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  1. At that price it would need to come with a V8 for me.
  2. The following opinion is expressed at the risk of stepping on tender toes, what the heck, I've always excelled at taking risks. Through my personal experience with both child and animal "adoption / rescue" services I have found that many if not most (not all) have become more interested in the money than benefit to person or animal. They speak the warm fuzzy obligatory feel good verbiage to support their money mission. The complexities and available money is a big reason, not the only one, why the foster/rescue systems are over run with children and animals simply needing a loving home. I know several people who have contacted area senior centers and put the word out that they have a home to offer the right pet. They were able to connect with a senior that was having difficulty caring for their pet and wanted to find them a home without contacting shelters or rescue services. This allowed for sit down discussions as to the personalities/needs of the animals and and gave both parties a level of comfort as to the future for the animal. Again, personal opinion, not argument bait.
  3. I am really sorry to hear this. I followed your posts about Darby and really enjoyed all the milestones as she trained you in her new home. I really hope you can arrange some agreement with family/friends and get another companion. There is one out there that needs a good home and I know you will provide it.
  4. Thanks much on both counts. I can certainly fix you right up...so long as you're taking about the Harley. I can't part with the dog.
  5. I'm glad it was in Nashville or I would have been upset about missing this.
  6. tacops


    What's sad is everybody is talking past tense about blowing s-it up with firecrackers. Guys, you ain't too old to have fun.
  7. I'm sure it is a far better machine than most you find today. I haven't been to/through Memphis in ten years or more. I don't expect I will be. I do appreciate the offer though.
  8. I have been watching TGO classifieds for the east end of the state ads trying to find something on my short list to no avail. I started hitting shops in a wide area over the last two weeks and today ran across a Springfield XD Mod 2 4" 9mm with an exceptional trigger on it. It came home with me. I was looking for a Sig P365XL and will continue to look for one at a decent price until one of those comes home with me. I did find that after groping many makes and models there were several that appealed to me and my short list grew longer. One thing I would like to mention is that yesterday I was in Knoxville Tactical. They had more inventory than most and which is part of why my list of wants expanded. Yet they did not have what I needed at this time. A young man in his mid 20s came in and wandered about for a bit and was approached by the store worker, another young man in his mid 20s who asked if he could help. The customer stuttered and stammered at length and the more he spoke the more obvious it was that he knew absolutely nothing about firearms. He openly stated that he was ignorant to firearms, never fired one, never owned one, and had always been anti gun. He stated that he had come to realize that it was time he acquired one and become educated as to safe operation. All of these statements were made in a stammered voice lacking confidence. I tip my hat to the employee who was very understanding and took all the time in the world to question as to intended use in order to provide some suggestions for consideration. I also listened as the employee stressed the importance of training and education being completed in preparation for ownership and offered means for such. The customer became much more comfortable and inquisitive. The young man was still in the store when I left and I feel confident that he was guided appropriately. Never once did the employee display an air of superior knowledge or speak down to the customer, it was more like a "welcome to the fold brother" encounter. This was only the third time I have been in that shop because it is quite a distance from my place. I will return though. I was impressed. So, if anyone on the east end of this great State needs to re-home a Sig P365XL I promise to feed it well.
  9. If you find out, let me know. My Delta variable speed exploded a drive gear 8 months ago and I have yet to find one to replace it. I gave up trying to find a decent bench top drill press for under $500 new. I have been trying to find something as yard or estate sales that was made in the 60s, 70s, or 80s that still has life in it. Everything out there that I can find new is china products, cheaply made and no parts support.
  10. tacops


    Well, on the bright side, this whole mask thing is gonna wreak havoc on all the facial recognition data collection programs.
  11. I think I will just stay home, I have come to realize I don't really care for human interaction anyway these days.
  12. A Great American indeed. Rest in Peace and prayers to the Daniels family.
  13. Dang, once again...too far west.

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