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  1. TSA has always been a political organization. They could endorse or not endorse something and it doesn't really imply the actual deputies have that opinion. I'm all for it and everybody in my office is also. I just wish if you have a permit they gave you some benefit beside the reciprocity like no back ground check.
  2. It doesn't look wore down much but I don't know anything about coins. Could use a good cleaning but I don't want to risk messing it up.
  3. I'm hoping somebody on here may have some knowledge about old coins just to give me a ballpark estimate on what they believe the value is on a silver dollar. From what I can tell it is a Morgan silver dollar 1893 with "s" mark on the back. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  4. I took my second shot over a month ago with no problems. I've noticed from all the people at work that if you didn't have the bad side effects like feeling sick on the first the second didn't bother them either. I think you will be good.
  5. It was known to happen occasionally in older generations.
  6. I’ve been using a site lately called expert voice not bad on the discounts like 35-40% off and free shipping on many brands. Check it out may save you all some money. Any other suggestions on websites that have discounts?
  7. As a lefty with long guns I've used them so long I no longer even want one. The brass deflectors on stock ar15s typically do their job. I don't believe the lower should be any different. The upper receiver along with bcg will be the difference.
  8. I’ve had both my Moderna shots. First one gave me minor aches. Second had a headache off and on for two days. The people I know that felt bad after the first didn’t have any side effects on the 2nd. Everybody has said they had shoulder pain so go with your weak side and see if they can give it higher up. Good luck
  9. In my opinion if everything was exactly the way you say and no other evidence to the contrary I would suggest you would have been fine and declared self defense. You have no duty to retreat and you were in a lawful place and anyone could assume you were about to get carjacked or worse. The biggest issue is where you said this was not a fear issue, were you in fear of serious bodily injury or death? That typically is the standard for using deadly force. I definitely don't want to be put in a self defense shooting scenario now and especially in Davidson County with the current environment. Lucki
  10. Here is a thought. First after explosion most thought is terrorism. If you have a plane looking to finish the job or do more damage you now stick out heading toward closed airspace. Also keep the nosey media choppers out of the area and I'm sure some of them would love to fly too low and possibly damage something or rotor wash move evidence.
  11. They are going to make the NFA there is no doubt in my mind. If they waive the tax stamp fee I'll just have some SBR and SBS.
  12. This is straight from TN Department of Health's website Frontline hospital health care workers, first responders, long-term care facility residents and staff, home health providers, student health providers. It appears to be going in that exact order. I know the heath care workers and EMS were given first priority then police and fire. I got mine today nothing but soreness in the shoulder hope that is all I get. They didn't really laugh too much when I sad I'm here to get my zombie shot. Anyone else got it yet?
  13. We have went to saying thou shall ingest a satchel of Richards.
  14. Just fill out the form, pay the fee, and take a picture. Nothing additional.


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