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  1. I've got some subs, so leaning toward supers, not picky on weight of supers.
  2. Erich

    Coved Shot

    Good luck, hope all goes well for you.
  3. If you ever needed proof that you don't have to be smart to be a lawyer......there ya go
  4. After so many lean years, I can understand making hay while the sun shines even if it sits a bit uncomfortable. I think this behavior is really where a lot of the volume goes though the media and manufactures likes to point at "new gun owners". Its the same thing we saw happen post Sandyhook when season buyers bought up everything to resell. We will see the same as soon as B-dog drops the ban word. The mag run should be impressive to watch. That last part about intermediaries....that is some good forward thinking. Knowing some have a long memory for when the lean time hit and not ali
  5. I've got a few hundred rounds of Hornady American Gunner 6.5 CR and am looking to trade for some 300 AAC having just bought an upper right before the insanity. Commercial brass case quality please. Let me know what you got.
  6. Glad they have kind of system so you can get something. Admire your passion to stick it out.
  7. I have some of the Korean tanker mags. They run well. They are notorious about their tab thickness causing them not to lock in on some guns. Newest ones are suppose to be better, but if not a few passes with a file and you get that custom fit
  8. Do you need to add value? I imagine they could argue they are by increasing availability from a highly localized area to a national offering as the seller does not make it available for online purchase. Exactly what Amazon does with some food stuffs. But yes, it would be nice is someone smacked them on the pee pee. Like the cat dude was saying, they recognize regulars, it would be nice if they put limits on them like grocery stores were. May stop some even if unenforceable. Are these guys camping out at the stores the night before? How is that rush in the AM. They wait in the c
  9. Ah...no wonder. I had no idea. Haven't bought ammo from a brick and mortar for many years. So its the online guys tripling down.
  10. No issue out of that MOE version in any of my AK's. Hair tight in my Polish AK. They dont fit a couple speed loaders designed for the smaller metal form factor. If you like poly mags, I recommend the Bulgy poly's. They are metal reinforced and fit well in pretty much anything and are inexpensive. I have some steel Bulgy's that wont fit my Polish but good in others. If you look at tanker size 20 rounds. The PMAG version I tried (4 of them) would spring bind at 19 rounds FWIW.
  11. Are the margins that good after tax to make it worth it? What does 1k rnds of brass 9mm go for there nowadays?
  12. Amen brother. I was thinking I might have to move to an air rifle if this keeps up much longer.
  13. Erich


    CZ 75 Seriously though, who puts foreign Austrian junk before Italian junk. The sacrilege of plastic before metal. Maybe it’s a good thing to have stopped it in its tracks!! At least no one has the insanity to mention the steaming piles coming out of Croatia. /sarcasm off
  14. Erich


    ah come on, it could be interesting. regardless, it was a great sentiment.
  15. Erich


    Maybe most will pass it on by. I have no idea what ruckus caused the enough is enough, but the stink of it may keep it toned down. I trust some who dont see it as a problem to say will be along. This topic almost always devolves into US made vs Foreign junk or some kind of brand alignment deal. We shall see.
  16. Erich


    Love the sentiment. But it has it own politics! In the spirit of playing along. I've had a metric ton of things, which is only a smattering of what I'm some of the more life experienced here have had. To make this more fair, you really have to consider platforms that you have run several thousand rounds thru to get a good sense of new vs worn in, and issues with mag designs as they age. Across mine, only one has never every failed to go boom in about 30+ years. My 92 with 15k+ rounds thru it. Even old worn mag springs dont seem to stop it. I've had a couple nose dives fr
  17. At some point my 501's turned into 550's and 560's as I started to be challenged with my....err...density level? When Levi's started to be less attractive, my wife, who is a huge fan of Kohl's sales brought home a pair of jeans by Chaps. They were more just a bit more generous in the seat than the relaxed Levi's without giving you the pooped in your pants look of some relaxed fit jeans. The 5 or 6 years that's my preference when she has coupons. I've noticed that in the last few years, almost all brands have gotten worse about size variation. Which doesn't play nice with my size var
  18. I'll second that. I found the lacquered stuff leaves some residue in hot chambers of AK's. My first CZ527 had a tight chamber and after a few rounds, tended to be hard to chamber/extract with lacquered Golden Tiger, but ran fine with non lacquered.
  19. These are the ones I was referring to for my trade ins. They are OEM for Sig Sauer as well, so having used them in my Sig 1911's it was a known quantity for me. The issues generally are related to the mag bodies having some forming variation causing the excellent mag follower to hang up in the top third of the tube. All easy to sort out though if you run 8 round mags.
  20. There is a wide range of behavior, and it does not generalize well. There is a marked difference between opportunists who seek out and buy up high demand items during a (perceived) crisis versus selling excess or items you planned to sell and you are afforded the rare opportunity to break even or profit instead of taking the usual loss due to market conditions. We are talking the differences between in timing, scale, and intent. Plus value judgements. Are you moral for selling home in a down market vs immoral for selling when the market is high? Closer to home. What about
  21. That is the one advantage perhaps in going with an auction. You can set a starting price that is a good deal. If it goes for more, that is not on you. I generally start an item here under market, no takers than I try auction. Id rather have it stay here, but we all know what cheapskates we all are I like to think it’s not rationalizing scalping. It cuts both ways, it’s not like someone is going to offer me a solid the other direction, right? Say, “hey,...whatever you want you get at historically low prices no matter what or when you buy it “ If I choose to buy today of my on
  22. They are fine, you may have to adjust the body width or the area where it transitions to the feed lips to get proper function and pass all the standard 1911 mag checks. This is an annual deal with EB. I swapped about 20 mags a couple years ago. I think I had 7 out of that batch that had follower bind. Slightly out of spec body, but easy enough to open up. After that, all work just fine the 4 1911’s I tested them with.


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