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  1. Contact - Cloud Defensive I'd contact Cloud, tell them what happened, and ask for advice before I did anything else. If you go the gunsmith route, you just want it drilled and tapped. Taps form threads on the female portion. Dies form threads on the male portion.
  2. SOLD! Grizzly G0863 Dust Separate Cyclone for Woodshop or Workshop This unit is virtually brand new. I hooked it up once to confirm that it would work, but then went a totall different direction with a homebrew setup. Go figure. This cyclone sits between your dust collector and your power tools (table saw, miter saw, router table, jointer, band saw, etc.) and collects the vast majority of sawdust or other debris so that it doesn't damage the dust collector's impeller or clog the dust collector's filter and bag. It works REALLY well. These are also used by knifemakers and Kydex holster makers to save their dust collectors from abuse. You can learn more about this thing here: Grizzly Growler Cyclone Separator at Grizzly.com Terms of Sale Retail price is $395 plus shipping. Will sell to a TGO member for $250. Price is firm. PayPal or Cash Local pickup near Franklin and Spring Hill. More Photos
  3. Bumping back to the top. Past few sales have failed to come together.
  4. Y'all need to sip your iced lattes and talk more about shooting your off with Sig P320s.
  5. Jesus wasn't a fan of religion either. Religion gets in the way of an actual relationship with him. Just something to think about. Really glad to hear that things are improving!
  6. I think you have to be a lawyer to come up with a term like that.
  7. He is talking about the integral safety in a Glock's trigger shoe. Other manufacturers use different approaches. S&W uses a hinged trigger design that accomplishes the same thing in the M&P. He's still FOS.
  8. I'm sure that the FOP lawyers coach them on what to say in these cases, and it's always "the gun".
  9. These people are full of #### and the cops are blaming the gun rather than their own incompetence. Hard stop. Do you know who Bruce Gray is? Bruce is a master gunsmith and owner of Gray Guns. They have a very heavy focus on Sig Sauer firearms at Gray Guns and he knows a thing or two about the P320 and about how to test things. He recently did an exhaustive test on the P320 to see if it could fire out of battery. It cannot. P320 out-of-battery testing - Grayguns This video also addresses the recent ridiculous claims.
  10. The only thing better than an incendiary device is a cheaper incendiary device!
  11. What makes it the best? What have you compared it with?
  12. Summary Upgrade of forum software for May 2023 Explanation IPS Community Suite 4.7.10 Released 05/09/2023 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/4710-r121/
  13. My first computer was a Commodore 64 with a 1541 floppy drive. I bought a 110 baud acoustic coupler modem for it with money that I made from mowing relatives' lawns. Later I got a 300 baud modem for and it started running a BBS at night on the family phone line. My parents barely tolerated that by unplugging their other phones. My first PC was an 8088XT clone, then an 80286, a 80386, 80486 and finally into the world of Pentiums. Somewhere in there I started another BBS running on a single dedicated phone line and eventually I had four lines on a BBS before the Internet took over. And then... forums! Such a damned nerd.
  14. I know you haven't had the easiest time over the years. I'll add to what @Chucktshoes said and will offer my own prayers for whatever might be happening behind the scenes to inspire your post. You've got a good network of support here on TGO. Reach out as you need to.
