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  1. Not mine but the best picture I could find of the rear logo, I just wonder if TWRA would say anything about them. I have seen many boats around here that do not have what I consider block lettering for the hull numbers.
  2. Anyone know how picky TWRA is on the font of the hull numbers?  I would like to match the existing factory lettering.
  3.   I met a Capt like this. Peterson MKIII 65' patrol boat 3-8v92 Detroits.......There wasn't quite enough room for the 12v to fit for the center engine otherwise it would have been 3-12v. :lol:     Anyone have dealings with Jaco's Marine in Lawrenceburg?
  4. Do you think all the related problems is from use or lack of use?  I'm looking at adding a Stinger 175 to the toy collection this year to float around on the lakes.
  5. Anyone thinking about biting the bullet for a lifetime?
  6. Bump from the dead: Anyone have an opinion of the best/honest Jeep dealer around Nashville, both in sales and service?
  7. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/08/06/13141505-home-searched-as-police-seek-motive-for-deadly-shooting-at-sikh-temple?lite Am I missing something here?
  8. I use a pair of these. http://www.academy.c..._-1?N=329210428 I can still hear decently with them on. When I bought them they had the highest NRR of anything I looked at.
  9. I cut a lot of the whole story with the ton of questions that he kept asking over and over, just giving the big details. One thing I noticed that I left out is that he radioed his shift capt to call him, when he did he questioned if SC honored TN permits.
  10. My experience with Darlington a couple of years ago.
  11. http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/05/31/zombie-alert-man-throws-his-own-intestines-at-police/
  12. x2, I have been trying to study for the Extra for over a year now and keep getting interrupted studying. That and the fact that I have to re-learn a lot of the mathmatics that I have forgotten. I went through 2 versions of the technican books because of it but luckly I have another year and a half before I have to get another Extra book. For some reason I keep having nightmares of being eaten by capacitors and inductors.
  13. Hmm, maybe I need to send TWRA an email. I have a few people with me at work that wouldn't mind going through it along with one guy's two daughters. Maybe I could conjure up a few more people if there is a minimum. On another note, I bought a new compound bow today. But I think it is bad form for your shoulder to pop out of place mid-draw test firing it. It has really been a long time since I shot a bow, 15+ years, so I have lost a lot of the muscle up there.
  14. Does anyone know how the courses are scheduled? Is it up to the volunteer's schedule or does TWRA sort of dictate a schedule? Thanks.


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