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  1. There are 2 good websites that compiles lots of different listings. AutoTempest and CarEdge. Try those out and you might be able to kick lots of tires that way.
  2. Garufa is right. Start with the TWRA guides as they will explain seasons, permitting, bag limits and such. They also have an App you can download on your phone which is helpful for reporting game. Depending on your age, you will likely be required to take a Hunters Safety Course and even still, it would be a good idea to take the class anyways. It been a long time since I had mine, but if I'm not mistaking, you can do this online or in person. You can also buy whatever permit you need online from the TWRA, or in a lot of local stores. I know BassPro will sell them, maybe Academy as well. Public land is available to hunt and maybe someone will chime in on the ins/outs of that. I've never hunted public land since I have access to private. Definitely ask around about land and even volunteer to help maintain any property you have been given access to. There is a sticky on top of this board that I created to help new hunters. I keep meaning to update/polish it up some but it'll definitely help. Lastly, I'd encourage you to introduce hunting to someone else. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, that would be a memory of a lifetime for whoever tags along with you.
  3. Agreed. While I still hate putting on my mask, I LOVE sleeping with it. I have a farm house and have been wanting to put a cpap out there for me so I don’t have to keep packing up my current one when I go out there. I have “mild” apnea, so my improved symptoms are less dramatic than others, but I do love the extra energy and reduction of risks involved with apnea.
  4. I traded a Nintendo Wii for a 1980’s Ruger 22/45. Then traded the Ruger 22/45 plus cash for a Great Dane puppy. I should have kept the 22/45 because that dog was terrible!
  5. Thats awfully generous of you to offer this out! What brand is it?
  6. Thats really disappointing. I have a couple Sig optics. Zulu 7 binoculars and a Kilo. If the rangefinder ever dies I'll just use that as an excuse to buy Range Finding Binoculars. I actually had a pair of Zulu 8x42's that my 5 year old threw down our steps. Sig did replace them but with 10x42's since they didnt make the 8x42's anymore. I do love the binoculars, incredible glass.
  7. You can get a 9mm end cap, a nice oven mitt and some teflon tape. I have a few pistol suppressors and every one of them back off the threaded barrels. Just recently read you can use teflon tape to keep it on, so next time I go out to our farm I'll try it out.
  8. I sent mine off to Boogeyman Customs and was very pleased. Had it cut for a RMR and did additional slide cutting and cerakoting. All quality work. https://www.boogeymancustoms.com
  9. Weight loss in theory is simple as already discussed but if it were easy, we wouldn't have obesity problems. My weight has fluctuated my whole life (because I eat too much and eat too much bad stuff). For some reason, my personality is either all in 100% compliant, or all out 100% disgusting. I cant seem to moderate/maintain. That being said, here are my 2 cents. I've tried everything! South Beach Diet- Lost a bunch of weight Keto Diet- Lost a bunch of weight Plant Based/Vegan Diet- Lost a bunch of weight Whole30 Diet- Lost a bunch of weight Carnivore Diet- Lost a bunch of weight So, while the word of weight loss can be confusing, its really not, they all work. BUT there are still some major differences between them. I feel uniquely qualified to speak on my experience because I've tried diets on the opposite end of the spectrum, and every one in between! Plant Based/Vegan: Lost a bunch of weight, all my lab work improved. This is the most miserable diet. Seriously, EVERYTHING has to be prepped, washed, cut, cooked. And if you are going to have a vegan meal that even tastes REMOTELY good, you have to have tons of different ingredients. Cooking take forever, you are hungry all the time, food is bland. This is horrible, but effective. Keto: This is a scrumptious diet, food is great, but its so easy to start eating dirty Keto instead of clean Keto. Its so easy to order a couple double cheeseburgers at McDonalds and just eat the meat/cheese, instead of making a salad with some steak and avocado in it. You'll lose weight. South Beach: Originally started as a heart healthy diet and the byproduct of getting your heart healthy through food is weight loss. Its in 3 stages, very carb restrictive to break your addiction to carbs, then introducing only complex carbs (ones harder to digest keeping insulin lower) and then a maintenance phase where you have now learned HOW to eat moving forward. Whole30: This isn't a weight loss diet, but nearly everyone who tries it looses weight. Its an elimination diet which removes foods that cause inflammation/irritation in the body. So things like IBS can be fixed once you figure out what's causing your issues. This diet is tasty, and not all that restrictive so fairly easy to maintain. But, if one is a diabetic, this is a bit carb heavy and may not be the best solution. Lastly, Carnivore Diet: Yeah, the literal opposite of a Plant Based/Vegan diet. This is an interesting diet. One highly talked about by Jordan Peterson and his Daughter, Sean Baker MD on YouTube, KenDBerryMD on YouTube, Joe Rogan and many other popular personalities and health advocates. What do you eat on Carnivore? Animals. And High fat animals. The food is phenomenal because animals are delicious. The fat that you eat satiates you like no other diet. There are zero carbs, and combined with the fat, you never have hunger pangs or cravings. Its really unique! Couple notable attributes of doing this....you eat way less because you are hardly ever hungry, zero carbs because carbs make you retain water and hungry, mental clarity (I always thought that was a dumb thing to mention until I experienced it myself, no brain fog), energy, and you never fart and that's not because you are backed up with last week's ribeye. You body just burns everything up. This to me, is the easiest diet to sustain. You only have to worry about cooking your protein, you can cook a lot of it at once and then you have the next few days covered for meals. According to those doctors/personalities listed above, you get all the nutrition you need and don't have to worry a bout cholesterol levels, but I'm not a doctor....so do your own research. Just sharing my experience, and I am currently doing this now cause yet again, I got off the bandwagon...
  10. Thanks guys! Will look into these options!


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