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  1. And today is Revenge of the Fifth
  2. The disturbing trend in violent crime encounters is multiple bad guys and girls. Not likely to have time to reload a revolver and figure a minimum of 2 seconds for a pistol, if you're good, practice continuously and not entangled / fending off. And a Tom Givens-ism: a high capacity pistol is not so you can shoot more, it is so you have to reload less. Depending on environment and attire, I will carry a single stack (and a back up) but prefer a full size or compact equivalent for EDC (with a back up) In a society where criminals are emboldened due to the political landscape
  3. Most of the folks I know who have shared their experience; pretty crappy after the second dose, one to multiple days. I'm having my second next Friday morning.
  4. NY Times, prostitution and unlicensed massage will no longer be prosecuted by the Manhattan DA. That should work out well and have a positive impact on tourism. Extra butter for my popcorn!
  5. I have a basic right to life, if I am disarmed, or less armed than the predators, it violates my basic right. Turn me into a criminal, just show up with probable cause
  6. Buck up little camper, the harvest is great and the workers are few. He gives us the choice each day to reflect the light of Christ and fulfill the potential he sees in each and every one of us; to be living examples of Jesus in this world of darkness. Let your words, actions and prayers be the example to gather other to Him through you. For me, the blessings are so overwhelming, I can only say thank you for saying, "yes."
  7. Fine Italian design...the front ledge of the sight hangs over the cover plate. With the casting to enclose the FPB, there isn't enough wiggle room to remove the cover plate.
  8. Quick review. Lots of cool shotguns, from a vintage 16ga Auto 5 and Remington Model 11 to a Beretta 1301 and everything in between. If I ever have to replace Old Scratchy, my trusty 870 (no frills) Tactical, the 1301 is definitely top of list. Shot my APX with newly installed dot for the first time on the Federal Air Marshall Qual. My reloads were slow but not un -expected and I am looking forward to the new holster on the way. Hunting the dot a bit, have scheduled a red dot class to figure it out. We were a little smarter with sharing data, meaning: Each stu
  9. Bump for a great price, it's Friday, someone got paid
  10. It's probably good physical and mental therapy. Praying for you and yours during this season of re-adjustment!
  11. Thank you @joe4vol for the assistance! Great member, awesome forum


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