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  1. Thanks for the comment. I can completely appreciate how a given platform can just gel for you. I imagine trying to figure out that secret sauce is the trick, but would get expensive ! Was your RX a full size or compact? I personally am not fond of optics on full size guns, or most full size guns in general. For me they just dont point as naturally and balance is less agreeable compared to the compacts running 3.5 to 4 inch slides. The 509 hits almost all the buttons, I just scratch my head with FN and their striker gun triggers. Its clean enough in its action. But had to address a heavy break (7 1/4 lbs vs on a digital) as I was having a problem with transferring a lot of energy into the frame from the over travel stop bumping it allowing zero tolerance for off center moments. It ergos and my standard grip and finger placement on that trigger just would not work and never run into that before. But fortunately the Apex trigger should solved that for me. My hope is Apex moves to new sear spring options soon. Maybe striker spring if that sear does not take another 1lb. Their trigger left me just under 5 1/2, still too high IMHO when you start going aftermarket and dont buy into the "but its a combat gun" schtuff. A little bit more and I can see it would be toward the top of the list.
  2. I use to use her ploy of saying, 'oh no, I've had that for a long time'. It worked fine until I was asked to explain why I had to buy a bigger safe.
  3. Can I ask you gents what it is you find so appealing about your 509's give you have some difference in preference? Reason I ask is I have a 509T which I acquired recently due to my love of my FNX45T. Admittedly I have not run it yet, but I instantly liked its feel. But have to be honest, the trigger is one of the worst of any handgun I have ever purchased. I ordered and installed the Apex trigger ASAP which helped immensely. Would be curious if your examples may have been on the other end of the scale.
  4. Congrats on your new toy David. There is quite a lot to like about the FN with its feature set. Looks like you got a good one out of the box There are no such things as secrets in the industry these days with electronic media being what it is. FN does a bit or marketing, though it does not seem as prevalent as Sig for sure. I'd venture to say its not a lack of marketing as much as some other factors, like making a connection or resonating with a buyer at point of sale. To be fair, they really seem to be more about the SCAR and less about their pistols. Many of the FN pistol folks (from my recent visits to their forum) dont appear to be tinkers or shooting enthusiasts who modify guns. And that group is smallish to start. That seems to explain why there is minimal aftermarket support for their platforms, and I think that iIS where they are missing the connection. Trying to find hot rod parts for FN's says to me the real shooting enthusiasts that drive that demand and help spread the word are staying away. FN went to Apex for the 509, let see if that helps them make a dent. Wish you guys many happy range days. .
  5. All should respect the wishes of the deceased, and honor their life and service. Any decent human being would.
  6. I have been enjoying this scotch for a bit. Its unpeated and for fans of malted scotches. A few drops of water opens it up nicely. Toffee notes and malty goodness that finish with a bit of spice.
  7. The big takeaway is: what do do if you pass first!
  8. They were several Berettas, Walthers, and a couple Belgian made guns. Honestly I dont recall them all. They did leave a couple older rusted things behind. So I guess there is that Sadly he did have a will, Leaving all his possessions to me including some bullion (stolen as well). But this is the kind of thing you find that folks are unscrupulous and greedy. They stripped the house and garage of all valuables. They spent the couple days after his death destroying or removing the paper trail of receipts, bank records, photographs, and erasing memory cards left behind after removing the electronic devices. They knew we could not prove what was there at the time of his passing, or that they were the ones who removed them. Clearly planned, which gives insight into the kind of people we are talking about. Obviously a lot more details behind this, but suffice it to say its a big ugly mess, The big learning was that is it NOT a criminal offense to steal from an estate if you can claim you are related. Weak family linkage means you can steal what you want if a homeowner dies. In these cases you are left to the character of the people involved, and the legal system does not protect you from "family" if hey are devoid of character.
  9. I'll second Atlantic, they are very good to work with and well respected in the AK community. Avoid the Century and Zastava, the later are very hit and miss. My brand new NPAP came with a rusted rifle bore (they are not chromed) and it was never really take care of. On the affordable scale, as catsfreedom was saying, the WASR is what almost every AK guy will steer you toward on the budget end. Whatever you get, take a good hard look at the gas block front sight post alignment, and stack as well. Cheap AK's can come with canted front posts and offsets in their gas blocks. If the rear stock is not centered and aligned it could have a trunion problem if its not the wood (I've seen it). One thing you may want to consider outside price (since you claim quality is important) is how long term you want this. The big thing in the cost is if its a milled vs stamped receiver. The bigger ticket AK's tend to be milled (Arsenal is a good example). Buy once cry once. If you just want one to try an AK, see if you can rent one before you buy. I've had a few, sold my most of the stamped ones and kept my Arsenal and Galil. I was thinking of trying a WBP as I like the concept of the Beryl rail set up for optics. I always tell anyone looking at an AK chambered rifle, do look at the VZ58. Its a great rifle that the Chez made by refactoring the AK's operating system making it short stroke. They cycle faster with less reciprocating mass. And they are milled. More accurate with less recoil.
  10. Those a great little collection. They are hard impossible not to love. My father who passed last year loved 25 acp. He picked up several while stationed in Europe in the 60's and 70's. I remember cleaning them as a child and him telling me they would be mine one day. Unfortunately my step mother and her son stole the items in his gun safe when he passed before we were able to get there. Seeing these brings back some great memories.
  11. Hola señor from a former left coaster. I miss the races at Laguna Seca. Are you looking at leaving CA in the future?
  12. Its easy to look passed these auto related deaths because the vehicles being used makes them superfluous. Now if they used Military grade vehicles in the hands of civilians, lets say a Hummer or 2, then we'd be hearing about it.
