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  1. Hello from Idaho - Soon to be Tennessee

    That can be a dangerous place to be! Welcome to East Tennessee. Save closet space when you get here and leave your "Idaho Winter" stuff boxed up in the garage.
  2. That It for Butch?

    It looks like the pool of possible coaches is getting very shallow...how about Mathew Mcconaughey? It worked for Marshall
  3. Darby

    Dang it Bersa, that made me misty. You should take up writing short stories as a hobby. The fact that she barked at an "intruder" (at least that is how she perceived the landlord) indicates she is defensive and protective of "her" home and probably you as well. Another good sign.
  4. hope ya'll understand!!!

    I hope you and Darby are a good match. Between the pictures and what you posted it appears and sounds like Darby is feeling comfortable and secure in your home. That is a good start. I'm sure pork chops didn't hurt. When I met my wife she gave me pork chops and that was over 32 years ago and I'm still here. Don't feel bad about the first effort, if it wasn't right for you, chances are it wasn't going to be right for Obie Wan either. A "Compa"nion has to be "Compa"tible. I hope it works out for both of you. Oh yeah, it sure looks like Darby has some German Shepard in those veins.
  5. Hello from Idaho - Soon to be Tennessee

    Welcome, and don't bother packing your snow shoes when you come.
  6. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    I have three right now, all of which are rescue. My West Highland Terrier was surrendered as a 8 week puppy at the local shelter. She is 15 now. My Boxer was about 4 years old when we found him chained to a tree living in a dirt circle. He found a much better life when he joined our family and is now 13 years old and doesn't get around very well. He enjoys his bed by my chair. My youngest is a Boston Terrier we found abandoned and running the road half starved, flea and tick infested and afraid of his own shadow. He is about 3 years old now and owns our hearts and allows us to live here. I have had boxers all my life and they are great companions but until 4-5 years old they are very energetic and require lots of play. They tend to be more reserved as youngsters if raised in a reserved household, but like kids, they just can't help themselves sometimes. I have seen some Boston's that are high strung but mine is the perfect companion and not high strung at all. He rarely barks unless there is a good reason and extremely lovable. He loves to play with his toys but just chills most of the time either in one of our laps or curled up with the Boxer.
  7. Coat shopping for carry

    For the last 30 years I have worn the mil-spec MA-1 flight jacket. (Actually, I have been through 5 of them). They are waist length, nylon shell, very warm when cold out yet for some reason I can wear it indoors for periods of time without getting too hot. This is great when wearing a shoulder holster and going into a restaurant or store. They are very durable and comfortable. My favorite manufacturer is Alpha Industries. They are waist length so doesn't conceal so well for belt carry unless IWB. It is a great all season coat/jacket. Also, it has large ambidextrous interior pockets that easily hold small revolvers and semi-autos, or magazines/speed loaders.
  8. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    I'm thankful I get Thursday off.
  9. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Sincere prayers for all those impacted, and kudos to the "local resident".
  10. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    They apparently did, it was just reported that "a local resident" acquired his rifle and engaged the shooter as he exited the church at which time the shooter dropped his rifle and fled. The local resident reportedly pursued the shooter to the point the shooter crashed and was found dead in his vehicle.
  11. Guns with sentimental value.............

    Bear with me for this struck my sentimental bone. I have my Dad's pride and joy that he left me which was his 1962 production Browning Sweet 16. It was fired 10 rounds since new. I have the original box of "Super X" as well. Then there is the Remington 870 Wingmaster my Grandpa bought new. I remember going with him to the Grand Opening of Wal-Mart #3 in Conway, AR to buy the Wingmaster. I stood at the counter as a small boy and watched my Grandpa count out $67 dollars and change for the shotgun. I remember thinking at the time that my Grandpa had to be RICH to have that much money. I have many fond memories of rabbit hunting trips with that shotgun and my Grandpa. There are others but those are my "special" ones.
  12. I'm looking for another vehicle for my son. I have been looking for 4wd '97 to '01 Cherokee XJs, late 90s to early 2000s 4Runners and possibly '99 to '04 Grand Cherokees. It is to be a daily driver so I don't want more than 3 inch lift if any. If you have something in the east end of the state taking up driveway space you have been thinking of letting go, let me know. Thanks
  13. NFL - Politics

    Gee, I would boycott them, but I already did that with the NFL as well as others a couple of years back. I guess the only thing left for me to do is ignore them as usual. Their opinions just don't matter to me.
  14. Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    I have full size 9mm in Glock, Springfield and S&W. If I could only have one of them I would choose my high mileage S&W 5906. I also have a supply of spare internals for the 5906 although I have never needed any replacements. Yeah, I got it, "it's a tank" as far as weight comparison, but I can totally depend on it.
  15. Do you carry cash?

    I use card for convenience such as gas pumps and groceries and larger purchases and pay it off every month. I carry spending cash for smaller incidentals, and I carry cash that's not for spending in case I stumble into a good deal on a gun, car etc. that I don't want to miss by going to get cash. The wife and I did the "Dave Ramsey" method before it was a Dave Ramsey method.

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