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  1. FOR SALE: GLOCK 19 GEN3 with EXTRAS Glock 19 Gen 3 (9mm) Used, in Excellent Condition Two Factory 15rd Magazines Included Factory Case Included Extras Include: Ameriglo Pro i-Dot Night Sights (Less than 1 year old, Bright!) Two Additional Factory 15rd Magazines (Total of FOUR!) Bravo Concealment OWB Holster, Right Hand Price is $375.00 FIRM Cash only. No checks, no trades. Available for pickup near Franklin, TN Must be Tennessee resident. Will not ship. Buyer must show TN Driver's License. Actual Photos...
  2. We used to have Tapatalk. Getting rid of it was one of the better things I've ever done.
  3. I have upgraded our forum software to the latest version this morning. This version consists entirely of security-fixes and bug-fixes. There are no new features. Please let me know if you encounter any problems while using the forum!
  4. No it's not. That's not what the First Amendment says at all. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Did Governor Lee use executive power to pass a law establishing a religion for Tennessee? Did he pass a law prohibiting the free exercise of religion? Go ahead and tell me that an invitation to prayer is somehow a law, and that law established Christianity as the official state religion, or that the invitation to prayer prohibited freedom from exercising whatever religions the people of Tennessee generally exercise, if they exercise one at all. C'mon... stretch hard for it. Because stretching hard for it is the only way you're going to somehow make a connection between the Governor's proclamation and the intent of the First Amendment, and even then you're not going to actually make contact. Your windage is going to be off. Maybe your elevation. It's going to be a warm breeze whistling past in the distance. If the founding fathers meant anything other than what they wrote, they'd have written something other than what they did. Words mean things. Simple language is meant to be interpreted simply. All attempts to draw hidden meanings or implications from the Constitution or the Amendments are scams.
  5. People who who argue that modern 9mm is ballistically inferior to other modern handgun service calibers are the Flat Earthers of the gun world.
  6. @RedlegEd your organization satisfies my OCD greatly.
  7. Obviously you are as entitled to your opinion as you are not to participate in a completely voluntary day of prayer and fasting.
  8. These have proven to be VERY durable for me. I've not been gentle on them. https://www.homedepot.com/b/RIDGID/N-5yc1vZ18g/Ntk-Extended/Ntt-rigid+tool+box?Ntx=mode+matchpartialmax&NCNI-5&storeSelection=775,734,723,722,721
  9. I doubt you are are the only one who feels that way about Sig. I've had no problems out of my P365, though, and have had several of Springfield's striker fired XD models crap out on me. Hopefully the Hellcat is a totally new animal and more reliable. I am going to be skeptical of it until I see some long-range reliability results. It appears that SA still outsourced this to HS Produkt in Croatia.
  10. Hopefully a local has one they want to part with. If not, I've found that Big Tex Outdoors is a quick, affordable way to get these things. https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/product/glock-gen-4-oem-slides-stripped-complete-g17-19-26-34-43-43x-48/
  11. *sigh* George Washington called for a national day of prayer and thanksgiving on October 3, 1789. President Adams continued the practice, as did President Madison. It happened again in 1952 when President Truman signed a bill proclaiming a National Day of Prayer must be declared by each subsequent president at a date of his choosing. Reagan and George H Bush both hosted special National Day of Prayer events at the White House. Clinton issued proclamations but never hosted an event. George W Bush's first president act was the announcement of a National Day of Prayer and he held events at the White House each year of his presidency. Even Barack Obama issued annual proclamations, but never held an event at the White House. This isn't some wild-haired creation of Governor Lee and he absolutely isn't forcing anyone to participate. That's what true separation of church and state means, by the way. That the government can't mandate a religion to you or mandate participation in a religion. I'm always simultaneously amused and nauseated by the amateur Constitutional scholars that come out of the woodwork to "correct us" on whatever Article or Amendment is chaffing their butts at the moment. I fully support what Governor Lee is doing here. I don't know if I can pull off an all-day fast given the fact that I often trend very hypoglycemic (better than diabetic, I guess) but I'll skip at least one or two meals and will definitely be praying for our state, our nation, and our elected representatives. Edited to Add... My church is organizing the October 10th event at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville. Governor Lee attends the church, so I guess I should offer some disclosure there even though it seems kind of silly that I feel like I should. The State of Tennessee isn't behind the event at Municipal, as far as I am aware. Just my church and other churches joining in with us. Everyone's welcome to attend.
