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  1. I think SA would cover it under warranty if you start to have issues with the gun. I don't think they will cover it as a preventative maintenance item.
  2. I definitely was not ever planning on him driving alone with the handgun, until he is older. I just wasn't sure about it being (just) in the car and not on my person, if he was driving. as for the booze, interesting enough info. I will adhere to that.
  3. So my oldest son is 15 and has his Driver's Lerners Permit. Will be getting his restricted license in a few months. I know TN law now allows loaded handguns to be carried in a vehicle without an HCP. Both my wife and myself have our HCPs, so that is not really an issue. Does the TN law discern or appoint ownership of who is driving as to what is in the car? If he is driving and I am in the car, can the gun still be in the car? Now, I am pretty sure once he turns 16, he cannot drive with the gun in the car without either my wife or myself, is this correct? He just informed me today that he learned in Driver's Ed at school, that if he is driving, there can be no alcohol in the car whatsoever. Not unopened container, not in the trunk, not even empty cans or bottles. News to me.
  4. I shoot pretty regularly at ORSA (IDPA). Always a lot of new shooters each month. Arrive no later than 0830 for a new shooter briefing. Bring gun, 3-4 mags, holster, mag pouch and about 100-150 rounds of ammo. Like mentioned above, mags can be loaded but gun stays unloaded until ready to shoot. Keep gun in holster until ready to shoot. I would not worry too much about the rule book. It is very long and might not make sense to the new shooters. Go slow and focus on accuracy, not speed at first. Asking questions is fine too. Main thing. . .have fun and be safe.
  5. I still find it amusing that people in TN call it a "concealed carry" or "concealed weapons" permit, when it is just a "handgun carry" permit. No issue with them opening the store, but wonder about their level of education and training to offer safety courses, etc. . .in the future. also, not sure how you promote the 4 basic rules of gun safety when you are offering toy Nerf guns for sale. All kids point and shoot Nerf guns at each other. . .
  6. Can you please clarify the point of if you are not the only one in the vehicle. Say the gun is in the glovebox and you have other adults (family members) in the car with you. Is there a difference if you are the driver vs. passenger?
  7. taking the order, not the problem. . .making the order, now that (folks) does seem to be rocket science and getting all the order into the damn bag.
  8. don't overthink it. even the most basic setups can work for IDPA. keep it simple. Gun (9mm or larger caliber) + ammo. usually about 120 rounds will do. 3 magazines, if they hold more than 10 rounds you will only load to 10 magazine pouch to wear on your belt. makes it easier to grab a mag and do a reload when required. usually a molded plastic (kydex) open top mag pouch works best. belt to hold it all on and around your waist. cover garment, overshirt or the like. you are good to go.
  9. Ain't ever worth posting anything like this on the internet.  it will live forever.  good way to get yourself in some kind of trouble later on down the road.    oh, and by the way, I have two teenage boys right now.  And believe me, I am raising them right.
  10. My thoughts are just lack of discipline. . .probably on a re-holster as many of you have mentioned.  You would be surprised how many people shooting IDPA when they go to re-holster after a string, just slam the gun in the holster, get their jacket/shirt/vest caught in the way or whatever and instead of looking down to view the issue and fix it with their other hand, they just continue to blindly pull the gun in and out of the holster trying to get it placed properly.  On many instances the RO reaches a hand in to help pull the obstructing garment back.  This habit is bad enough with an empty gun, but how potentially tragic with a loaded gun. 
  11. I hope this is not a re-post.   http://www.knoxnews.com/news/local/kpd-man-who-shot-himself-in-mall-parking-lot-was-gun-permit-holder-2d78717c-a272-1e1d-e053-0100007f3-371275611.html    
  12. Fiber Optic or something with Photoluminescent paint on the front site.  Blacked out rear.  Helps to only focus on front site.  REally only need tritium for low-light (no-light) shooting.   Talon makes both rubberized and more aggressive (sand-paper like) grip panels. 
  13. Is there any gun on the market now that will meet all their requirements?  Or will this be a custom built gun?
  14. I was surprised (and disappointed) to see the 9mm 147gr. Speer Gold Dots did not have great expansion.  Probably due to lower velocity.  That is what I was carrying in my Springfield EMP.  And it only has a 3" barrel.  Definitely gonna think about switching to the 124+P.  This rounds seems to have a great balance of penetration and expansion. 

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