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  1. The blue ones feel like a political campaign sign. Maybe its me, seems very reminiscent of someone's '20 election sign, no? And a vote also reminding me I wouldn't pick any, and going with least worst option. I like the idea of the watermark, but in different colors. The blue one is kinda close to Montana's in some ways. I like the look of Wyoming's. Come one, its got a cowboy on it. Cant we have something cool. Like the volunteer dude with his AR musket? On the loose stylized state outline, I am not getting that choice. Not just because other states have them and are accurate. To me it sends the message that our education system doesnt include geography or we found this on a 5 year old's twitter. Maybe its the counter to the vacation advertising to be interprested as: Hey....you dont want to come here...too many uneducated hill peeps...and we even let them run DMV.
  2. Definitely welcome great news and happy to see it. Have to agree having showed their hand and known goals, the next one will be liked minded. But they have learned their lesson in a choice that was overtly anti-gun with a well documented history of *****. I trust they are deep in foaming at the mouth gun haters, so the danger will getting one whose background is far to subtle to make their level of bias and disregard for constitutional rights as obvious and as easy to prove. I'll take the victory, And double down on mole repellent.
  3. It strikes me that its was some of the same think behind the 450 Bushmaster but by a fan of 7.62. Seems it fell to the fallacy that drove 10mm to .40.....the 308 us is to heavy and powerful so the Rem 30 AR is the 308 short and weak for the sake of saving a couple pounds? Something between 7.62x39 and 308. Definitely questionable in the build it and they will come camp. Really the only thing of value is the lower like I was alluding too, but would have to drop even more to make it worth it...if you like Kryptek.
  4. The spec they list for the extension, they dont say what exactly that is a measurement of. If its the diameter, its consistent with the DPSM pattern 308 extensions at the hundredths they go out to. If its the flange to breech face than its a few thou short, but may not yield a stacking tolerance problem depending on your BCG OAL. If it wasnt in that kryptek and what looks like a weaver rail vs pic, the lower may be worth it if they fire sale it even more down the road
  5. That is sad. It reminds me of when I sent to New Orleans in a lot of ways. I think some pictures around the large number of weekly deaths attribute them to gangs illegally possessed guns versus .gov false narratives around the target demographic of this study and related laws. But that is probably my "privilege" making me confused about their facts showing the real problem in America are the whack job presumed racists blasting away at the range with their evil back rifle. Sure .gov avoids every talking about the Chi town example in these discussions, but they know they can only effect the law abiding. And here you see the brilliance of this....... The HUGE benefit of disarming that horrible group of law abiding citizens thru any fabricated means is key to helping accomplish the re-distrubtion of wealth they are promising these poor souls forced into crime on the streets, wherever that is. Its easier to take wealth when you dont have to worry about some one shooting back perhaps. You know, they should just cut out the middleman. Have gangs put up wealth redistribution drop boxes all over the city. That way you folks that visit can deposit your cash, jewelry, and legally owned guns you dont want for these poor oppressed folks. In return they agree to stop shooting one another and .gov stops twisting facts. OK, I see it....the first part would work....not the second.
  6. Ask and you shall receive I'm guessing In her mind, this is what the streets of Chicago look like
  7. Gents, this should not be a surprise and is not news. Its straight from Biden's campaign platform on his promises to eviscerate 2A. From Bidens published campaign: Dedicate the brightest scientific minds to solving the gun violence public health epidemic. In 2013, President Obama issued a memorandum clarifying that a longstanding appropriations rider that prohibited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal scientific agencies from using federal dollars to “advocate or promote gun control” does not prohibit those agencies from researching the causes and prevention of gun violence. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) subsequently embarked on funding some of this research, though Republican leadership in Congress refused to appropriate any funds to the CDC for this work. Biden will call for Congress to appropriate $50 million to accelerate this research at the CDC and NIH. The CDC hook is key to future plans. .Gov has demonstrated they can misuse / abuse CDC powers to usurp state sovereignty and act where federal powers dont normally allow. The specific proof of concept came the last couple years when .gov abused CDC mandate to annex homes away from their legal owners who were renting them, nullified the leases, and de facto transferred most rights to lease holders. It allowed the feds to block any state / local legal recourse the former legal owners had as well. When Dr. W is handed the doctored research and declares they have confirmed that gun violence is an "epidemic" and a public crisis, I would expect .gov to try a similar set of abuses in trying to usurp state sovereignty again. Specifically 2A sanctuary provisions. Heck, using sanctions to end ammo, shill govts to go after gun manufacturers, this ones seems like a gimme.
  8. New from Bezos. Model? Toy? Errr…? Wonder if it comes with the feather?
  9. If you cant get the votes in Congress to take the guns....turn them into paper weights. Check! Meanwhile, you are suppose to pretend that waiving the sanctions against the Russian gas pipe line earlier in the month was not contradictory. All this on the heels of using the Mexican Govt as shills to sue US gun manufacturers....in the hope you believe it was actually Mexico's idea. Because they are just now figuring out that Cartels are a problem. This is the kind of stuff that makes me stay off the internet for stretches.
