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  1. All due respect. Spinning failures into successes is an obvious play to hide impotence resulting from failure to act in a timely manner. Its pointless to ask what possible intel was gleaned when they proved this was not the mission when they destroyed the evidence. They won this game of chicken. Shooting it down after the fact is simply trying to save face. Its the equivalent of throwing up some new gun legislation to appease the massing screaming 'do something' because its the new media darling. As @gregintenn said earlier, the truth will not be had here. Not that a reasonable person could not see what that is
  2. So true! Somewhat lucky in that here the selection is kinda meh, so it’s easy to pass. Like a salad bar Up there, the selection and wanting to make that drive worth it, I should be glad that’s all I ended up. I’d have been in real trouble if they had everything on my short list.
  3. Couple weeks ago I handled a Prodigy @ GT, liked it quite a bit. But none available. Last week a few landed at SMGA, so I treked up there to pick one up. Just the one.... Well, this happened: Its been a minute since I smelled new guns. Still sorting out how this happened.
  4. I really hope you do because that link got me thinking about it too, lol If you happen into a P64 at a reasonable price, you should pick one up as well. I won the Classic condition lottery on a pair I got several years ago, almost new looking. Folks describe the experience well, but I had good results with moving to an 18lb hammer spring and heavier recoil spring, noticeable difference. I pretty much new nothing with that kind of grip would be a 'fun' range toy, bought it as a pocket / center console gun and its great at that. Reminds me a bit of my LC9 ....ish
  5. That is a great one, and it carries that positive messaging about power of love the xmas diehards (see what I did there?) want, but with all the boozing, philandering, etc that keeps the jaded types well entertained. Something for everyone!
  6. I didn’t see this mentioned, did you check the bill for a change in the kw/hr billing rate or surcharges from prior months to see how much if any of your total increase may be due to raised rates opposed? Or you rule that out seeing just increased useage? That’s a crazy full house! surprised you’d ever find the time to be on the forum.
  7. Welcome back! Hope to hear that lots of positive distractions gets you back to where you want to be
  8. ^^^ Sorry about your situation. Pretty much Gun show sounds like your best route. It will give best return on time for money with little more effort than running them to some one what to sell. Like grayfox said, you need to do your homework in pretty much every scenario unless 50 cents on the dollar is ok. Usually those wanting to sell in one lot are either unrealistic or have to be willing to accept greatly reduced value. While many are curious to know what you have in the hopes of finding a gem or some undervalued items, selling anything online is 90% about pictures and curated wording. Huge time suck for what are typically bargain hunters. Exception being things that are rare or in demand, but expect to be asked to sell separately. Good luck
  9. Under or overclocking of barrels is unfortunately not unusual in modern manufacturing. It can be addressed by a warranty, but like I said earlier, Smith does not seem to address it if it still goes bang. But Ruger will. My Single 10 was overclocked and they got it pretty much dead on. Best to avoid them if you are buying at a retail store to avoid the hassle. Online you take your chances. I personally will not buy a revolver online anymore. The build quality just isnt there.
  10. You'll see the SP/P10X vs 686 be at the top of everyone list, subject to individual preferences. The Ruger crowd will talk about how overbuilt and more durable it is overemphasizing ceased up locks on Smiths. The Smith guys will taught smoother actions and feel. End of the day both are good and the detractors have their own reasons for how they see it. I'm sure you plan to get hands on. But dont go in with a preconceived notion based on the interwebs or opinions. First thing I'd say is pick your barrel length based on which you find balances well for you and preferences. IMO barrel length / lug design. Then find the comparable models in that length to see what you think. Both will shoot great, no worries on longevity or accuracy. With regard to S&W. The old timers who bought them when they were pre-lock arent wrong. Any older smith is better than a modern, lock or no. But I personally wouldn't pay the extra premium for the bragging rights of a pre-locker over an older post lock. The lock can easily be removed and blocked. The main downside with modern S&W wheel guns is their build quality is all over the place and they no longer support them to the factory spec. Overclocked barrels and asymmetric forcing cone (or out of spec) gaps happen now more than they use to. They are most likely to tell you to pound sand versus fix it, even with pics of feeler gauges in the gaps. So inspecting long and close is required with them. Ruger has superior CS from my limited experience. I even had one of their gunsmiths call me! I've shot them back to back in my preferred 4" length. I ended up keeping the 686-7. My own subjective reasons, but the main thing was I simply shot it better than the Ruger.
