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  1. Welcome from Central East TN! Why do you have to drive to Paducah, KY to get to Union City, TN? Beautiful drive, but disconcerting.
  2. Praise to your Lord Jesus Christ, for Tad is where he belongs!!!
  3. I thought I heard once upon a time that Chapter 11 allows restructuring of debt and renegotiation of employment benefits and union contracts.
  4. @chances R is was great seeing you again, thanks for coming out and and the positive review! What I really enjoyed about this class was seeing alumni reconnect and meeting new clients who have trained with Randy. Without getting too deep into the weeds, a training day can be skill assessment or skill development. This was a skill assessment day, in your laboratory of one, shoot some drills, how did you do? Randy as always, on hand to give advice or lend a helping trigger finger. Fun fact, I believe everyone shot the John Wick Drill slower with their rifle than handgun. @Cruel Hand Luke can you verify? The Ridge allowed us to have 14 handgun and 5 rifle shooters on the line, saving a bunch of time. While it rarely occurs with a modern firearm in good working condition and decent ammo, we had an AR fail to eject and then double feed. Practicing malfunction drills is not being tactically correct or cool, it's just plain smart. We're always looking for feedback to make the client experience better, let us know how we can get better! We offer training in Dayton TN, Rocky Face, GA and Ider, AL, a complimentary one-hour church security seminar and can provide private training at your location.
  5. I may need to engage your professional services; to be of more value to Randy, I figure an NRA cert is the place to start
  6. In the comments, considering the cost of Lego, a real one would've been cheaper. This guy has made some neat stuff, there is a video on the Garand he cameos Digging deeper, the are some Master Artificers building fully functioning Legoarms... Legos I received at 10-12 (40 years ago) where handed down to my son, we then passed them in to younger sons of close friends... Tactically, a handful of Legos on the floor are more effective than caltrops.
  7. Installed on my 3" Ruger SP101 I'll echo Leroy.
  8. Sourced from the Truth about Guns It was bad enough that millions of people lined up outside gun stores beginning in March when national emergency was declared. Sales continued at a brisk pace as news dribbled out of cities and states opening their jails and police departments hobbled by an infected workforce. According to a survey of gun stores, 40% of all of those guns were sold to first-time buyers, people who shrugged off the horror stories and fearmongering of the gun control community in favor of obtaining the means for personal and home defense. All of that was discouraging for our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. And then the riots started. Cites were trashed and burned by Antifa-fueled mobs, some spilling into residential areas. That triggered a new surge in gun buying that may very well exceed the earlier one. May set a new record with 1.7 million guns sold, and the violence and rioting didn’t start until the last few days of the month. Now, with the help of their sympathetic and compliant friends in the media, the gun control industry is trying to rally. Yesterday, the Washington Post tried to sell the story that we can’t expect cops’ behavior to improve unless we also enact more gun control laws. At the same time, the Everygreen State New York Times ran an op-ed from our favorite California gun control grifter, Dr. Garen Wintemute (along with a couple of pals) who says he’s worried about the safety of all of those new guy buyers. – Studdert, Miller and Wintemute in Coronavirus Could Make America’s Gun Problem Even Deadlier I didn't read the article, just the excerpt and highlighted the quote. These guys infer all the reported DGUs are perhaps over reported and exaggerated. Unless there is an arrest or a body, how do you report?
  9. I wanted to give a shout out to our very own Tiffany, Aqil and Randy for achieving Master Firearms Instructor from Range Master. This final Development and Certification Course is a 3 day seminar with 24 hours of instruction, coaching, gun handling and adult teaching methodologies. For the instructors, it is the culmination of 64 total hours of intensive training. For a little info on Tom Givens and Range Master https://rangemaster.com/ My hat is off to all professional instructors who seek out continuing education and training; they are looking to get better to be better for their students. These are type of teachers I would recommend folks seek out. Of course I will shamelessly plug @Tiffany Johnson @aqil @Cruel Hand Luke but I am biased as I serve as Randy's valet Congratulations Tiffany, Aqil and Randy for conquering this milestone in your training careers!
  10. Isn't half the battle mentally being willing and able, thinking you can? I'm 52 this month and will view certain tasks, "yeah, I could, but should I? I suspect the other half of the battle is proper gear, technic and good insurance. Regardless, injuries suck - prayers for a rapid recovery! @Raoul you can get ordained at dudeism.com
  11. Cuomo is celebrating phase one reopening. Good news is I hadn't seen or heard about much rioting in NYC. I did catch a video and this came to mind Because this is the video https://mobile.twitter.com/issac_george/status/1268372890707202060 I have a theory. Agitators showed up with a few pallets of bricks, the locals, in true NY fashion, stole and then used the brick on the agitators. They used the bricks to simply break glass, as they only wanted the stuff, and reading material from B&N.
  12. My rough patch has been resolved, simply figuring out how to communicate better. Now I really need your prayers. The next day when i returned to work, one of my prayer warriors stopped by office to check in on me. With the strangest expression, he asked if I was ok (which I most certainly was) He later revealed he detected the presence of the Holy Spirit when speaking with me. Nope, not me, I'm not that guy. However, in my prayer life I ask that God helps me be his obedient servant, wisely invest my time, talent and treasure for his glory and help me fulfill the potential he sees in me; to be a living image of Christ. God says, "you've been asking, so I'll let you know you're on the right path." It's quite an "oh ####" moment, be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. Please pray that God continues to use me for his glory, that I make the right decisions to protect me from myself and tell Satan to eff off. This gives me great confidence and eliminates my fears Legions of Angels to send forth on my behalf in the cosmic battle for my soul. God of Angel armies indeed!!!

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