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Cruel Hand Luke

Oct 19 Tn/GA/AL Training Group Rocky Face GA !

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The October meeting of the TN/GA/AL Suarez Int training group will be held on Saturday October 19th in Rocky Face GA ! 

We will be covering pistol skills AND Rifle skills primarily in the "urban distance envelope" which typically means 50 yards and closer which is short range for rifles and long range for pistols..... 

Instructor: Randy Harris

Subject : Short Range Rifle and Long Range Pistol 

Date : Saturday Oct 19 


Hiawassee Land Company Lake (off Mill Creek Rd)  , Rocky Face GA 30740 (contact me for directions. It is about 25 minutes South of Chattanooga off of I-75)


What you need to bring: 
Pistol (revolvers are welcome too), at least 2 spare pistol magazines (or speedloaders if you plan to party like it is 1899) and at least 150 rounds of pistol ammo..... Rifle, at least 1 spare rifle mag and at least 100 rounds. Pistol caliber carbines are welcome too ! So all you guys with arm braced Glocks and Scorpions and 9mm ARs this would be perfect for that. 

Hope to see you on the 19th!

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I'd like to encourage folks to come out.

I am an unpaid spokesman and range valet.

It will be fun and informative.

Fun in that we get to shoot. 

Informative from the perspective of where is my skill level with my choice of PDW (rifle, carbine, rifle caliber pistol, PCC, or even one of those modular Glock or Sig pistol frame gizmos)

And, is my choice of PDW reliable and do I like shooting it?

As always, don't worry about not having the coolest, most expensive stuff. 

My very first carbine class was with my 10 round HP995 with a $40 BSA red dot. Worked out of pockets and kept up with some nice ARs and 2 Tavors.

Not too late to join us, easy to find, you'll be home by 6-ish depending on travel;  affordable, safe, quality instruction.

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I really enjoyed this class, the nature of the drills required less target marking and pasting, which allowed me to participate more.

What I learned and was reminded of:

Long range pistol - at 20-25 yards, the OEM CZ night sights are gigantic in relation to a 3 1/2" aim point. In my struggles, Randy took a shot and even he commented on the poor long range, small target sight picture.

Do I upgrade the sights or commit a to a RMR  project...

With zero live practice in the last 60 days and limited dry work, it took me a bit to get back up to speed. I think my teacher may have noticed my lack of any effort.

Short Range Rifle - if you've run an M1 carbine, you know the joy.

Had 2 failure to feed, 99% sure it was ammo (PPU) related. Ejected spent case,  new round didn't quite chamber, holding bolt open, tap, rack, back to work.

The Fiocchi ran great, I can definitely tell it has a bit more juice than the PPU.

I'll give the 1% to the 30 round mag. The reason most folks struggle with 30 rounders in the M1 is the mag catch. The M2 mags and catch have an extra tab on the side to help keep the mag from sagging in the well. I installed an M2 catch and have no issues.

Flip side, the 15 round box mags with LRHO cut in the follower are very handy for manipulations and stowing in pockets.

I typically get extra weak side practice being a lefty. For the dynamic rifle work, move to right while engaging target, I was forced to practice smoothly changing shoulders and hands while sweeping the rifle up. Pretty smooth even with layers clothing topped by a twill jacket.

Shooting while moving to the right resulted in hits upper right shoulder area with a good number of misses. If your assailant is armed with a parrot on his shoulder, I'm your guy.

Move then plant, much better results.

From past experience, a red dot is an advantage if you have to switch shoulders.

My reminder; I can work out of pockets pretty efficiently. For training, a basic, minimalist rig and dump pouch would be nice to have, but I'm pretty practical and thrifty.

I hope you will consider joining us for our next event... currently posted!

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