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  1. AWESOME! I knew you'd like.
  2. SOLD After just 1,710 miles, i upgraded to bigger tires. No need for me to keep these almost new Goodyears. There is nothing wrong with them, at all. They are off a 2020 JL Wrangler so not even a year old. Not sure of my pricing so i just went half of what new ones cost.... $425. Can meet middle Tennessee around Columbia, Franklin or Dickson. PM me, if interested.
  3. Wish i knew more about the Mod-0 configuration so could help. All of my past EBR experience was running Mod-1 CV models. However, looking at the Mod-0 pic below, it does look like it has a push pin to raise and lower. Cannot imagine it being rattly loose though. For reference, i also put in a pic of my last two EBRs from years ago. That style buttstock was rock solid for me when i started so i stuck with Mod-1. No help there for you on your Mod-0 but just showing the options in case you wanted to jump.
  4. VERY nice! Navy seal grey is a hard color to come across too. One note tho... Not a biggie because nothing is hurt. Typical crash point when folks put scope mounts on without using the Sage modified handguard. Look at the very end of the mount where it is riding on top of the handguard. That interference is why the whole mount is riding uphill. The mount is not and cannot be secured into the receiver grooves properly like that. Needs to be modified. Several choices: - mill/file down the first four rungs of the handguard pic rail to clear. - mill/file the bottom of scope mount to clear pic rail rungs. - Order Sage handguard for scope mounts that comes from factory. - Buy a taller or shorter mount that clears the handguard. - Find a detachable Sage cantilever sight base. Hope that helps. Smoky
  5. If you want the bestest and mostest in M14 accuracy, my opinion is you will be much better off spending your money on a quality barrel first. Then time your gas system with shims to get the most bolt dwell. For the money, Wolfe barrels have Kreiger performance for 100 bucks less. Their 5R/20 barrels have become very popular. Regardless whether you do Wolfe, Kreiger or a Medium weight Criterion, they all shoot circles around most Springfields. At least, if you are looking for 1 MOA or less. The Sage EBR works by greatly reducing barrel whip with a bolted op rod guide and tightly gripping the receiver like a bedded action. I like them a lot but, for me, I prefer a more traditional E2 laminate with good draw pressure on the ferrul. Each to his or her own. For the kind of money you're about to spend, you'll want it capable to blast apples at 500 yards.
  6. My experience with Sage has been very good. Installed 3 of em and all shot very well. They feel good but are heavy. The op rod block is not that bigga deal, just enhanced placement of your tongue and patience. Keep in mind they not cheap but you might save a little by doing the install yourself. Like said before, $2500 to 3000 is about right for already done. You can also try the PX at M14Forum. Those guys are very willing to help. The old guys that helped me when i needed to learn are gone now but their old threads still keep on sharing knowledge. Best deal i found on the EBRs and Mod1s is at Clyde Armory in Athens GA. Smoky
  7. My bud called me crazy for selling this Ruger but i just have not shot it enough to justify keeping it. I did take it to the range yesterday for some play time and make sure i would not overly regret letting it go. It shot very well. My opinion is this rifle is on par with 45-70 ballistics so it's perfect for 100 yard hunting or occasionally exploding blocks of ice. Due costs of ammo, it is definitely not a hi volume range plinker even though it is fun. 3 inch groups common with my old eyes. If i was to modify anything it would be to free float the handguard, maybe. It is a rock solid thumper just like it is.
  8. SOLD AR with Wilson Combat 458 SOCOM upper using an 18 inch stainless barrel with adjustable JP gas block. Rear popup sight is a Ruger while the front is Magpul. The adjustable stock is a Magpul SL and the grip is a K2+ oversize. Both very comfortable. Vortex variable scope and Burris PEPR mount included. As can see in the pics, it is all in excellent condition. $1000 Can meet around the Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson area. If interested, please PM me.
  9. PARTIAL DEAL PENDING A Cross Machine Tool upper/lower running their recommended Young Mfg bcg and bolt in a stainless 458 SOCOM barrel with 1:14 twist and JP gas block. All in excellent condition. Maybe had 40 rounds thru it. $1200 Another option i will consider is selling the 458 barrel, bolt, gas block and tube for $350 then i'll keep my CMT upper/lower for building a Grendel maybe. If interested, please PM me. Middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson
  10. SOLD Over time, this Ruger AR556 lower has received ricochet upgrades but not seen much round count. The obvious upgrades... enhanced trigger group, Geissele bolt stop, Magpul K2+ grip and BMS minimalist mil stock. It is all in excellent condition as shown in the pics. Perfect for your extra upper or future build. $375 Middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson If interested, please PM me.
  11. SOLD Palmetto State Armory classic PA15 lower driving a Sabre Defense XM15 complete 5.56 NATO upper, all in excellent condition. $685 Middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson. If interested, please PM me.
  12. Was asked a couple questions over the weekend about why so much for just a 1911. Well, it is not like a joe-bag-o-donuts 1911. Has many custom features... Recessed slide stop, bull barrel, hard alloy frame and a metal guide rod that pins the spring for fall apart disassembly and cleaning. Lots more custom touches, i'm sure.


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