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  1. Looking for a magpul SL commercial spec ar15 carbine stock. Figured I would see if anyone had one to get rid of before I buy somewhere.
  2. As Chuck said if you changed it for one it covers all. In Tennessee it is all one entry if ran just shows on your license and then there is section for handgun permit and expiration date for it.
  3. I can only speak for my agency. Once any criminal charges are done with on the thief or person in possession of it it only takes a simple run of the record to ensure you aren't prohibited from possessing it and then sign here bye.
  4. I wouldn't hold my breath. I saw worker's comp refuse coverage to two guys in my office who were in direct contact with positive people on the job and it was documented and caught it and had to take off. Their answer was you can't prove that is the person you caught it from. To many variables and unknowns and that always is in their favor.
  5. I also keep mine what we called cruiser ready tube full chamber empty. The safety is personal choice but be use to disengaging it if you use it.
  6. For some reason the pics wont open. What kind of mount?
  7. We are in the 6th district that ruling will have no effect here until SCOTUS makes a ruling.
  8. If you gave the law enforcement agency the serial numbers to all stolen firearms they should have been entered stolen into NCIC. If any law enforcement run the number it would show stolen, the agency that entered it, and some other minor information. If you have a copy of your report make sure the serial numbers on the report also see if it says they were entered. As a detective the first thing I do with a case like this is check to ensure the reporting officers had the serial numbered entered into NCIC. Most times they do but there are times it doesn't happen and I have to make sure it gets done.
  9. As far as I've always been told a straw purchase is when one person purchases a firearm for another that isn't legally allowed to purchase. I don't do any business with third parties.
  10. All about the state laws. Here if I were to charge someone, each homicide charge has different elements. It can only be one. Now they may plea to another charge but you wouldn't be charged with first degree murder then say reckless homicide for the same victim. Also if you ever wondered most people are charged initially here as criminal homicide because it encompasses all homicide charges but when indicted it is specified as say first degree murder, 2nd degree murder, or manslaughter.
  11. TSA has always been a political organization. They could endorse or not endorse something and it doesn't really imply the actual deputies have that opinion. I'm all for it and everybody in my office is also. I just wish if you have a permit they gave you some benefit beside the reciprocity like no back ground check.
  12. It doesn't look wore down much but I don't know anything about coins. Could use a good cleaning but I don't want to risk messing it up.
  13. I'm hoping somebody on here may have some knowledge about old coins just to give me a ballpark estimate on what they believe the value is on a silver dollar. From what I can tell it is a Morgan silver dollar 1893 with "s" mark on the back. Any help would be appreciated. thanks


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