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  1. I bought two suppressors from a local shop and they said they were efiling. I gave him pdf's of all docs, but he said he had to mail a check and a copy of forms. I thought it was strange then called the ATF about status and they said it was paper filed. Make sure your shop knows what an Efile is or it could cost you an extra 6 months.
  2. We have 3,000 boxes of Hornady 110gr V-max ready to ship. $8 flat rate shipping no matter how much ammo you order.   http://www.tntacticalsupply.com/hornady-custom-blackout-110gr-vmax-8087-p-31273.html   300 Blackout uppers in stock from AAC, CMMG, Core15, DRD, and Noveske.   http://www.tntacticalsupply.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=300+blackout&OBNsid=975102b0116387283c08734c2508344e&x=0&y=0   Use TGO10 for 10% off all uppers.
  3. One went pending in August and approved yesterday. Still not back to my shop yet, but I like progress. First one error free!
  4. We just got in a shipment of 20 round Pmags and should have 40 round 556 Pmags in stock tomorrow. Use "TGO10" for 10% off or "FREEFEB" to get free shipping on your order with the exception of ammo. http://www.tntacticalsupply.com/magpul-industries-762nato-20rd-black-dpmssr25larue-mag291blk-p-33659.html
  5. I have the Silencerco Osprey .45 and use it on all pistol calibers. I plan to use it on 300 blackout at some point. Great can with a nice profile. First round pop is louder then I would like but certainly gets the job done. Should have the Liberty Mystic in the next couple of months too. Excited to try it out.
  6. I have a Generac 5500 that I converted to Propane. I also have a 500 gallon propane tank. I still need to get the fittings to set it up on the tank. Just using 20 and 30 pound tanks for now.
  7. I have a heat pump and woke to 9 degrees with the power out. We have 3 sets of propane logs for a back up and glad we had them this morning.
  8. I got one before they had the threaded barrel available. Sent it to a shop to chop the barrel to 16 1/4 and thread it. Next to my 10/22 Charger pistol it's my go to 22. Awesome concept and great execution.
  9. Awesome! Mine was April 21st. Maybe a Christmas present from Barrack? I do have an evil trust though.
  10. I load the 175gr pulled Sierra Matchkings I got from David on the forums. They cycle well out of my 10.5" AAC suppressed and unsuppressed. I think I was around 12 cents a finished round. Started casting but have not loaded any of the cast bullets yet. Waiting on my take down suppressor.
  11. My girls 7 and 4 loved it and said it was one of the best they have seen. Not sure how I got out of that one but luck was certainly on my side.
  12. I read it and my blood pressure went up before I got to the end. Good reminder for sure.
  13. Read the entire article. http://gunsnfreedom.com/72-killed-resisting-gun-confiscation-in-boston/
  14. I called the Local ATF office in Brentwood and I was surprised someone answered the phone. He was very nice and wanted to answer all of my questions. I asked if he was getting a paycheck and he said no, but it's against the law for him to not show up to work. I guess some kind of legislation to prevent a strike, but he didn't go into details.   I have a form 4 pending too.
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