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  1. Same here. I'm down for some on your next mid-state run.
  2. Really? With the amount of distance between the two of them at the moment the shots were fired? I don't. But as I and others said above, there could be a history between these two or a history of the deceased known by the shooter that may have created a reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily harm or death in that moment. It's gonna take a serious history of violent behavior and a dang good lawyer for the shooter to prove that though.
  3. Yeah, agreed. From what I saw on that video alone, I would say it was not a good shoot. But there's probably more to the story. This one will be interesting to watch to see how the DA goes with it.
  4. ^^^ this. We don't know if the shooter has had prior experience with the mouth being violent which could add to the defense that a reasonable person would be in fear of their life or serious harm.
  5. From the title, I thought maybe he got lucky with a super model. Either way, NICE RACK! Welcome back, Spots!
  6. BTW, the people you spoke with in that gun store are ignorant of the law. Do NOT trust their legal advice on anything. Nowhere under any circumstances is a self-made paper trail needed under federal law*. For interstate transfers, a firearm must go through an FFL in the receiver's state. For same-state private transfers, no paperwork is required at all by the law. *It's probably a good idea to do a Bill of Sale when selling, but that's a personal decision and sometimes one made on a case-by-case basis. The law does not require it on a private transfer between two residents of the same state. It's possible that some states may have additional restrictions. I don't know the laws in 50 states, just Tennessee where nothing at all is required.
  7. It has to be sent to an FFL in South Carolina and transferred to him there. The law doesn't care exactly how it gets to the S.C. FFL other than he can't take it to them because it's not his until it's transferred. Either you can hand deliver it to the SC FFL or you can ship it. Shipping is where things get sketchy. Most carriers like USPS, FedEx and UPS won't take a handgun from a private party and ship it to an FFL. They will ship to a manufacturer for things like safety recalls, but not to a normal dealer. That's why most interstate private party transfers end up going FFL to FFL. You'll pay your local TN FFL to ship it to his local SC FFL who will then charge him their transfer fee. The other option is that you can loan a firearm across state lines for lawful sporting purposes. The laws make no mention of how long a loan can last. You could loan it to him indefinitely but it remains your property. He can't sell it or give it away because it's not his. If you leave it to him in your will and you die while it's still loaned to him, it will simply become his property at the time of your death. Inherited firearms do not have to pass through an FFL, even across state lines. See Question #4 here: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/docs/0813-firearms-top-12-qaspdf/download You could also loan it to him until you go for a visit in SC, then you can hand deliver it to a local FFL who will do a 4473 transfer to him.
  8. I'm not sure what a 4474 is, but 4473 doesn't have a question 11A. It has a 21A and nowhere does it make an exception for gifting to a family member. In fact, the word "family" isn't found anywhere on 4473 or its definitions pages. https://www.atf.gov/file/61446/download As for the OP, yes, they can gift it to you. But you can not have a pre-arranged setup where they're buying it on your behalf. It would probably be easier if you just waited until you're 21.
  9. You need think more globally. The US no longer dictates the global car market the way we used to. As was pointed out above, EU nations will be all electric in the next 10-15 years. But that pales in comparison to the Chinese market. They never had the massive infrastructure built over the past 100+ years supporting ICE like we built, so they're building out their EV infrastructure like nobody's business. The EV market for China alone is big enough to make every manufacturer go all EV in the next two decades.
  10. If you can drive an ICE to a station where the power didn't go out, you can drive an EV to a charger where the power didn't go out. I know, we have more gas stations than EV chargers, but that's changing . . . quickly
  11. Talking with a few Tesla owners, the mileage seems to be pretty close. As for the power being out, that's also a problem for gas pumps. Except with an EV, I'd always be starting with a full charge after having it plugged in when the power went out, as opposed to an ICE where my gas level could be anywhere from full to fumes. Some EVs can function as a big battery for your house (F-150 lightning can do it) but of course that depletes the range on the car. In time, though, I think the costs of batteries and solar will continue to fall and make buying a solar roof + power wall economical enough that I can install both and I won't care when grid power is down, no matter what kind of motors are in my car at the time.
