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  1. The chair is against the wall.
  2. I watched it this morning was good. Liked the story about Bonnie and Clyde.
  3. https://dl.safety.tn.gov/_/ Go to that page enter the information and then change your address. You are all good after that.
  4. Change the address online through department of safety it’s free. You don’t need another copy unless you just want one. Once you change the address it applies to license and permit.
  5. Hattie B’s is good but I’m really enjoying Big Shake’s hot chicken in Goodlettsville. They all have no heat chicken. Now days I wouldn’t go anywhere in Nashville without a gun but day time downtown should be ok just watch for beggers. I think the zoo has a no gun rule on the board above the ticket counter bit don’t remember an actual gun buster.
  6. Still different card I had heard they were going to a new picture every time you renew HCP. The application is just the paperwork at the station just tell them you need a HCP renewel and its not a long form to complete. When I renewed mine in November I was there less than hour.
  7. I would imagine he would opt for a bench trial. No jurors takes emotion and other things out of the trial.
  8. If you know any Metro guys ask about the new rules handed down. They have been instructed to essentially be less proactive. With the crazy spending and rise in violent crime Nashville will be a gem.
  9. That crud on the pistol is the lining of the holster. Same stuff on all the Safariland duty holsters. I would bet when that holster was shot the liner broke apart along with the heat caused it to stick on the gun.
  10. In federal court only federal officers are armed. Funny thing those court security officers working for US Marshals can only carry while working but most are retired officers and carry their piece once out the door.
  11. The video made me cringe and I wouldn’t be suprised if he is convicted of a lesser offense. The worst part of this is the actions by the DA. Any case in the past would be presented to the grand jury where only the prosecutors and investigators can attend to present evidence and answer questions. The old saying is the grand jury will indict a ham sandwich, so the rumor is either the DA didn’t like the current grand jury or he is getting some good PR from the groups. He the made them go to a general sessions judge to sign the warrant after a magistrate refused. In Davidson County the system doesn’t work like that. Judges only typically issue bench warrants or maybe probation warrants. Its odd they didn’t follow the system. Also they made the DA investigator swear out the warrant and scratched out the TBI agent’s name and still used his probable cause affidavit.
  12. I don’t think Nashville is ready for it but I’m not against a team eventually. Davison County is screwed because they have let the city control the entire county so more tax base to fund urban sevices area.

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