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  1. Winchester 1300 Defender 12 gauge with custom pearl composite stock. Perfect wall hanging home defense... $425 obo. Can meet in middle TN near Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson. First "I'll take it", gets it.
  2. Perfect for a treasured gift or awesome hunter, this safe queen is not hurt in any way. Real deal, made in USA, Winchester 270 with an awesome Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10 scope mounted and ready for anything... $1,750. Can meet in middle TN around Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson areas with established TGO member. Please PM any questions. First "I'll take it", gets it.
  3. Gomer, If you post an "i will take it", we will work out a meetin place. Your call.
  4. I'll have a look to see but I'm 6'5 and 300 pounds and it is rock solid strong with me on it.
  5. My bud says the shiny looking writing in the pic looks weird. That is just a plastic protector that slides off. Like new underneath.
  6. Great for stretching your back... $75 Can meet in middle TN around Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson area.
  7. A while back, i had the opportunity to grab an old Fulton. Turned out to be a great shooter.
  8. Not wanting to take over Erich's thread but can share what bit i know about the XM21 and it's commercial M21 enhanced version. Have a look at the Wiki page on the military history of the M21 and you'll find National Match M14s got a boost from riflestock and scope add-ons to be more accurate for sniper work. That improved system paid big dividends in backing off the enemy snipers plinking on our troops. To capitalize on those successful accuracy enhancements, commercial builders brought forward product which sometimes improved over what was acceptable to the military. On top of that, precise dual stage trigger geometry became a thing. In my opinion, Springfield Armory's version was the most refined and is probly what Erich is looking for. Hard to find and runs 300-400 bucks but is a definite improvement over the factory stick.
  9. I've had the VNSH in my cart twice now and everytime i go to complete the order, a little voice says, "naw!" Not sure if it's their web format or constant barrage of ads but something just ain't right. If you go thru with it, please let us know how goes. Like you, i'm curious but not enough to just add to the pile of flopped holsters. Smoky
  10. I was just there today and didn't notice anything diffrent.
  11. I've been asked questions about what the PC 629 is and how does it shoot. Well, my round count for this one is less than a 50 round box so not really extensive testing BUT i can certify it is accurate and the muzzle brake definitely tames the recoil. Clearly an apple popper at 50 yards and maybe a 100 on a good eye day. Could easily be scoped using the built on pic rails. For a fun range cannon or handgun hunter, it is top shelf, imo. That said, here's one of a very few reviews i could find... GunsMag on PC629 Magnum Hunter Thanks for looking and if you are interested, i am open to reasonable offers. Let me know what you're thinking with a PM and maybe we'll do a deal. Smoky


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