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  1. But time is short and distance is long.
  2. I have a 4 inch and want a 6 inch. I was all interested until I saw the Memphis part. Too far.
  3. Since there is currently no information available other than the occurrence, one was black and one was a cop...I have no opinion beyond it is most unfortunate and my sympathy goes to the families.
  4. If it were "close contact" a few inches, or "close" 2-3 feet, you would see speckling from the burning powder. The radius of speckling would depend on distance from entry. You would also see far less damage for the gases would not be entering the wound cavity forcing expansion and tissue trauma. I don't see any blackening of the internal tissue to indicate burning powder being forced into the wound as would be seen with a contact wound. Amount of damage I could believe. Can't make a conclusive from these two pics but it is obviously some form of explosion whether by firearm or otherwise.
  5. If he had the muzzle cupped in the palm of his hand, (contact wound), the bullet would have made a hole. The gases from the burning powder is what would have caused the major damage by being blown into the wound, expanding and tearing the skin and inner tissues. I could see this much damage from a .357 the muzzle was pressed in the palm. I have seen worse from contact wounds to the head.
  6. tacops

    Dick's feels the pain

    Grown ups buy guns. The same grown ups also buy sports equipment for the kids and teens, and yes, now a days they also buy for the young adults. Tick off the grown ups and quit selling guns while trying to make a political statement and they quit buying anything from you and go elsewhere that has a solid business plan that includes competitive pricing and customer service on quality products without political grandstanding. Shoot, even I can see that one coming.
  7. As to color of light, below 5000k the light takes on a yellow hue. The lower the K the more yellow tint. 5000k to 6000k is bright daylight white. When you get near 6000k to 6500k the light tends to take on a blue tint.
  8. Bottom line is all officers went home with the same holes they started their shift with and two worthless thugs are off the street. I'm good.
  9. tacops

    Memory Teaser test

    Winchester 190. Christmas gift when I was 12.
  10. tacops

    Thought of the Day

    I must be an underachiever, I have no broken down cars or school buses. Not even any broken appliances on the porch. I must try harder.
  11. Roger that. My last boat was a Stratos 285 ProXL with a 150 Fast Strike. I put many hours on it for I was heavy into tournaments for several years. I came off the water and quit tournaments when my kids started playing ball. The years have gone by and my kids grew up. I'm just looking to get back on the water for pleasure and maybe a small local tourny or two occasionally. Looking for something with a wide/stable beam and dependable.
  12. tacops

    Thought of the Day

    I wish my bank account filled up as fast as the laundry hamper and trash can.
  13. I am in the market for an 18' to 19' used bass boat with a 115 to 150 outboard. I am leaning toward an aluminum boat rather than fiberglass but have not totally discounted either. Looking at early to mid 2Ks. Condition is key. Thanks
  14. tacops

    Delton AR15 kit

    I have had Del-tons and never had any problems. They ran well and hit what I aimed at.
  15. tacops

    What's a dad to do

    My 21 year old daughter moved to Birmingham last year and I went through similar father worries. Yet, my daughter has no reservations about having a weapon, has her carry permit and is proficient. She has pepper spray on her key ring, knows how to throw a wicked punch, and I bought her three cans of wasp/hornet spray that will spray to 30 feet. She has one can in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom all at easy reach. This stuff is better than pepper spray in some ways.

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