  11. Absolutely your prerogative. I would offer there is potentially a bias at work based on personal relationships or familiarity which is choosing to ignore a single objective fact in this, or rather excuse it. I have made no secret of the fact I think the media is about pushing agenda, so I'm one of the last people taking things as rote from the media. Throwing out the Editorial content, one is left with events and wording. If you are holding out that they have purposely changed the words and misquoting, yes, that would matter. But its also possible they did not. Focusing on events. Really only one needs to be considered: A The women was handed a loaded gun with it having been thru multiple employee hands at the point she picked it up. This required a particular environment to allow that chain of events to occur. Especially in a professional environment. I appreciate that folks can be genial, talk the talk, but execution is all that matters at the end of the day. They did not execute as events clearly show. The gun did not do this. This was a process / people failure. In my mind those in charge shoulder higher responsibility for ensuring competent staff who follow procedure at all times if they were not directly involved.
  12. Those were some pretty remarkable comments made by the ‘training director’. Subverting responsibility, and treating the like is just one of those things that happen beyond their control. He doesn’t seem to understand it’s a refection of his attitude and poor practices. Two key item he said compared to what we all know we’d do: WSMV4 asked Allen if it is the responsibility of the employees to check the gun before handing it the customer. “Sometimes yet, but sometimes it happens before the employees can stop them,” Allen said. The right answer: Yes. Always yes “when you deal with deadly force tools in your hands a lot, unfortunately every now and then something like that happens,” Allen said. “We are just trying to minimize this happening ever again.” How about: Prevent this happening ever again. When you resign yourself to safety is just a nice thing to have if you have time to be bothered to remember and that personal responsibility is beyond your control…you get what you get. Got to hand it to this guy for having the nards to be quoted saying, well…guns…sh@t happens, what the hell do you expect me to do about it.
  13. If that’s true, then first order of business would need to get them out to a gun range to get them right. as participants, not targets…in case that wasn’t clear
  14. For those that prefer unadulterated: https://le.fbi.gov/informational-tools/nics-denial-notifications-for-law-enforcement https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/675/text
  15. Totally agree on the USP ergonomics from the make it like a brick era. The HK45 / P30 solve the grip ergo, too bad they didn’t carry that over to the Hk45C. Even with the short release lever swapped on the P30, Its just a but too long.
  16. I am not sure if you may be exaggerating a bit to make a point or justify passing, or if its simply that some real tools previously owned some of the guns mentioned. But my smallish representative sample of HK's dont do what you're claiming to have run into. P30S, HK45CT, and USP45 Expert. The P30 has exactly zero movement on its right release. The HK45 has just under half a millimeter. And nothing on the Expert. The right release is what comes off when removing the slide. If you dont seat it all the way, it can wobble on the shaft and result in some play. I did see one genius on the HK forum complaining about it being "too tight" and sanded down the splines, and then complained about it being loose. I can imagine there could be production variance that could be excessive, but in most cases I think its fair to say the problem is a person who thinks they know how to work on guns but may not be the case. Wouldn't be too surprised by some just not pushing them on all the way just because they think its far enough or leaving it a looser will make it easier to strip. Either way, I put mine all the way on, and they dont wobble, flop, or move around. My only complaint is they tend to make the left side (being right handed) release levers too darn long so they can get ridden, and trigger reset is long. Grays has a great short reset kit, and their factory match hammer and spring combo tend to interchange and give a basis for a very nice trigger (expect for P30). The P30 out of the box took a bit of trigger work, more than others. All worth it in the end, great running pistols. The USP Expert is a tack driver out of the box,
  17. Damn, tough crowd! lol Luck is maybe a strong word that understates the work to just get it in the zip code 4.4 miles down range. I’d say it’s more fair to say you need the breaks in your favor after you hit the trigger for your wind call parameters to still be valid over such a long flight time. Seeing the dispersion of the 69 shots would probably be meaningful. Looking at the scope base and barrel relative, here is a thought…. What was the altitude of the bullet at apogee? With an incoming angle of 48 degrees, just over 3 miles relative to shooter?? Hows that factor against ground level winds versus whatever is going on at altitude, birds, thermals?
