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  1. The window isn't that much bigger, I suspect you would still be hunting the dot. @TGO David shared: with thousands of presentations, he knows when the pistol is coming into his eye line and exactly where the dot will be every time. I am going to learn quickly if my draw is the same each time and what I will need to work on.
  2. I have an RMR type 2 on the way for a Beretta APX RDO. Will report back. As far as use, I like the concept of where the dot is, the bullet goes. It should decrease the amount of time I need to make accurate shots at 15 yards + and more speed at closer ranges.
  3. They make it in .40 and figured out 10mm, I always thought if they did a limited run in .357Sig, they'd get a few chuckleheads, like me, to take a serious look.
  4. Great choice, if I didn't have a 995, this would be on my short list
  5. 995 fan here. Thousands of rounds, accurate and reliable. Solid 9mm PCC. Have 2 - 20 round Red Ball mags, few hundred rounds, no issues. Easy to reload with 10 round mags, which are still currently legal in most US states. Down side is it is heavy. I added a HTA bullpup stock to mine and it's 9#+ For $200+ more, there are better options if weight and common mag availability is a concern. According to the internet, 16" barrel gets you about +200fps. It's still a pistol bullet. If you're concerned about range folk talk about exploding, self discharg
  6. Simple project, remove rear sight from a Beretta APX RDO. Has to be removed to swap out the cover plate for a red dot. Not easy; downside to the APX series is the dovetails are so tight, without Beretta's heavy duty $550 pusher, DIY sight swaps are nigh impossible.
  7. Par has increased .125 in the last 2 days, treasuries getting some play right now. And yes, while the base rate may be 2.5, depending on the product, term and LTV, you may have a rate adjustment depending on risk
  8. My likelihood of treating a gunshot wound as a result of a training accident or gun fight is pretty low. The worst thing that could happen would be traveling down Chapman Highway, heading home from a special dinner with my beloved wife. It was a wonderful dinner and conversation and we are looking forward to the rest of our evening, safe and secure in our home. Maybe you've been in a similar situation, maybe it's your plan for tonight. Then, some idiot drunk driver hits us head on. GREAT NEWS: seat belts and air bags work exactly as designed.
  9. So many times when I say I can't, He says, "forget EVERYTHING for this moment and allow my love, peace and grace to refresh you. https://youtu.be/thSOeSduSDQ
  10. Work in the industry, best credit union rates currently 15 years, 2.375 Higher loan to values can increase your base rate.
  11. @user1716 just ordered one. For ten bucks, I'm willing to gamble. I figure it has to be at least as good as the one installed by SW
  12. Starting to see 1000 round lots of 9mm for .50-.60 per bang from brand name sellers. Slowly but surely...


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