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  1. Bought a bipod from them, had to have it. Planning a glamour shot. @Cruel Hand Luke proved the irons work at 150 on a 1/3 steel silhouette. Other than being 100% designed with right hand operation in mind, I'm glad I bought it.
  2. A complete, good quality, compact.308 AR with goodies for $1500 or less? Free bump for a great member!
  3. That's cool, had no idea such a thing existed. This place makes learning fun!
  4. Awesome deal in trying times, it's worth at least $1.00 per bang anytime. GLWS!
  5. My Best Gun Buddy has received 2 of GT's knives, the Indian Feather and a Nessmuk. We have a trip to France (re-scheduled 2x in 2020) planned for 2021 and my thought, get him another knife. When you're best friends for 35 years, you seek unique gifts. Discovered from The Truth about Knives the laguiole is the national knife of France. And weapons are prohibited, though 1 in every 3 Frenchmen have a laguiole in his pocket. However, the supposed etiquette of gifting a knife is to "sell it" to the recipient for the smallest denomination of the local currency. Historically, a gift of a knife was not a friendly message Best Gun Buddy owes me $.02
  6. Its credited as a Kit Carson Design (of Vine Grove, KY) CRKT's website has a nice bio on the designer. Side note, I just did a price check, this is a $75 knife. How long it holds a good edge without abuse is a question mark due to the quality of the steel. The overall construction is substantial and can serve as a very effective striking weapon or tool for glass breaking. I initially thought the titanium panels were gimicky; close inspection today reveals virtually no scratches and the finish is even with no discoloration. Nice surprise since I've carried it daily and dropped it occasionally for 10 years.
  7. You mean constitutional carry doesn't supercede all the other 8,000 or so local, state, and federal gun laws?
  8. As I've mentioned, I've got some history with auto retail and financing. Go back to 06 - 07, rebates were so strong in an environment with low / favorable rate for prime buyers and low cost of funds to take more risk (extend more credit) to less than prime buyers. Eliminate millions of units through case for clunkers or in this case, major disruption of supply stream, and we have a similar situation. When the buyer then wants a particular color, trim package, etc, the good low mileage CARS, are base, undesirable models with limited equipment.
  9. It was finally time to get a second sharpening on my CRKT M16-14T Last time was 10 years ago at an RK Show. Decided to give @willis68 a try, others have reported quality work. This blade needed it, trust me. Contacted through PM, was given turn time (extended in my case, Mr. 68 was heading off shore) Completed within promised window and contacted via email. During this exchange, I asked about the quality of this particular steel; not great and and substandard bevel on factory edge, especially at the serrations. In my case, it was a gift and I have sentimental attachment. It's sharp, I wish I had thought of before and after pics. When I am ready to upgrade, @willis68 will be my first stop to shop and buy. Thanks for the great quality of service!
  10. That's a shame, I hate shooting my (one and only) The .380 consumers have to be all these new owners of self defense marketed pistols and buying multiple boxes to never be shot.
  11. Today, my guess is a lot of new, suburbanite gunowners are trained through the magic of watching John Wick and playing FPS video games.
  12. Supply and demand New car dealers had to buy used inventory at premium prices to fill their lots. Coronavirus slowed the new car supply chain. Used trucks in general are outrageous, even with 150-200k Can you wait? Best time to buy a car is when you don't need one.
  13. For all the manual labor, I don't think you're making minimum wage. Independently wealthy and your hobby is a tax write off? I've bought 3 and gifted 2...don't delay, become an owner today!
  14. VWas the CCP a nod to constitutional carry? Dare I say attending a class to earn / collect a permit does not magically make one a good shooter. If you don't think paying a pro for continuing education is a good investment, at least learn proper basics and practice, both live and dry fire and add context and critical thinking to your training.

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