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  1. Green dots have some distinct advantages. A lot of folks find the green dots / reticles a lot easier to see and faster to recognize. The human eye sees green something like 30% easier than it does red, so as a result a green reticle or dot seems far brighter than a red dot or reticle at the same illumination level. This means you can dial down the illumination on a green dot and get better battery life. The one thing I've heard "against" green dots, and it's a very nit-picky sort of thing, is that they can be harder to see when the field of view has a lot of greens or brightly lit foliage. It seems that just bumping the power up in those situations would be an easy fix. I am also hearing that older eyes pick up the green dots easier too. That's not a slight on you, Hipower. My eyes aren't near as young as they used to be either. The 507C and 508T do both use the same mounting footprint as the Trijicon RMR and SRO. Generally, they will be compatible with any mounting system made for the RMR. The only exception might be a gun that was precision milled for an RMR. My M&P 2.0 Compact is like that. It was milled specifically for an RMR and the Holosun 508T that I have is just different enough around the leading edge radius that it won't fit that gun. Really aggrivating. But mass produced stuff? Should work just fine!
  2. Fundamentally I agree. There are few things that the Holosun 507C an 508T bring to the table that I'd like to see Trijicon do, proving that Holosun really is out there innovating and not just following. 1. The Ring-Dot reticle can be very useful and is a nice option 2. The larger window of the 507 and 508 as compared to the RMR makes for quicker, easier dot acquisition without being as large as, and being more robust than, the Trijicon SRO. 3. The solar panel is a heck of a nice feature. 4. The V2 variants of those two from Holosun have that "FINALLY!!!" side-loading battery door that keep you from having to remove the optic from the gun just to change batteries. I bought another RMR RM07 a few days ago to put a dot back on one of my M&Ps. I wanted to do a Holosun HE508T-V2 but Holosun keeps dragging their butts on releasing it in any sort of quantity that effectively makes it available.
  3. Well, it finally happened and hit somewhat close to home for me. A colleague at work came down with COVID about a week and a half ago and succumbed to it last night via related complications. Their family was having to make the awful decision today to remove them from life support. I sucks that this virus seems so laughable until it strikes someone in the .0001% for which it is fatal. I suppose the exact same thing can be said of the flu, but I can't tell you the last time I heard of a person who was walking around healthy one week and dead the next because of the flu.
  4. Ah, thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. I'm just trying to share what I've learned to make it easier for others. If I were wanting a lighter weight, affordable, hammer fired gun with an RMR these days, I think I'd probably pick up a CZ P-07 and have someone like Cajun Gun Works, JaegerWerks, Primary Machine, etc. mill the slide for me and cook up something like this...
  5. Just be aware that Sig tends to cut their slides for their own optics. The exception is that the more recent P320 RXP X-series guns are cut for their Romeo 1 Pro which shares the same footprint as the Leupold Delta Point Pro. They wouldn't have done this if it weren't for Sig getting the Army's pistol contract and Leupold getting the optic contract. If you want to run an RMR on a Sig, you're better off buying the P320 you want in a non-optics variant and then getting an aftermarket slide for it from someone like Zev Technologies or Norsso. Or having the plain slide milled for an optic.
  6. Get an optic that doesn't eat batteries. The Trijicon RMR is proven and built for battle. I have four of them. I change their batteries on my birthday and Christmas day. I certainly don't need to change them that often but batteries are cheap and this is cheap insurance. My Holosun 508T-v1 has even better battery life but I change it once a year as well. The solar panel on top of it helps keep it running longer than optics with battery only. I haven't had to change the battery in the Sig Romeo-1 Pro yet but I'll do it the same as the RMR. Twice a year, for insurance. Would I really own this many red dots on handguns and have switched to exclusively carrying handguns with red dots if they weren't proven and reliable and offered a significant advantage? Stick to reputable brands with good track records and you will be fine. Trijicon and Holosun, yes. Sig Romeo, only if it's the Pro series. Not a fan of the Leupold Delta Point Pro, Swamp Fox, or Vortex. Go watch any of the Sage Dynamics video reviews of red dot optics on YouTube. Buy the ones that he beats the living hell out of and still work at the end. (Pretty much the list I just posted.) https://www.youtube.com/user/SageDynamics
  7. We are still encountering old automatic renewals that aren't processing properly with PayPal. The bug has been fixed, they say, but the old transactions have to be cancelled when we find them. I've refunded the PayPal transaction to your account and cancelled the automatic renewal. You can buy a Benefactor membership again via the store and it will create a new account for you that hopefully will not be subject to that bug again.
