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  1. Money received on all these and I plan to get them all in the mail this morning. Thanks for all the kind words men!!!
  2. Me? No...I wouldn't do that to you......well maybe a little.
  3. #1 5/32" 1084 carbon steel. Blade length- 4" OAL- 9" Hammer forged look with a light black oxide finish, Grandillo handles with SS pins, lanyard tube and handle accents. Thumb jimping on spine. Also has Tru-stone and G10 accents and G10 liners. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $105 shipped. #2 SOLD!! 5/32" 1084 carbon steel. Blade length- 3 7/8" OAL- 8 1/2" Hammer forged look, spalted elm handles with brass pins, accents and lanyard hole. Tru-stone accents on handle as well. It has a nice crisp hamon , G10 accents and liners. Thumb jimping on spine. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $115 shipped. #3 Sold!! Same blade size as #2 only in Damascus. Wenge handles with mosaic pins and brass lanyard tube. Tru-stone and G10 accents on handle as well as G10 liners. Comes with combo kydex/leather sheath shown. $130 shipped. Thanks for lookin'.
  4. Wowzer!!! What a wonderful handgun. I think I'd have to sell my truck to be able to afford that thing.
  5. I do this as a hobby...not a you tuber. I don't say this in a derogatory manner but recording takes equipment and time. I have little to none of both. I try to sell my knives at the best possible price and since I've never been big on taping/recording, photography anyway if I bought decent stuff the knife customer would pay for it. I'm trying to keep costs to a minimum and pass the savings on.
  6. The beauty of a carbon steel knife is you can sharpen it with most anything you are comfortable with. While some sharpening systems take the guess work out of sharpening like the Apex, Hapstone and TSPROF you pay a lot of money for it. If you don't have many knifes to sharpen that's an expensive proposition. You can use water stones diamond stones, a Lansky, Spyderco Triangle or a host of others and get a screaming sharp edge that lasts quite well. The bottom line is use whatever your comfortable/experienced with. If you aren't afraid to use what I call the most dangerous tool in the shop many people use a bench grinder/buffer with paper sharpening wheels like these to obtain a scary sharp edge. I must say right here do not use these paper wheels unless you are fully knowledgeable with the dangers of bench grinders and are 100% confident in your abilities. Your risking serious injury/death if you are not experienced with that tool. Bottom line is these knifes I make are not hard to sharpen and retain a decent edge. The steels I use and many like them have been around for maybe 150 years and have been sharpened with about everything you can think of. https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/Paper-Sharpening-Wheel-Kit-for-8-Grinders--P1144.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2K3rBRDiARIsAOFSW_7cLND_Az55juCdA3YojcycPHUGHhy5a8tmPLyoDuY9xzuWbxhrDqcaAiZwEALw_wcB Care for the knife..... Never leave your knife in the sheath when storing it long term. It can trap moisture/condensation and start the corrosion process. When using the knife out in the field try to dry it off after use and returning home wipe it down and put a coat of oil on it. You can use 3 in 1, Balistol, WD-40 or even mineral oil of cooking oil if your rather use something more food friendly. Kydex sheaths can be dried off and wiped off with WD-40 to bring them back to life. Never use stuff like Acetone, mineral spirits or other harsh chemicals of you will end up with an ugly, melted mess. Leather sheaths should receive a rub with leather conditioner something along these lines whenever they start drying out. Frequency depends on use. https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/aussie-leather-conditioner-15-oz Yes...knives/sheaths need a bit of TLC one in a while but so do guns, tools, cars or anything else you own. If you leave it outside or throw it under a damp rag in your garage it will be no better off than a Glock you treated the same way.

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