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  1. Nope, It means they called everything death related to Covid
  2. Good hunting there Mr S! Thanks for sharing pics.
  3. https://williamsonshooting.com Owl hollow is a good place and welcome to the Great state of Tennessee.
  4. Wow, Beautiful rifle. Totally off subject what about that phone laying in front of it?
  5. No that is Mr Marvin! Sorry that was to easy
  6. I am right there with you, Mt Juliet store refused to do a transfer from an out of state FFL seller for me.
  7. Ding, Ding, Ding we have a winner!!! Here is your answer Links2k
  8. I am quoting Henry's post, I did not shot a turkey.
  9. Rear gunner, Vickers machine gun with out the mag.
  10. I have one, great shooter. Does this have the tube magazine? GLWS
  11. Missed one opening day, rushed the shot and shot over him. Got one this morning. Always good breaking the new gun in on a decent bird. He had a 10in beard and 1in spurs. Nice bird Henry and glad the new shotty is working out.
  12. Well just imagine that, the commies used lack of facts to put us down and still using it to keep us down!
  13. You paint with a BIG BROAD brush, the same way the commies paint us white, God believing, gun toting people as evil!
  14. Yep, staged is my guess as well.
  15. The very men that started this great country back some 250 years ago. These men are rolling over in their graves!
  16. I am with Mike,do not fire it. Make a display, lock and key shut, put the history on a card and display the pistol. Embellish the history with something like "She once fired off a few rounds to scare off a rabied dog".
  17. Here is the best answer, this is what I am doing, not an air gun, but other things.
  18. How many of yall are still using instagram, youtube, twitter, google, and facebook or any other of the commie platforms? They are all anti 2nd! If you are you are part of the problem, propping up the commies to have the great country fall. Trump was a great POTUS, I to voted from him twice and will again if giving the chance!!!
  19. Wow, that is a crippling injury right there. That person will never walk the same again.


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