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  1. Erich

    Sig Build kits

    You looking to do a 320 or classic P series, both come in 80% flavors?
  2. Second time is the charm? Since they did bankruptcy in 2018, it will be curious to see how this time differs. Would the Nation inherit any Sandy Hook payout if that occurs when its decided?
  3. That is a good thought. I recall when we put our equity from our CA home sale into money markets at Suntrust when we first moved here and they offered to set up with one of those folks, which I did not take advantage of as I was managing our Fidelity accounts at the time. Had some in Merrill Lynch before I we moved our real money away from BofA (they deposited a 40k check into the wrong account and would not explain it!). We've moved our real funds to Cap1 for now, its an internet deal, but may just check out what services they have to offer It occurs to me as you put that out there, that USAA offers similar services. Thanks, great reminder to take advantage of what current relationships have ahead of brokerages. That last bit was the initial goal that started this. We are in multiple 401 and 403's with cash balance pensions. The bulk being Fidelity, but overall feel onorous to stay on top of. I have managed both of ours over the last several years as well, and am trying to encourage my wife to take ownership of hers as our risk tolerances diverge. In as graceful a way as possible! Having her move thru consolidating multiple accounts and talking strategy with someone (that she would listen to) seemed a good start. End of the day, I realize moving to self management most likely is the way to go, I would love to get her to do it as well. The thing I appreciate in this thread is folks reiterating to take advantage of what may be available to me which I previously forgot about or put out of my mind, or pay for it as needed. Thanks for the comments guys.
  4. I had that problem with my Yahoo account, was fine for a while then kaboom. The admins tried what they could, but the interwebs won that round No probs after switching to my gmail
  5. Which size are you looking for?
  6. I can relate to advisor have seemingly conflicted calls. When they dont follow the fund return data that they are showing, you can see who pays the most backend commission bonus. I'm sorry to see my concerns baring out. I also ran into a class action against EJ around what is being covered here. We have not gone down the road, admittedly I was being a bit lazy, but more contending with the different risk tolerances we have in our household. I am sure the married folks can relate to how a spouse may not listen to you, but will listen to a stranger who has a perceived expertise. Following a different path which may be more beneficial for just myself, could lead to its own set of problems. Lessor of evils choices maybe. Thanks gents
  7. Appreciate it guys. I guess I realized trying to avoid managing it myself means having to pay... just a bit caught out by some sticker shock. I think the factor I was mostly avoiding was having to manage my wifes. Two different strategies was not playing for her, using someone got me out of that pickle.
  8. Was going to combine some 401 / 403s to IRA. Looking at using Edward Jones. But the fee basis seems a bit high. I understand the intention is its full services vs limited services of online self managed. I haven't evaluated all the brokerages fees, initial comparisons seem to put them on the higher side. Would be curious to see if folks using them here thought about the fees, if you felt it was worth it, or any other thoughts. I have an Ameritrade account for playing around, but in current market conditions and limited experience, I don't know I want to manage my IRA there at this time. Thanks for any input
  9. Score 1 for the good guys! Sadly the mass media skip the good endings with responsible shoots supporting law abiding gun ownership since its not the narrative they prefer.
  10. Welcome. Sounds like a fun project. Do share when you have it done.
  11. I think the trick there is to incorporate it into the remodel. Design feature and you never know when the bad guys will come a knockin... Toilet paper holder? Functional and chic
  12. This is Ruger's great piston driven big bore AR battle rifle. These sweet shooters handle 7.62 Nato and 308, delivering fantastic accuracy thru a free floating 16" fluted barrel (fluted area under handguard). This one was made in 2016 (second generation) with improvements over the initial offering including Ruger's improved Elite 452 trigger (pretty good), optimized gas system, Magpul SL stock, and MOE grip for nice ergos. This rifle has had approximately 100 rounds thru it and is in very nice newish condition. Pics of BCG, charging handle, and magwell to show the low mileage. Dry lube coating is all still there! She runs 100% flawlessly with commercial and surplus ammo at the standard gas block setting (adjustable). Dream clean-up over standard with its piston drive and ultra slick chromed BCG. These have a very nice set of features: 4 Position adjustable gas block 16" fluted profile chrome lined hammer forged barrel free float railed handguard with covers Hard chromed carrier and bolt Factory folding iron sites 2 additional rail sections for handguard Factory soft padded carrying case 3 Magpul 20 round mags Firearm includes (first picture): Original box Soft case Owners manual and original literature 3 magpul mags Accessories box (extra rails, sight tool, and lock) These are not very common and retailed for around $2000 before fees. They may be one of the most understated piston AR-10's that deliver in a big way. SOLD Cash sale only around the greater Chattanooga area*, No trades please. Buyer to have HCP and OK with short bill of sale *May be willing to meet at a midpoint within a reasonable distance FAQ's Do you come to Nashville? - Nope. Are you double dog sure don't want a trade? - Sure for 14 c-notes
  13. Was I the only one expecting something like this?
  14. Erich

