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  1. I have a PSA build with magpul furniture I built a few years ago. It has had 0 rounds through it. I wasn’t looking to really sell it but possibly trade for another gun that catches my eye. If you have pieces you would think about trading you can send a message worst I say is no.
  2. I think they are heading in the right direction. Guarantano isn’t consistent I’m waiting to see how the qb they are getting for ‘21 will be.
  3. Pain103


    What generation is it?
  4. I think he tripped on his shoe laces.
  5. Pain103

    PSA Dagger

    Anybody here able to get one ordered yesterday before they went out of stock?
  6. Dang too bad your in east I need that hammer drill.
  7. Yep I have horrible sinus problems get the stink eye if I sneeze. Ive been tested for the rona multiple times due to exposures at work been negative every time. It isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.
  8. Haha I thought you donated it to me. I was happy when I found them then wanted to kick myself.
  9. Like the title says what have you found while cleaning out junk and forgot you had? I was cleaning out a room that housed all my man stuff came across 10 unopened pmags and 1000 rounds of 556 I forgot I had.
  10. Anybody near Nashville have a 43x they are interested in getting rid of?
  11. I think the “and” is going to get you. It doesn’t seem you have met the 10 year part. Just my thought.
  12. I don’t traffic stops as a detective but if I did I would laugh and then walk away knowing I couldn’t try it.
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