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  1. outside pet electric blanket

    A dog igloo with a rubber flap will keep enough heat. I use to work K-9 and would occasionally check the temperature in there it would stay in the 50’s over night. I did take some old fence panels to the side of kennel to help block wind.
  2. Do you tip your barber?

    $5 everytime. Helps its my cousin and they only charge me like 8 or 9 bucks.
  3. Target

    I know our trees and other steel move once its impacted so should change the angle of the projectile. I’ve never been hit from shooting steel but took a few shotgun pellets off a tree when younger.
  4. Flooding in East Nashville

    It got pretty deep up this way. Got called in to work at 1:30 AM because of the flooding. It just amazes me how many people want to attempt to drive through roads with like 3-4 feet of water in cars and expect to make it. I got my boots on the dryer where I had to wade through water to get a lady out of her car. Saw people just basically throw their cars away doing this. I hope none of yall on here had any issues with flooding in your homes.
  5. Radio Scanning Help

    Go talk to the guys over at wireless plus off Myatt Drive see if they can help you out. Anytime I have issues with my radios they get it fixed and probably have all the freqs you need.
  6. It doesn't infer anything it's a word with three numbers after it. But if you really want to know how it came to be I made a old yahoo email to use that had the word pain in it while out due to an injury when a drunk driver hit me on a stop. The 103 is an old badge number.
  7. I just love coming to my favorite forum to read this.
  8. Speeding tickets in Tennessee?

    There is some difference. If you get a citation from say a trooper or a deputy all their citations go through a general sessions court which is why it is higher. I know my city citations top out at like $109. That includes everything even if you went to court and lost no additional cost.
  9. Contacts with astigmatism

    I have used B&L softlens toric for few years. Never had a problem when they rotate. I did get a box once where the lenses seemed to rip on the edge. But overall I have been pleased and they allow good air flow to the eyes.
  10. Just because someone gets a paycheck from a city doesn't mean they can force you to give a legal statement. Same rights we all have. I have no doubt that not giving a statement is going to keep him from being fired and charged. He's done.
  11. The problem is goverment employees can't be ordered to give a statement and that be used against them in court. Garrity rights. He may have given a statement for internal investigation but not criminal investigation. Also I seem to have read something about their laws in relation to giving a statement. Either way I'm not against training about interacting with lawfully armed people but I think isn't something we need the legislature doing. It's one of the things I go over with rookies when there in training.
  12. I don't see the need. I've never had HCP holder even now with vehicle carry be a problem. It is typically the unlawful possession ones imagine that!
  13. Biker convention?

    Outlaws already have a chapter in Nashville. They had a national ride last year that brought several from all around. I saw a few of the guys sporting the Mass rocker today. Seemed to mine their own business.
  14. Bored out of my mind

    Youtube and their suggested videos on the side have led me to drift off for an hour or more. Netflix is money well spent if you don't have it.
  15. Getting to know you. What do you do?

    No great story here. I worked corrections for about 4 years. Have been a police officer for 12 years.

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