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  1. Other than them recognizing the individual right to keep and bear arms; no it does not. You research the states you want to carry a gun in and you understand their laws. We absolutely do not want something all states would agree with, or the Federal Government having authority over. We don’t need “help” from anyone else.
  2. I went today about 1PM. Like Grunt said it was packed, and that's no small parking lot. I was about to leave when I lucked into a parking space. But when I got up to where I could see inside; I decided I didn’t want to deal with that. I figured I would let the door busters die down and I would just waltz in; I was wrong. But if you like nuts to butts slow moving crowds; you would have liked this. I saw an unusual amount of gun cases going in. So I assume they were selling; but I don’t know that, or what, if any, the rules were.
  3. Sure its legal. It’s illegal if you are intoxicated. Intoxicated is determined by the cop; there is no BAC like there is for DUI. If there is an issue with you, liquor and a gun in your house; there is more going on than you having a cold drink in the comfort and safety of your home.
  4. No one. There will be a handful of people that like anything, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t make it. But that’s a $500 Kel-Tec PLR (only the PLR being a better caliber). Not a $1500 weapon. If I’m missing something; please fill me in. What’s the application for this?
  5. If Martin would have had a gun and shot his attacker; we wouldn’t have heard of either of them either.
  6. The H&K MP5 is only cool because it a submachine gun. A Semi-auto clone is not cool. Why would shooting a neutered MP5 at the range be any more fun that shooting an AR Pistol or an AR rifle with much more capability? If someone is shooting and they don’t think its fun; I really doubt this will change their mind.
  7. I’ve always found WWB and Remington UMC Mega Packs to be reliable for cheap brass case range ammo. You can usually find either of those locally. But sure, if you order enough to get free shipping; online is the way to go.
  8. They are making their own firearm that will use Glocks parts?
  9. That’s kinda what I wanted to see. While not a polished blue like Smith & Wesson, it appears to have a little shine. I think I’ll check out the gun show here tomorrow, and if don’t find anything (which is usually the case anymore); I’ll order new.
  10. I think it’d make an amazing combo; they were made for each other.
  11. I don't trust them. I've bought from them, they generally have the lowest price (unless Amazon has it), but they play fast and loose with delivery. They were just the only ones I saw that had the V2 listed with a shipping time.
  12. What "Just a rather plain blue" looks like.
  13. I have a RUGER NEW MODEL SUPER BLACKHAWK, MODEL NUMBER: 0804, Stainless Steel, in .44 MAG, Barrel Length 7.50", Stainless Steel, in good condition. Included is an Uncle Mike’s holster and a box of 20 Hornady 240 grain XTP JHP rounds. Cash Price is $550 Trades I might be interested in include an AR15, factory no home brews, flat top only no A2 sight post. I’m not interested in adding any money. 6” 686. I don’t want your pre-lock. I want a copy made after 94 that is factory drilled and tapped for a scope. PM me with what you have in mind. Sale or trades in Murfreesboro. I require a bill of sale (that I will supply) for guns going either way. Thanks, Dave
  14. I’m thinking about ordering this gun. But I’m curious about the blued finish and the Ruger site picture really doesn’t show it that well. Anyone have any good pictures of this gun that was purchased recently?? https://www.ruger.com/products/newModelBlackhawkConvertible/specSheets/0463.html
  15. That was just from the OpticsPlanet site. They added the V2, but it says 5-7 weeks delivery.
  16. Looks like 5-7 weeks for the next versions.
  17. I just picked this up at CMP. What do you think?
  18. Here are about 15 of them. I didn't go through all of them, but saw it as low as $24. https://www.tn.gov/safety/tnhp/handgun/locate.html
  19. Thanks, that’s a good review; but not on the new product. It appears (from the info linked below) that the 407C requires sight removal to change the battery, that’s unacceptable (for me). It appears the V2 does not require the sight be removed. That (if I’m reading it right) by itself would make the V1 Holosun take a back seat to the Venom. I would think most shooters would be comparing it to the Vortex Vemom, Burris Fastfire III, and maybe even the Leupold Deltapoint Pro (although its price is much higher). https://armsvault.com/2020/01/holosun-new-products/
  20. And now they want to arrest you if you leave your gun in your car; and its stolen.
  21. I’m going to be needing a new optic soon. With them being about the same price I wonder how the 407C compares with the Vortex Venom. I also wonder how long it will before the 407C V2 is out and what the difference is. There are “0 reviews” for all those Holosun optics on the site that is linked; are they new?
  22. This came in yesterday. I hope to get to the range next week. I'm hoping I may find another gun I'm looking for at the gun show this weekend. Ruger Mark IV Competition
  23. I had a friend that got drunk, and got in a bar fight. The next day his head keep hurting so bad he went to the hospital. He had been shot in the head.

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