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  1. I've always liked AIM and have had good results with their on PPU ammo.
  2. Forcibly breaks in knowing I am home. He or she ain't selling Amway or recruiting for the Latter Day Saints. As a reasonable person, this is an unreasonable action which could lead to a violent altercation. Strong words or putting myself at the mercy of a criminal is not reasonable. I choose to end it quickly with as much force as necessary. If the presence of my weapon causes him of her to turn and run, that is an excellent result. I'm also not likely to attempt to clear my house from my second floor bedroom if victim of an intrusion. No kids or other family
  3. I have had numerous opportunities to directly and immediately touch lives. The Lord knows as does my wife, that's enough. The only pride I have is having the strength and courage to act when He asks.
  4. I must have listened to this song dozens of times. Even with my trust in the Lord, I was crushed under the weight trying to answer the question. The answer that finally came: I am, as all of you, an amazing, unique creation of the Almighty God. I am, as all of you, a beloved son or daughter of Almighty God. I do not have to understand His love, just simply accept it. I am, as all you, a living opportunity to reflect the light of Christ in this world of darkness.
  5. Does this mean anything? https://pjmedia.com/columns/stacey-lennox/2021/01/20/the-who-finally-updates-its-covid-19-testing-policy-1-hour-after-bidens-inauguration-n1398857
  6. I don't shoot long distance or hunt, but have been interested watching the development of rifle rounds in the 6s vs. 7s Pretty cool stuff.
  7. Many of my friends and family are going through a tough season of life right now. What I do know, for today, I have the strength, ability, skills and talent to do those things that: I love to do, I like to do, I have to do and I don't like to do. I just need to choose to do them each day. I've been on top, at the bottom and many places in between. I hope this tune is as encouraging for you as it is for me.
  8. I'd argue you can never be wrong doing the right thing.
  9. If you hit a good number, be happy with your gains, you have to get off the ferris wheel at some point.
  10. Fwiw, my career shifted from indirect to mortgage lending. Treasury rates / yields have creeping up over the last 3 weeks, the Fed is planning for inflation and there our hundreds of millions of dollars of idle cash sitting in checking and savings accounts. It's crushing the balance sheet of my company as well every depositary institution in the country. I have zero clue how that filters down and impacts the overall economy or my retirement portfolio, just a general bit of info for those smarter than I. Home values in Knoxville are strong because there are so few home for sale
  11. My opinion, the newest form of attack will come from gun violence is the next health pandemic. They know how far Obama was able to go with EO, so that's about where they'll start. Glad we got that bump-stock banning, 2A-hatin' Trump outta office.
  12. Comrade, I am beginning to explore the option of dropping the "-C"
  13. Improve something you got? The recent subgun thread got me thinking, I pulled out my PPS-43 and said to myself, "why not SBR it, I've got all my gun niches pretty well filled with what I've got."
  14. I've got box of 150 rounds of Frontier 5.56 x 55gr, loaded with Hornady hollow point match bullets If it would help you out, let me know.
  15. Removable box magazine https://www.browning.com/content/browning/en/products/firearms/rifles/bar/current-production/bar-mk3-DBM-wood.html
  16. My buddy has decided on a Browning MK3 w/ RBM. 18" barrel. Hunts primarily in Alabama, so 300 yards is about max distances. He has landed on the Steiner GS3 3-15 X 56 Steiner states great low(er) light performance, works for some his conditions for early morning, late afternoon. Thoughts?
  17. You can own mine. LNIB Less than 100 rounds fired. All the new box goodies.
  18. For me, I do a pretty good job of not responding to dumba$$ery out in the world. Nice job using your pistol as a striking tool to create distance and the time to not have to shoot. Dude opens my car door to breach the cabin seems very similar to walking into my house. I checked, my doors do not unlock automatically. I'd report as well, just in case dude called 911 on me.
  19. Just replaced the compressor and switching valve thing about two weeks ago. $1100, still had heat, propane. Then the gas man topped off the tank about a week ago. Honey, we're getting heat for Christmas!
  20. Was there a tax stamp on each baggie? Is a tax stamp required? Did they buy a lot of loose rounds and repackage? The unknown source or Bubba's Reloading LLC can add some spice to your shooting life...


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