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  1. My only concern is with digital currency, private sales between individuals no longer exist. Not just firearms, but anything I own and want to sell or wish to purchase from you. Will .gov then have the ability to levy sales tax? How about an additional.gov assessed "transaction fee" on top of what the pay platform charges?
  2. I've seen a lot of positive reviews. If I didn't have a box full of CZ, APX and Glock holsters plus a ridiculous number of magazines for all of the above, I would consider one.
  3. Not refurbished at the arsenal? I have two as well, one sports the flaming bomb cartouche indicating at least one trip to the arsenal. The other other does not, it's a reimport from post war German use.
  4. The rifle class is a great opportunity to run your PCC, AR / AK pistol or .308 battle rifle.
  5. Same here. On pistols with reversible mag releases, after switching them, I've switched them back.
  6. CZexy! Safe to assume if it takes 75 compact mags, you can use all 75 mags?
  7. More like right to arm bears
  8. Thanks to generosity of @TripleGGG I am happy to pay this item forward. He gifted me both a wireless and wired unit, I went with the wireless. This one has wire, power unit and flags. I can attest this method of containment is effective - set the collar on full blast and my German Shepherd learned quick. Per @TripleGGG this unit worked when he put it in his garage. Collars are available from Pet Safe, Amazon and most pet supply retailers at no difference in price. Able to meet in Greater Knoxville with trips to Chattanooga, Tri Cities and Middle TN, though not for 60 days or so. Pm or text eight six five nine one nine thirty-nine oh nine
  9. Great, more illegal aliens...what, no jobs on Mars?
  10. We don't drink, we don't smoke, Norfolk! Norfolk! Norfolk!
  11. Acts 4:30 Almighty God, please stretch forth your hand to heal and to perform signs and wonders in the holy name of your obedient servant Jesus
  12. I've been using Bearden Benz Repair for the last 110,000 miles on my 2012 GLK. Just hit 205k, getting ready to schedule for a B and 40k tranny service.
  13. With a 775, obtaining financing should be a breeze. As you are in shopping mode, I'd recommend starting with Capital One Auto Navigator; I'm a credit union guy, but that's how I bought my last vehicle. With the current rate environment, I'd still check with your credit union; if you don't have one, join one - most have a community charter (work, worship, live, go to school in the area the CU serves) My guess is your budget of $30k for a 3/4 ton quad cab means in excess of 100k miles. Good luck on your search!
  14. Buy with confidence, great member with borderline OCD pride of ownership (have you seen pics of his truck?)
  15. While this comment from Kennedy may not apply to this particular murderer, it is something I was not aware of. No tinfoil hat, but the influence of Big Pharma should be concerning Robert Kennedy Jr.: “With all of these shootings nobody’s looking at the pharmaceutical contribution to that. Anecdotally, it appears that almost every one of these shooters were on SSRIs or some other psychiatric drug. And this is only happening in America where all of these people are taking these psychiatric drugs. We take four times as many [psychiatric drugs] as any other country in the West. The average European country, something happened. Prior to the introduction of Prozac, those shootings just were almost unknown, and now they’re an everyday affair. But NIH will not study that because it will offend the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s something that we ought to be studying.”
  16. Reading this: After customers rent out firearms, they are supposed to go the range next door to have a trigger lock removed and the gun loaded by staff before shooting. Range next door indicates the rental counter and range are not attached / don't share a common space. They are supposed to... there's lots of things folks are supposed to not supposed to do. Overly trusting with less than stellar verifying
  17. Your comment reminded me of this bit of Paul Harvey wisdom from 1965.


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