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  1. I'll take it if I can get it in Murfreesboro next time you come this way.
  2. Somebody needs to buy this. This still being available is killing me.
  3. I'll take the .45acp and the 5.56 buckets for $30 per bucket. John
  4. I'll agree with A&H Reloading. Good prices and good selection.
  5. I like the idea of a boat. But I would use it to get to an island in Percy Priest Lake. On an island, you could have great cover (build it). You will have great fields of fire (no cover on the water as people/zombies approach). Shooting at the waterline will slow approaching boats even more. Access to food (fish) and water. Lastly quick avenues of escape. John
  6. Think powered paraglider to get out of there if overrun. I have to think there would be good wind (updraft) at the top of a steep hill. John
  7. I recommend a AR15 chambered in .45ACP.  You can get the lower here. http://www.cncguns.com/projects/AR45lower.html .  You can get the upper here... http://www.rmwxtreme.com/rmwxtreme/ .  SBR the rifle and add a suppressor.  You still should have enough left over for a midrange 1911.  That way you use all the same ammo and both your sidearm and your rifle can be suppressed.  ALL .45ACP is subsonic.  If you have to shoot farther than a .45 can reach, you don't need to be shooting it.   Here's a cool video of a .45ACP 7.5 AR in action.  ht
  8. I work the metro crime scene unit.  I was not involved in this case, but talked to the officers that were.  There were witnesses.  There is more to story.  You will find out in court.  He was arrested.  In my opinion, he should have been arrested that night.   John
  9. Oh shoot,   Zombies are not buying guns and ammo.  Zombies wait for the government to give them guns and ammo.  The people that are buying all the stuff are the people that looked at you like you were crazy when you started talking about zombies once upon a time...  The people that trusted in the government until just recently they noticed the government trying to take away their right to defend themselves.  A large portion of the populace has had that cathartic moment that most of us here have had long ago.  They now realize that the government is not thei


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