on. Is it overvalued? Heck yes!! But so was amazon from day 1. Tesla is not for the value investing crowd, it’s stock price has and will continue to be traded off of the future potential of the company. I’m hoping for another split in 2021-2022! I’ve also killed it in WKHS, first 100 shares I bought at $2.48. I see a lot of growth coming in the EV Space. Who knows what will happen in the coming years, but as evidenced by history, the market always comes back and usually faster than anyone could imagine. I’d guess a conservative investment strategy would be to have something like a total market index or S&P index. Throw in a few growth stocks and also keep some cash reserves to take advantage of any dips/crashes. in my opinion, there will always be good stocks to buy regardless of who’s president and any policies signed into law. I believe companies will adapt. May be harder to find now than they were over the last few years, but they will be out there. Also make sure you are taking advantage of tax advantages retirement accounts... 401k, ROTH 401k, ROTH IRA’s etc Also, Bitcoin has my attention. I understand the risks and I’ll never “invest” what I’m not willing to lose. I do think it has some advantages to it and I’d treat this as a hedge in my portfolio. Not trying to strike it rich by any means with it. I also would not be laundering money or trying to shield any gains from the government.
  12. Dave, 80% of Financial guys are taught to sell. You need to find that 20% who actually teach. If you meet with a guy and you walk out not knowing more than when you came in, that’s a sure sign to not use them. A good finance guy will teach you investing and different options to consider and then you’ll have the knowledge to tell him what you want done with YOUR money. Your ROI will be the main indicator of how well your investments are doing and make sure you factor in your risk tolerance. The less risky you are the lower your ROI will be. The more aggressive, the more volatile your account will be but will offer the potential of high returns. Lastly, as a good benchmark, I’d compare your returns with the S&P 500 to give you an idea of where you stand relative to the returns of the 500 best companies in America. The total average return on the stock market from beginning to today is around 12%. S&P 500 index funds typically around 8-10%. My personal return right now is at 120% since March.
  13. I started back in March. Everything was so artificially low that you could have thrown a dart on a stock wall and make money off that investment. I’ve learned a lot over these last several months. Wish I knew more, but at the end of the day nobody knows how a stock will actually behave. My big winnners so far have been TSLA, WKHS and PLNHF. I’ve owned several other stocks but I sold out of them, most times after making profit, to buy more TSLA.


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