  8. SOLD: FN 509 MRD Optics Ready 9mm Handgun with Upgrades You are looking at a pristine FN 509 MRD Optics Ready 9mm with several noteworthy upgrades that represent an additional $200 worth of parts to make a fantastic gun even more reliable and enjoyable to shoot. All for barely more than the price of the gun itself. This 509 MRD has less than 500 rounds through it and functions flawlessly. It is the perfect way to get into the red-dot optics game, or run it without an optic and use the iron sights until you're ready to make the jump. The 509 MRD is the same size as a Glock 19, but has truly ambidextrous controls, superior texturing on the grip, deep slide serrations front and rear for safe and simple manipulation of the slide, an industry standard 1913 Picatinny accessory rail , and actual metal iron sights. It essentially comes stock with all of the things that a Glock owner generally spends $$$ to upgrade on their gun. And, I've added the excellent Apex Tactical Specialties flat trigger and improved sear, and the bomb-proof Apex Tactical Specialties "Heavy Duty" striker. Factory Specs: UPC: 845737010737 MPN: 66-100587 Caliber: 9mm Operation: Double-action Mag Capacity: 15 Rd. Weight: 26.5 oz. Barrel Length: 4.0" Overall Length: 7.4" Twist Rate: 1:10" RH Height: 5.2" Width: 1.35" Trigger Pull: 5.5 - 7.5 lb. Sight Radius: 5.79" Fully Ambidextrous Controls FN Low Profile Optics Mounting System with plate adapters for direct mounting of more than 10 optics All-black co-witness iron sights (Metal, not plastic!). INCLUDED IN MY SALE PACKAGE... FN 509 MRD Handgun with All Factory Accessories and Two Mags (Retail $550) Apex Tactical Specialties Heavy Duty Striker (Retail $48) Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger and Sear (Retail $145) Two extra 15rd FN OEM Magazines (Retail $88 total) Total Retail Price: $831.00 plus Shipping, Transfer Fee, TICS and Taxes. ### SOLD ### This is a hell of a great carry setup for someone. Anyone who has bought from me in the past can readily attest that you won't find guns in better condition. TERMS OF SALE: Local pickup in the vicinity of the Franklin, TN / Spring Hill, TN area. Cash sale only. No checks, no PayPal, no Venmo, no electronic payments. No trades. You'll show me your valid HCP unless I already know you. I don't take photos of IDs or require bills of sale. More photos, including some of the gun fully decked out. TLR7 and RMR not included in this sale.
  9. I am honestly torn on this and hesitated to list it. There's a strong temptation to keep this as another option for myself... which is exactly what I don't need.
  10. FOR SALE: Sig Sauer P320 RXP X-Compact with Extras INCLUDED: Sig P320 RXP X-Compact with Romeo 1 Pro Red Dot Sigh and Sig X-Ray Night Sights with Two 15rd Magazines Two extra Sig Sauer P320 Compact 15rd Magazines (total of four included) Factory X-Compact Grip Module in addition to... X-Compact Grip Module professionally stippled by 3 Golf Gunworks NOT INCLUDED: Package will not include the Streamlight TLR-7A unless you wish to pay extra for it. Will include a Werkz M6 IWB holster for the gun if you do. CONDITION OF GUN: Gun is in perfect condition. No scratches, blems, marks, etc. Romeo 1 Pro sight is in perfect condition as well. Works flawlessly. Factory grip module is 100% unused. 3G Gunworks module has seen limited use/carry. Both are perfect. Gun has had approximately 200 rounds through it. DOLLARS AND CENTS: Retail on the P320 RXP X-Compact is currently $989 + transfer fees, tax and TICS Retail on the extra mags is $39 each, $78 for the pair Retail on the extra grip module is $50 and 3 Golf Gunworks charges $150 for this stipple package My total investment into this is right at $1267 Will sell for $1000. This is essentially a 17% discount plus you aren't paying tax, transfer or TICS. TERMS OF SALE: CASH ONLY. No checks, no electronic payments. No trades. Local pickup at a public location near Spring Hill / Franklin area. If we've traded before, I don't need to see any ID from you. If we've not traded before, you need to show me your TN carry permit. I do not do bills of sale or take photos of your ID. MY SALES PITCH: The RXP X-Compact is a hell of a great gun and a fantastic way to get started in the red dot world. The X-series grip has super ergonomics as compared to the plain-vanilla P320 and fits more shooters hands. The grip angle is more akin to that of a 1911, it has a high undercut beneath the trigger guard, and a more functional beavertail to help minimize muzzle flip. The flat trigger on this gun is factory and patterned after the fantastic flat trigger that Grey Guns pioneered for the P320 series. The pull weight is smooth, the wall is light and crisp, and the reset is extremely short. It is, in short, a shooter's gun and very much a fighting pistol. So why the hell am I selling it if it's this awesome? I originally bought this for with the hope that it would be a way to move my wife into carrying a gun with a red dot sight. She just prefers her M&P Compact more and I've got plenty of other handgun platforms (Glock, M&P, FN, etc.) to keep me busy and just don't need another. If I were just getting into the RDS world and wanted a gun that I didn't have to monkey with, this would be it. But I've got plenty of guns I've already monkeyed with for a lot more money, so this one has to go. Guns aren't pets. If they aren't being used, I don't get attached to them I do not expect this gun to last long on the market. None of them are lasting very long these days. Firearm sales in 2020 have eclipsed those of the 2012 Obama era. Selections at gun shops are sparse and shelves are bare. Major distributors like Sports South, MGE, Lipseys, etc. are running weeks behind on shipping new orders because of demand and volume. Despite these things, I am still asking a reasonable price for this package. You can't replicate it without spending more.
