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  1. Because white, gun owning, believers in the sovereign individual and individual effort and accomplishment are being systematically targeted by progressives. While those OK flashing folks are obviously systematically targeting all non-white minorities with hate and violence. See where non critical thinking gets you?
  2. If your primary caliber is 9, you could justify buying the 9mm revolver. Assuming I hadn't gone waaay over budget on my remodel, this would be mine.
  3. A pack of them were living in the wooded area behind the apartments on Holston Drive down from the Burlington library a few years back. Within the city limits, straight shot to downtown. I haven't seen any in my area of NW Blount County.
  4. I'd like to encourage folks to come out. I am an unpaid spokesman and range valet. It will be fun and informative. Fun in that we get to shoot. Informative from the perspective of where is my skill level with my choice of PDW (rifle, carbine, rifle caliber pistol, PCC, or even one of those modular Glock or Sig pistol frame gizmos) And, is my choice of PDW reliable and do I like shooting it? As always, don't worry about not having the coolest, most expensive stuff. My very first carbine class was with my 10 round HP995 with a $40 BSA red dot. Worked out of pockets and kept up with some nice ARs and 2 Tavors. Not too late to join us, easy to find, you'll be home by 6-ish depending on travel; affordable, safe, quality instruction.
  5. I have a cool 4 trunk hickory tree, normally very fruitful. Haven't seen many on the ground this year either. 3 permanent, fed-em-once stray cats, so only the occasional suicidal squirrel. Dry weather have any impact?
  6. Beto agrees https://pjmedia.com/faith/beto-vows-to-strip-tax-exempt-status-from-churches-that-oppose-gay-marriage/
  7. Good night sweet Princess And let flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Please pray for the family of Michalla Danielle Sisson. She was a beacon of light in this world of darkness. She made a difference during her 24 years on this Earth. She made an impact on me, and I only knew her for a year. She was ready. I recall reading something in the Bible about being ready because you never really know when the Master will arrive.
  8. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/nra-carry-guard-terminates-remaining-policies/ If you're worried about Carry Guard being cancelled, drink your problems away. Andrew Branca stated, Separately, and coincidentally, today I received an email from the NRA, addressed to me personally. Was it about NRA Carry Guard, and the steps that are being taken to make sure that something like this never happens again? Of course not. It’s an invitation to join the NRA wine club. I kid you not…
  9. Or my repurposed hardside, foam removed, pistol case?
  10. State religion caused the deaths of millions during the 17th century. Protestant Sweden, in the pay of Catholic France, hiring both Catholic and Protestant mercenaries to fight Catholic Hapsburgs. Kill em all, let God sort them out. Fast forward to the UK, the founders realized the head of .gov as well as head of the recoginized, legal religion was not a good mix.
  11. Check him out, there may be a mutually beneficial opportunity.
  12. A politician openly stating the source of his moral compass.and personal lifestyle choice.
  13. I like the way they truly incorporated the sights into the slide. The porting is probably a good idea; any ill effects if shooting from compressed positions and/or entangled?
  14. $124 after rebate, wow. Thanks for the link!

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