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  1. I grew up wearing boot cut Wranglers until my physiological geography shifted in my 40s. I switched to Wrangler Carpenter jeans and pick up a pair whenever I catch a pair on a really good sale and add them to the stack. I have a garage / yard stack and a wear away from the house stack.
  2. Coffee cans, lots and lots of coffee cans.
  3. If/when the paper dollar bill is only good for lighting a fire, ammunition will be worth its' weight in gold. It never hurts to have an emergency fund and ammo is far cheaper to acquire than gold right now.
  4. Decided to organize a few things to help in the event of my unexpected demise. Used a 3-ring binder with tabs to for insurances, accounts/passwords/contact numbers etc., SSI info, list of high value items the family might sell for a dollar at a yard sale if they didn't know better, locations of stuff no one knows about, and a Word Table inventory of all weapons with current values. Those with sentimental value are indicated in the event it matters. I included a short list of contacts that I trust to aid the family in marketing if needed. This is kept in the vault.
  5. There is an old saying, "A small price to pay for freedom"...somehow I don't think this is what it was originally referring to.
  6. Put me on the list if you make another batch. Looks really nice.
  7. Years ago I was with Morgan Stanley / Dean Witter. I was not pleased and moved to a broker with Edward Jones. In both cases it seemed they made more off of my money than I did. When "things were slow" they still got paid and things always seemed to be slow. I left the "professionals and have done far better on my own since.
  8. Welcome to the TGO Den of Thieves. It will be a rapidly growing membership through this standard when you consider the number of members who own "AR/AK etc. pistols" with brace who in some eyes circumvents the "fee". Mind you, I have no problem paying a fee to post an item for sale on any media/social media platform. I do have an issue paying a fee in order to have the ability to send emails that go unanswered or spend my money, especially when the platform does not hold the inventory. I pay my fees here at TGO as I do other places and try to follow TGO rules as agreed, to include not calli
  9. I just purchased a Sig P229 Legion this weekend off of Armslist. The seller posted a phone number in the ad for text or call purposes. Had he not done that I would not have bought the weapon for I was not willing to pay a fee in order to use the "Contact Seller" Armslist contact method. Too many times I have had sellers simply not reply via this method of contact.
  10. I was a frequent flyer with CTD in the early years, 90's, but I have not and will not spend a penny with them due to the gouging.
  11. True. I have had screws and bolts come out when pre-drilling a hole with a counter-clockwise bit preparing for extractor use.
  12. I realize you have moved past the problem, but I just saw this and in reading the suggestions I did not see one that has proven useful for me in the past. Get a proper sized "left handed drill bit", not a joke, the drill bit cuts when turning counterclockwise as opposed to clockwise. When drilling the screw the friction heats the screw and I have had the screw come out while drilling. Just shared to add another option for future uh-ohs.


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