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  1. Well I’ve come to that age where I have to start looking hard at the high-end, never fired pieces in my collection & consider allowing someone else to actually enjoy and use them. First up, is the rarest and arguably most useable version of Desert Eagle- the .357! Aside from being the highest capacity Desert Eagle (9+1), this variant reduces the powerful .357 magnum cartridge recoil to that of a Glock 19. This solid stainless steel version is the holy grail of the entire line and they charge accordingly. After a gun.deals search, I found the only one in stock listed in the USA priced at $2653.99- I snapped this photo and attached it here. The difference in that one and mine is that mine comes with two extra factory mags for a total of 3. Mine is NIB and unfired and it can be yours for $2200 CASH. Local FTF only Knoxville/Powell/Karns area. Just PM me if ya wanna make it yours. More to come…
  2. Guys I’m considering opening up one of my lower range areas to TGO. This would be a slow walked, cautious, ground level operation as I am just one man and taking on the prep work of the site (mowing, trimming, general clearing and parking arrangements) will take me time if I do this. Absolutely I will start with a case by case, appointment only basis that works for my schedule and availability. This is my private property, so I will always be in attendance & a safety waiver with common sense regulation would have to be a thing. I understand however that many of my friends here live in the city and have no place to really shoot when they want/what they want. I am 8 miles from Knoxville, Clinton, and Oak Ridge. If anyone wants to help me test out this idea, contribute to site prep if necessary, flesh out logistics- just pm me. Maybe we can help bring our little community together more. One small shoot at a time. Last thing, this is my short-range area, but we can see perhaps how this works out. No promises, but hope springs eternal. In Liberty, Stormborn
  3. So once more history repeats itself. I remember in the late eighties when a local agency of LEO’s in my area accused the same of the still new Glock 17. (I’m going to be intentionally vague to a degree as I was present myself for elements of this). An officer had had an “accidental discharge” during a traffic stop with a young lady that he had pulled over on a lonely lakeside road nearby at night. This incident resulted in her receiving a fatal head-wound. The agency involved sued Glock and actually brought Gaston all the way over to testify to his design. (Super-win for me as I got to meet and spend time with one of my heroes). During the course of the trial we went so far as to make 3 drops into a parking garage from an over-looking 16 story building with a sample model loaded G17 for evidentiary purposes. Those were just the official attempts to create a discharge. There were PLENTY of other informal ones. The gun could not be made to accidentally fire despite efforts that got absurd by any standard. Gaston came out rightfully smelling like a rose and further cementing Glock’s patented safety system world wide, with history even citing our studies as further proof in design safety. It seems like it was about a year later that it came out that the young lady involved in the incident was an ex-girlfriend of the officer involved.
  4. I have a 100 acres of county property consisting of rich old forests, hidden valleys & glens, a cave system, multi-spring fed creek, and 8 houses. Last year I completed the lengthly project of putting long range high resolution- color nightvision wifi cameras on everything that I have. With the entire network being wifi based, everything is now accessible via any device than I have- no matter where I may be. Unintended consequence: My Mother and Wife now watch from afar these feeds and activity alerts like it’s Animal Planet and enjoy frightening off the deer, coyotes, bobcats, etc with the intercom systems and built-in remote alarms. They are totally addicted to this & based on their “trophy videos” that I review daily, this is very effective. I personally would prefer an approach more akin to making rugs out of them, but admittedly this is funny videos to watch over and over. If anyone is interested, “Eufy” is the brand that I use, as they are state of the art, very inexpensive, and require no subscription or any of that craziness.
  5. No more shocked than me. I want to believe that any gun at this price point is a crapshoot and a problem free is unlikely. Yet here it is, and I even read about early versions of this pistol (they’ve made it enough years to be a few generations in) being a gamble or possible “project”. I’ve also read that the manufacturer among other things has 500 employees and over 10% are engineers. That’s actually out there along with a lot of fascinating details about the company as it’s pedigree runs well over a century (founded in 1880). Massad Ayoob is certainly familiar with them & approves.
  6. Oh absolutely! The pics were from first unboxing, directly after chamber visualization. She hadn’t seen any bullets yet. That’s when I usually first assess trigger pull as there is much to take in on a new DA/SA gun. Trigger is fantastic both ways btw.
  7. So a couple of years ago my mother finally got a greenhouse up & I thought it would always stave off the unforeseeable in the gardening category on the farm. One of my businesses involves festivals & has expanded into both spring & fall- putting us into the same position of not getting plants started on schedule. Mom is 80 and afterwards I felt ashamed when I made her show me the tiny baby $5 tomato plants at Lowes. I additionally wouldn’t believe that had no chemical fertilizer. Now I find myself making an ever-expanding list of things that are either gone or gone obscenely up in the last 2 years. I won’t bother you with publishing that here and besides the server probably doesn’t have that much bandwidth. Simply the latest item today: I’ve been planning on selling my zero turn mower & going to a diesel garden tractor style mower with 4wd as I have a hundred acres and don’t want to use my tractors for the vasty residential mowing areas. My unit of choice, the John Deere signature series x758 has not changed in any way but price since prior to 2020 and is now $2,000 higher. Yes, I will spend the money but I will absolutely be remembering this when the opportunity to vote comes along.
  8. So while I’m waiting on my new FN stainless hi power to finally arrive from the land of “back-order”, I picked up a cheap toy to amuse myself and study. I am reminded of someone I once knew whose entire gun collection was based solely on initial price point but in this case the gamble really paid off! I stood amazed as I examined and shot this for the first time in between sighting in my “higher dollar acquisitions” of the last few weeks. The all stainless steel SAR 2000 is a Turkish clone of the CZ 75 with a few influences from Tanfoglio. In addition, (and I’m watching for the lightning strikes here) I feel it really channels JMB’s hi power. There I said it. Beyond this, I can’t ****ing believe how well it fits the hand. It’s a thick grip with tactile soft rubber panels and an unbelievable backbone that arches into the palm of my medium sized hands like the perfect spoon. Being all stainless the 9mm recoil is laughable and I was expecting to fell more of the weight but with that incredible hand fitment, it just feels more like a natural hand extension. I also was expecting to see some signs of a break-in period but even with varying steel cased and very questionable loose rounds from my non-insulated storage areas- it just won’t FTF or demonstrate less than perfect operation. Did I mention that I bought this NIB from locked&loaded for $379 tax free? Sometimes—just sometimes backorders aren’t so bad. Sights are fantastic btw & CZ75B mags fit which boost you from 17 round to 19 round if you get the competition editions. It runs like a race gun so why not?
  9. “Y'all need Jesus”, an audience member shrieked- as popcorn began to fly at the giant screen from all directions…
  10. Sunday morning, May 4th 1969 Canadian wilderness, Earth: by nightfall the Stanley Cup would be hard won by Montreal- but before that time would pass, a sonic boom would rattle the tree-line as the Enterprise hastily broke into low altitude atmosphere-her hull badly damaged from the time slip….
  11. Caught in the rapture of her chemical induced glee, she laughed through tears as she watched footage of the subsequent tidal waves on her Hello Kitty themed phone screen.
  12. Same here! And a lifetime of THAT boys & girls is how you end up with a 3-4 digit firearm collection, most of which you’ve never shot. Someday I will be reduced to the greatest estate sale ever!!
  13. In truth, Jill had been a walking menagerie of phobias and that ever lurking sadness she shouldered everywhere she went until…


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