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  1. Welcome to the forum, it is a great place l!
  2. Concealed, OWB with sport / suit coat or cover shirt, 930-10, JM Custom Kydex, proper gun belt
  3. From experience, DA / SA takes a lot of commitment, that first DA pull can get ya... My humble opinion - a decent to great SA trigger in an all metal gun will cover poor trigger press discipline. Agree, train train train! Dry fire practice is your friend.
  4. Would it be prudent to have you phone handy and video any visitors who show up uninvited on your private property? Are we even required to ID unless being charged with a crime?
  5. What's weird about it? Individual stockholders, 401k, 403b and pension plans are getting value. The local Shell gas retailer in the US is far removed from the foreign corp offices. Best I can tell, revenue is not all derived from oil refined into gasoline, but I am not an expert analyst. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these oil companies operate on about a 7% margin, I call it the Walmart game - don't try for millions of dollars, simply make zillions of pennies. Perhaps if .gov didn't makes more per gallon from taxes on a gallon of gas than everyone else in the supply chain, prices are the pump may be lower.
  6. He is definitely a good dude!
  7. Let's settle it like real men
  8. Welcome back! My wife had a stroke a little over a year ago, recovery and rehab seems to have slowed down, but that is normal (according to her neurologist) Gains for her from here on out will be small and slower. Keep up the good fight, we'll keep you in your prayers to protect you from discouragement!
  9. Fencing, the perfect Covid sport You get to wear a mask and gloves. If anyone gets within six feet, you get to stab them.
  10. Slide locked open to insert finger into chamber (and magwell) as an extra step beyond visual inspection. We perform this step in our classes before starting dry fire drills.
  11. Welcome from East TN. As Memphis continues to devolve into a 3rd world paradise, I tend to agree with DispositionMatrix
  12. Reminded of the show Doomsday Preppers. Like others commented, by the time you realize you need to evac your million dollar penthouse to your million dollar shelter, your odds of escaping the city are pretty slim.


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