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  1. What you need is an opposing magnet stuck to a 9-volt battery on your handgun's slide. This produces a rail-gun, which is not to be confused with a gun with an accessory rail. One will accelerate your 9mm Winchester White Box ammo past the speed of light, causing a black hole to form and sucking your enemy into it. The other allows you to hang an O-Light off of your gun and get pissed each time the absurdly large latch accidentally releases your light as you draw from a holster. These car magnets are just a bad idea. Very bad. For a lot of reasons. It hurts my head to think that I'd have to enumerate them. Just say no to them. I can't believe that I am about to post a James Yeager video, but here we are. I haven't even watched it yet but I know he's going to pop a vein so that I don't have to. I assume that a language warning is probably prudent. Don't watch this with your kids.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, it feels pretty great in the hands. The Walther PDP is still my favorite and fits the hand like an absolute glove, but this is the best Sig P320 I have tried to date.
  3. I've tried to own a Sig P320 twice in the past. I bought a P320 Compact very early on and thought the grip felt like a bar of soap. I would absolutely compare Sig's efforts to homogenize the size and shape of the human hand to Apple's own efforts to model the "average human ear" with the first generation iPhone Ear Buds. They didn't fit me worth a damn and neither did the Sig. Fast forward a few years and I bought a Sig P320 Compact X-Series RXP. It had a much better grip but it still somehow felt slippery and weird to me. I'm one of those weird people who thinks Smith and Wesson did a great thing with the grip texture on the M&P M2.0 even though most folks think it feels like sandpaper. Recently I became aware that Polymer 80 was producing a grip module for the Compact (15-round) and Carry (17-round) size guns. I also became aware that Sig was producing an Carry model intended for law enforcement, called the X-Carry Pro RXP. Like the other RXP that I owned previously, the slide was milled for the Romeo-1 optic and also had rear iron sights. it came in the 17-round Carry grip with three mags and a special "Pro" version of the Romeo-1 that includes a steel shroud around the optic to add some protection to it, and a 6.5MOA dot - which is entirely my preferred size. Most importantly, however... the dudes at C&H Precision Weapons are now producing an adapter plate that allows you to drop a Holosun HE509T optic where the Romeo-1 was supposed to sit. Be still my beating heart! The combination of things resulted in a gun with a near 1911 grip angle, a grip that isn't slippery but also not too rough, and my preferred enclosed-emitter optic. Hell, the factory Sig X-Ray night sights are even perfectly sized to allow a lower 1/3 cowitness for the dot. I should buy a lottery ticket because everything with this combo was just coming up Millhouse. Alright... enough jibber jabber. Here's some gun porn. Click it to make it bigger. I took it to the range this morning and got the dot dialed in. It's a shooter. Oh, here's what it looked like out of the box. This lasted all of about 10 minutes. Not bad, really, but not my jam.
  4. Noted. I have no complaints about any Springfield 1911 that I have owned.
  5. ATTENTION PLEASE! I know that some of you have been having trouble logging in because you couldn't remember what your email address was. I am allowing logins using your screen name, once more, for a limited time so that you can CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS before we try this again. You can find that info by checking your own Account Settings screen at this link. We will go back to requiring you to use your email address at the end of November 2021. That's a little more than a month from now. PLEASE use the links above to make sure that you have your email address noted ahead of time. Thanks!
  6. Hate to disagree and disparage an entire line of guns, but the XD is notorious for not holding up very well under serious use. I've had two break. I've got at least one friend who had his break in a class also. Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics posted this on social media a while back and is in a prime position to see a plethora of guns being used by students: "I keep track of failures in all classes; currently the XD reigns supreme with 19 over the past 4 years. This accounts for any failure that could not be remedied by immediate or remedial action; examples include; grip safety failing to reset, grip safety failing to engage, broken guide rod, broken striker, fractured chamber wall, fractured striker face wall, cracked slide, trigger shoe failure and on and on. "XD" covers XD, XDmod 2, XDS and XDM. The counting continues." These are classes where students run their guns hard. The two I managed to break happened during a 1,000 rd class over the span of two days. It kind of blew when the first one went down. It really blew when my backup gun did too. I finished that class with a Glock 19 and never looked back.
  7. I am searching for a Glock 48 MOS. Yeah, I know... there was a great deal on one last week. I snoozed and lost. Anyway, I would like to know if any of you in the greater Nashville area have one you'd like to get rid of.
  8. I think Royal Range offers slide milling. I know Nashville is a bit of a haul for you but maybe shipping is an option for them and you.
  9. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2021 This change is now in effect. You must use your email address on record with us to login. You can no longer use your screen-name for login. If you encounter any difficulty, use the Contact Us form linked at the very bottom of each page to request help.
  10. TGO David


