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Pachmayr Compac Professional grip


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I need a new set of grips for a couple of my revolvers. I just bought a Smith 66-8 2 3/4 inch and I am considering the Pachmayr Compac Professional for that one to help with concealed carry. Has anyone tried this particular grip? 

I'm also looking for suggestions for my old 686 square butt 4 inch. I have the original stocks, but I want to move to one of the Pachmayrs for it too, just haven't decided on which one. I have the Pachmayr Diamond Pro on the 686 2 1/2 inch, and it's easily the most comfortable grip I've shot, but it's too fat and way too sticky for concealment. Plus, I don't think they make that one for the square butt guns anyway. I don't mind the Hogues in the Bantam series, but I'm not a real fan of the great big convoluted looking grips they make for the square butts.

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Sounds like you have figured out most any of the rubber grips are comfortable and work great for the range.

The problem for carry is that they hang up on everything and are butt ugly. All of them. :)

I know you didn’t ask about wood, but IMO that’s the way to go for your application.






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I am coming late to this thread and you may have already found a solution.  Just in case, though:

I put a set of Pachmayr Compacts on my 642 to replace the torture devices cleverly disguised as grips that it came with from the factory.  The Compacts fill my hand better - making the gun more controllable - and, as they cover the backstrap (which I am pretty sure the 'Professional' does not), are much more comfortable when shooting.  While they are slightly larger than the original grips they do not impact pocket carry very much and do not seem to slow my presentation of the gun from the pocket (not that said presentation is all that fast, anyhow.)  I also have the same type of grip (Pachmayr compact) on my late 1970s model Colt Police Positive and really like the feel on that revolver, too.  I am not sure how much my experience with the J-frame sized grips will translate to your usage but here is a pic of the 642 with original grips and the Pachmayrs lying on top of my Ruger GP100 four inch (sorry for the small pic size - had to make the pic tiny before the file size was small enough that the forum software would let me post it:





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Personally, I prefer the standard Packmayr Compact grip. That little pinky hold on the bottom works great on a K-frame size gun. However, I don't like them on a J-frame because they're too big and hurt concealablity. 

My favorite rubber grips were the old Uncle Mikes/Butler creek grips. They quit making these some time ago, but brand new ones still come up on the auction sites, e-bay or Amazon now and then. For a K-frame snubby, I really love their Boot grip. You may have to do some searching, but they are well worth it. ;)


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