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  1. Well you won’t have any shortage of willing individuals to help test your product, but let me be the first to throw my name in the hat! I have a lake that we drained and restocked in 2017. Southeastern Pond Management has been managing it for us and there are some absolute pigs out there. It’s a ton of fun but it will spoil you.
  2. Location: Memphis I just got a truck rack to transport my kayak and sadly can’t use this anymore. I’ve had it about a year and it’s in great shape with a very small dent on bottom left corner. If you know anything about Weatherguard, they are the best out there and very secure. This box doesn’t leak or allow dust in the box. Opens and closes great and I have both keys. Model number 121-0-01 and I’ve been using this on my 2010 F-150. These are $770 new and I’m asking $650 (cash, or Venmo) Price Lowered $600
  3. I fished with some chicken foots Doug made for me just yesterday! Caught about 8 bass with them including a 4lb’er. Sorry to hear you have to move on. Maybe another TGO’er can continue the legacy!
  4. I’ll save Ruger the trouble. I’ll take it if it’s still available! Sending PM
  5. Late to the game but I have a Ruger Rimfire and my dad has an older Savage FVSR. Ruger is definitely the way to go IMO. Fit and finish are better and the magazines are higher quality. The Savages magazines split over time. Maybe they have fixed that in the newer models but it still wouldn’t sway me that way.
  6. Another component to all this is getting food is an essential activity. That includes fishing! I won’t be able to go this weekend but will try next weekend. I have family land with a nice lake on it and we have to pull out 400lbs of bass under 13” to keep it balanced. My only thing is all my fishing equipment is at our farm so if I get pulled over it might be tough to explain. Lol
  7. Hate to be “that guy” if this doesn’t apply to you, I’m sure it will to someone else...are you out of debt? Do you have 3-6 months worth of expensives saved up in an emergency fund? For most of us, these things should take priority over a new firearm purchase. If you are in good shape then awesome! Buy night vision!
  8. That’s funny. I’m in West TN and I feel like all the good deals are in the Middle and East! Lol
  9. Don’t be worried about messing up a slide. People cut these with CNC machines all the time. Get a Glock, send the slide off for cut and sight install, throw the optic on there and run it like a scalded dog! You’ll love it.
  10. I purchased a RMR Type 1 that was on a close out when the Type 2’s were releasing. The Type 1’s had issues with flickering due to battery connectivity. I fought these same issues but there are several easy fixes you could make to make it 100% reliable. These things should have worked right from the get go but I decided to save the money buying the older model and tinker with it myself and I’ve been very pleased. So, I’d get a type 2. There are a few options with the type 2 to choose from. Adjustable LED, Automatically adjusting LED and then a battery free version that uses fiber optic and tritium. Then you just select the MOA Dot Size, color, mounting options etc. I personally would buy the User Adjustable LED because I shoot under NODs occasionally and like the ability to know the dot is at a safe NV level. I’m not sure if the automaticcly adjusting one would work or not for that purpose. I also have used the battery free version and still prefer the LED model because occasionally it’s hard to see the dot even with the tritium. The tritium has a half life so it’s always dimming. I’m also unsure if there would be issues seeing the dot when using a pistol light, if the fiber optic will be able to use the available pistol light to the point the dot doesn’t get washed out or not. May be a non issue but I haven’t experimented with it yet.
  11. His optic cuts are $75 and my RMR fits perfectly. I did kinda go all out with that one haha All my other Glocks are factory
  12. $320 (but used Instagram coupon code and paid $272) from Boogeyman Customs! He’s gained quite the following since I had my slide milled so not sure what he is charging now but it’ll be on his website. I got the LLorona Elite cut, RMR optic cut had it Cerakoted MultiCam Black and turned out GREAT. I’ve had at least 4 other friends send their slides to him and everyone has been thrilled. https://www.boogeymancustoms.com
  13. Also not a fan of MOS. I had a Glock slide milled out and put a RMR on it and I shoot suppressed. No issues seeing the dot as it’s well clear of the suppressor. Only issue I can say I’ve had with this setup is the RMR gets very dirty due to using the suppressor. Go ahead and buy suppressor height sights and when you send your slide off they can install the sites for you at the same time.

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