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    Getting a rifle to fit is not easy. Try putting the rifle on the floor, you stand in a chair and take the pic. When you look at the view finder look for shadows, then adjust the position of every thing to get a better shot.
  2. Happy you are over it and yes, for most it is not a big deal. Welcome to the world of natural immunity.
  3. Great pics, I do not know why this is still here, seams like a fair price, just do not need another 22 rifle. GLWS
  4. This is going to be me in a very few years.
  5. But, but, but that would make sense and we know the leftist commies do not have any sense.
  6. I reload 7mm Rem Mag, but have enough supplies, so I will leave these alone. Jero100, there is a "Pay it Forward" thread, ask a MOD to move it for you.
  7. You apple guys and the .heic files, us PC guys cant see the pic. Convert to .jpeg so we can see the pics. GLWS
  8. Yes they are, mine is 100%, even with my reloads.
  9. Very nice work there Greg, you Dad is a something with wood working.
  10. You will be fine, don’t worry or have any stress, neither is good for you. You will pull through this with flying colors and join the world of natural immunity. Wishing for the best, take care and be safe.
  11. Well, well, well, just how much toilet paper do you have in stash? Enough I can keep my mouth shut, well for today!!!
  12. I missed one by just minutes a few years ago, yes at a much better price. Demolition Ranch had one the came apart while he was firing it, bad news.
  13. When my wife and I first started seeing each other we would sing this when it came on the radio. Brings back good feelings for us every time we hear the song, still sing it. Ol Meat Loaf lead a hard life in his younger years, and made it as a singer along with other things. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
  14. Glad you made it to Tennessee. Welcome to the fourm, great bunch of people here. I have a brother-in-law that lives in North Edwards. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the firearms that are available, just buy one or two or three or four of each and you will be fine. Forgot to add first round on the FNG, make mine a 30 06.
  15. When my brother and myself were teens we cut up some old peddle bike chain and some coat hangers, made bike chains. we could pull wheelies on ice and show. Was a blast till the things came apart and smacked our legs, coat hanger wrapped around the axles.
  16. You have a subscription to the times? The link is behind a pay wall.
  17. E4 No More, thanks you for your service and please take care of you and yours.
  18. That is because the places we call prisons are half way houses.
  19. RED333


    As long as i can remember, it is posted outside on the wall, not by the door.


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