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  1. IDN but I feel a bit enslaved already having to put up with the crap from our "representative government" puts out cause they know what's good for us more than we do.....just sayin'.
  2. How to add photos to classifieds

    I use Flickr to transfer photos to forums and there's an option there to select what size image you want to use. Sometimes I just use "Paint" on my images in the computer to shrink images as well.
  3. for-sale Custom Leather Gun Cases

    I like it......what is the inside dimensions? Maybe you could tweek the size to make some knife cases?
  4. Keeping members in your thoughts this holiday season

    Consider it done.
  5. Three to four cups of coffee a day linked to longer life

    Yeah me too....let me do a little research on that and get back to you.
  6. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/11/171122190659.htm Drinking coffee is "more likely to benefit health than to harm it" for a range of health outcomes, say researchers in The BMJ today. They bring together evidence from over 200 studies and find that drinking three to four cups of coffee a day is associated with a lower risk of death and getting heart disease compared with drinking no coffee. Coffee drinking is also associated with lower risk of some cancers, diabetes, liver disease and dementia. However, they say drinking coffee in pregnancy may be associated with harms, and may be linked to a very small increased risk of fracture in women. Read more.
  7. http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/06/good-gal-with-a-gun-stops-wannabe-cop-killer-video/ A woman carrying a firearm shot a man who assaulted a police officer in Dawson County, Georgia, on Tuesday. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, 52-year-old Sgt. Randy Harkness gave a homeless man a ride to a local Chevron and planned to give him a little bit of money. However, the homeless man began physically assaulting Harkness and, according to the Dawson County Sheriff, may have even tried to reach for his gun. Luckily, a gun-toting woman sitting in her car at the Chevron witnessed the attack and got out of her car to shoot at the suspect. The sheriff’s office said she hit the homeless man at least once. “She shot off a round. The guy got off the police officer and she shot another round and he was running that way I think, there was three shots,” said Aseem Kahn, the owner of the gas station. The gunfire caused the homeless man to flee across the street to a McDonald’s, where he punched an elderly woman in the face and tried to steal her car. Several customers at the restaurant subdued the man and held him down until police arrived. Read more and see video.
  8. Found a nice, new hat in Walmart today

  9. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    I have one of those that was gifted to me and I like it a lot. Congrats on the new job by the way.
  10. New guy from Oakfield

    Welcome to TGO.
  11. Had a fellow member

    Good lookin' stuff!!!
  12. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/29/honolulu-police-order-medical-marijuana-cardholders-surrender-firearms/ The Honolulu Police Department is ordering medical marijuana cardholders to surrender their firearms within a 30-day window of time. KITV reports that Honolulu police are doing this via letters to cardholders demanding they “surrender weapons, permits, and ammunition to HPD or to transfer ownership.” On November 28 The Honolulu Star reported that police have been sending letters throughout the year and the one dated November 13 was signed by HPD chief Susan Ballard. It says, “Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition.” Ballard points to Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 134-7 (a), which says, “No person who is a fugitive from justice or is a person prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under federal law shall own, possess, or control any firearm or ammunition therefor.” On August 31, 2016, Breitbart News reported that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that a ban on gun ownership for medical marijuana users is constitutional. The decision was based on the fact that marijuana use remains illegal on the federal level, whether state-sanctioned or not. This means medical marijuana cardholders cannot pass background check form 4473 and, therefore, cannot legally purchase a firearm. Form 4473 asks if the would-be firearm purchaser is “an unlawful user of…marijuana.” No one who answers “yes” to that question can purchase a gun. Read more.
  13. Introducing myself, joined today.

    Welcome aboard.
  14. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Congrats on the new pup......he's a lucky dog.

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