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  1. I think you'll find many of us tend to avoid gun free retail establishments and make accomodations for non metal detector accompanied signage for those times we can't.
  2. Blessed with good metabolism and very little fast / fried foods and alcohol. Regarding the Tru-Specs, cargo pockets will hold 2 AR mags. With a proper belt, up to 120 extra rounds without a rig. Since I like to work out of pockets, I should do one of those "how much stuff can you carry" short videos.
  3. NY just passed licenses for illegals, they need assistance since they are scapegoated for all our ills and horribly marginalized. Quotes from NY lawmakers... NY Reps are concerned some may use their new licenses to attempt to vote.
  4. Going through a remodel, patience is a virtue!
  5. Sections of: Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville? New York, Chicago, Philadelphia? I believe it's any high population density urban area where the local underground economy is driven by and supported through illegal and criminal activity.
  6. I like Bud's; have bought firearms and accessories, shoot there regularly, and the staff is pretty good. Go here BEFORE you visit SMKW, otherwise you may be underwhelmed. Bud's is a large gun store with competitive, if not great prices. SMKW is a destination that happens to have a good selection of guns, ammo, and accessories. I've been in dozens of times over the years for ammo purchases only, I still enjoy looking around.
  7. I did consider, but I wasn't willing to invest in running wire for exterior or attic mount. Challenge is signal travels SE towards my house, the TV is in the far main floor SE corner. Couldn't be better shielded unless I moved it down to the basement.
  8. Can't get the Leaf situated. Enrolled in Hulu plus Live $44.99 month Programming is similar to an upgraded cable package, which I pay ATT $172 including taxes and fees. Hope to maintain my internet at $50 Net savings will be $100 per month.
  9. Sure you do, it's simply expanding on the Golden Rule. Happy Father's Day to you, Doug!
  10. Custer's last words? Actually, the difference between 5.11 and TruSpec. When not working, I am usually wearing tacti-cool pants. To the casual observer, with no other operator-like clothing or logo'd apparel and top siders, more like ubiquitous cargo pants. Add a button down shirt, patterned sport coat and nice shoes, you'd be surprised how dressy the effect can be. I started with 5.11, traded some ammo for two pairs 5 years ago. 34" waist, gave me +1/2" plus the stretch band for AIWB. Still have those pants, still serviceable. Cuffs and seams are not frayed and they have some stains. Did not follow care instructions, so never turned inside out to wash. This probably washed out the Teflon faster than normal. Bought a third pair, $49.99 everywhere. Have since lost some weight and switched to OWB, can still cinch down the 34s without excess fabric gathering. Strolling through SMKW, I see Tru-Spec, $39.95. For $10 cheaper, I'll try out a blue pair. Belt loops in slightly different positions, stretchy part is hidden within the band, all the pockets have Velcro fasteners. Wore the Tru-Specs to a carbine class in the rain. 1. The Teflon did an amazing job of repelling water. I assume equal performance with a fresher pair of 5.11s 2. Discovered the large cargo pockets are subdivided, so I was easily able to stow and move with 4 - 30 round .30cal carbine mags. 3. The front pocket slash is slightly smaller than the 5.11s 4. Depending on what your activity is, each has benefits. 5.11 with large front and rear pocket slashes make it easy to access and stow extra mags or gear. Tru-Spec allows for secure storage, but not as easy to access the flapped and Velcro'd back pockets. I also have better access for front pocket carry with the 5.11s
  11. The narrative is white LE is systematically targeting and killing black men. Rail on, "well, it is Memphis." Wonder if people GA, CA, or IL say, "well it is Atlanta, South Central, Chicago." While my personal habits won't change a thing, I'm a middle-aged white guy who wears a suit, if approached by LE, they're going to see my empty hands with no sketchy body language.
  12. It's a new TGO thing. The day before Father's Day to celebrate the men, married and single, whose behavior is an example of leadership. I strive to be a gentleman, it seems a reflection of behavior God expects from me. According to Wiki, a man of good am courteous conduct. Wiki, Gentleman by Conduct: This use develops through the centuries until 1710, when we have Steele, in Tatler (No. 207), laying down that "the appellation of Gentleman is never to be affixed to a man's circumstances, but to his Behaviour in them," a limitation over-narrow even for the present day Could someone explain why this statement is "a limitation over-narrow even for the present day." Shouldn't one rise above his circumstances vs. adapt to them as a chameleon? Act the gentleman depending on your audience? Hypocrisy? urban Dictionary addresses some specific points: Educated - Partially, but I engage in continuing education, professionally and personally. Well dressed - I'm neat and clean, unless ill and bedridden, shower and shave daily. Well spoken - Mostly, though the art of uttering horrific strings of profanity can still exit my mouth. Scholarly - hope I am well informed on topics I contribute to and listen and learn from topics I don't. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gentleman Being a gentleman has ZERO bearing on background, education, socio-economic standing, the clothes that you wear, it's a mindset with daily wins and losses. Don't get discouraged, it's a marathon, not a sprint!
  13. Been eyeing number one, the grip is pretty cool. Best gun Buddy received a GT feather knife which I almost kept. BOGO was too good to pass up

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