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  1. Years ago I got rid of an old foose (sp) ball table but I salvaged the chrome steel cross bars because I thought they might come in handy some day. Fast forward 10 years and I have used those rods for many things including putting under a 750lb. safe to move it upon delivery. I could move it any direction by myself, except up.
  2. Prayers to you and your family for strength, comfort and healing. My deepest condolences.
  3. Your post and pictures were a big reason for my renewed interest in getting this done. I've gotten a lot of good info in response to my post and maybe I can get this ball rolling. Thanks
  4. Thanks to all for the info. Now if I can just come to an agreement with the wife on where to dig the hole... "just a little left...back to the right...towards me...let's look on the other side of the house".
  5. The price doesn't scare me off but I should have done this two years ago Yours looks great and American Made is a must for me considering what the pole is for. Did this come in sections ?
  6. Recent posts have rekindled my interest in setting a flag pole on my property. I have looked at a bunch on line but would like to hear from those that have already been down this path so that maybe I can do it right the first time. I would probably need a 25 footer since I have a 2-story house with a 12/12 pitch roof and plan to set it kind of near the house. I get a pretty good wind through my valley so it would need to be able to handle that. Any knowledge or experience shared would be much appreciated.
  7. It ain't all bad on the east end...there a 1973 Gibson Gospel in the corner of the study and a bottle of Blanton's single barrel on the roll top desk.
  8. My experience with Triple K has been only with the Cheyenne series which are good utilitarian holsters so I can't compare to the one you linked. Black Hills has more Buscadero (Drop) holsters in the Hollywood Rig category on their web site. I called Black Hills and talked directly to Rudy Lazano when I ordered mine and discussed sizing and options. I bought mine for CAS shooting but due to my work schedule I was only able to make matches for about 6 months. Now it hangs in my study. I have other buscadero holsters but prefer the ride height of the BHB rig. There are many really good holster manufacturers out there and El Paso is one of them as mentioned above. There is a CAS shooter called "Curly Bill" who shoots with the Oak Ridge Outlaws who makes some really nice stuff. If you want to deal with an independent custom craftsman I can rustle up his real name or you might find it on their website.
  9. I have the Black Hills Bandito rig https://www.blackhillsleather.com/shop/western-rigs-leather/western-rigs/bhb-the-black-hills-bandito-rig/ in the dark chestnut with silver buckle and belt tip with .38/.357 cartridge loops. It appears to have gone up since I bought mine. It is a very high quality rig and I am pleased with it. I also have some Triple K that do just fine for knock about stuff.
  10. OK....that got real weird real fast But welcome aboard and at least you know what you just got into. That was a "class act" Red, I tip my hat to you sir.
  11. I used 5 motion activated driveway sensors programmed to one receiver. They are placed in select locations around the property with different alert tones so I know which way to look. Critters don't really cause any problems with false alerts. They have been very effective.
  12. I'm in the same boat...I've been "Social Distancing" long before it was ever a thing.
  13. I wish I could post pictures but I had two (Twins) Browning Hi-Power Practicals. One in 9mm and one in .40. They were beautiful weapons and functioned without fail. I sold them a few years back simply because the brunt of my training was with da/sa design weapons and I was more comfortable with that format. I wish I had kept them though.


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