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    Christmas sales

    That's less than Buds or GaG.
  2. In your opinion are people better off with the due process of the laws we have now?
  3. These are the 6 biggest cities in VA. and their Top Cop. None are elected Sheriffs, all are appointed and can be replaced by either a city manager or city council. Virginia Beach, Police Chief Jim Cervera appointed by City Manger Norfolk, Police Chief Larry D. Boone appointed by City Manger Chesapeake, Chief K. L. Wright appointed by City Manger Richmond, Chief of Police William C. Smith, appointed by Mayor Arlington, Chief Murray “Jay” Farr appointed by County Manager Newport News, Chief Steve R. Drew appointed by City Manager
  4. You don't need to go to KY; they are going to try it here. We have gained a lot in the last few years, but If the Democrats gain control; we could quickly lose it.
  5. I have been shooting and collecting guns for over 50 years. I can only remember one magazine issue; it was with a M1 Carbine. Other than that, magazines have never been an issue for me, and I don’t do anything but use them. But I also don't generally drop magazines on the ground. If you do, you may need to clean them and check them for damage. Now, I have had failures to feed and failures to eject; but they were problems with the guns and not the mags. I immediately sent the guns back to the manufacturer and they fixed them. It’s my opinion from what I see, too many people will troubleshoot magazines for a long time and seem reluctant to acknowledge something is wrong with the firearm. I want the manufacturer to go through the gun and make it right. Sure, I guess if you had magazines loaded for a lot of years, they might need the springs replaced. But I’ve never had that happen, and I don’t usually keep carry guns that long.
  6. Link? What the heck is "additional measures"?
  7. You got a really good price. Its back up to $50 now. I really think I need that digital one.
  8. Its good to see Sheriffs sticking up for what they believe in. Will it change anything? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Threatening deployment of the National Guard if LE doesn’t enforce the laws is a little over the top. They won’t need to. Sheriffs have a little protection because they can’t be fired; they would need to be impeached. But I’m sure the state legislature is more than willing to do that if they are willing to ban guns. Police Chiefs and cops don’t have any such protection; they will do as they are told or get fired. I’m sure there are plenty of applicants in line to fill the positions of those who take that stand. Instead of falling on their swords they would accomplish more if they kept their jobs and just ignored the violations while working on getting the laws changed.
  9. ທ່ານຮູ້ວ່າມີຫຍັງເກີດຂື້ນເມື່ອທ່ານສົມມຸດ.
  10. La technologie de Google translate est une chose merveilleuse. Eh bien, ça se rapproche la plupart du temps.
  11. Vous voyez, et vous pensiez que le français au lycée serait sans valeur.
  12. I pay retail. I pay it at Buds, Grab a Gun or wherever. Beretta gets the same amount whether I order it online or pay an extra $100 or 2 at an LGS. So, I don’t see how that would impact wages. Money games are played by the Distributors that add cost, but no value, to the end user. Some day that will change and we will be able to buy locally at pretty much the same price we can order online.
  13. I would say they are in line with about every other manufacturer in the area; wouldn't you?
  14. It appears you are correct. So what that other story should have said was... I was trying to be nice and buy a gun from a foreign manufacturer that was building a manufacturing facility here. Now I hope they choke on their linguine.
  15. Exactly, unless some of the first ones were made in Italy. But that doesn’t make sense either if they are a wholly American concept. “What a great idea! We just don’t trust you to make the first ones in your plant.”
  16. This is in a story at guns.com...
  17. I don’t see a Gallatin roll mark in your photos, is there one? That look sweet. I could deal with that for my Gallatin marked gun.
  18. I don’t know. But the calls for changes in the law so that foreign nationals can’t buy guns here while we are training them in military fighter aircraft is unbelievable. Or at least ridiculous.
  19. They talk about “Loophole” like it is something illegal, and want to know if the gun store got the bulletin from the FBI?? What if they did? The law allowed what this guy did; not the gun store.
  20. Many bases have gone to civilian security on the gates. As someone that has been both a Military Police Officer and a Civilian Police Officer, I would guess part of that could be because folks find out real fast they aren’t going to talk to an MP the way they talk to a Cop. That and it also makes for a bigger Federal Government. I assume these civilian gate guards are some type of Federal job?? Not unless you sleep at the Mall. You have real cops protecting you. As far as keeping an eye open….just know that when you need those cops immediately…they are only a few minutes away.
  21. You can still pay for 2 hours at a time (at least at Stones River) without a hunting license.
  22. So you have a Cert for your vise that you can show them in your AS9100 Audit?
  23. $20 per visit for non-members, $30 per double. Two per booth max (That appears to be per day) That’s what our cheapest indoor range is per day. I see some of the new ones are charging that much an hour.
  24. I didn’t know that. A few years ago, I tried to go onto the Naval Base at Norfolk where I had been homeported in the 70’s. The only way I could get on the base was on a tour.

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