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  1. and buying in 2020 puts you at the highest possible priced market place for any firearm,ammo to for that matter.....If that matters
  2. These guns are being price gouged ,ill pass..
  3. Having shot the Gen2 I would only think the Gen 1 would be an even worse experience The newer models greatly shoot better than old ones
  4. both like new/pristine condition would like to sell or trade one or both, I value each to be in the 550.00-600.00 range in todays market. Memphis location,buyer to have HCP CZP10c ,9MM CZ P07 ,9MM
  5. They are hard to beat for the price,I picked one up used for dirt cheap and it has a 20 something round mag ,they are just basically a turkish glock
  6. after election day it will start to turn cheaper......STOCK UP
  7. I have one in Memphis like new ,comes with some extras,carbon fiber IWB, aftermarket 15 Round Mag,Ameriglow Sights,3.5# trigger bar,black in color..Have one day with it at the range,ran flawlessly I decided Id rather keep the shorter grip of my G26.. If interested PM me.. I was planning to list a few guns soon this was one of them
  8. Im in Memphis I have a PCR worked over by the custom shop at CZ i would not mind selling but Im into it for 750 bucks its got FO sights,grips,hammer upgrade and a 4# trigger pristine condition ..sweet shooter ,for a small gun its tack driver too
  9. I should have said no one buys 40 anymore...Wont be a big seller for Glock but I have owned many and keep ONE 40 pistol on hand The great thing about 40 is when there is an ammo shortage and 9MM vanishes 40 is always ready to fight
  10. Not sure why you say that no one buys 40 and even my LGS wont take one for trade anymore ..
  11. Ive owned a dozen glocks and even carry one The Canik of which I grabbed one used from a friend is one seriously impressive gun for MUCH less cash and the tigger smokes a glocks
  12. for CCW it will be great,15-20 yard targets ill stick to my full size CZs
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