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  2. Next Saturday! If you have a carbine, PCC, or rifle caliber pistol intended for home defense and / or a trunk ready PDW, please consider joining us. For a 50 and less class, I'll be bringing my M1 Carbine, OEM sling, iron sights, and mags in pockets...you don't need fancy or elaborate. If you do have a tricked out blaster, bring it - I like seeing cool stuff! Before taking rifle classes with Randy, my experience was plinking and target shooting from a static position. Adding movement and manipulations, I gained overall confidence learning what I can do and areas I need improvement. For $80, it's a great value for a day of training with a competent instructor. NOT AT THE RIDGE IDER ALABAMA CENTRAL TIME ZONE Hope to see you there!
  3. After 5 years of active shooter awareness seminars, presenters are sharing a new trend of escape / surrender is emerging.
  4. After 5 years of active shooter awareness seminars, presenters are sharing a new trend of escape / surrender is emerging.
  5. Kudos to LE for a 60 second response time
  6. I have a UC35, adds an onboard USB charging port. Used in a night class with Randy a while back, play with it nightly, still on the original charge. I also have an LD05, great pen light for 10 yards or less. On off tail switch is not great. I think you give a good perspective on SL from personal experience.
  7. For a PDW, I love my M1 carbine. Ultimately decided to keep iron sights, work well and proven (to my satisfaction) from use in both a carbine and rifle class. For more applications, I need a light. Easy mod to vented heat guard, added a Magpul 5 slot rail. Less concerned about specific battery type, do want a remote pressure switch. Not brand loyal, have had good success with Fenix, if choice between Surefire and Streamlight, SL being US manufacturer. I thought I saw positive feedback on Ozark Trail for a budget light. What say you?
  8. This assumes proper grip, presentation, and trigger control. It doesn't address distance. I can pop off rounds at 3-5 and be down zero pretty consistently being "aware" of the sights. Add distance, and I, not being a low drag high speed operator, need a good sight picture for accuracy.
  9. Brothers and Sisters, Please raise up your hearts and prayers that God would comfort those parents who have a child with special needs die. Being a primary care given for any family member with a disability of any kind is a sacrifice, and dare I say a burden? Not in the negative sense, but rather how God defines them. I don't know how I would handle it. Despite my ability and willingness to serve, once my service ended, how could I not feel the guilt associated with a sense of freedom? Lord, please send legions of Angels to protect them from Satan and all of his works!
  10. Still stuck on the stripper. That, and the subsequent retorts started my day with a smile. Thanks guys!
  11. Ever great parents, as a rule, are mortified when their kids act out in public. "That man or woman or ALL those people must think I'm a bad parent." Ever say to yourself, "if that was MY kid..." Praise the Lord and prayers of joy for the parents who gracefully and lovingly raise these beautiful children of God.
  12. If Heritage spent an extra $20 per gun and passed along at hard cost, could they improve them enough to give Ruger a sinking feeling?
  13. No need or immediate want in my life. Other than a desire for a big bore AR platform, my only advice based on "hunting and occasional range" is a good optic budget, not a good budget optic. From the recent AR thread, with patience for flash sales, you could build one. $1000 all at once vs. a hundred here and there over time.

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