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  1. Everyone claims that the Glock grip angle is as natural as pointing your finger at something. I used to buy into that, but personal experience says that my natural pointing position isn't quite compatible, and neither is most anyone else's. I can hand most people a trainer Glock (or empty) and tell them to look at something across the way, close their eyes and then point at it, and the Glock won't align for them. Tell them to do that empty handed and they can point their finger at the same object with pretty good accuracy. I think the real sauce with Gaston's design is that he figured out that his grip angle uses natural biomechanics to combat recoil. And he's not wrong about that. I've said it often: This is why we have so many different gun designs to choose from. There is no true one-design fits all. I carry my Sig P320 or P365 more than any others now, and I've shot Glocks for over two decades.
  2. Honestly, most folks that I have helped and who have said that they initially have some trouble finding the dot on a Glock running an optic end up also finding out that they are cross-eye dominant (right hand and left eye, or left hand and right eye). If you are a right-handed shooter, try pivoting your head ever so slightly to the right as you bring the gun up to eye level. Pivot the other way if you're a lefty. If that improves your ability to instantly snap the gun + dot to alignment with your eyesight, surprise! Other than that, yeah, the Glock grip angle isn't as neutral or natural as the 1911, P320, etc.
  3. I just updated the first post in the thread with mine. I took the IFAK off for the moment. Trying to find the best place for it on the belt since it's really for use on me, by someone else, if I get hurt. I added a basic tourniquet holder, though, since I might need to use that myself.
  4. Sad. Yet another law enforcement officer who needs improved handgun accuracy.
  5. I am resisting the urge to buy a ROMEO2 for my P320. The review that Sage Dynamics did on the optic is excellent.
  6. SIG SAUER 'Soft Launches' the New P320 XTEN 10mm Pistol - The Truth About Guns Everyone knows that the best millimeter is 10mm, and now Sig Sauer is going to let you get your 10mm on in a P320 form-factor with 15+1 capacity. Dig it!
  7. It's been a while since I had a legitimate "battle belt" set up for use in classes, so I am putting one together and would love to see what you guys are using. The basis of mine is a VTAC Cobra Belt wrapped with a VTAC Battle Belt for some weight distribution and MOLLE panels for hanging stuff off of it. I've added a Safariland Universal Belt Loop (UBL) and Quick Locking System (QLS) receiver for connecting a holster to it. The holster I am running right now is a T-Rex Arms (yeah yeah whatever) Ragnarok light-bearing Kydex holster for my Sig P320 X-Carry. It snaps into the Safariland QLS receiver with a QLS locking fork. I went ahead and added a T-Rex Arms thigh strap to the UBL so that the holster doesn't want to come up with the gun on a draw. I've also added three High Speed Gear (HSG) polymer "taco" pistol mag pouches to the weak-hand side of the belt, a Maxpedition Gear "Rolly Poly" dump bag just behind them. Last but not least I have a Dark Angel Medical Individual First Aid (IFAK) just behind the hip on the strong-hand side of the belt. I don't want to hang a bunch of needless crap off of the rig, but each of the items above has a purpose. Not surprising to me at all, this setup still feels lighter on my waist/hips than just trying to hang the dump bag, holster and spare mags on my carry belt do. I'll try to snap some pics of the setup soon. In the meantime, show me yours or at least tell me what you've got. Edited to Add... This is mine at the moment. It's pretty spartan.
  8. My experience is that a Shadow Systems gun trigger isn't at its best until at least a thousand rounds of shooting. Dry fire helps, but grit and grime and shooting really smooths it up.
  9. TGO David

    H&K SP5

    You're set for the company Christmas party now!
  10. Moving this to the general chat forum. It doesn't belong in the Events & Gatherings forum.
  11. I've shot one of these before. They are worth the price of admission. Someone's going to get a great gun!
  12. Summary I have added an "All Classified Ads" content stream to the site's menu and RSS feeds. This is how you'd find it on the desktop version of the site, by clicking per the numbers: Explanation I realized that while I had set up streams for New Classified Ads and My Classified Ads, there wasn't one set up that would easily show you all of the ads regardless of whether you had read them yet or not. This just adds that functionality to the site.
  13. Joe, we don't issue member numbers. What are you trying to renew? Are you confusing us with TFA?
  14. Joe, we've never issued ID cards of any sort. What are you trying to renew that is asking you for a membership number?
  15. TGO David

    Carry History

    90's - I started with a Ruger P85 which was a gigantic turd, and sold that to buy a Smith & Wesson 3913. The 3913 is one that I absolutely should have kept. It was way ahead of its time and a lot of the slimline guns that we have now aren't near as good as that gun was. We ended up finding another in the 2010's and bought it for my wife. During this time I also owned an HK USP 40 and a Sig P226 .40SW. Those were both really nice guns but heavy and not great for carry. No one was making good carry holsters back then, as we know them now. 00's - This is around the time that my love affair with Glocks began. I started with a G23 and then traded to a G27. I quickly saw the error of that decision as the G26/27 trade away the best parts of their 19/23 brothers and aren't even really any better at concealment... so I bought G19 and that was that. I still have my first Gen 3 G19. My favorite gun from this era is my Wilson Combat Professional. It's a bob-tailed Commander-sized 1911. I still have that one and my kids will fight over who inherits it one of these days. I wore this gun to my wedding. 10's - Hard to say. My wife and I were a dual-income, no-kids family for the first half of this decade and were able to buy whatever we wanted. I have a lot of favorites from the 2010s but the best is probably my Staccato C2 that I bought right at the tail end of the decade. 20's - Also hard to say. Walther PDP is great. I love my P365 XL so far. The one that has surprised me the most is probably the one sitting next to me right now: My Sig P320 X-Carry. I never really expected to be a "Sig Guy" and I did not like the first P320 Compact that I owned, or the second one. Third time was a charm, I guess.
  16. Not sure how this didn’t pop up in my new activity feed. Shoot me a PM and let’s get you hooked up with this.
  17. Let's start with this: What error are you getting? Or, what behavior are you seeing when you attempt to post from your phone? I was able to test from Safari on my iPhone a moment ago, and it worked for me.
  18. TGO David


    Testing from Safari on iPhone.
  19. Hey Russ. Haggle privately. Ask the seller to contact you. Those are the rules.
  20. Summary Members are now allowed to change their screen name once every 90 days and can do so as soon as Day-1 of their membership. You can find the option to do this in your Account Settings page. Explanation Members have always been able to change their screen names, but previously they had to have been a member for at least 90-Days or have made a certian number of posts before they could. This sounded great (to me) in theory but in practice it was also very short-sighted (of me). It is not rare for a new member to register for an account and then wish they had not used their real name for their screen name, or realized that they made a typographical error in their screen name. This change fixes that problem and allows folks one name change immediately, if they so desire, but also keeps it from being an unending game of "Who's Who?"


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