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IPBoard 4.4 New Feature - Lazy Loading

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Lazy Loading for Faster Pages

It may seem counter-intuitive to say that something "lazy" brings better performance but, in this case, it is a true statement.  Version 4.4 of the IPBoard software (what our forum runs on) introduces Lazy Loading of page content which in turn makes pages load faster for you while you are browsing.

Lazy Loading is a method by which attachments, embeds and images are not loaded by default. They are only loaded when the viewer scrolls down enough to make them visible.  This allows the page to load a good deal faster because  it doesn't have to load megabytes of images before the page is shown as completely rendered.

When you scroll through posts with pictures included on TGO, you will notice the way that pictures subtly come into view as you encounter them.  This is Lazy Loading at work.  The forum software loads the picture for you just before you actually get to it.  Much the same way that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such services deliver content to you as you scroll rather than trying to generate huge pages of data all at once.


If you're curious for more info, you can read about it on Invision Power's blog, here:




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