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  1. Old topic I know but we are closing on a new location and will be shooting again in a few months.....Finally!
  2. Zeus

    Clip or magazine?

    lol....Guns and Ammo. I gave up on most gun rags years ago. I got tired of the same old comparisons. The same old writers rehashing things that make no difference to me. My biggest beef is the fact that I've never seen a bad review. A lot of junk out there has been recommended because advertisers pay the magazine good money. Not really unbiased. I do subscribe to 1 shooting related magazine....Handloader. No time for productivity while I'm on vacation.....too much relaxing to do!
  3. Zeus

    Clip or magazine?

    We all know what is inferred when using the word "clip" where "magazine" should be used. To many purists it's annoying when the terms get mixed up. It's not that big a deal to me but I'd like for people to understand the difference.
  4. Well, I wasn't really even thinking about putting another scope on my 22-250 but I happened into such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up. The Burris scope on there has served me well. The optics are much better than my lower end scopes but not anywhere near as nice as what ended up in its place. I'm the proud owner of a NIB Swarovski Z3 4-12x50mm. As soon as I found out that it was mine I mounted it up. The optical quality on this piece of glass is just incredible. I've been looking out back as the sun goes down and it is extending the usable light a very long time. I'm very impressed. I should mentioned how the scope ended up at my place. A shipping snafu caused a buddy to send the wrong package to me. The one I got had various optics and gun accessories in it. I inquired about the guy getting the package and asked if he'd sell me that scope. A few days later I hear back from my buddy saying the guy wants $50 more than what I offered......BOOM, I jumped on it. This thing will be the perfect scope for my 22-250 out in the dog towns....Not crazy powerful but the optics are so clear it's almost like using a 20x scope. I'm worried that I'll be ruined for life with quality optics.
  5. Zeus

    No More Glock Butt

    The main reason I own Glocks is simplicity. This is just another thing to mess up in the middle of the night when I need the weapon. I want to just grab the gun, aim and start pulling the trigger.
  6. Zeus

    Shot a few 9mm's today

    Thanks for the heads up....it already has the 04 spring in it.
  7. It's not a gimmick in my opinion. I believe that it can make each brand of gun appeal to a larger group of people. Take the previous generations of Glocks for example. I have small to average size hands and the Glock grips were just a touch too big. The Gen 4 with no back strap installed is just the perfect size for me. The different sizes are very subtle, only a few millimeters, but it's just enough to broaden the sizes across a wide range of grips.
  8. That's some mighty fine shootin'! You're going to love that 1911. I have considered ditching all my other guns in favor of 1911's. I've got a 9mm and 45 ACP, now all that's missing is a 38 Super. Although I do own a 38 Super it's a Sig P220. You will find that as you stretch out your ranges you will shoot just as well. Try out some 25 yard groups. I bet that gun will surprise you.
  9. Zeus

    Shot a few 9mm's today

    Yes sir. It's a Kimber Stainless Target II 9mm. I also have a Kimber Eclipse Custom II 45 ACP. This is the gun that started my love affair with the 1911.
  10. Took 2 of my 9mm's to the range today to wring them out a little bit. I've shot the 1911 one other time but the G19 is only hours old. I shot the G19 quite a bit making sure everything was kosher with the Gen 4. It functioned flawlessly with factory and self defense ammo. I did have 2 stove pipes with my reloads. I'm not surprised my reloads weren't 100%. It's a light charge of Unique with a 124 grain plated bullet. My initial impressions of the Gen 4 G19 are very good. That pistol just points itself. I love the slightly slimmer grip vs. my Gen 3 G17 (which was sold to fund the 19). The 19 is every bit as accurate as the 17. With just a G19 and a G26 left in my Glock collection I think I have the 2 best 9mm SD handguns on the market. Now the 1911....well what can I say. That pistol is top notch in my opinion. It really is a joy to shoot and recoil is almost nonexistent. The trigger is excellent and the grip is perfect for my hand. I was mowing down steel plates @ 20 yards without a problem. I shot nothing but my reloads in it and function was 100%. My guess is that the 19 will handle the light reloads just fine after I get a couple more rounds down the pipe. But hey, any day at the range is better than a day at work!
  11. Zeus

    .22 semiautomatic

    It might not be what your looking for but this one is an excellent plinking pistol. If you stick to any of the major manufacturers you will not be sorry.
  12. I agree with this post.....but if you want to build your own go for it.
  13. Zeus


    I've got an old S&W 10-5 38 special. While not exactly a carry gun it sure is nice and compact. The original grips were much easier to conceal but I shoot this thing a lot so I wanted something a little more comfortable. This little cannon was built in the 70's and the quality reflects that.......they truly don't make them like they used to.......
  14. Zeus

    Ruger GP-100

    Good luck with that.....I haven't found many GP100 (or 686 for that matter) owners that would part with them. To drive your urges even more check this out. The target on the right was shot with an open sighted 6" GP100 12 years ago....that was the gun I regretted selling. The target on the left was shot just a few months ago with the above pictured GP. I'm sure I could do better as it was my first time out with that particular wheel gun. Both groups were shot rested @ 25 yards with generic hand loads.

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