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  1. Oh now... no one is immune. We've booted moderators before, even. I really hope there isn't a TGO circle jerk. Yuck. But if there is, can we all agree to unite against them from a safe distance?
  2. TGO ought to flood the media websites and social media with criticism. Just saying.
  3. What are the metrics being used to determine if a person is an extreme conservative or extremely right wing and where does the tipping point lie between conservative / extreme-conservative, and right-wing / extreme-right-wing? There have to be metrics and guidelines for this, otherwise the decisions to classify a person as one or the other is completely arbitrary.
  4. Folks, I probably set a really bad precedent for this particular request by initiating the thread in the manner that I did, but it is entirely possible for us to attack the issues and the ideologies without attacking each other. Let's try to do that. Obnoxiously large font and colors used to grab your attention since this is an otherwise short statement in a giant body of posts and replies. I don't want it to be overlooked. Mea culpa.
  5. I've got good news and bad news: The good news is, we're not of this dying world and it's not meant to be our home. We're just passing through. The bad news is that we're still called to be salt and light to it so we have to make a go of it while we're here. Any time some Leftist tells the world how much they hate me and my Christian brothers and sisters, I just smile and remember that Jesus said that they would and that they hated Him first. That tells me we're on the right path even if it's getting darker around us and the path sometimes harder to see.
  6. For the sake of expediency, let's just agree to substitute the word Reforms with the word Mitigations any time that Leftists promote something as a good idea. Supreme Court Reforms? Negative, Ghostrider. Those are Supreme Court mitigations. I sure am glad that Uncle Joe saved us all from COVID-19, though. Without him we'd probably be in... well... exactly the same place we are right now. Hey, work with me, folks. I'm trying to support the Party the best I can. They just aren't giving me much to work with.
  7. Is it really going off the rails or do you just not like what's being said? So far it seems that people are being polite and [mostly] not attacking each other but rather attacking ideas and ideologies.
  8. Anyone in a position of leadership knows that it's a good idea to float a balloon every now and again to gauge the mindset of people under their command. While I am glad to hear that a long time ago Marines were willing to shoot the officer who gave such a command, I suspect that the data collected was eventually fed back into the overall program to make adjustments and ensure that future generations of Marines would answer the question "correctly". I'm not as much of a skeptic as I am just a realist. I know how we use employee satisfaction surveys at work. Same idea, sadly.
  9. Actually, I am remiss in my statements. It didn't even take 100-years for the US Government to decide that it wouldn't tolerate any talk of rebellion from the people whom had recently rebelled to establish it in the first place. The Whiskey Rebellion occurred in 1791, not even 20-years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. President George Washington sent troops to Pennsylvania to crush that one. @Daniel maybe you could help settle the question so many people have asked in America over the course of the past several decades: Would American solders side with th
  10. That's a pretty interesting thing, that the government quickly evolved itself in the course of history, to make sedition illegal when the country itself was born from sedition. Don't you think? I've always thought it was pretty hypocritical that our nation's very cornerstone document begins as such... "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal st
  11. General politics, yes. 2A Politics, no. The 2A and Politics are inseparable, but we focus on those issues only. THIS is a 2A issue.
  12. Yep, my call for people to end the practice of Slacktivism and put their own skin in the game. It was a great idea and maybe some folks did it, but the sad fact you are a rare bird if you do. I have very little faith in any political party. I identify as a Constitutional, Christian Conservative. There isn't a party that represents me anymore.
  13. That's called a "Soft Tyranny" and there is little you can do to stop it. Consider that Google, Microsoft, Amazon and quite a few other multi-national companies have more money in their bank accounts than most countries' governments do. Consider that those companies are succumbing to the pressures of "Wokeism" or are helmed by people who are true believers of it. Consider too that, unlike a government where the people have a say in who is elected to represent them and pass laws on their behalf, these corporations have no such mechanisms of accountability to the people other than p
  14. This is worth a watch if you're really still not sure why things are different now than they were 4, 8, 12, 24 years ago...
  15. Spot on. We basically have two parties, and a distraction. If you want to be effective with your vote, you vote for whichever of the two parties sucks less.
  16. You know, this sort of utopian ideology doesn't work. It's like convincing yourself that if all cars were Teslas and had super-high tech cameras and computers that make it impossible for them to ram into another car or motorist, you could just take your hands off the steering wheel of your 1978 Buick and take a short nap. And actually doing it. And being surprised when it went badly. I hate the two party system too, but guess what! It's reality.
  17. I vote with my brain in gear. I did the same thing this time. I saw what was coming. Everyone with any sense did. All I've heard from the Liberal gun owners leading up to this moment is how I've been full of #### for thinking that Biden would come for our guns because it's always been nothing but talk. The problem is, there are a lot of other elements of the current era that have eroded the safeties, the checks and balances, that kept it from happening before. Again, I've kept my brain in gear. I've factored all of these things into my decisions whenever I've entered a voting booth.
  18. Y'all... these things have been going on since the beginning of time. People have been murdering each other since Cain smashed Able's skull in with a rock. The difference today is that the Leftists who run the media have an agenda and they are so close to succeeding that they can taste it. They are foaming at the mouth to report every single gun related act of violence that happens anywhere other than Chicago, Illinois right now. It's hype time. It's crunch time! They've languished for this moment for decades and they're almost at the finish line. They will report every gun crime th
  19. Just a big thanks to the Liberal gun owners who voted against Trump and encouraged others to do the same. I'm glad that you are more than just "single issue voter" troglodytes. If we end up in the gulags together, maybe we can reminisce together about the good old days when we could... oh, I don't know... own guns. Yeah! Let's commit to talking about that.
  20. That holster is the PHLSTER Floodlight. It's made for PHLSTER by the folks behind some of my favorite gun-specific holsters, Henry Holsters. The advantage of the Floodlight design is that it's fairly universal for a wide range of guns since the weaponlight itself is what provides the retention. I also have a holster for the PDP without any light whatsoever from Tenicor called the CERTUM3, and a holster for use with the TLR7 from Texas Holster Solutions, called the Pierce. I'll post a pic of it below. I also have a TLR7 holster coming from McKinaTec but I haven't recei
  21. I have the new full-size on order and it'll be here tomorrow. I'll have some pics of it soon. As for the auto, that's only in full size right now. Honestly, the Axis lock on the non-auto makes an automatic practically pointless in my opinion. With minor adjustment to the T-10 pivot screw you can get the sweet-spot where the blade doesn't have any wiggle to it but will flick open with barely any effort, if not open/close by gravity only. I took the blade and brass washers out of my Mini, cleaned the blade and pivot thoroughly and applied some better oil to it, and polished both
  22. Guns are cool. Guns with bright lights and red dot sights are even cooler.
  23. There's one in the Trading Post FAQ section. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/100866-suggested-personal-firearm-bill-of-sale/


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