  11. Just get their name right when you speak with them. It's Cloud Defensive ... not Defense. I know this sounds like a small thing but small details set people apart from the crowd for the right and wrong reasons. They're small enough to be able to care about things like that and might give you a (friendly) hard time about it.
  12. They are 100% an American company. I know one of the owners.
  13. It's unfortunate that they weren't receptive to your feedback. Given that they seem to do quite a bit of in-house R&D and aren't 100% ripping off other people's intellectual property, you would think that they would want to know what the consumer thinks of their products and use that feedback to drive improvements. On the other points that you made, I wonder if you were just dealing with a bad sales rep? Again, I suspect that a person can get by just fine with an Olight for casual purposes and especially so if they are sticking with the handheld models. For weapon lights, I'd skip 'em.
  14. OLight makes good consumer-grade stuff but I am going to stick to Surefire, Cloud Defensive, Modlite and Streamlight for things that I might need to count on in a fight. I'm not trying to rain on the sale of these items as I think they are perfectly fine for what most folks are going to use them for, but I really cannot in good conscience recommend them for someone who's life might depend on them. Bear in mind that "reviewers" like S00tch are paid handsomely by vendors to post favorable opinions about their products. That guy hasn't met many products that he didn't fawn over. One problem in particular that both Mark and I have been able to exploit with ease on Shooters Nation is the latch design on the Valkrie. It's easy to snag that thing on the draw and inadvertently rip your light off of the gun. Even if they were to use a toggle design similar to what ADM and Surefire use (see below) with an integral lock button, it would still be prone to snagging on things as you draw. There's a reaosn why no one else uses these types of latches on pistol mounted weapon lights and my guess is that everyone else patended their designs and left OLight with very little option BUT to use them. Again... I am not opposed to OLight for casual purposes. I am opposed to them for serious use. ** Not the OLight lever. OLight's lever doesn't have the integral lock, which would at least be a step in the right direction.
  15. My podcast co-host, Mark, works for a major national distibutor. He said the sales volume in 2020 has far surpassed the numbers from 2012 after the Newton CT school shooting that Obama capitalized on to push more "assault weapon" bans. 2012 and 2013 were absolute boom years for TGO. We saw members buy/sell/trade more in that period of time than likely transacted cumulatively in the following five years. If you weren't in the gun community back then, for Mark to say that 2020 has blown those numbers away is honestly just staggering for me to consider.
  16. Holosun is killing me with the delays on the 508T V2 being available. It played out like this with the first gen 508T also, though. They announced it nearly a year before it actually made it into stores and then it was only available for about 6-7 months before they stopped producing them to ramp up for the V2.
  17. I am very sorry to read the news, Hipower.
  18. Be the gray man. Be the gray man. Be invisible or at the very least not noteworthy or deserving of attention, have an exit strategy, and let the police handle the lunatics until you have no choice to handle them yourself.
  19. I can't even count the number of times we had to ban people from coming here and stirring up drama about people on that site, who weren't even TGO members, because of bad deals. Or the occasions when we would be alerted to the fact that some scammer over there was using photos and descriptions of firearms listed for sale on TGO to post bogus ads on that site. People would Google whatever the key words were and then wind up here looking at the legit ad and raise hell with the legit ad's poster about whatever scam had happened to them on that site. It took us a few times of that happening before we totally figured it out, but after that it was a 100% block for any URLs going there. That place used to be a complete cesspool. I can only assume it still is.
  20. We have seen so many questionable postings and had so many people show up here trying to hunt down people who weren't even TGO members because of bad deals on that site, that we started blocking their URL just to keep people from accidentally hopping over there. I see that I need to tweak the URL filter a bit more now.
  21. I've given up trying to make sure that TGO email can reach all others. I've done everything I can to make sure that we have all of the right DNS records, that our server is secure, and that we are using a reputable mail-sending service (At a cost of nearly $100 per month I might add). All it takes is a group of unhappy dickheads getting banned from TGO to suddenly start reporting the email they signed up for as "Spam" and we get blocked from Comcast, Verizon, etc. I've successfully had us whitelisted with all of these providers in the past, but it's a never-ending cycle.
  22. FOR SALE: Lockerdown Console Safe for 2010-2020 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Retail Price: $289 Selling to TGO for $150 Up for sale is a like-new Lockerdown #LD2048 console safe / vault for the current generation of Toyota 4Runner. This fits year models 2010-2020 and is made of 12 gauge steel, in Texas, by Texans. This is the only way I'd ever recommend leaving a handgun or other valuables inside of a car as it completely encloses the contents of your center console in an armored shell of steel which is bolted securely to the floor of the vehicle using the factory bolts already present. I've sold the vehicle and have purchased another Lockerdown safe for my new vehicle. This one needs a new home. This model is configured with the four-digit combination lock. Stock photos follow. I can post actual photos later tonight if required. Terms of Sale: Local pickup in the Franklin / Spring Hill, TN area greatly preferred. Willing to ship but you pay actual shipping cost. Payment via cash or PayPal "Friends and Family" only. No trades. Will not hold or reserve. Sorry. No time for that and it's not worth the hassle.

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