    Budget Tablets

    Just a thought. Are you coming due for a new cell phone? If so, your carrier may offer a deal with a throw in tablet, or heavily discounted.
  15. Anecdotally that feels like most of the problem. Had fear been contained (whether they got it from the media or are just that way), any BM behavior shift and supply chain stress would not have had shelves running dry. Or at least not when they did or would have. No doubt current supply chain stress and personal behavior with folks staying home are factors, but I question the shortage timing from what I have seen. Granted a bit anecdotal and probably varies by area (doubt any real numbers are published?), but the meat at our local grocery stores looks to have seen fear based depletion vs supply chain (which is now part of the problem with processing plant shutdowns). We went from nothing to nearly fully stocked with the butcher areas open once the supply chain caught up the first wave of fear subsided. BUT a key piece to me, Signs posted on limits were all removed, which says they were told the supply chain is good. Then the stories of meat plants shutting down and predictions of meat shortages....the parking lots were notably busier and within 2-3 days we are back to nothing. And my wife told me how the ladies at here work were talking about how they were all running down to buy up meat as they had read the articles. My recollection on TP around here was it was cleaned out before many moved to working form home or stay at home orders were adopted in high volume. The media from the beginning threw out there would be shortages and the stories of hoarding with pics of baskets piled high followed, as did ebay adds for $80 rolls of TP. Not sure one one determines how many bowl movements have moved from public to personal commodes, but I'd venture to say many wont use public toilets unless its absolutely necessary. And TP is the thing you can most live without at home as there are many alternatives, while that is not true of public facilities in the US. The irrational ammo shortages and new gun buyers kinda speaks for itself. Fear makes folks do some crazy things. And that is the one that most makes me shake my head. I understand concern about not being able to feed your family. But thinking you're going to be having to have gun battles with neighbors or zombies....not so much.
  16. If you dont find one and are at a point considering options, I have a spare OEM Aero M5 rifle (complete without handguard or stock so it can be completed to user preference) that I can offer the upper and an M5 handguard if you want to use that or have it put on. Generally not run into function problems with my other M5s outside playing with extractor tension.
  17. Shopping in that price point, my take is you cant go wrong with PA scopes. And part of that is they stand behind them. I have their 5x and 2.5x prism scopes (my preferred for AR / AK over variable) and they have good glass for the cost, good repeatability and zero retention. Its one of the few items made affordably that deliver imo.
  18. Gunbroker may be the favored market value standard, BUT it depends on if/where you plan to list and sell them, or if you just want insurance values. If its non sale valuation, GB all day long. But if you plan to sell, where and what it is determines how you'll do compared to GB value. Unless its very desirable, rare, or hard to come by, generally you tend to only get GB values when selling on GB. Listing locally or an online forum, you will likely mean a modest discount factor like the mentioned blue book. Online forum folks tend to be....shall we say... cheap bargain hunters
  19. I thought the same as I watched everyone go OOS. it was a WTH moment. Maybe more so on the TP. The reason it strikes us so odd, is I doubt folks here tend to be the ones that get drawn into mass hysteria or panics. But there is one group it made sense for that I would not lump in with the crazies. It has proven both smart and legitimate. High volume shooters of rounds they choose not to reload. Buying as a hedge for forward looking price protection. Those who recognized the level of hysteria right away and did not underestimate human nature. If we were thinking the above (I did), we underestimated both. And their rational isn't one of panic hoarding or reselling, but managing finances around their hobby over a period of time. For example, just saw SG, who I am sure most of us love, is asking $250 for 1k rounds of 9mm Blazer brass that just a couple weeks ago they were getting $160 or $170. Midway just put up a bunch of Winchester 5.56 at a similar premium. How smart a hedge will end up being based how quick the volume recovery is. While the ammo manufacturers said they are adding production, I doubt it will be sustained to create the level of glut based on their recent lumps and leanings from the post Sandy hook glut and manage volumes a bit more this time. Not to mention we dont have the anti-gun threats of that time frame that kept buying pressure up.
  20. Sad but true. The thing that I would love to see is the media not stoking the fire with their emphasis. The psychology is hard enough to control without trying to promote more tenaion or paint a worse picture.
  21. Erich

    Deals forum?

    That's great, appreciate it ! The 2 I found today are already OOS
  22. If you are in need of some brass case, this is pretty decent ammo at an fair price. I've ordered from these folks several times in the past. $230 shipped for case of 400, no tax. Its run well for me in AR's and AK's chambered for it, I'd call it on the low end of NATO charge window with my M1A short stroking a handful of times as it got dirty. https://www.armsunlimited.com/Magtech-CBC-762x51-M80-NATO-Ammo-147-Grain-FMJ-p/762a-fmj-case.htm

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