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  1. Thanks for the great thought starters. After looking at more ballistics, i found the 6.5 PRC is almost identical to the age old 270 winchester. Even bullet weights mirror at 143 versus 145 gr. although the coefficients are slightly different. Think i'm gonna wait for the 7 PRC rifles to come on out. Thanks for all the input. Smoky -------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  2. Interesting. Sounds similar to the 308/30-06 debate. Right on about cost of ammo too. Crazy high when found. Thanks for the input. Smoky -------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  3. Found this interesting... BURNING OUT A 6.5 BARREL Granted, we won't be running a 1000 rounds thru a bolt gun in a few hours but it is worth noting the guy's groups were still pretty decent after the barrel got hurt a bit. Smoky -------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  4. Maybe.... I do know the 65 Creedmore doesn't get me anything my dear 308s can't do right now unless considering a bit less drop past 600 yards. Ever since selling my 8mm mag decades ago, i been wanting a laser beamer that don't kill on both ends of the rifle. It's suppose to be fun. The 65 PRC has more juice at 1000 and about the same recoil as my 308 so by the charts, maybe i am subconsciously drawn to it. Short action too. BIG downside is ammo availability but just have to watch closely for some to show up. Two bucks a pop will slow down the barrel wear too. Only money tho, right? Anyways, don't need another 308 so looking at options. Most of the youtubers talk big on the PRCs so figured to have a look around before plunking down green based on a shill's advice. Just stirring up real conversation amongst us end users. Smoky -------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  5. Long range for me used to be 3-400 yards. These days I have access to 1200 but I'll be doing good to group well at 800. My 500 yard groups aint bad lately with my 308 but it is gonna run out of steam past 600. Since I'm looking at adding a caliber to the herd, I was looking at more than just target. Something big enough for elk at 300.
  6. Very good points. Was looking at the 2020 Waypoint which has a lifetime warranty thus JUST rebarrel whenever it needs one. The cost is a lot more than a Bergara so there is a trade off. Still not turned off of the PRC enough to consider something else. Will keep looking at diffrent makes. All suggestions considered. Thanks, Smoky ----------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  7. After a health related sell off and some trimming of a couple safe queens, i've got the hots for something new. The 6.5 PRC rifles have got my attention for some long range target banging. Accuracy can be had from several makes but my one big issue is barrel life. One of my buds said it's a barrel burner and after a bit of googling, he's not far off. I'm seeing reports of accuracy loss at 12-1500 rounds. Granted, for an occasional shooter that's a lifetime. Box a week would only be two years max then it's a tent stake. Not a great trade there. Any of you have experience with the PRCs ? Smoky ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIBLE BULLETS
  8. PARTLY SOLD. HAWG BUNDLE BEING BUSTED UP... Will post a new thread with Wilson Combat barrel and what ammo is left once everything is picked up or delivered. If you are interested in the 350 Legend barrel, please send me a private message. It has had maybe 100 rounds put through it. Your .223/5.56 bolt works. Just swap barrel. Still excellent condition. Smoky
  9. PARTLY SOLD. HAWG BUNDLE BEING BUSTED UP... Will post a new thread with Wilson Combat barrel and what ammo is left once everything is picked up or delivered. If you are interested in the 350 Legend barrel, please send me a private message. It has had maybe 100 rounds put through it. Your .223/5.56 bolt works. Still excellent condition. Smoky There is plenty to consider in this hawg hunters bundle... Cross Machine Tool upper and lower from right here in Tennessee. Bolt Carrier Group is from Young MFG , as recommended by CMT. Wilson Combat 350 Legend stainless barrel with adjustable gas block. STNGR handguard with Magpul K2 and MFT minimalist stock. Leupold RDS with bullet drop compensation turret. 22 boxes of assorted quality ammo and 3 extra 10 round mags. $2,250 Can meet middle TN around Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson areas. Please PM any questions. Smoky
  10. Calling seconds... if deal falls thru, i'll take it.
  11. Absolutely not. For me, being a Glock fanboy has never been an issue because of that weird grip angle. I tried to like them. Just too much forward tilt like High Standard and Woodsman 22s, Lugers and maybe Ruger 22s without target grips. Perhaps growing up with 1911s spoiled me with that natural grip so tilting a gun sideways and grabbing my junk just never set right. Sold them all.
  12. Lot of differing opinions on this but i am not a fan of super strong springs unless running +P rounds. If looking at running hardball, a 14 should cycle reliably. Anxious to see what you end up doing. Please update.
  13. Yes, the magazine and backup sight comes with it like i received it. Reasonable offers considered.
  14. Just my thoughts... Very surprised to see all the diffrent caliber preferences. Granted, actual use not declared whether hunting or target but, imo, a great all around is the 308 Winchester. 500 yard steel targets ring out with regularity. On a good eye day, even the 4 inch swingers get action at that distance. For MOA fans, 150 grain ballistics is not a lot diffrent than a 5.56 in that a 100 zero gets a 2, 4, 7 or 11 MOA crank for 200, 300, 400 and 500 yard clang action. For me, hunting past 300 is not ethical. Really, 250 these days since my eyes just don't make the grade anymore. Harvesting good meat is what matters so a magnum blaster up close is just not required. In fact, that was one of the reasons i went tinkering with the 350 Legend and 458 SOCOM. 150 yards is a cakewalk for both of those calibers but no farther. So overall, the 308/7.62x51 rules around my camp for an all purpose go-to. Smoky


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