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  1. Total Eclipse in 4k UHD!

    That sir....is awesome!!!

    Street and security lights came on and the frogs started making their noises as well as crickets. about 10-15 minutes before totality I got pictures of the sun filtered through the trees on to the ground and you can plainly see it acted like a pin hole and projected all these crescent shapes on the lawn.
  3. for-sale 4 Alabama Damascus Blades

    No name? Why I oughta.... Folks are like that and that's okay. Some folks think buying a big name always means better quality. I just like to think they don't know what they are missing. My knifes aren't the fanciest and they aren't perfectly finished but they are 100% serviceable made from quality stock. And they don't cost 2 or 3K like some knives from famous makers. I was lookin' at a few the other day and my wife said "Do you see the price on those?". She about crapped her pants....they were upwards of $2500. Were the purdy? Oh hell yeah. But they weren't made of gold or silver either. Heck...the weren't even SS...just carbon steel or Damascus.
  4. Howdy

    Welcome to TGO.
  5. Newbie

    Welcome to TGO.
  6. for-sale 4 Alabama Damascus Blades

    Thanks so much and you may be surprised.....I may just make you a knife before long you will not be able to say no to.
  7. for-sale 4 Alabama Damascus Blades

    Two are sold...four are still available. Thanks for lookin'!
  8. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/16/ny-police-seize-veterans-guns-after-order-deems-him-wrongfully-as-mentally-defective.html Don Hall and his girlfriend were sitting in their living room earlier this year when they noticed police lights flashing outside the couple’s upstate New York home. When the 70-year-old Army veteran greeted Oneida County sheriff’s deputies he was given a document saying that Hall had to hand over his six guns – four long guns and two pistols -- to law enforcement because he had been deemed “mentally defective.” The so-called SAFE Act, which was implemented in 2013 in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut, includes a provision that allows heath care providers to report patients that they think may be a risk to themselves or others. In Hall’s case, however, the sheriff’s deputies were wrong. He hadn’t triggered an order under the SAFE Act. Read more.
  9. for-sale 4 Alabama Damascus Blades

    Thanks but the incredible Damascus from Alabama Damascus needs some credit.

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