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  1. Did a little cleaning and ran across some brass. I don't reload anymore and want this stuff out of my way since I'll be moving soon and don't want to move it again. Due to that, the bad new is that I'm not willing to split it up, but the good news is that I'm letting it go cheap! The lot consists of: -200 pcs of cleaned and deprimed .357 Sig brass -750 pcs of cleaned (but not deprimed) 9mm brass All of it: $20 cash if you want to meet me in the Bartlett/Cordova area. $26 shipped to you by your friendly mail carrier. If we're shipping it, I'll take PayPal ("Friends/Family" or +
  2. For sale: DDLES (Double Diamond LE Supply) dedicated 9mm stripped AR lower receiver. This one is a bit unusual though. Instead of the usual SAFE/SEMI/AUTO markings, it has pictograms of hands indicating peace, middle finger, and "the shocker." (If you're not familiar with "the shocker" I would be careful googling it while at work). My original plan was to build an SBR on this lower, but it took the better part of a year to come in when I ordered it in 2013. I don't think their lawyers were fond of these particular pictograms, so you had to special order them (and wait freaking foreve
  3. Bump. Dropped price again, this time to $315! You could almost part it out and make a profit at this price.
  4. Reduced asking price to $325! Forgot to mention that this is a pre-2008 model, so its trigger housing is metal instead of polymer. The downside is that a buddy of mine cranked down one of those silly "BMF" crank things years ago and scratched circles from the set screws into the underside of the trigger guard. I applied touch-up bluing to it and it's not real noticeable. Here's a pic, though...
  5. I'd go down to $160 if someone wanted to take it all.
  6. ALL SOLD TO LUAP! Did a little cleaning up and came across some .38 Spl ammo I don't have much use for. I've priced it all much lower than it's worth to get it moved. I prefer FTF in Bartlett/Cordova, but I can ship if buyer is interested in paying (It has to be UPS Ground which ain't the cheapest!). Available is: Two (2) 50rd boxes of Federal 129gr +P Hydrashok - $25/box One (1) 50rd box of Speer 135gr +P GDHP - $25 Two (2) 50rd boxes of Remington 125gr +P SJHP - $15/box Two (2) 50rd boxes of Remington Targetmaster 148gr Wadcutter - $20/box Two (2) 50
  7. SPF to ls-vtec Ruger 10/22 with Butler Creek synthetic stock and bull barrel. Has a Simmons 4x32 scope on it. In great shape. Comes with a 25rd Butler Creek mag (I'm not sure where the factory mag went). Asking $340 $325 $295 $275 - Cash FTF in Bartlett area. Not interested in any trades.
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