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  1. Stuff like this doesn't happen here... which is why I am paranoid, arm myself and transport a long gun in my vehicle. Praying for these ladies and their families. The perp is probably enjoying the company of his father below, that'll last a little longer than his claim to infamy.
  2. I was in Shoot Point Blank last week, ammo back in the shelves. Huge lot of their store brand reloads If I recall correctly, their 9mm price was $.22 / round and up
  3. Hi Brenda, welcome aboard! I'm glad to hear you've had the opportunity to practice with your pistol and have an interest in obtaining your carry permit. Happy you are here.
  4. Fujimo, world traveler and all around good dude is an owner! Thanks TGO
  5. When I sent my carbine back to HiPoint for warranty repair, I received a brand new TS stock. I don't need it asI I currently have the receiver installed in a bullpup stock from HTA. Does not include pins (carriage bolts) that holds reciever in the stock - I played them forward to my new set up. Pick up at my house or meet up when it's convenient (for me) PM or text/call 865 nine one nine 3909 Thanks AJ
  6. I got my Guy... Regarding medical service providers, there is a great line in Atlas Shrugged: “Let them discover, in their operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hands of a man whose life they have throttled. It is not safe, if he is the sort of man who resents it--and still less safe, if he is the sort who doesn’t.”
  7. Curious about the Romeo Pro. Buddy had the original, and yes frail. Glass broke with a 3 foot drop. Sig stepped up with a replacement no questions asked; sold it off as his confidence level was low, low, low
  8. .gov has been forced to react, it seems difficult to be proactive when the alleged source was part of problem vs. solution. If true: The Chinese may have been aware and dealing with it since 7/2019 Allowed 50k citizens to travel internationally Told the WHO is it isn't contagious Media reported as such 80% of test kits sent to Europe were faulty Subsequent production of masks revealed many didn't meet minimum specs. Until recently, if you wanted to produce and retail masks, you needed approval from the FDA to make a medical device. My biggest non medical concern is .gov has figured out how to massage our rights to protect the public good. They get to decide when we get 'em back and that a good crisis is way easier to manipulate the mob than a conditional amendment. Yes, we have rights and laws to protect the individual, but I believe I have a personal responsibility not to endanger myself or others through un-needed navigation of the world of unknown infected contacts.
  9. No longer need an excuse to avoid people!
  10. Pressure switch here. What I like is this model has Velcro strips attached which help secure the lead wire.
  11. The ubiquitous M&P Sport II with Burris FF3
  12. Identity theft through medical records is big business. Don't click links from unknown or questionable sources, hover over hyper links to see if they match the visual title, what time, was if expected, howis the grammer and speling.

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