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Shipping FFL to FFL

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I’ve got a buyer for a gun and he is out of state.  I talked to a FFL and he said $25 + shipping.  The other guy has emailed me his FFL info, so after his check has cleared I told him I would ship it.  My question is what do I get from the FFL?  I don’t think there is a form for me to fill out, I guess I could pay with a card?  

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You arent required to get anything from your FFL, he will record it in his book and save you on shipping if you are concerned about compliance with stated shipping requirements. If this is a rifle, I found better to ship yourself as you can use USPS in that case.

You will want to have that FFL send you a license copy and validate on ATF's EZcheck here https://fflezcheck.atf.gov/fflezcheck/

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Call his FFL and ask if they'll accept shipment from an individual. If so, just send it yourself and save the $25. If not, the FFL here should log it and provide you a tracking number. 

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