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  1. I have the VX2 on my Savage 99 It's a quality piece of equipment. Would buy Leupold again based on my experience. Not the exact feedback you're seeking...
  2. 2012 Mercedes GLK 350, 145K on the clock
  3. My engine light popped for the premair sensor. The Germans are very eco friendly, this BASF tech converts ozone to O2
  4. I bought a case of Fiocchi for $.34 per bang late in the Obama administration. If I ever saw it on the shelf, it hovered around $.50 - $.60 per in a box of 50
  5. A.J. Holst

    Glock 45

    I traded for one last month, it's a keeper, posted a review in another thread.
  6. My best gun buddy started tinkering around with his CZs again, so I offered him my SPD. I don't shoot it and prefer my 75B Omega when I do feel CZexy. He asked if I'd be interested in his Glock 45; great guy, just can't conceal it well due to the full size grip length. Sure, a second Glock in the house is a good thing, especially since #1 is a G3 G17. I never imagined it would become my EDC pistol, considering I'm fairly well invested the Beretta APX series. After I got it, I thought, this is odd, 19 slide/17 frame..did some Googling and discovered it's target audience is LEO vs. civilian. Good news for me as my body shape, professional and casual attire allow me to carry a full size pistol. I have for years and if I'm concerned about printing, I need smaller than the so called compact versions offered. Down to single stack subcompact size. What I like: With medium sized hands - no back strap and undercut trigger guard, I am able to get a nice high grip. My trigger finger / pad is then in a good position to consistently touch the trigger in the same place. I like the little trigger bit of take up, it's smooth with a definite wall. Click (or bang) and reset is as good as any other pistol I own. Grip shape is well done with the slight bevel on the front strap leading in the the sides, texturing is grippy but not ouchy. I like the front grasping grooves, left handed slide release and melted edged. Only upgrade: AmeriGlo sights
  7. On Friday 7/2 Academy Sports, Kingston Pike, Knoxville Winchester Cost per 20 .223 = $12.99 5.56 = $13.99 New limits, 10 boxes / one case per day They had so much, I have no sense of urgency to buy any. No handgun ammo spotted
  8. I saw a lot of 1000 9mm for under $.50 per at Ammoland or TheFirearmBlog Things are looking up.
  9. Prayers answered, even for a moment, glorify Him.
  10. Not sure where the pics are, but gifted a Feather blade and Nessmuk to my best friend. Heirloom quality and work
  11. I Googled "WW1 bullpup" and discovered it's a Faucon balanced rifle https://www.historicalfirearms.info/post/136635613428/faucon-balanced-rifle-lieutenant-colonel


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