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  1. My first was a '78 Fiat Spider 2000. British racing green with tan interior and top. I thought I was cool. It was less so, cooling fan electrical gremlin. Then a '70 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, 74 Mercedes 280, 88 Audi 80, 68 deVille, 68 Mercedes 250SL (I was cool) 83 Mercedes 300SD, 93 Saab 900, 94 Cherokee, 99 Pathfinder, 05 Dodge 1500, 99 Town Car, 15 Fusion, 17 Fusion, 17 Fusion and currently the 12 GLK 350.
  2. Quick update, 5,000 miles in, 19,000 left on service contract. Drove over to Cherokee via 441. Effortless, 35-45 mph, RPMs never really exceeded 1500, averaged 23 MPG. This trip also verified the transmission was properly repaired and revealed no other odd clunks, clicks, rattles, or quirks. Around town (don't really have stop and go traffic) about 22mpg At 70 and 2200 RPMs, 24.5 +/- 55 -60 and 1800 RPMs, 25.2/3 This has been consistent since purchase, I thought the mileage would increase with a non slipping torque converter Can have a conversation and hear the radio with the sunroof open at interstate speeds. Shape of hatch makes for easy load / unload. With seats down, I can sleep in it, when necessary. Seats up, storage could get tight. I wouldn't recommend it as a family hauler except for small or no kids. Backseat is fine for adults, for shorter trips. On occasion I will still put my foot to it; while a 4000# vehicle, the 268hp V6 gets it done. Interestingly, from internet research, the comment of limited body roll in corners seems accurate. Noticed it at Exit 11 from Pellissippi to 129 Northbound Downside is the seats are not deep buckets or have oversized bolsters. I've also hit it with 3 applications of Liquid Glass magical auto polish. I've used it for years, easy to apply and remove. It's black with paint work and minor buffer swirls. the Liquid Glass does a nice job of restoring some color and reducing the swirls. YMMV!!! Rough maintenance costs A Service, fancy oil change and inspection, $200 at the next 10k B Service, as above plus air filters, brake fluid change, lube, etc. $300ish 100k, suggest new plugs, quoted $350 YouTube says I can do it myself as well as the air and cabin filters. Transmission service in 40k and then every 40k Brakes are noted as a more frequent replacement, we'll see. Keep an eye on motor mounts, liquid filled, can fail. There is a GLK Forum I've done some lurking on, they guys over there refer to the Stealership when forced to go for parts and service.
  3. Please pray that I courage to live my life to ultimately hear these words
  4. Martin Luther said there is no greater for of worship than to glorify God in song. This one is pretty powerful and I crank it up as loud as some of my favorite 70s and 80s Rock-'n'-roll
  5. I humbled every day because God sees in me the potential to be a living image of my Lord, Jesus Christ. "Lord, who me? I know I've come a long way, but I have a long way go. Other than my life experiences of doing some pretty stupid sh!t, I'm not that guy." Then I heard this song and was set free from my doubts. When Satan or world asks, "who do you think you are?" My answer is simple
  6. So did we, at Cupid's Chapel of Love, to the horror of my maternal Catholic relatives.
  7. They didn't want to compete with their TN wholesale clients.
  8. Through the Firearm Blog and Ammoland, I've been aware, not only did they decriminalized minor theft, the shifted some felony level activity down to misdemeanors. It's a good deal for the law breaking, illegal immigrant community. The CA guv is also adding $1.4 Bil to the budget to combat the homeless problem as well.
  9. Great graphic, thanks for posting
  10. I think it's a good idea, but like others, I don't FB, have a profile, I assume it's been idle since ought 8. Regarding HPs in nylon and deadly accurate with an AR...y'all trying to hurt my feelings? I also like the term slacktivism... remember, is what you're doing making you feel good or are is what you're doing actually doing good? My experience is 20% of the client base produces 80% of the business.
  11. I've got a Micro .380, ran it in a compact class, flawless. I think the Kimber is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the Sigs
  12. No experience, but I'm guessing service and maintenance... The MB 4Matic is a sealed trans unit and initially MB said service at 100k According to the shop, a service bulletin came out in '13 for a 70k service interval, which they thought an odd mileage. That has evolved to every 40k which includes some magic MB chemical additives. My guess on these 7 8 9 speed transmissions is when an issue pops up at later mileage, you've got subsequent or consequential damage, ala a $6-$7k replacement vs. a $2-$3k repair. Just a guess, but I don't think you'd get out any cheaper than $1500 for a non-descript domestic sedan transmission problem. I'm still digging my GLicK, it seems a great combination of individual features from previous vehicles I've owned.

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