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  1. The wheels of .gov spin slowly, I wouldn't expect an order signed and an attempt to purchase 7 days later to go through. Just curious did you have your own attorney to help with drafting the order or have since had an attorney review the signed order to ensure it indeed restored all the rights?
  2. You make that decision. Plenty of people have been justified in a shooting away from their house due to being in fear of death or serious bodily injury. All I said was there is a presumption when in the residence.
  3. What problems are you having getting the LEOSA card? I've got a few years before I'm eligible to retire but my understanding there is two versions one for in state and one for nationwide. Pay the fee and qualify if you do it through the state or do it through the agency you retired from unless you're from out of state.
  4. I think he was probably meaning the presumption of you being in fear of death or serious bodily injury in your home from someone who unlawfully or forcibly enters. Probably not the best speaker or editing.
  5. If I recall the CPAP was like $500. Once it's done you own it. I was told the caveat is that if you don't use so many days in the first 90 days insurance will deny coverage. I didn't have an issue sleeping with it, so it didn't bother me. Like I said before you get past the sleep studies and machine purchase the 90 supplies are the only cost. I think my cost for the three-month supply is $80. Worth it to stop the snoring and potentially avoid other medical problems. Also, I follow the distilled water requirement, some don't, but a gallon of distilled water is $1.50. that last me a few weeks and I run mine at max humidity every night due to my sinuses.
  6. That's about right. I did mine elsewhere but most of it is out of pocket. It is worth it in the end to sleep better. Also, the routine supply resupply every three or four months runs me about $80. Once you pay off the machine you only have the resupply. The machine is pricey though.
  7. Nope. I have the lifetime it has no expiration. Never have to renew it.
  8. Anybody else find it odd the story said it was the second night in a row that someone tried to break in the house?
  9. Apparently, the geniuses in Chicago have filed a lawsuit again Glock because its pistols are easily modified. Too many people non law-abiding people committing crimes with Glocks with a wish switch on it. Below is the link to the suit. 3052 - DocumentCloud
  10. That's awesome, I have heard someone else recently say Troy was great to deal with.
  11. I understand, I'm not saying I agree or disagree but how do you determine if one is guaranteed one right versus the other? To muddy it up even more a few years back a border patrol agent shot and killed someone across the border that was pelting him with rocks, the family filed a lawsuit in the USA for violation of the rights of the deceased. They tried arguing the rights under the US Constitution didn't apply because he was physically outside the USA, it didn't fly. They did end up with dismissing the case but not because of the rights issue. When I first heard about that case I immediately thought if you're not in the boundaries of the USA how could this even apply. I think until a SCOTUS decision district courts will apply their own opinions and keep everything clear as mud.
  12. I believe you are wrong on that part. I've never read or been told that constitutional rights only apply to citizens. I only know it from the criminal side, such as the 4th Amendment expectation of privacy applies regardless. I'm interested to see how this plays out; it may lead to some bigger SCOTUS decisions later.


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