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  1. The most overlooked piece of advice. I had good holsters, it was life changing once I got a proper gun belt. Toted a CZ 75B Omega AIWB for years. I still carry a full size when dress and place appropriate
  2. This is yet another reason I love this forum, y'all have a great sense of humor.
  3. Welcome, we love it when folks bring their money and leave their politics!
  4. I'm a 9mm guy and pretty committed to the APX series; full size, centurion, compact and carry (and a centurion with extra compact grip module for .40) As all are similar, I get reps on the 'same' pistol regardless of what I have one. Exception is the Carry, trigger is different from the double stack APX models. I'd carve out a big "except when" for the guys and girls who competitively pistol shoot (formal or informal) or love to shoot what they collect.
  5. The Beastie Boys are releasing a new 5 part anthology. Parts A - D will be free... ...you'll have to fight for your right to Part E
  6. I just got a new knock-around watch. From the internet, I think it is the HiPoint of the dive watch world, the Invicta Pro Diver. Best I can tell, it's hated by watch snobs, grudgingly accepted by watch guys and loved by the fanboys. The original pro diver is as close a copy of to the original Rolex Submariner you can get for $60 - $70. Homage watch is the term used. I was actually looking for a field watch style and Invicta popped into my search. The model I got, 35422, has the field watch look with the simple, clean Rolex-like dive styling, without the maintenance costs of a high end watch. I have a high end automatic Swiss watch, with daily wear, it requires maintenance every 3 ish years or so. It costs, you gotta pay to play. Being a left handed shooter, I wasn't interested in buying another high end watch and subjecting it to recoil. Didn't see a G-Shock that really caught my attention... For $60 plus shipping, the quality is pretty amazing. Stainless steel case with substantial weight, finish of high polish and brushed surfaces is good. Flame Fusion synthetic sapphire crystal, nice marketing. This model does NOT have Invicta etched into the case opposite the crown. The additional etching Master of the Sea and Pro Diver at the top and bottom of the face seems optimistic. Screw down crown, a little gritty, who cares Fave and bezel are well done, lume fades but visible up to 6 hours. I like the counter balance Invicta logo on the second hand What sold me on this watch was the exhibition back and seeing the works. It uses a Seiko NH35A automatic movement.
  7. What liberal zip code in Knoxville voted her in?
  8. Welcome aboard! I too wonder if my target retirement will be a reality.
  9. Erik, I hate to say it, but I am somewhat relieved when the murderer and motive doesn't fit the anti 2A narrative.
  10. I need to get my feeders out! Hummingbird Wars, the most entertaining time of year. We believe we've had at least one repeat customer for three years running. Basing that on the fact she will fly up to my wife and hover about.
  11. From your profile, you are a legal writer? Care to share your motive / agenda? I hope it is to gain valid and truthful information for the legal blog you have linked to your question. Please accept my apologies as I recently read an article where the writer referred to Daniel Defense's use of a pay now pay later platform was a "scheme"
  12. Well said. Last time I checked, a personal, individual choice needs to be made to be a follower of Christ. It's the moral compass I choose to follow. Some may call it free will. Our societal woes also are be driven by subjective morality, "I'm a pretty good dude and anything bad I do isn't illegal (or not that illegal) and not as bad as people I know or read about in the news." At time of the event, as Tom Givens says, "it's doesn't make a effing bit of difference why he is doing it." From reports, LE response was not "industry standard" and the fact he barricaded may infer murder and surrender. I don't have the source, be seem to recall an n emerging trend in these active murderer events is escape/surrender vs. martyrdom.
  13. Agreed, He does not see good, but my Bible says he uses all things for good and his glory...I just haven't seen it yet. Agreed, we are morally and spiritually broken as a nation as God is further excluded from daily living. I too am confused about LE response, over the last 8 years, I've attended over 20 active shooter seminars. Every instructor has stated current protocol is to engage and stop, not wait and talk.
  14. Buy with confidence from a stand up guy!
  15. He is, totally...spending eternity in hell. As a Christian, it is hard for me to see how God can use this horrific tragedy for good. I do know adding my prayers to those of the faithful are heard and will make a difference.
  16. This is unverified so probably needs fact checked. I was speaking with an attorney friend of mine, he is not a firearms attorney. His research indicated that a ghost gun is any gun recovered without a serial number under visual inspection. Since criminals will try to obliterate serial numbers on firearms, this may explain the 45,000 ghost guns that are haunting the president
  17. Ugandan cinema at it's finest https://youtu.be/BhG9I2KdOOY
  18. Welcome aboard, this is a great place
  19. @BJB thanks for the review, I am a member and agree, the range lay out is well done. Eric is the owner and is as genuine as he is pleasant and personable.
  20. My contractor got a call earlier this week, "your SSN has been compromised, call us or your SSN will be invalid." He's pretty excited, it would get him totally off the grid
  21. Any shop talk on diesel cost or availability?
  22. The Ridge in Dayton may also be a good option.
  23. I know it's brand new, but when you manipulate the actions and dry fire, what are your initial impressions when compared to your originals?


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