  13. It was a thoughtful piece. Having lived thru the thousand cuts in CA, I had seen my rights get cut to the point I left, along with other reasons. But few are that passionate. While the truths presented hold and ring true, I see this as a problem of numbers and the ease with which people are controlled thru media and the uninformed made to believe things that are not true. We, the rational gun owners are outnumbered in many places. Which leads to the laws we see passed as a function of outnumbering and weak politicians caving to the pressure. As we saw from the NYT headline swap, the left controls the high volume mainstream media. This seems to get worse on each pass. We lack acceptable representation that has that cache or credence. The NRA is seen a bunch of crackpots by the center to left. That to me seems to be our area of focus, not fighting these things as we are on our back heels. Not sure of the vehicle to get the real truth and proper numbers out there. Seems like we need that credible mass media machine. Our only relief is SCOTUS (the occasional correct state court rulings seem to get reversed on appeal or stayed). But with it taking 10 to 20 years to get to SCOTUS, and a reliance on their political balance of power at the time its on their docket, I fear cuts will continue.
  14. Good one. I imagine until the media develops an silhouette for given relics....you're probably safe! For the record, I agree, I would like for that to not have happened. Nor do I want any more in the future, I try to look at it pragmatically. As hard as it is stomach, seems we may have more to come. We can hope not, but as the bumps showed us, its going to. If we need to get support, to know what things folks are willing to fight for. popularity will drive it. The downside may be, it may not be the most important from a freedoms perspective. But we need the numbers. When I was in CA in 2016 and an attempt to stop a set of sweeping gun bills was being fought. The (what seemed) large pro gun crowd talked a good fight, but would not get off the couch and go out and get signatures. Its a fickle group I guess.
  15. Is that not concerning? This strikes me its the concept that the needs of the many (legitimate cases) outweigh the needs of the few (malicious cases). Better than nothing? More curiousity, can you elaborate on what you thing sufficient evidence is? Assuming someone is not capturing it on video, it can come down to sworn statements. Which those that are willing to lie, know cant be proven or dis-proven unless there are witnesses. Credibility is a funny thing. Relies on a bit of subjectivity and how good a lawyer is at twisting someones words or surfacing inconsistency, as well as how good a liar someone is if you want to hear lies, the best place to go is a court or a hearing. I guess, is He said blah blah blah, good enough? On the second part, do you believe that prison rehabilitates? I appreciate you cant predict evil and as we have seen you dont have to have been to prison to be evil. So in lieu of being able to predict the future, past behavior is used. Say someone committed murder in the past or used another weapon in an attempted murder? How do you know they cant be trusted with a firearm until its too late? To be fair, that last bit applies to anyone whether they have been to prison or not. Would it not be great if we could develop an Evilmeter.
  16. I think you put it perfectly with that last qualifier, "in your mind". Which is fine, just not the case clinically. Trial competence (fortunately) has little to do with a person being crazy as much as it means they have an awareness and can respond to proceedings. Psycopaths are perfectly fit trial but not to be out running around. I trust you are not saying you think its normal (clinically acceptable behavior) to go around killing people without any remorse. Put another way, "My doc told me its OK to work out my anger by shooting people as I am not insane and is a fine coping mechanism for me"
  17. I dont think anyone would ever dispute all this stuff makes little to no sense. Even they seem to be unclear when you read some of their "clarifications". I dont know if its to confuse or allow fodder for lawyers to make a lot of money. I would think lawyers draft the clarifications or at least are heavily invovled, so creating more work makes sense. Of course if they want to discourage, they would just interpret things such that its a No you cant have that. But at least the aftermarket folks keep looking for and supporting the loopholes they provide, so enough gray that helps keep enforcement questionable if they reclarify another way.
  18. Poor ham and tots....makes me sad. I'm going to claim emotional distress. I had to stare down plates of certain green veggies as a child for hours living in one of those households that you did not leave till you ate the disgusting thing on your plate. The scars are still there.
  19. That sounds like a well run business that knows their customer base. So jealous we don't have a similar indoor range here that isnt a good hump away. The upsides of the big city life
  20. That is quite the leap in logic with the last bit. Comparing apples and oranges to a degree. I dont see a sentiment that pistols are novelties or OK to take, rather some personal preferences. Leaving out the concept that taking any right is chipping away, I dont see folks OK with this being infringed. Pistols have proven thru their popularity that these are in way comparable. The market has spoken loud and clear on it. The preference statements are just like those that like carbines versus full rifle length, or any other mod. To me anyway. Bumpstocks sold, but no where near the following. Market again spoke. Sure some did not like it. But I dont like green beans, but sure some freaks really like em And the market did and does on a daily basis speak to normal capacity (30 round....I refuse to call them high cap as there is only normal and retarded capacity). Comparing Bumpstocks to mags....is like comparing a Pinto to a Hemi Cuda. I am sure there are some that love the PInto, but if you crushed them all so what. Try that with a 'Cuda. --Not addressing the nibbler argument...we get that. But functionally the AR is easy to bumpfire without a special stock unless you are a [choose your own word] is what the sentiment on them seem to say.
  21. I actually think its good that the folks who make the rules or write the laws are kinda of confused. Think if someone who really was clear, logical, and knowledgeable ever made the rules. That would be a bad bad bad day. The only upside to politicians and others involved being knuckleheads.
  22. When you see the current offerings of "braces", you really have to appreciate just how fine that line is. Seems about the same as having a receiver originally registered as a pistol vs rifle (no real difference other than label). My CTR is a nylon strap away from being a brace but was born wrong so it can never be.
  23. Says the guy who wont put the 50 drum on his cause it would be too heavy....
  24. Hey....I got robbed. Can I send mine back to Colt and ask them to put in the missing parts

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