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  1. Hearing very good reports from multiple sources regarding the Blazer brass. G - thanks for the lead on the Fiocchi! How about a 5.56 in 55 or 62 for a 1/9 barrel - M&P Sport II
  2. While Gary can actually mechanic a vehicle, most parts (modules) are designed to be replaced vs. repaired. Sealed units with rivets and gorilla adhesives, no bolts or screws... Can you even get new brushes or have an alternator rebuilt these days?
  3. Need to re-stock .30cal carbine. 2 options, same price, PPU or S&B? Have had excellent results with PPU. Also curious about Geco 9mm or a "cleaner" brand than WWB 124 NATO from WM. Burned through over 1200 rounds, no issues though it seems to leave a lot of residue and brass filings. Not particularly brand loyal with most 115/124 available for less than $.20/rouund. Thanks!
  4. I first heard this song 7 years ago, I am still emotionally overwhelmed every time I listen to it.
  5. I wonder how the first followers of Jesus felt today. Your teacher is dead. No obvious kingdom. Religious authorities are out to get you Local . gov is out to get you National .gov doesn't care right now, but they'll be out to get you too. When all is lost, what can you do? Consumed in the darkness, gripped by fear, paralyzed by terror and indecision? Go down to the river and pray! (sorry about the ad)
  6. Sometimes we overlook the ugliness of this day as it is over shadowed by the joy, hope, and promise of Easter. The glory of the resurrected Christ is due to his suffering and death on the cross today. Jesus says somewhere in the Bible, "there is no greater love than to die for ones friends." Thank you for loving me that much.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for posting your upcoming auctions.
  8. Everyone familiar with CZ and CGW is trying to justify buying this pistol. There is $300-$400 worth of custom work. I don't get my comp check for 2 more weeks, which is the only way I can hide the purchase, someone please buy this! If you hate it, repost in 2 - 4 weeks
  9. The magic of reversed images, the perspective is the same, front on view, ink is reversed. Like your rig, what is your bear gun?
  10. Is your ink airbrushed? From your Avatar...
  11. Box, 4 mags $350 Greater Knoxville No felons or other non-eligible classifications please. I bought it from HiPower, he acquired from BersaGuy. I've put 200-300 rounds through it, no failures. Reason for sale - trigger is a little too heavy for my taste and my RAMI P is nigh indentical in size with 10+1 or 14+1 Thanks for looking!
  12. My wife went, really enjoyed it. She liked the plausible explanations on how you might actually manage a lot of critters on a boat. In my opinion, the Earth ain't quite as young or old as folks suspect.
  13. I understand why you finished your mk18, but agree, the burnt bronze was a cool look.
  14. We're going to France, hope the yellow jackets are less active on cooler months

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