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  1. Maybe. I'd bet it needs to be tight to keep the gun from bouncing, and that would make breathing difficult. The exact problems jgradyc is solving with his rig.
  2. ^^ This Carry a broadsword or scimitar if you want to.
  3. That's a matter of opinion and depends on both your personality and your automotive needs. I'd never call a '63 Split-Window Corvette "boring" or "reliable", but I'd take one every day of the week and twice on Sundays and gladly deal with the maintenance, unless I had to haul 5 kids around. Then I'd get a Honda Odyssey . . . . but still put a turbo on it.
  4. South Carolina at home is winnable for Villano.......Vandy, and so is Mizzou on the road. I think this will be a 4 or 5 win season. Already 3 is a big move in the right direction after 0-8 last year, but I think an SEC win or two would be great for the program.
  5. If you look at the Mazda CX-5, I suggest you look at 2017 and newer. The seats in the 2013-2016 are hard as rocks on an iron plate. I have a 2015 and any trip longer than an hour starts to hurt. 2017 saw a big refresh. It's the same underneath, but new body panels and new interior designs. The driving dynamics on most Mazda models hands down beat the like-for-like competition. I had a new Honda CR-V a few weeks ago as a rental. It rides smoother and the seats are way more comfortable than my CX-5, but it was as boring to drive as just about any Honda out there. Honda has just about perfected the comfortable functional reliable transportation but man do they have no soul.
  6. Maybe a little pedantic, but it's all entrances generally used by the public. A restaurant can post the front door but not post the kitchen entrance used by employees and still be properly posted by statute. I bring it up in case someone thinks they thought up a loop hole that doesn't exist. It also doesn't have to be the door. The signage is to restrict access to the area beyond the posting. A restaurant could place a sign at the entrances to their bar area but not the front door. That would make only the bar area off limits. I've seen the sign on some Waffle House bulletin boards which sit by the restrooms. I guess you can't have a handgun in there, but the rest of the place is OK . . .
  7. John Harris is too busy knocking on doors at the Capitol building to always keep the site up to date. Trust us. He's working hard for all of us.
  8. You sure that's not from last year in Seattle?
  9. As mentioned above, join the TFA. That's one of the best ways to try to get good work done on our behalf on TN Capitol Hill.
  10. As far as has ever been reported here that I can recall, the only case of anyone being prosecuted for carrying past a sign was around 10 years ago or so in Memphis at a (I think) Kawasaki dealership. The place had been recently robbed, maybe multiple times (10+ years ago . . I don't remember specifics). Anyway, long story short, the signs were huge and obvious. This predated the current specific signage laws needing the TCA reference. I think maybe the offender was even warned verbally NOT to carry but did it anyway. A pretty blatant thumbing of his nose at the proprietor. Police were called. Charges were filed. I don't recall exactly what the outcome was, or if we ever learned the final outcome, but he probably got to see a judge at some point. I think at that time, a conviction under 39-17-1359 meant a mandatory suspension of the HCP but that's no longer in 1359.
  11. Don't know the actor or actress, but apparently she's crazy 'bout a Mercury '49.
  12. Really? You don't think they'd offer up new border funding or renewed oil drilling to get actual hard hitting gun legislation passed? They'd do it in a heart beat knowing they can kill the funding and revoke the permits before any real work is done. And the GOP would walk right into it like they always do. I used to think it was because the GOP was hapless when it came to political maneuvering, but it happens way too often to not be intentional.
  13. I'm in too. As I recall, the owner of Dalt's on White Bridge Rd. is friendly to our community. He allowed Chip Cain to host a great meet up several years ago to discuss legal issue around carrying and SD. Dalt's is not posted. It might be a good way to return the favor and meet there, but it's your show T.K. so wherever you choose is fine with me.
  14. He's right about that. An AR is fairly useless against an F-22. But that opens up the argument to say that what we need is civilian ownership of MANPADS and old German 88s with flak canisters. Maybe then he would stop insinuating threats of F-22 attacks against American civilians.
  15. Herman Munster on the left and The Karate Kid on the right.
  16. Thanks for the heads up! I've been waiting/hoping for another round. My paperwork is ready to get notarized and off in the mail to the fine folks in Anniston.
  17. I think I see a fuzzy baby elephant
  18. If it's bigger and cheaper, there's a reason. The question you have to ask is "does that matter to me?" Some of the big box retailers have good safes alongside the thinner/lighter/cheaper ones. TSC for example sells cheap Cannon and Winchester (Chinese made) safes along with more expensive models from Liberty (USA made).
  19. Beat me to it. Unfortunately, I think the end of the NFA would actually skyrocket prices on things like the MG42. The supply can't get any bigger and the demand would surge. Only guns in current production, or where a new production version would be just as or nearly as desirable as an original would see prices plummet. Glock 18, MP-5, Uzi, M-60, or M-4/M-16 for example.


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