    While I'm still in the [bad?] habit of acquiring and trying out different handguns, my EDC for the past year has been and likely will continue to be the exceptional Walther PDP Compact. That gun just has superb ergonomics all the way around. Excellent grip texture, excellent grip shape, adaptable grip size, ambidextrous controls and a mag release that was designed so that you could manipulate it without breaking your grip. I could go on and on, but the most compelling statement I could possibly make -- especially for those who know me -- is that it has succeeded in doing what none of the others before it could: It has supplanted the Glock 19 as my carry of choice. I kid you not.
  11. TGO David


    We are fortunate to have some good police officers who are actually shooting enthusiasts and therefore earnest students of the gun here on TGO. But, that is far from the norm. I listen to what 90% of police officers have to say about their gun about as much as I listen to what 90% of car salesmen want to tell me about their cars. I generally know more than them, so that's not where I go for advice or were I look for information on how to wring out performance from a gun or car.
  12. Introducing Shane Kerwin and Personal Survival Solutions: As most of you know, I am a firm believer in getting good training from reputable and knowledgeable educators with experience in firearms safety, effective and responsible use of firearms for personal protection, risk avoidance and de-escalation techniques, unarmed combat and personal emergency medical skills. It is very rare to find a person who can educate on more than one or two of those concepts at a high level of proficiency. That is not to say there is anything wrong with finding a person who is an expert in any one facet of "preparedness", but rather to point out that while we all endeavor to be well-rounded practitioners, it is difficult to find people who are far enough down that road themselves that they can effectively instruct others. Often times, the people who operate at that level of proficiency come to us from highly trained, highly specialized units of military service or law enforcement. Shane Kerwin, founder of Personal Survival Solutions, is such a person. Mr. Kerwin served in the US Army's 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group as a junior Medical Sergeant. During his 16-year tenure with 5th Group, Shane served as junior and senior Medical Sergeant, Company senior Medical Sergeant, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), senior Cadre and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Company Operations Sergeant, and Detachment Operations Sergeant (Team Sergeant). During his time with 5th Group, he deployed 7 times in the Global War on Terrorism and has additional deployments under his belt. Now operating in the civilian sector, Shane Kerwin is bringing intensive, realistic and proven skills and concepts to the rest of us. He has made it his new mission to help regular people protect themselves and increase the security of their families by imparting what he has learned on the topics of Mindset, Weapons, Skills, Equipment and Environment. The ultimate goal is to teach you to make good critical decisions to mitigate threats and respond to an increasingly dangerous world. I hope that you will not only join me in welcoming Mr. Kerwin and PSS to our community, but that you will click over to their website, learn more about what he has to offer, and sign up for a class or two. Maybe we'll end up in one together. Website: https://www.personalsurvivalsolutions.com
  13. Just your daily reminder to consult a physician that you trust and to decide which course of action is best for you to take. Ignore the media, ignore the Internet. Talk to the person with an MD that you trust to keep you healthy and well in all other matters of medicine, and show them the same level of trust with this that you'd show them with any other medical matter. Why? Because y'all are my people, dammit, and I want you here tomorrow. And like you I think this thing has become so politicized that even if walks and quacks like a duck, you've got reason to be skeptical that it's not really a Koala. So go find your expert in ducks and Koalas and trust them. PS: No scotch or whiskey was harmed in the creation of this post... but I'mma 'bout to fix that.
  14. Well... if this is all about population control, we're going to have a lot of room to spread out in a couple of years. (I say "We" because the J&J shot is proven to have 100% less government population control serum in it. )
  15. I'm teetering on the edge of posting my Shadow Systems MR920 in the Trading Post.