  18. This happened in CA around the time I left, on the heels of their AWB along with a host of other unconstitutional new gun restrictions. They all sucked. I was exempt but it and the other things were a tipping point for me. While ammo bgc had the bonus of giving the gun grabbers what they wanted, one of the main drivers was downplayed. It was about TAX. Most volume shooters bought out of state sales and the state wanted the missing revenue and the Wayfair ruling wasn’t in effect in most states. A couple years prior, DOJ also changed tax collection requiring dealers to collect on out of state firearms including shipping or accessories when shipped together.
  19. Outside what folks have already listed, I would say consider a Mazda CX series. Their interiors tend for same price point tend to be nicer and have more tech. Will say considering what you're coming from, those things are worlds apart meant for different demographics. I'd bet sitting in and driving a CRV would immediately tell you quite a bit. Was for me when I we were buying something for the wife. Talked her into a Passport and she was very happy about it, no looking back. There is a magnitude of different in a relatively small amount moving up a size but out of land yacht territory. Much larger cabin, better ride comfort, features, and no romper room interior. I would say mid size SUV is your sweet spot. Rides like an adults car without the low end price point concessions. If price is your primary criterion, than none of that probably matters. Take what you can get that is in decent shape
  20. They are shameless in using any end-arounds as they chip away at the long term goal. But there are a couple delicious ironies in this one with their contradiction of liberal ideology. It disproportionately effects the disadvantaged groups who liberals profess to love as they do not have surplus cash on hand and have to buy items on credit. Secondarily, it promotes more non trackable private party sales among the group they most detest, us law abiding conservative gun enthusiasts who clearly have to much money. While they would prefer to ‘redistribute’ that wealth to the group they are most effecting, they are simply having us pass it along amongst ourselves. They didn’t think this one thru, not that one could ever accuse them of thinking versus over-reacting.
  21. Pretty ridiculous stuff. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/in-a-win-for-gun-control-advocates-visa-mastercard-and-american-express-plan-to-start-separately-categorizing-sales-at-gun-stores/ar-AA11GYRQ?cvid=466eb4eb47084a829dcd6b903b0e75c2 To save time, the nonsense rhetoric: influenced by gun control advocates, including US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who urged the CEOs of Mastercard, American Express, and Visa to make the change. "Mass shooters have repeatedly financed deadly massacres using credit cards, and bank CEOs need to step up to save lives," Warren said. In a statement to Insider, Mastercard said: "We understand and appreciate the significant policy imperative in reducing gun violence and see the recent bipartisan action in Congress as a positive step. We believe it is that type of effort that will meaningfully address the tragic gun violence facing the country."
  22. Nice score! Any single action with factory free spin gets extra points.
  23. HBARs with good ammo / tuned loads are typically MOA or better. Colt never guaranteed it, and would likely claim only mil spec. If you dont want to replace parts, accurizing / optimizing items. Its very much the same set of concepts that apply to action / stock / chassis platforms where you are taking out movement to reduce inconsistency, its just the analogs change. In the AR the tips are looking at its flex and movement, mostly in the upper. Flex is normally addressed by free floating to take out user induced flex variation. If you are sticking with current parts and handguards its all up to the shooter to be exacting in technique, specif support point and loading pressure. The barrel extension to upper mating tolerance. Typical tricks are shimming or using a bearing retaining compound like loctite to keep the extension from moving or shifting with heat cycles. Right now you dont know what that is. It may be tight or may not. If the extension and upper bore on the ends of tolerance, you would typically get POI changes and possibly stringing as barrel is at different temps.. If dispersion does not significantly change with heating that's a good sign. Re-torquing would come with taking apart to see where you are. The upper to lower mating. This one is almost controversial but taking out play (the much maligned accuwedge thing) keeps the shifting under fire to a minimum. If you can move or deflect it with the takedowns in place, that amount of movement is in play when shooting. You dont need to use one of those wedges, you can shim it at the rear. Aero adds a tension screw to their lower that supports the rear takedown pin boss for that reason. Just depends on how tight your current lockup is. From your reply, I'll infer you were getting that 2-3" from irons and mil-spec. I suspect with an consistent optic, ammo, and just taking out the lockup movement (if any) a good bit of that would come down and tell you more. I dont shoot AR irons well enough at range anymore, the sight picture is more challenging than a blade and post setup as far as consistency IMO. I'd be envious of 2" at 100 on irons! I


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