  10. Good on ya for getting on it. I haven't really been following forums for a few days so they caught me with my pants down. I was all jazzed to see how quick Bernaul in Wolf packaging was dropping last month and thought I'd wait a bit to when it dipped under $300. Snoozed....and lost big time!! $550 for bottom of the barrel Tula where you can get it as of now. 7 guns that shoot that round and only 2 cases of ammo. That math makes me sad
  11. Best wishes for both of you. May she come home with you soon.
  12. I am sure she is alleging it also not all about the money either.
  13. Do it! Folks here are not fans of selling on GB as you are hearing, but from the comments you can probably glean they may not actually sell items on GB or may use rationale more in line with their perspective on why they don't like GB as a buyer. For example, mentioning taxes as a negative to a seller. That is only a buyer issue, sellers collect those taxes plus a new 1% (approx) enhancement fee from the seller and its automatically added to the buyers invoice as part of the sale price by GB. Then they charge it back to you with your final value commission, which is the part you are responsible for. So outside the commission, the tax and 1% enhancement are next zero impact to the seller. In general the commission run between 3 % to 5 %, variable based on total sale price. No where near eBay gouging and far less than what a gun store will hit you up for. Typical of forums, bad experiences and horror stories tend to be overstated as the norm. Yes there are some real pieces of work out there, but I can tell you after having sold plenty of guns on GB most things go smoothly and the majority of buyers are no different than us. No doubt you read the Show and Tell posts here, "hey look what I just got on GB". Also typical of type specific forums, selling in the classified will return the worst possible price unless the item is relatively desirable, hard to get, or rare. for anything else, market value or slight profits wont happen here and are why you use things like GB. Small audience of enthusiasts who are horse traders at heart unless they cant live with out it The downsides I have dealt with are more a matter of making sure you specify things in your terms and sticking to them, and that your buyer does his part. Typically it may be a minor delay buy not to bad. Such as state specific requirements for serialized items and that the receiving FFL will accept from a private party (some corporate stores won't). This also applies to clearly stating any inspection periods, payment term expectations in number of days, or around any specific payment method. Setting your ground rules up will be an up front time draw, but is what avoids most pitfalls and headaches. Good pictures help protect you from claims of specific damage, plus the FFL gets it and will have likely looked it over to know what was there or not before buyer handles it. Never had an issue there. The biggest concern is someone who does not pay and they do have a slow process for crediting commission and chargeback fees. And negative feedback retaliation if get rude with them. The only other thing I'd say is a factor comes down to your payment methods as a function of audience and potential sell price. You absolutely get the highest price if you take credit cards. After that, its a question of how desirable or popular the item is. For average items, MO and Certified check tend to bring the lowest values. Electronic payment alternatives like Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal do much better though not as well as credit card. GB pay will hit you with a commission, just not as bad as Paypal did on eBay. It was 1.5% to 2% if I recall, so I stopped using that one. For the record, I am not advocating for the use of the electronic payers, just stating the reality I have experienced on GB selling. Not to devolve it into the anti PP concerns many have here. Each person has to decide what their comfort level is around any method.
  14. Last time he plays with his food! Distinct possibility the deer was using the rabbit for bait with the way she was on it.
  15. You know how it is after you’ve been stuck eating veggies …. You just need a burger or bucket of chicken
  16. Certainly thankful there was nothing behind it. Hope they used a burner...I bet the punishment today is worse than when you guys were bringin bombs to school
  17. Welcome, Out of curiosity, where did they keep thos good LA peeps, I dont think I ran into many when I'd been down there I came here form CA so I can bag on you and its not hate...its informed! Enjoys your freedoms and remember to support the fight when it comes. I remember in 2016 / 2017 the Calgunners talked all kinds of smack before the last set of AW and anti-gun bills were voted in, but when it came time to get out from behind their keyboards for signatures they were a no show to oppose. That is when I bailed. You've already been here a year....did you find yourself spending more than you ever thought you would not being bound to the roster?
  18. That's an easy one, soccer moms + facebook
  19. Sounds like you have a pretty fix on areas where some decent pricing does occasionally pop-up. Chattanooga area is also beyond stupid. I too hope the next 1 to 2 brings some much needed correction Have a good trip, hope it lets you better refine your wants.
  20. Nice Hozzie. New bike smell!!. Love going out to the garage the next day when that smell is heavy in the air, almost like walking into a dealership. Have fun on that thing. Great to see interest in group rides. May be good to start some regional things depending on how ironbutt folks are or the kind of bikes they ride. Wish my body could tolerates the 400+ mile days I did thru my 30's.
  21. Staying off the radar. You mean like on a pro gun forum??
  22. I was thinking Cancun. But not sure if that is officially 3rd world. Thought we pretend Mexico is not poor?
  23. The third world bit lost me. Maybe I never wanted to go to REDACTED in the first place
  24. Pretty much this every blue states favorite rationale to get soccer moms….the majority voters to pass anything. The societal brainwashing engine that is social media. Why not extend that control to the electronic leash most carry with them after they have been conditioned to put their lives on them. The baffling thing is the acceptance. Even with the audacity to make it public knowledge some cheer it. Or just make fun of it without wanting to support in the fight. Maybe some don’t realize there is one or they can oppose it? I linked the EFF.org for those that care . Its a group advocates for digital privacy and related 1A rights. Some understand 2A and all other rights die with 1A and the later is already circling the drain. If you sent something to your reps on 2A…essentially the same deal here.


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