  16. On Friday, October 15th, 2021, the way that you login to TGO will change. We will no longer allow you to login using your screen name / user name / display name. You will be required to use your email address to login. You will use your same password as you did previously. Why Are We Doing This? We are doing this to provide an extra layer of security for you. Unless you have goofed and made your email address publicly known on TGO, the only people who should be privy to that are yourself and our administrative team. No one else should know the correlation between your screen name and your email address. A common way of attacking a user account is to to try a "brute force attack" where they use your login name and try to guess the password. By detaching your screen name from the login process, we can help hide your login credentials from bad actors and make it a little harder on them. No vaccinations are required for this to work. But please do be sure that you know what email address you signed up using! You can find that info by checking your own Account Settings screen at this link. Please do that in advance of October 15th. Thanks!
  17. I'm glad you mentioned those two criteria! I can't tell you how many times "Carry Options (Holster Availability)" has put a damper on, or just flat ruined, an otherwise great handgun for me. And aftermarket support is incredibly important as well. In fact, I would wager that these two things have stopped some excellent handguns from seeing widespread adoption among law enforcement agencies. Thanks for the kind words.
  18. It's helpful to stop and think beyond the borders of brands, makes and models and think about features that you find ideal in a thing. Whether it be a car, truck, boat, toaster oven, computer, smart phone, pair of boots or shoes, pocket knife or... a gun. Sometimes after you jot down a list of things that you find desirable in an item, surprises are found when you overlay that list on top of what's available out there. Sometimes you find that the thing you thought was the perfect embodiment of those characteristics isn't so perfect after all. SO... if you had to list the most desirable features of a handgun for carry purposes, what would they be? AND, just to make it meaningful... force rank them in order of importance.
  19. Also, this article might be of help to any of you who routinely make your text larger inside the editor on TGO. When you do that, the only text you're making easier for you to see is your own. If you want to make everyone's text easier to see, try this: How do I make the text bigger in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera? (digitalcitizen.life) The older I get the harder it is for me to read small text too.
  20. Short Version: I removed it but added it back. I hadn't considered that it would cause a problem if pasting formatted text was allowed but there was no way for you to shrink larger fonts. Long Version: A long time ago, I registered TGO with Google for their analytics abilities. It helps me make sure that we are at or near the top of search results for things related to firearms and 2A laws in Tennessee. They send out weekly reports to show me how we're doing and also to make me aware of any problems that might be present in TGO's website that would cause usability or searchability to suffer. Lately they've been dinging us on large fonts and problems caused by "broken HTML". The latter of the two is a problem sometimes when people copy and paste text from other sites and their browsers bring over the underlying HTML code rather than just pasting the formatted text itself and allowing TGO's software to decide how best to display it. This doesn't happen very often and honestly doesn't affect our scores too much. The former of two, the use of large fonts, happens more often and dings us on our readability and usability scores for people on mobile devices. Unfortunately it tracks back to a few members who commonly use large, bold fonts every time they post. I'm not calling anyone out, but Google is. If that shoe fits you, please consider enlarging the font in your browser's built in zoom / magnification settings rather than setting your font to "20" and Bold within the editor. Neither of these are significant enough of problems for me to implement an imperfect solution. So, I put the font size button back in the editor.
  21. Our bodies metabolize those things unless we just keep consuming them and never do/eat anything healthy. I don't think our bodies are going to metabolize-away the mRNA vaccine.
  22. TGO David

    Glock 45

    It is but it isn't. And it really isn't when you throw a threaded barrel in it and pop a Parker Mountain Machine Gen 5 Comp on the end of it. Basically a hair longer than a Glock 17 and a hair shorter than a Glock 34, and it shoots almost as flat as a .22LR If I had to pick one handgun to take to a legit gunfight, this is the one I'd take.


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