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Community Answers

  1. They really are Glock like but this has a better trigger
  2. Very good condition ,ext mag 300.00 to HCP holder in the memphis area
  3. https://www.springfield-armory.com/m1a-series-rifles/m1a-socom-16-rifles/m1a-socom-16-cqb-308-rifle-hex-dragonfly/ No room in the safe,need this to go... 2000.00 OBO In Memphis to CCW lic holders...
  4. location? In Da Sticks makes me think you hours away but I like that Para
  5. Springfield Made in USA
  6. id go Springfield ,Made in USA,Series 70 and forged slide and receiver cant go wrong.
  7. We are very pleased with another important milestone in the history of the CZ brand. Our parent group CZG has agreed on purchase of the American small arms manufacturer Colt. After the completion of the transaction, the legendary Colt brand will become the new sister company of CZUB. MAKE COLT GREAT AGAIN
  8. if you did not learn anything from Sandy Hook im sorry but you were a fool.....When Trump was elected in 2016 gun sales dropped like a stone and so did prices,I hoarded ! Covid hit and prices tripled so I flipped a few ARs for profit ,223 ammo too . Now that trump is heading out to sea and reading bidens plans for gun owners todays prices will look like childs play in about a year..... Our only hope for a normal market again is a win in 2024. Side note,good time to keep an eye out for Ruger and S&W stocks...Load up!
  9. and buying in 2020 puts you at the highest possible priced market place for any firearm,ammo to for that matter.....If that matters
  10. These guns are being price gouged ,ill pass..
  11. Having shot the Gen2 I would only think the Gen 1 would be an even worse experience The newer models greatly shoot better than old ones


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