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Hello all from Polk/Cleveland TN

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Hey all, my names Jon and i live in the Cleveland/Benton/Ocoee area, literally I'm like right in the middle of them. I'm young so my collection is small but its growing as fast as i can get money.

Currently i own 6 firearms pictured here, just missing my revolver.


From top to bottom

CVA Bobcat .50 caliber.

Charter Arms Explorer II .22lr pistol, it looks a whole lot like a C96 Mauser if you ask me.

A hand-cannon (as i call it) my grandfather gave me, i know nothing about this gun but he told me the barrel and most of the parts are original.

My Marlin 81DL .22 bolt action rifle, its fun to shoot but i need some peep sites or a cheap scope cause the irons aren't doin it for me.

Last and least my S&W 916A 12Ga pump, my grandfather payed me this for some work i did and it is broken, its something internal cause when i pump it the bolt doesn't move, its like the part that catches the arm on the pump is missing cause the bolt doesn't move at all even though the pump moves freely. Any help with what could be wrong with this gun would be greatly appreciated, i can post more pics of inside and out if needed.

Oh and i better not forget my revolver, its a NEF R92 9 shot .22 i picked up from Silvers firearms in Old Fort TN, currently fitting a new 4 inch barrel to it cause the 2.5 inch wasn't doing it for me so thats why its not in the picture.

Sorry if i rambled on a bit, thanks for having me.

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Welcome! Always nice to see a fellow Jon!


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