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  1. A friend of mine sent me this video of a traffic stop in Lenior City. I've already formed my own opinions, but wanted to share this with everyone else for their input. https://youtu.be/SMbJsXLP96g
  2. I for one welcome Beretta to TN. Their customer service amazed me when I had troubles with my ARX 160. Ended up having to swap the entire gun but didn't give me a bit of trouble about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Bushnell TRS 1x25. Great price and durability. Found mine online for $75 on sale. Good battery life too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Other than a rare manufacturing defect, I love my ARX. Some may cringe from the aesthetics but I love the way it shoots and handles.
  5. I've got a silencerco sparrow and am trying to put it on my Beretta arx .22 but have run into a small issue. I thought it would have traditional AR threading at .600 inches so I bought a .200 thread spacer. However, the threading on the ARX is apparently 1/4 of an inch to short with the spacer on so the sparrow doesn't tighten down all the way. But when I try it without the spacer in place the threads protrude 1/4 too far into the sparrow so I'm wondering which is the lesser evil until I can find a smaller spacer, leave a gap inside the sparrow and use the spacer or leave it off and let the threads protrude 1/4 of an inch inside the can? Would either of these two options pose any significant threat to a stainless steel can like the sparrow or am I overthinking this?
  6. Just picked this up today. Tapped out the flash hider pin and put my Sparrow on it. Haven't gotten to take it out for a spin yet though.
  7. Saw a tarantula hawk wasp once while visiting New Mexico. If you haven't seen one in person the thing sounds like a chopper flying over if you're close enough. If you don't like bees or wasps, don't google it. You've been warned.
  8. +1 for Kingston. We just moved from Oak a ridge to Kingston and we love it here! Just far enough out from Knoxville to not feel cramped but still close enough to Oak Ridge Sportsmans Association to go shooting whenever. Midtown is a couple miles from us and was listed as one of the fastest growing areas of Tennessee. Plus, taxes are lower here too!
  9. Thought it was a good stand alone zombie movie but didn't deserve to be based on the book.
  10. Ours on Clinton Highway roped off one half of the dining room due to raw sewage soaked into the carpet but stayed open for business on the other side. Whole place absolutely reeked. We turned right around and have never been back.
  11. Get ready for blood to run in the streets people! :panic:   (Not)
  12. They're decent for keeping your guns out of little hands but don't expect them to be theft proof. Doesn't take much more than a paperclip to get some of their models open.
  13. This is exactly why I'm replacing the screws on my deadbolt strike plates with 3'' screws and getting the electronic ones that auto lock after 30 seconds so if someone forgets to lock the door, it will take care of it for you. Not saying this makes the door impervious but most doors fail at the frame where the locks click shut. Yes, home carry would be great but I can't honestly say I do it all the time. I like running around in my underwear too much!   And those of you who know me know that that might just be enough to scare them off anyway :) 


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