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  1. I think I will just stay home, I have come to realize I don't really care for human interaction anyway these days.
  2. A Great American indeed. Rest in Peace and prayers to the Daniels family.
  3. Dang, once again...too far west.
  4. I originally tried Morgan-Stanley Dean Witter and felt as though I was speaking with a carnival barker every time I spoke with the broker. I moved to Edward Jones and found them not only to be expensive but constantly pushed for investment in Edward Jones funds over others. I have been handling my own for years now with a conservative approach. I may not get the rocket climbs but I also don't experience the drops. I use the turtle and hare approach in that slow and steady wins the race.
  5. I realized I hadn't seen a Doctor in the last 10 years except for colonoscopy's and figured since I had passed 60 I had better find one I could call mine in case I had to have one. So last Friday I went to a Doctor for initial consultation and general review. So when he came in the room he asked what I was there for and I told him the above and coupled with the fact that I was getting old and for the last couple of years I had been a biscuit away from 200 pounds and wanted to lose some weight. I then asked him how long he had been doctoring. He seemed a little put off by that but then started giving me a full run down on his education and experience. I stopped him and explained I just wanted to find a Doctor that was going to out last me so I didn't have to find another one. He laughed and told me to get on the scale. I must have eaten the biscuit...with jelly. He told me to cut the carbs and limit the sugar, and after review of my blood work he told me to come back when I needed a Doctor. I have the same aches and pains any old dude like me can expect, bad knees, bum shoulder, stiff joints etc. but I was never too easy on myself between multiple collapsed lungs and several broken bones etc. in my younger days, so I just feel blessed to be in the shape I am so far. If I can just drop 25 to 30 pounds I will be happy. Even without my ice cream, sweet tea and mashed potatoes.
  6. Fortunately you are far away. Saves me money.
  7. My condolences to you. The loss of a four legged companion is one the worst pains there is. Many prefer to wait a while before bringing another into the fold. Some like to find another soon after. I have done both ways and must say that getting another soon after actually provided me a lot of comfort and helped me to grieve the loss. It actually escalated the bonding process for us both. But that's just me.
  8. I went to the "get my payment" which indicated they did not have my Direct Deposit info. In looking to provide the info I found that it asked for my personal info and 2019 AGI. The wife and I filled jointly and there was no where to indicate that the AGI was a joint AGI. If they took only my info associated with the AGI it would appear that I exceeded the limit for eligibility yet filing jointly we were within the limit yet like I said, there was nowhere to indicate it was a joint filing. I decided to just wait and see if a check comes.
  9. Just curious why all the geographical area forums say their purpose is talk about Nashville and Middle Tennessee Area, if so, we only need one of these.
  10. Though I do believe this speaks volumes as to the character of KahrMan...something about the above seemed a little creepy.
  11. ...or be the first person they think of when the panic subsides and they decide they want to sell that evil weapon they bought cheap just to get it out of the house before it attacks someone.
  12. Perimeter Defense and Perimeter Detection are two different things. Detection can be as simple as tin cans and fishing line, daisy chained driveway sensors set for zone coverage up to microwave sensors and assorted motion alarms. As for the cash, put it in the stock market, there is a big sale going on right now.
  13. tacops

    My Sigs

    I will stumble across a P226 and P228 one day that just has to go home with me.
  14. tacops

    My Sigs

    I sure hope it is not a sin to covet thy fellow forum members Sigs. Very nice.
  15. Not hardly. That was taken at the dealership before my son brought it home. The other pics were taken this past weekend but for some reason my camera had the wrong date on it.

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