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  1. Once, after the third question they hung up on me...that was a switch. I felt honored.
  2. I am surprised you still have this and I still wish I was closer or had more time to make a run.
  3. I've got a '73 Gibson Gospel I really need to get reacquainted with. Maybe one day.
  4. I am looking for Rebel Deep Wee R and Double Deep Wee Rs. I used to fish these a lot and quit fishing for a few years. I am back on the water and have learned they quit making them. I have all kinds of Bandits but would like to find a few Black back/silver side and craw pattern Deep Wee Rs. If some one has a few they don't want or need, shoot me a condition and price, a picture or two would be nice. Thanks
  5. Not illegal. Officer was wrong. It would be worth a call to the station suggesting they provide additional training/clarification regarding this in light of the recent tragic child deaths in hot autos across the country. Your situation was obviously not of the same circumstances and there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Had the "children" been left unattended in the vehicle, running or not, it would have been a different situation.
  6. I have Uberti and Vaqueros and am pleased with both. I intend to pick up a Heritage Big Bore in .357. I have been hearing good things about them and they are built much stronger than the Heritage .22s
  7. x2 on the UTG riser. I have used them with excellent results with TRS-25 red dots.
  8. There are options, mount direct to rail or on a riser. I have several of the TRS 25s and have never had any problems.
  9. Just to add another "what I have" reply, I have multiple Bersa .380s as well as Taurus 85s in .38spl. To date I have been very pleased with them and have had no hiccups out of any of them. I tend to spread them around the place like reading glasses so they are always handy when and where I need them. They are not in plain sight. I have other more expensive handguns of course but for utilitarian dependable usage, these fit the bill.
  10. I watched it last night and really enjoyed it.
  11. "Tell purchasing to go ahead and order another light."
  12. Cautionary note...If you ever find yourself removing the steering wheel from a 1948 Plymouth. I had already removed all the interior and I was seated on a 5 gallon bucket removing the steering wheel. I managed to finally get the main nut off and could not get the dang steering wheel to budge. After about an hour of fighting with and staring at it I smacked the steering wheel with my hand out of frustration. I woke up about 30 minutes later flat on my back with my face covered in blood and a pounding headache. It seems that under that nut is a flat steel coil spring about 3 inch diameter under a a lot of tension. After 50 years it had frozen in place...until I smacked the steering wheel. Lesson learned. The wheel lug nuts turn clockwise for removal...but that's another story.
  13. Absolutely, I completely stripped the interior out of one to include the whole dash and cloth and bow headliner in order to repaint and reupholster, replace all wiring etc. Know it well.

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