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  1. I wish I could post pictures but I had two (Twins) Browning Hi-Power Practicals. One in 9mm and one in .40. They were beautiful weapons and functioned without fail. I sold them a few years back simply because the brunt of my training was with da/sa design weapons and I was more comfortable with that format. I wish I had kept them though.
  2. I was thinking about getting a Heritage but opted for the EAA Bounty Hunter with the extra .22 mag cylinder. It was similar in size to my .357 single actions and would readily fit my holsters. I have been very pleased with it so far. I may get a Wrangler, just because.
  3. I have a fund raising letter from the TSA laying on the table just waiting for me to send a check. Considering the fact I am a retired LEO I was planning on doing so. This just saved me some money. I will do something direct to benefit my locals. Through my career I found that the higher one is in the command chain of Law Enforcement, the more they tend to follow the direction of the political winds. I would venture to say that a large number, if not the majority, of the sheriffs do not personally support this position. Especially if they came up through the ranks. However, the thos
  4. I have had my eye out for one of these but once again, too far away.
  5. I may have dodged the bullet here. I just bought tires a couple months ago and it was a toss up between the Cooper ATs and Falken Wild Peaks. I went with the Falkens and have been very pleased...more so now.
  6. I have two dual fuel 5500 generators. I have never put gas in either of them. I have only used propane to avoid gumming up the fuel lines, but I do have the gas option. I wired my breaker panel with an interlock for separation from the system. I Have and outside plug on a covered porch to plug the generator supply into which, after separation from the standard utilities supply, I can power my existing breaker panel and direct power supply via the breakers. I have a chart posted for which breakers to have on and which to have off when on generator. I have gas heat, stove and water heater.
  7. Someone with more knowledge than I may give better, more accurate, info. Many reasonably modern heat pumps will automatically switch to supplement with electric heat strips "emergency heat" if the temps drop below a certain point. You can manually switch most thermostats to electric heat strip "emergency heat" if your compressor fails, or your heat pump just cannot keep you warm etc. Just bear in mind that the heat strips cause your electric meter to spin like a gas pump dial during the Obama era. When I had a heat pump I never really "felt" warm yet the house was ok. I have had gas heat
  8. Maybe the moderators will file a "pass" card for me for the future...this is not at all what my mind told me to type in reply to that.
  9. I grew up wearing boot cut Wranglers until my physiological geography shifted in my 40s. I switched to Wrangler Carpenter jeans and pick up a pair whenever I catch a pair on a really good sale and add them to the stack. I have a garage / yard stack and a wear away from the house stack.
  10. Coffee cans, lots and lots of coffee cans.
  11. If/when the paper dollar bill is only good for lighting a fire, ammunition will be worth its' weight in gold. It never hurts to have an emergency fund and ammo is far cheaper to acquire than gold right now.


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