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Reference material for some basic questions.

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There are basically 5 places that are off limits by TN law for those with a HCP to carry.

*Click LexisNexis TN code and go to the code number to see the actual law for any possible exceptions or specifics

  • In any room where a judicial proceeding is taking place. (39-17-1306)
  • Schools. (39-17-1309 and 39-17-1310)
  • Some local public Parks and recreational property. (39-17-1311) See this thread (Not a complete list)
  • Any Penal Institution (39-16-201)
  • Any place properly posted per 39-17-1359

Note on Restaurant Carry and Posting per 39-17-1359 The veto of SB3012 was overridden by the Senate on 05/27/10 and the House on 06/04/10. This bill repeals 39-17-1305 and therefore allows carry in places that serve alcohol so long as your not consuming (39-17-1321) or as long as the place is not posted per 39-17-1359

This bill also changed 39-17-1359 and allows the "International No" symbol along with the picture of a handgun (example) to act as a legal posting alone or with a sign.

For details see Public Chapter 1009 (Effective June 4, 2010)

You can see all the TN Laws at Michie's Legal Resources Weapons laws can be found under Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13

Attorney General Opinions

(Descriptions are those used by the AG, the opinion may contain more specific information)

  • 05-154 Civilian Handgun Permits
  • 07-43 Posting Notices that Handguns Are Not Permitted in Private Buildings
  • 07-148 Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Laws
  • 08-26 Carrying of Firearms on Public Parks, Playgrounds, Civic Centers and Other Public Recreational Buildings and Grounds
  • 09-30 Off Duty Officers’ Possession and Carrying of Firearms on Board of Regents Campuses
  • 09-99 Issuance of Handgun Carry Permit to Persons Committed or Hospitalized in a Mental Institution
  • 09-106 Information Required for the Renewal of a Handgun Carry Permit
  • 09-118 Validity of Local Ordinance Prohibiting Firearms in Establishment with Beer Permit
  • 09-129 Firearms in Public Parks That Have Athletic Fields That are Also Used by Schools
  • 09-152 Authority of Counties and Municipalities to Prohibit Firearms in Parks Which They Own
  • 09-158 Authorization of County and Municipal Governments to Prohibit Handguns in Parks They Own
  • 09-160 Carrying of Firearms in Parks Being Used by Schools
  • 09-168 Pardoned Felony Drug Offender Prohibited from Possessing or Purchasing Firearms
  • 09-169 Prohibiting Handguns in Jointly Operated Public Parks
  • 09-170 Firearms, Vehicle Towing, Guests, and Security Deposits on Leased Property
  • 09-179 Municipality Required to "Opt-Out" of Handguns in Parks Despite Prior Handgun Prohibition
  • http://www.tn.gov/at...12.32.pdf]12-32[/url] Courtroom Security
  • Here is a list comprised by the Tennessee Firearms Association

You can search and see all AG Opinions since 2000 here.

Must I notify an officer I am armed?

No. However you must show your permit to any Law Enforcement Officer upon demand.

Can I openly carry my handgun?

Yes. But only as long as you have a valid permit.

Self Defense Laws

  • 39-11-611 Self-Defense
  • 39-11-612 Defense of third person.
  • 39-11-614 Protection of property.
  • 39-11-615 Protection of third person's property.
  • 39-11-621 Use of deadly force by private citizen.
  • 39-11-622 Justification for use of force — Exceptions — Immunity from civil liability.
  • 39-17-1322 Defense for use of firearm in self-defense situation in an off-limits place

In what other States is my TN HCP Valid?


Information on other state's carry laws can be found at

TN Recognizes all facially valid out-of-state permits.


A facially valid handgun permit, firearms permit, weapons permit or license issued by another state shall be valid in this state according to its terms and shall be treated as if it is a handgun permit issued by this state; provided, however, the provisions of this subsection ® shall not be construed to authorize the holder of any out-of-state permit or license to carry, in this state, any firearm or weapon other than a handgun.

Additional information

Of course many questions may not be answered by a simple reading of the T.C.A. Code or AG Opinion. If you would like more information you can do a TGO
to see if there is a current thread discussing the topic or any other topic. If not feel free to start a new thread.

Please remember this information is provided with this

Last updated 04/30/12

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