  15. I'm not very imaginative.
  16. Things we can all be doing in the wake of these events: 1. Calling, emailing, writing our lawmakers to encourage them to hold the line in the face of mounting pressure to punish good people and reduce their abilities to defend themselves, while doing absolutely nothing to stop bad people from committing evil acts. 2. Getting civilian medical training. Stop The Bleed and PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) training classes are out there and some of them are free or low-cost. You're statistically more likely to use a tourniquet in your life than you are to need to use a gun. 3. Getting defensive handgun training. The "training" that you are required to receive in order to get an enhanced carry permit in the state of Tennessee is utterly worthless. We are immensely fortunate in Tennessee to have so many well heeled training providers within a half-day drive of us. Go beyond the basics and become very proficient with your handgun. 4. Adapt your EDC to the sort of things that are becoming more common in our society. Learn how to use a tourniquet and carry one with you everywhere. Invest in a small individual first aid kit (IFAK) that goes beyond bandaids and ointments, and carry it with you everywhere. Pick a gun that you can actually make a critical shot with under duress, train to do that, and then carry it with you everywhere. 5. Get your ass in shape. Run, hide, fight starts with running. Can you? No? Get your ass in shape. Get involved in self-defensive combatives like Jiu Jitsu or Krav Maga. Getting in shape while you beat the #### out of people and people beat the #### out of you is way better than walking on a treadmill at the YMCA like some sort of human hampster. 6. Commit to keeping your attention OUT of your cellphone when you're in public places. You can't run, hide, or fight if you're dead because you were popped in the dome while surfing Facebook on your phone, oblivious to the transexual ANTIFA soy-boy coming up alongside you, dressed like a mall-ninja, aiming a Kel-Tec at your melon. BECOME AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!
  17. Sheesh, dude. Next time... https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/42-non-firearm-classifieds/ Just kidding!
  18. I bought this stuff about two years ago after I tore my biceps muscle and needed to do rehab at home. I've since recovered and have moved on to a larger home gym machine, so I no longer need these things. This is a pretty decent starter setup or will augment whatever you already have. The bench is in very good shape and was always wiped down after use to prevent sweat and salt buildup. There are four 10lb plates and and a total of six 5lb plates (only two are shown in this photo). All 5lb plates are identical to what you see here. Bars and plates are all 2-inch variety. What I paid for this stuff... Bench ($130) Plates ($130) Bars ($70) Total of $330 Will sell it all for $150. Local pick up in the Spring Hill / Thompsons Station area. Cash only. Not interested in any trades at this time.
  19. You'll use the screws that came with the Holosun. Only one of the three options will work. Go ahead and unscrew the 507K. Don't put the EPS on it yet. With the optic off, test fit the new screws FINGER tightening only. Don't even use a torx driver. Just see which pair threads into the holes on the slide. I wish I could give you a more accurate answer than that. I'm running the EPS Carry on my Macro using Holosun's screws, so I know it's one of the three sets.
  20. I have too much going on right now, so I skipped it this year. They seem to swing these shows between Indianapolis and Dallas, so I might hit it next year.
  21. HIGH probability that is a bad shoot. He's going to need a really skilled lawyer.
  22. Let me ask a question: Why does anyone believe that so-called Red Flag laws will work when you consider the other past cases of mass killings where law enforcement agencies had advance notice of threats or intent to do harm and yet still failed to stop the event? Think about that long and hard. The statement "The FBI/police were aware of [the individual]" has occurred so frequently in the aftermath of mass killings that it has become the butt of countless dark jokes. And yet... none of those agencies preemptively did anything to stop the killers. And in cases where a friend or family member knew the killer was making threatening statements ahead of the actual event, those friends or family members could have EASILY reported them to the authorities and potentially averted disaster. Threatening a person or group of people is already "assault". It is already illegal. A person guilty of making threats or threatening remarks can today be arrested and investigated for that! Further, arresting a person for making threatening remarks does not require that you adjudicate that person in advance, unlike filing for an emergency protective order under "Red Flag" provisions. It's actually a faster process. Conversely, if no one knows of the killer's intent ahead of time, no number of red flag laws would help. A killer that flies under the radar will never be stopped by these proposed laws. The only real difference between what we have now and what we will have if Red Flag laws are enacted is that gun owners will be subject to legalized and expensive harassment without the protection of due process. It's all bull#### meant to grab guns and preserve jobs for politicians.
  23. Red flag laws are gun control. Period. They don't do anything to stop a person from obtaining a firearm through means other than retail sales. They don't do anything to stop a person from committing assault with an improvised weapon of another sort. The just control gun sales and give the false impression that a politician has "done something". If we really cared about stopping mentally and emotionally broken people from harming other people, we'd do something about the screwed-up person. I mean, if only we had some clue that the Covenant shooter was in need of geniune psychotherapy.


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