  12. You will appreciate the fact that Springfield Armory has gotten tired enough of our jokes about this that they are firing back at people on Instagram.
  13. It would be really interesting to hear what logic drove them to the XD when Glock practically owns the LE market and the S&W M&P is usually second on the podium with Sig still getting the occasional contract. If it has anything to do with the "grip safety" of the XD, it is going to speak volumes about the level of Fuddery inside that PD.
  14. It's a crying shame that XDs and XD-S's never hold up well under hard use. I've personally had an XD Tactical fail on me in a 2-day defensive pistol class with less than a 500rd count for the entire two days. Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics has been tracking XD failures in his classes for a while now and way back in 2017 had already counted 20 failures in his classes. No telling how many he's seen since then, if he even allows them in his classes now. I'll pass.
  15. What you guys are missing is that this doesn't put the burden of enforcing background checks on the venue hosting the gun show, or the print or online publication wherein a For Sale listing was placed. Those entities, much like TGO, aren't the ones doing the transacting. YOU guys are. YOU are the ones who will be viewed as operating in commercial capacities. Suppose you two randomly bump into each other at an Arby's fast food restaurant and somehow end up talking about guns. Dave says he likes guns, ChuckTShoes says he has one he'd like to sell, Dave says he'd love to buy it, and suddenly commerce occurs. The way your logic has been going in this thread, Arby's restaurant suddenly is in the commercial business of firearms sales and has to ensure that a background check occurs because you guys met on their property, formed a temporary relationship for the sake of commerce, and money changed hands. Absurd, right? Same as if happened here, on Armslist, on Gunbroker, or anywhere else. TGO isn't going to be expected to reclassify itself. YOU guys are. That's why we all need to be lighting our torches, sharpening our pitchforks, and telling our President and other elected representatives that we know where the hell to find them come election season if they allow this garbage to pass.
  16. Direct link to the Firearms Policy Coalition's brief on this matter... VERY much worth reading. https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/5388/attachments/original/1568847447/2019-9-18-fpc-policy-memo-fed-idea-doc.pdf?1568847447
  17. This is a worthwhile read on the subject. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/firearms-policy-coalition-rejects-trumps-expanded-background-check-registry-idea-document
  18. I very much disagree. TGO isn't selling firearms. All we are doing is connecting people with each other, and the transactions of personally owned items that occur between individuals aren't commercial sales. If the government decides that an individual can no longer sell their privately owned firearm to a person other than a family member without it going through a background check, then the government has essentially made a step toward firearms becoming non-transferrable items which is a step toward banning them entirely. You folks need to be thinking about that pretty hard and burning up your representatives' phone lines when the sun rises Thursday.
  19. Well, that and a closer drive. Y'all are a good hour away from me.
  20. FOR SALE! $625.00 This is your chance to get into the purpose-built red dot-pistol game cheap. I am moving out of the M&P platform and I am pricing this aggressively so that I don't have to screw around with tire kickers or a lingering for-sale ad. This is priced to effectively save you the cost of having the gun milled and Cerakoted, and having to wait a month for those services to be completed. What I am selling is this: Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 9mm - No Thumb Safety Version ($400-420 retail) Slide Milled and Cerakoted Black by Primary Machine ($200 my cost) Suppressor Height Sights ($100 my cost) Apex Tactical RED Flat Faced Trigger and Forward Set Sear ($175 my cost) Factory parts included as well as all Apex combination springs Factory box, factory 15rd mags (3) $875 worth of stuff. $625 asking price. Save yourself $250 and a lot of hassle. Not included at this price: Trijicon RMR optic Streamlight TLR7 light If you want those two things add another $440 for the optic and $100 for the light. Let's be honest; those things aren't "wear items". TERMS OF SALE: Nashville area local sale only. Cash only. First come, first served. Available in Williamson County on the weekends. Available near Nashville BNA Airport Monday - Thursday.
  21. Sometimes I think we should just post crazy ideas on the Internet to give them ideas, but then I snap out of it and realize they've probably already thought of it.

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