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  1. Home Defense Gun

    We used similar years ago on our entry team. They were effective breaching tools with breaching rounds. Ours had Pachmayer pistol grips on them. They were very hard on the wrist though. Weren't worth a darn for rabbits or quail though.
  2. Las Vegas Shooting

    WARNING ***Speculation Alert*** Unbridled Speculation to follow. Ok, so this guy used to live in Miami, moved out west to "escape humidity" last year. He has a broken and spotted employment history which includes a few years (4 to 5) as an accountant for Martin Marietta, a Government contractor. He is a licensed pilot who actually owns an airplane that is registered to him and associated with yet another plane. Has what some feel is a large collection of evil, wicked, mean and nasty firearms and several thousand rounds of ammo. (Which from the numbers quoted in the press it sounds more like a starter set). Is purported to be a multi-millionaire who did well in "Real Estate", who gambles frequently and is a frequent visitor of Vegas. Ammonium nitrate was found in his auto and Tannerite was located either in his house or auto. Oh yeah, he has a girlfriend with ties to Puerto Rico or somewhere. (Exact foreign interests yet determined, though reportedly in Tokyo at present) In that I remember well the Medellin Cartel investigation during the mid 80's to early 90's... I'm thinking drug running. Ok, there I got that out. I still don't know what his "Cause" was though.
  3. 3 teams sit out the anthem

    I can't quit watching professional ball games over this because I quit watching, listening, or following professional games several years back. I became fed up with the attitude of so called professional athletes in general and lost interest. I have only watched very few collegiate games over the last few years for many of the same reasons. If I want to watch a game where the player is playing for the love of the game and competition I will go catch a high school game. The athletic talent may not be as developed but there is a heck of a lot more heart in the game. Secondly, does anybody remember the baseball strike? Yeah, how did that work out for them. People turned off to professional baseball and it still hasn't fully recovered. NASCAR and professional bass fishing boomed though. Prior to the strike you rarely ever saw a NASCAR race on TV and bass tournaments had not been televised prior to that. Networks had to fill air time thus the launch of both. Now if they want to drop the NFL and replace with, say, Women's Beach Volleyball, then I may become an avid spectator all over again. Providing they properly recognize the National Anthem.
  4. Pressure washer hard to pull start

    Like above answers, pull the wand handle to release pressure on hose. If that doesn't work, just for kicks, since it is new and he may not have been the one to put oil in it, check the oil level to make sure it is not over filled.
  5. Vintage Gun Photos

    Boy, I done told you, keep your hands off my melons!

    Which is how we got to where we are today...
  7. Tactical perfection!

    3 minutes and 25 seconds I will never get back...
  8. Dust off a Darwin Award

    A very sad situation for Ray who at the time may have felt that was his best alternative to end his pain and suffering. Unfortunately the LEOs he used as his tool have to now carry that. Sad all the way around.
  9. Vintage Gun Photos

    You found it! The origin of Tacti-cool. That's some high speed kit right there.
  10. Dust off a Darwin Award

    To clarify, this incident did not involve a child, my term "brain child" may have been confusing. The individual was reportedly 47 years old. I use that term tongue in cheek for those that do stupid things. Granted, all the facts are not in, the investigation is of course in it's preliminary stages and rumors will fly. Time will tell the details, in the mean time, I will polish the award in case it is warranted. If not, I'm sure it won't take long for a deserving recipient to rise to the occasion.
  11. Dust off a Darwin Award

    So it appears that another brain child decided it would be a good idea to point a reported "toy" gun at Roane County Deputies as they were dealing with a domestic disturbance a little bit ago. I saw med flight and first responders and assumed it was another atv or vehicle accident. Apparently it didn't work out so well for the brainiac. If what I am hearing so far is accurate I feel for the LEOs involved.
  12. Let's talk about guns: Bersa 83

    I really like the looks of those wood grips on your 83. I had never owned a Bersa until a couple of months ago. I now have 4 Thunder .380s and a stainless Thunder .22lr. I am very pleased with all of them. I finally decided enough was enough and stopped buying Thunders (Until I run across a Combat Thunder Plus). I then ran across the recent sales on Taurus 85s snubby 38s with rebates. I now have one each in stainless and matte black. I have been extremely pleased with fit, finish and function of those as well. I have previously owned both Colt Detectives Specials and S&W snubbys. I actually like the Taurus better than my previous Smiths and wish I still owned my DS. They say you live and learn...as long as I have lived you would think I would be smarter by now.
  13. Nine months later.... .22LR

    I recently shot the last of the .22 ammo I originally bought 45 years ago. Now I have to start working on all that I bought the last 45 years Rotation of stock is important you know.
  14. About six years ago I borrowed a friends utility trailer to use for a school class float. The trailer light wires were broken as was the one remaining light. I re-wired the trailer and replaced the lights. I went ahead and wire brushed the trailer and hit it with a coat of rust-o-leum. I returned the trailer the day after the parade. Five years later (Last year) he called and asked if I wanted to borrow his trailer again.
  15. Post the last firearm related thing you bought!

    Taurus 85 2" in Matt Black along with a Stainless Model 85. With the sale prices and rebates I just couldn't help myself. I'll be generous and trade them both for whats in the pic above

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