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  1. Anybody scroll to the bottom to see the company timeline? First entry includes "filed bankruptcy" and the remaining history is filled with the automag being used in movies and videos games with outstanding reliability and results...
  2. I'll try to quote Tom Givens, "high capacity means you get to reload less, not shoot more."
  3. You just need to shoot it from a proper pistol
  4. $60 for a quality leather bag is a deal, GLWS!
  5. Gateway Pundit and PJ Media have some reports posted, modern website technology.
  6. I hope you end up with a waiting list, this is an awesome offer. I don't hunt, but would hang out and enjoy if I lived closer!
  7. If you believe it, supposedly it is easy for gangs to recruit young men and women. The leaders fulfill a role most kids are looking for, strong male figures which is missing from many of their lives. The gang becomes their family, only a bit more violent and dysfunctional than mine. Of course, I'm a older, middle class, non gang affiliated white guy with no degree in sociology or experience in social work, so my comments are probably racist and anecdotal with no legitimate proof of fact.
  8. It took about 90 days for ours to become completely comfortable, it's obvious when they take mental ownership of you, your family, home and property. It is awesome how she walks with you. Thanks for saving a lost one!
  9. Did you see the $1M smash and grab out of Florida? Not guns, high end designer bags. Simply replicating the pattern of Chicago and San Francisco high end retail areas. It seems the thieving criminal element is becoming more emboldened as there are few to no consequences. I'm not an alarmist, but if no consequences, what's the deterrent to stop robbing of passersby, homes, and carjacking? The new spin will be, "retailers aren't doing enough to secure their businesses before, during or after hours." to "he/she should have known driving a nice car, wearing a nice watch / jewelry, or dressed in name brand clothing is a target for the criminal element."
  10. Meet Boo, our German Shepherd. Acquired her from a foster family, she's about 3 years old. Her previous life was at best, neglected. I no longer need an alarm clock, guaranteed wake up nudge no later than 630a for bathroom and breakfast.
  11. I pray the celebration of hope, peace and light carries forth from yesterday to today. I discovered Acts 4:30 in the hospital as my wife was treated for a stroke. I witness it come true each day. Father, please extend your hand to heal and to perform signs and wonders in the name of your holy servant Jesus. He can heal physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally. I pray this for each of you!
  12. This is his continental US, gun friendly state travel kit...
  13. First mistake The road to the first mistake.
  14. I drove past the Nathan Bedford Forrest state park exit earlier this week, how long before it's renamed?
  15. I think Bays Mountain Golf course off Burnett Station added a shooting range to keep the doors open...the course has been non op for many years.
  16. The comment about future expansion is interesting. Indoor range to rival (or surpass) Bud's? I am somewhat familiar with that area of town, it should be a pretty good location for this type of venture.
  17. According to the story told in Dope Sick on Netflix, Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers did this very thing. How accurate? It's Netflix, but my guess is some truth within the televised drama.
  18. Is he lying in this case? Other right wing news sources infer no justice no peace being spewed if found not guilty.
  19. Tucker Carlson inferred this is another move by the left to dissuade folks from defending themselves against the BLM / antifa mob. If found guilty, the definition of self defense is not what I think it is.


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