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  1. Like Straw Dogs & Deliverance countrified neighbors, or something different?
  2. I can't either but it's in the Big Springs Industrial Park.
  3. DaveTN

    SRO Law

    It isn’t going to stop them. They fear nothing and are prepared to die. All you can hope for is to be there when they cut loose and reduce the body count.
  4. DaveTN

    SRO Law

    I agree with you and think that applies to most active shooter situations anymore. The days of getting together and working as a unit are over; it’s engage quick and end the threat. Now before you get excited because we agree on something, let me add something you probably won’t agree with. Cops aren’t disposable and in endless supply and they won’t be asked to risk their life because some dirt bag doesn’t know how to act around cops when said dirt bag has his gun in his hand. Things have changed. If you put yourself in a situation where cops or citizens think you are going to become an active shooter; you are probably going to get killed. I see very few instances where cops need more training and a lot where citizens with guns need training. (Sometimes it’s too late and they don’t need it anymore….for both)
  5. Yep....sad. We will not hear the end of it.
  6. No, they can’t search your phone as part of an investigation without a warrant or consent. But that wasn’t my point. Like most people, if they want to see my phone they aren’t going to be able to see anything on it. I’m just skeptical of the statistics being used. I could be wrong, but I doubt that unless it’s a very serious accident there is a bunch of cell phone data being mined with a warrant. And from working traffic many years ago I am absolutely sure that people are not forth coming about what they doing at the time of an accident; I doubt that’s changed. I don’t doubt people texting are killing folks.
  7. I’m one of the people that feel absolutely no more responsibility than locking my car; so, I’m fine with using the center console. Matter of fact is someone burglarizes my vehicle I would rather they steal my gun than my laptop; its much cheaper and much easier to replace. I carried a rifle in the trunk for a while, but when I was in at work with my keys in my pocket, they would sometimes decide my trunk needed to be standing open; so, I quit that. I could probably disable that but haven’t looked into it.
  8. Good for him. Not sure though why they need an ordinance to allow it; unless there is an ordinance in place banning it.
  9. Well they won’t be getting that info from most peoples phones. So its common for them to contact the carrier who just gives them that info?
  10. Curious why you would want something small for your “Truck Gun”? My Truck Hand Gun is a full size M&P40. Because I don’t need to be concerned with size or concealability.
  11. DaveTN

    SRO Law

    Ha, ha, ha. My daughter was a school teacher, got fed up with it an became a Probation Officer. She said she wanted to be a juvenile Officer; I said “No you don’t, you can’t help the kids when the parents are in the way.” She has worked adult Probation for about 20 years and is glad she doesn’t have to deal with the juveniles.
  12. I did 4 years and was going to re-up when I got in a car wreck and decided to get out after 4. I could have retired at 37 and still retired from another job. I should have stayed on the PD. I got fed up with it, but then realized after it was too late how good I had it.
  13. Absolutely. And I’m too old to run or fight. All I can do is either bust a cap or do nothing.
  14. I don't think HCP requires gun information anymore, are they bringing it back for this new permit?
  15. Well that’s why I asked if you were a reserve, I thought you were kinda old and grumpy to be an E-5.
  16. DaveTN

    Ruger Wrangler

    Why would you have to pay a transfer fee, do they not have them in the store?
  17. Correct. There is no body. He could have died from old age. Or it could be a PhotoShop Hoax. But like I said… I think they want him convicted of something…anything. EDIT: You changed your screen name so I gotta ask. Are you a reserve or something? Are you now an E-5 or did you get busted down to E-3?
  18. I have faced a gunman trying to take my life, more than once, and lived through it. I’m not the only one around here that has. Some of us have experienced what it is like. Please explain how you train someone for that. I have a pretty good idea of what I will be able to do when the "bullet slinging" starts; do you? I’m not saying training is not a good thing. I’m saying that you implying that our lame azz HCP class helps prepare someone for a shooting, in any way shape or form, is just way off base. BTW… “We” don’t get a say so, “They” came to the conclusion that live fire is not required and they don’t care what we think.
  19. I think most of us do. I think people should be trained, but I too think that is their responsibility. I recently changed my mind on requiring training; you can’t require training for a Constitutional right. Tennessee doesn’t recognize carry as a right; so, they can require anything they want…. but that doesn’t make it right. Also, take a look at the accidental/negligent shootings we see. It appears to me that most of them are committed by people who at one point had basic training but have become complacent.
  20. DaveTN

    SRO Law

    It’s a great idea. I didn’t know there were schools that don’t have SRO’s. Hopefully it won’t be seen as a pre-retirement position. Good SRO’s can do a lot of good Police work and clear a lot of crime, if they are interested in the job. I’m 65 years old and my city had SRO’s when I was in high school.
  21. Why would he step down? It’s not like he has a career or skill to fall back on. He has been a lobbyist all his life; its all he knows how to do and that is gone. His $5 million a year salary is all he has. No, I don’t see him stepping down; the NRA will have to kick him out. But it sounds like he may have them in a legal quagmire that they can’t get out of AND fire him. I’m not sure the NRA can recover and be capable of getting anything done. But it sure doesn’t seem like anyone is doing anything. Other than the prosecutors drooling over the opportunity to destroy them.
  22. That's funny. I watched the remake of Straw Dogs last night.
  23. Ha, ha, ha… people can say the most ignorant stuff and try to pass it off as serious. Having a job must be a real burden on some. But I have no problem with this. The cost made it prohibitive for some folks. This easies that a little bit. The legislature isn’t concerned with them being trained. If they were; they would have found a way to do it and reduce the cost. Its obviously pro gun legislation. Even though some of the pro-gun folks are going to throw a fit. The guy interviewed in that story was a firearms instructor. If I was a firearms instructor I’m sure my opinion would be different.
  24. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have it tomorrow for $20. https://www.amazon.com/37-64-Machine-Right-Thread/dp/B06W51SMJ8/ref=asc_df_B06W51SMJ8/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312324195022&hvpos=1o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18012398875487140080&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1026082&hvtargid=pla-762349087392&psc=1

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