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  1. Very fair price for under an 100k mile 4x4. Leather interior?
  2. Chilhowee Benz Repair came recommended and will perform work covered under my CNA extended service contract. As this is replacing my company car, I get an allowance which *should* cover routine maintenance and premium fuel.
  3. If possible, I'd try to take advantage of Patton's offer to run mutli mags. If problem rears it ugly head at the range session, with free shipping and reasonably quick turn time, send it back to RIA. It is frustrating considering research and positive owner reviews, but sometimes you get a bad one. Good luck with resolution!
  4. 2012 MB GLK 350 4matic with 85k miles. Purchased from the dealership where my wife works with a service contract and GAP coverage. Initially, I was looking at the Honda Ridgeline, but for less than $15,000 I couldn't find one with under 100k miles. Stumbled across the GLK, internet revealed the ought 12 to be the best of the model run. Boxy, with early Subie Forester lines. Reminds me of my '94 Jeep Cherokee. Interior is nicely appointed but Teutonically spartan. I like it. Google images will be way more interesting than what I could post. Best I can tell, mine is the mid trim level; no nav, backup camera, heated seats, fancy rims, or sensors for adaptaive cruise and such. Less stuff to break? Peppy with the 3.5L V6 500 miles since purchase, both city and highway. 19-20 around town, 24-25 highway with cruise at 70. MB claims it's roots are in the G-Wagen, hence GLK = Galendewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse. Yeah right, seems bit of marketing hype, maybe even an over promise and under deliver scenario if I can't make it up the Hinkle Road hill. My minimum requirement was an AWD system to get me home, out of my gently sloping driveway and subdivision, and the occasional unimproved but somewhat graded road / very established trail to a shooting range. After YouTube'ing yesterday, it's remarkable what this little SUV can do in a parking lot. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE BLOOMBERG PREZ ADVERT YOU ARE FORCED TO WATCH
  5. It seems pretty clear to me, if you choose to use weed, legal or not, it hasn't been adjusted for gun ownership. It is a GREAT way to undermine the 2A. Make enough contradictory laws, you create criminals.
  6. Christmas is coming, tis the haggling season! I'm like you, hard to justify paying top dollar for a perceived collectible when I don't collect, but rather shoot all my stuff. My "collectibles" are slowly being sent to Best Gun Buddy to hand down to his son / my godson.
  7. The clowns at ABC are reporting middle class health insurance premiums have increased from 8 to 11 percent on the last 10 years and the census indicated 2 million more uninsured Americans. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, the ACA is in place. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/middle-class-americans-crushed-rising-health-insurance-costs/story?id=67131097 If there is some small truth within, you billionaires need to step up.
  8. And never coronated. My folks found it in a curiosity shop when they visited England back in the 1970s
  9. What's wrong with this picture?
  10. Ignorant, had to Google Theophilus Nash Buckingham, commonly referred to as Nash Buckingham, was an American author and conservationist from Tennessee. He is perhaps most famous for writing a collection of short stories entitled De Shootinest Gent'man. Wikipedia Born: May 31, 1880, Memphis, TN Died: March 10, 1971, Knoxville, TN
  11. Great post! With the proliferation of RMR in both the competitive and EDC worlds, isn't CAD design and CNC machining almost required? Lightening slides and adding (or subtracting) weight while timing is still reliable isnt quite like sending a stock revolver or 1911 to the custom shop. Like Dave mentioned, perfectly cut parts and pieces that don't require a gunsmith to fit allows a competent DIY'er to improve it or creates affordable "from-the-factory" semi custom pistols.
  12. AND no extra charge for the professional photography! Buy with confidence. GLWS

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