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  1. tacops

    Vintage Gun Photos

    "Tell purchasing to go ahead and order another light."
  2. tacops

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Prayers for all.
  3. tacops

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Cautionary note...If you ever find yourself removing the steering wheel from a 1948 Plymouth. I had already removed all the interior and I was seated on a 5 gallon bucket removing the steering wheel. I managed to finally get the main nut off and could not get the dang steering wheel to budge. After about an hour of fighting with and staring at it I smacked the steering wheel with my hand out of frustration. I woke up about 30 minutes later flat on my back with my face covered in blood and a pounding headache. It seems that under that nut is a flat steel coil spring about 3 inch diameter under a a lot of tension. After 50 years it had frozen in place...until I smacked the steering wheel. Lesson learned. The wheel lug nuts turn clockwise for removal...but that's another story.
  4. tacops

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Absolutely, I completely stripped the interior out of one to include the whole dash and cloth and bow headliner in order to repaint and reupholster, replace all wiring etc. Know it well.
  5. tacops

    Vintage Gun Photos

    1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe...sweet
  6. tacops

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    You just described a several of mine to a tee. My current Boxer is 13 and still going. I am getting a new Boxer pup at the end of the month. Mine were Leroy, Baron, Chief, Buster, Sport, Bo, Rebel and I have not decided on the name for the new pup.
  7. Question: "But why did you shoot him 15 times Officer?" Answer: "Because I didn't have 16." I tip my hat to the Officer.
  8. tacops

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    Boxer. Hits all the traits you mentioned. Excellent home protection and have a formidable appearance. Very family oriented and tend to protect children and family at all cost. Very high reasoning skills. Short hair makes for house friendly. Though energetic, they are easily trained and adapt to indoor living very well. If it sounds like I am biased, I am. I have had boxers all my life. I am sure there are other breeds just as highly thought of by others but I have never had a bad Boxer. All of mine were either rescues or unregistered except for one high end "papered, pedigreed, pure bred". Couldn't tell the difference in any of them except for individual personality.
  9. tacops

    Cancer Sucks...

    Prayers sent, and will continue to be.
  10. tacops

    Why is it...?

    I'm wondering when they're going to start stacking cereal boxes flat on the grocery shelves. They are so thin now it's a wonder they can stand on edge.
  11. tacops

    Drill Press Advice

    Thanks for the info, time for a road trip.
  12. tacops

    Drill Press Advice

    I see you are in the Knoxville area, which Ace Hardware did you see them displayed in? I may have to make a run to K-Town.
  13. tacops

    Drill Press Advice

    I've been to two Ace locations but they did not have any in stock or on display. Northern is a pretty good distance from me but I plan to try to get over there to see what they have to offer. Tractor Supply and Rural King were no gos as well. I managed to complete my current project today with a hand drill and vice with reasonable success. I now have a little time to find parts, modify parts or buy a replacement. I appreciate all the suggestions and input from board members. This is why I like TGO, I got a lot of good suggestions and input and no smart--- remarks. If I can't fix mine or stumble into an older American made unit in good shape or restore-able I will probably go with a Craftsman or WEN 4212 like Hozzie, DaveTN and Grunt67 spoke of. They were top of my list from what I researched at a price point I wanted to pay. I was just trying to look at them in person before purchase but no one near me seems to have either on display. I my just have to order and pick up at store in case return is required. Thanks to all.
  14. tacops

    Drill Press Advice

    Xtriggerman - I really appreciate the offer, it is very generous. I looked at the 10 inch Ryobi at HD and decided to keep looking. It is probably as good if not better than some others but I think I will wrestle this pig for a bit. Thanks. Ronald55 - I really appreciate your efforts. If they make parts available I guess they wouldn't sell near as many units. Grunt67 - In light of recent developments with Sears, there is no Sears anywhere near me that has these on display. Lowes and Ace are selling Craftsman products but don't stock drill presses. I am Old School and want to walk in and look at the product before I buy, but those days seem to be going away. Craftsman makes one that I think I like but I wanted to actually see it first. I guess we as a society are killing the brick and mortar stores with the on-line purchases.

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