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  1. $350 for a duty rated, brand-name, service pistol? I've got 2 full sized and a centurion. No complaints.
  2. Same here, through I still enjoy fur free surfaces.
  3. This was a great experience for me, with a guest instructor and low range valet duties, I was able to really participate The first half of the class was basic first aid for beyond band aid injuries. Not having any exposure to medical training since my son was in the scouts and helping the boys earn a their merit badge, I needed knowledge. Jeff Bishop is a very good instructor and communicator; look forward to working with him in the future. Drawing from his experience as an EMT, a deployed Marine, and currently Louisville Metro, he shares best practices for a civilian persp
  4. If you haven't made a decision to take the last spot: PCCs and RCPs are welcome. If you haven't sighted in your rifle or carbine, no worries it's part of the class. Lastly, no chest rig, alice gear or shoulder bag? It doesn't matter, I don't have any of that stuff except a good gun belt and have always run out of my pockets... If you do have a neat rig, bring it! How often do you get a chance to train and use it? Side note, if topping off ammo is preventing you from attending, I have some 5.56 I'll bring and make available at a fair price.
  5. I'd be worried if I bought one. I'm sure the federales seized sales records. Oh, and received your coat hook via USPS? Change your address to Number 1 F@#k Street.
  6. I may be in your area within the next few weeks, I'll keep on eye in the post. Thanks!
  7. I see you have some packages individually priced, are smaller purchases available? Overall, I think you have a very fair price for the lot.
  8. Looks NIB, congratulations on a unique find! $550 seems more than reasonable.
  9. I use a Burris FF3, very pleased for my applications. Their AR mount is pretty substantial and I perceive it provides good protection; adds another $100.
  10. This is a great forum and group of people, I think you will like us. You will love retirement in this great state, assuming the progressive / liberal transplants don't vote in the same stupid stuff they left "back home"
  11. welcome from South Knoxville! Great forum , resources and membership.
  12. Welcome Ray, Glad to see your spouse sees the importance of having the ability to defend yourselves, makes it easier to spend money and go shooting! Lots of great trainers in your area to call upon as you and she begin this journey.


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