  12. If I was in the market for a new car, I'd look hard at electric. Plug in each day to keep it topped up, or once a week (if that) if you have a short commute or rarely drive like me now that I work from home full time. Never needing to stop for gas again on the local around town stuff would be nice. It would be a little annoying on longer trips.Take a Model 3 extended range for an example car. Assume I start out fully charged, that's going to give me ~350 miles. Then I need to find a supercharger to get 80% (280 miles) and that will take about 30 minutes to charge. It would take another 30m to get to 100%, so I'd take the 80% and move on. I recently did a trip to Tampa of about 800 miles each way. I'd have to make two stops to charge up to 80%, costing me an hour and I'd arrive close to empty again, needing another supercharger, or at least a regular charger near my hotel for overnight duty. Compared to ~15 minutes for three stops to fill up my Wrangler, or ~10 minutes for two stops to fill up a car with way better gas mileage like . . . well, about anything except a truck. But to be fair, road trips like that are not super frequent for me, and the convenience of an EV for daily use may be worth the hour or two it's going to cost me in a day's driving on those occasional road trips. It's not just the no-gas thing that would be nice. Think no more oil changes, transmission fluid changes, or coolant flushes, plus fewer brake jobs. No more leaking oil seals, spark plug changes, or any of dozens of other things that can go bad with an ICE engine, transmission, exhaust system, fuel system, or emissions control systems. The only maintenance items on a Model 3 are tire rotation and cabin air filter. They also suggest lubing the brake caliper pistons and testing the brake fluid, but we all know the caliper parts get lubed when pads get changed and fluid gets changed once a decade, if that. I know an electric motor can go bad, and battery packs over time lose their ability to hold as much juice, but overall it's going to be less hassle and more reliable. If not yet, then very soon. I'm more interested in the self-driving side of things than the EV. I LOOOOVE to drive, but commuting and mind-numbing Interstate road trips are not "driving". They ARE the perfect setting for letting the car take over. It doesn't have to be perfect, just better than humans. And it's pretty dang close to outperforming hairless apes applying makeup, eating a McBurger, drinking a $tarbuck$, and checking FaceTwit while attempting to operate a motor vehicle. I know all the legal liability stuff still needs to get sorted, but I for one welcome our chauffeur overlords. . . just not on The Dragon
  13. Rare photo of a rare plane. Convair YB-60. They completed 1 prototype and were almost done with the 2nd when the program (and both airframes) was scrapped in favor of the Boeing YB-52.
  14. Here's a direct link to the Firearms page of the Trading Post: https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/39-firearms-classifieds/
  15. If it's the local black bears you're worried about, bear spray is a way better choice than a handgun. It's highly effective against them and you'll almost certainly never need it. Black bears are very rarely aggressive towards people. something like 60'ish people killed in the past 100+ years by them. If it's western Grizzlies, bear spray backed up by the biggest hand cannon (.500 or .454 Casull come to mind) I can manage and a paid up life insurance policy would be the way I'd go. For the 2-legged critters, carry what you always carry. An axe murderer on a trail is the same as an axe murderer in town.
  16. Solar and a battery wall keeping looking better and better every time I open this thread . . .
  17. This tangent reminds me of an old South Park episode when Chef gets seduced by a succubus. Mr. Garrison gives the boys some advice on women.....classic! Fair warning: NSFW.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQqqHuV-6g8
  18. My dad has a Rohm RG-10. It has become a bit of a family joke at this point and sadly one of the only guns I'd never sell when it becomes mine.
  19. I'll see your Raven and raise you a Rohm.
  20. It's a tie between an H&R 940 .22 revolver that fires about 1/2 the time the trigger's pulled and a Mini Draco. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with that one but it's loud and stupid fun. My Mosin 1891/30 and M44 are both pretty useless too, but at least I can hit a target with them.
  21. Me either, but you and I are not the seller's target market. Grayfox54 nailed it.
  22. I want a .45 1911. I think I've settled on a Colt Gold Cup National Match as the best balance between classic looks and moving up the line from a RIA/Tisas. I like that it's blued instead of parkerized (the Royal Blue model is gorgeous but the rollmarks turn me off). I've handled the current production ones (model# O5870A1) and like it. I've found a LNIB older model online (the 1970-1983 production) for just a few dollars more. The big drawback is I'm relying on photos and can't see it in person. The rollmark on the older one is shallower and looks cleaner to me. It also has the kidney-cut trigger instead of the 3-holes (I don't know if that matters to me or not....I'm not swayed strongly either way). Other than the rollmark and the trigger shape, is there anything significantly different between the 1970-1983 GCNMs and the current run? Both are Series 70.
  23. Yeah, same here. The math just barely works out to break even IF everything goes to plan. Solar's definitely not a money saving move in our part of the country yet. I've been considering it more for the grid-independence than any real cost savings.
  24. I thought about the tri-fuel adaption kit for my Honda EU6500is. Not so much for the LP as for the NG. I could hook up to my house gas line and have unlimited fuel during a power outage. Not gonna help much if we have a true EOTWAWKI, but running a genset would be the least of my worries then. Truthfully, I'm beginning to think that the best way to generate electricity in an outage is to not have an outage. I've been considering solar panels with a power wall (big battery for the house). Way more expensive than a genset, though. The breakeven on it for my needs is about 20 years . . . and the panels are good for about 20 years. . . . . I want to see if the Tesla roof will finally be released. It's an interesting way to go. I'll need a new roof in about 10-15 years. Hopefully it will be available by then.


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