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Statements must be received by Monday, 02/11/2013 in order to be
helpful. Your statement could be submitted into the Congressional

Guys time is now, lets get behind this, send the letter, Please for us all.

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Done Deal RED333   Letter to Cruz, Lamar,and Corker

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Getting this if front of yalls face

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Letter sent. Contents included below. Feel free to use.


Dear Senator  XXXXXXXXX

Due to recent events in the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Newtown, Ct, I feel I must write to vigorously defend my rights. I am one of tens of millions of law-abiding firearm owners in the United States, and I feel that my rights are now under attack from the media and politicians alike.

The knee-jerk reaction from many has been to call for more gun control. To ban certain types of firearms. This is misguided and dangerous. What the government should be focusing on is how to help families with individuals that have mental heath issues and keeping criminals and repeat offenders off of the street. For every Adam Lanzaa, or Jared Loughner, there are tens of millions of firearm owners who are smart and use firearms in a responsible manner.

The FBI’s own crime statistics show that violent crime has been steadily decreasing for the past 40 years and violent gun-related crimes have also been steadily decreasing. More crimes are committed with knives or other means than guns. So do we now also need to ban knives and baseball bats? The 1994 Clinton AWB did little to nothing to curb or stop mass shootings. The Columbine incident is a perfect example. A criminal does not care about laws and where they have a willingness to do harm; they will find a way, be it with a firearm or other means. Indeed, this has been a failure for criminal and mental health systems across the United States.

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s newly proposed 2013 AWB is nothing short of an all out attack on liberty, freedom, and our God-given Constitutional rights. If Congress adopts this legislation, the federal government would be specifically targeting millions of law-abiding gun owners who have never broken any laws. This is wrong. As one of those law-abiding gun owners, we would be subjected to erroneous and invasive imperious laws that the criminals of society would simply ignore. Again, this is wrong. It would simply be a very bad piece of legislation that would have legal ramifications for decades.

The state of Connecticut already has a sort of AWB in place, and it did not stop this crime. If you enact another 100 gun laws it will not stop gun crime. Adam Lanzaa tried to purchase a firearm and was turned down. The system did what it was supposed to.

I am a loving husband and father. I am also an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force. I am a patriot and I love my country. Senator Feinstein’s proposal has nothing to do with a solution to the terrible events in Newtown, or Colorado, or Arizona, and has everything to do with the ultimate attempt by the government to control and subvert the population. We, the voting public and lawful gun owners would see this as Congress neglecting its duty to uphold the Constitution. It would be criminal and I will not comply. I cannot have the luxury of a private security detail to protect myself and my family like so many in government do.

Lastly, it is utterly laughable for the President, Attorney General and anyone in Congress to talk about more gun control, when dubious operations like “Fast & Furious” are perpetrated by the federal government and wind up killing innocent people.




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A little lengthy, but this was my letter.  The formatting got all messed up when I pasted it in, but that doesn't really matter here.  



February 10th, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Bob Corker

Senator Lamar Alexander
Representative Marsha Blackburn


Dear Senator Cruz,


As the Senior Senator on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, I am writing you today as a law abiding citizen, gun owner, and

handgun carry permit holder regarding the upcoming session on “Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence: Protecting Our
Communities While Respecting the Second Amendment.”
  The purpose of my letter is to expound
upon my reasoning and unyielding support for every legally eligible American
citizen, to not only own a firearm, but to do so without legislated prejudice or limitations. 

As a follow up to previous correspondence to my State Representative and Senators, I have copied them on this letter as

well in expectation they will also support no limitations on my 2nd Amendment rights.

While the tragedies of the past year are no doubt at the forefront of these discussions,
I believe that it is important to not let these events be the blinding light by
which law-abiding citizens are further denigrated by our own government as
persons no better than criminals, incapable of making their own decision as to
what is best for them and their families. 
For some, that may very well mean deciding not to own firearms or to
only own firearms with limited capability.  However, their right to make that decision should not limit
my right to provide myself and my family with what I determine to be the best
products currently available which to me include the AR-15 platform and high
capacity magazines.

I believe that most Americans agree that the 2nd Amendment unequivocally

provides all legally eligible citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  This session is not about the right to
keep and bear arms for protection, hunting, or other sporting activities.  This session is about placing illogical
restrictions and limits that have not proven to reduce violence, gun or
otherwise at anytime in history.  In fact, the only result of such proposed limits is a greater burden on law-abiding
citizens to not be able to protect themselves to the best of their ability.

It is clear to me that all of the proposed legislation being discussed in not at all about

“saving lives” or “reducing violence”, but rather is about the false perception
that somehow more laws equals increased “safety”.  I would sincerely ask each representative why it is only now
and only by limiting firearms and accessories that they believe our country
will be safer or that it will reduce violence?  Many will say the Newtown tragedy crossed a line.  Really, what about every child that has
died at the hands of alcohol, mental illness, or family disputes in the last
year?  Where is the cry for change
for these tragedies?  Or does it
only matter if it is 20 children who are murdered by a mentally deficient
person with a gun?   The hypocrisy
of some of our leaders is deafening.

I, along with all other law abiding gun owners I know, am 100% for reducing violence,

but we believe doing so should be done with logic and reason, not emotion and ignorance.  Logic and reason, i.e. facts, tells us
that an AR-15 rifle has no more inherent accuracy or lethality that any other
firearm of the same caliber with similar features.  It is emotion and ignorance, i.e. lack of knowledge, that
allows one to believe that any external accessory makes a firearm more accurate
and therefore, more lethal.   For many of us, the AR-15 firearm is
desirable due to the fact that we can utilize one platform for many
purposes.  With the bang up job our
government has done to create jobs and improve the lives of Americans, it
should not come as a surprise that everyone is having to do more with less
(please read the sarcasm).

While I have been fortunate in my life and have not had to resort to deadly force for

preservation of my own or another’s life, I fully support and defend my
individual right to bear arms without legislated limitations.  I do not believe that any of the
measures being considered will reduce the occurrence of violence, gun or
otherwise, and in fact only further proves that many do not care about fixing
the underlying problem, but rather about diverting blame to law abiding
citizens.  I fully believe and support the notion that our forefathers provided the 2nd Amendment
without limitations specifically to ensure the government could on infringe
upon the rights of citizens, no matter the reason. 

In closing, I would just like say that I believe living in a free society comes with some

inherent risk and a lot of personal responsibility.  Bad things happen every day to thousands and thousands of
people.  Whether it is the family
killed by a drunk driver, a baby killed by a mentally unstable parent, animals
being abused by ignorant owners, or individuals deciding to end their own
lives, tragedies happen every day in a free society.  What do all of these things have in common; personal
irresponsibility and/or the mental inability to make rational decisions.  Either way, these are the problems that
we should be finding solutions to. 
With the decline of overall values in society in general, we need to
emphatically and without delay hold those responsible accountable for their
actions, not punish those who are not. 
Likewise, those which are incapable of rational mental judgment must be
given alternatives for support.  
Taking away my rights as a gun owner is not the answer to these societal

I implore you and Congress to work on solving the underlying problems and not limit the

rights of every law-abiding citizen of their constitutionally protected

Best Regards,


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Thanks guys, the more we let our voices heard the more we get on the radar.

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